What Mothers Are For Pt. 07

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After the shower, Mom and I had a quick breakfast of an English muffin before we had to leave and Mom dropped me off in front of the school.

“Okay, now give me a kiss goodbye,” She said and indicated she wanted me to kiss her on the cheek, but instead I grabbed her head and kissed her on the lips. We tongue-wrestled for a bit before I reached into her blouse and started fondling her tits. “Mmm,” She moaned out but then pushed me away, “You’re going to be late, you better just get out and go to school.” She said to me.

When I walked in the front door I was a little surprised to see Alexa, the school principal, standing outside her office, when I came by she grabbed me and took me into the room. A second later she pushed me up against the wall and we were making out. “I’ve wanted this since we dropped you off at your job yesterday. I just want to fuck you.” She moaned out before making out with me again.

We had both our clothes off in moments and Alexa’s back was on her desk when the door opened and in walked Donna, Alexa’s daughter. “What the hell, Mom?” She said, “I thought you said I could fuck him first today.”

Alexa smiled devilishly at her daughter as she sank her pussy onto my hard, thick dick. “Just give Mommy the first one today, you can have him after,” She smiled, “I’m sure if you wanted, Dan would eat your pussy, no problem.” It was true, I licked my lips pervertedly as I looked directly in Donna’s eyes. She bit her lip and started taking her clothes off.

This made me realize something, “You know, you two seemed kind of awkward after yesterday…” I said, trailing off.

“Well,” Donna said as she removed her clothes, “Mom and I had a talk yesterday, and when I told her how hot I thought it was that she ate my pussy, well…”

“We ended up licking each other’s pussies all night long,” Alexa explained as she started to ride my cock like a horny slut. Her pussy gripping and tightening my shaft as she spasmed in a mini-orgasm, “Mmmmm-Mmmm,” she moaned as she kept bouncing on me.

Donna was naked now and got above me, her pussy was shaved I saw, though I didn’t think it was yesterday. She shaved so her mother could taste her cunt better, I thought as she lowered herself on me and I started to lick her pussy with the only thought making these two women cum as many times as possible. With that thought in mind, I could feel myself start to cum, but I held back. I didn’t want to stop until I at least got to fuck Donna’s pussy as well.

Alexa came on my cock with a very audible moan, “OOOOHHHH FUCK YES! THIS IS SO FUCKING GOOD! I NEVER HAD A COCK AS GOOD AS THIS BEFORE!” She moaned as she had an explosive orgasm all over my dick.

Donna started to cum too as she watches her mother, “MMMMM, FUCK MY PUSSY WITH YOUR TONGUE! I’M CUMMING!” She shouted as she came on my face. A moment later they were both off of me and recovering from the orgasms as they stared at my naked body and my still hard cock.

“I’m still not done yet,” I announced as I stood up and walked over to Donna. “I’m going to fuck you Donna, but first, suck my cock!” I ordered and at once she opened her mouth so I could slide my cock right in. She started deepthroating me right away, and I wondered again where Donna got all this experience sucking cock from. I mean, she always seemed too uptight to care about anything but her grades, let alone sexual things. I just didn’t think she could have had any experience but as she sucked her mother’s pussy juice off my dick, she spread her legs wide and started to finger fuck herself, “Stop that,” I said as I took my dick out of her mouth. She removed her hand from her cunt and I got down on the floor and lined my dick up with her sopping wet pussy. I grabbed my shaft and started teasing her pussy lips by rubbing my cockhead up and down her labia.

“Stop teasing and just fuck me,” Donna said in desperation. She needed this more than I did, I thought.

I did as I was told and sunk my thick cock into her tight pussy. She was very tight, but not so tight that I thought she was a virgin. I guess Donna had more sexual experiences than I gave her credit for.

I started to slowly fuck her and as I did, Alexa got up off the floor and came over to sit on her daughter’s face, “Eat mommy’s pussy.” She said as she lowered down and Donna immediately complied and started lapping at her mother’s cunt, obviously enjoying the whole experience as I started to royally fuck her, swiftly going in and out of her hungry cunt, trying to fuck her into obliviousness.

I suppose that thought was a bit truer than I realized, as all three of us were so busy fucking with no signs of stopping. I fucked Donna to orgasm as her mom came on her face, then I fucked Alexa again, this time bend over her desk doggy style so she could eat her daughter’s cunt while she was spread eagle on her mother’s desk. And then again on the floor, Alexa was on all fours and Donna crawled on her mother’s back so both their pussies were facing me and I would pinbahis yeni giriş fuck Alexa for a few strokes then switch to Donna and then back again. We were so oblivious to everything but giving each other pleasure that no one noticed until it was too late that Janet, the school secretary, walked into the room.

She stopped dead in her tracks as she saw the entire scene through the open doorway of the adjoining room. She dropped her briefcase and gasped.

Donna and Alexa both started to move in order to get up, “This isn’t what you think.” Alexa said.

But before either could move I put my arms on the side of Donna’s hips and held her in place as I sunk my cock back into her pussy, “I still need to cum!” I shouted, “I don’t care who’s watching us!”

As I fucked Donna I looked over at Janet, who had not moved since she came in and only seemed totally encapsulated by the sight in front of her. I smiled and motioned for her to come over. Janet did, almost immediately, and I grabbed her head and pulled her to mine and we started to kiss. Janet didn’t do anything to stop me and I ran my hand up her leg and parted her panties so I could get access to her wet pussy with my hand. I really wanted to fuck her but this added influence of a third woman in the room was making me too fucking horny and I felt myself cumming, and I stopped kissing Janet long enough to announce it to the room.

“No! Not in Donna’s pussy, she could get pregnant!” Alexa shouted as she spun around and knocked Donna on the floor with an “ow.” as Alexa spun around and I started to cum all over her face and chest. The first streak ran across her forehead and into her hair, the next flew straight into her open mouth and another landed on her neck and streaked down across her giant tits.

“Don’t hog it all!” Donna complained and sat up so she could grab my dick and direct the cum flow towards her own body. The first blast hit her in the center of her face and splattered across her nose, mouth, cheeks, and forehead in a total mess. The next blast got her on the tits and had a nearly equal explosive effect.

“I want some too,” Janet said as she leaned down and took my spasming dick into her mouth and swallowed the rest of my load, “Delicious,” she said as she wiped her mouth off and then licked the cum off her hand.

Donna and Alexa were already making out and licking my cum off each other’s bodies and then sharing it as they kissed. Donna would suck her mother’s boobs, Alexa would do the same to her daughter, and then they’d come back to each other and French kiss as they shared my giant load between them.

“Well, I’m guessing there’s a story behind all this,” Donna said with a smile. Even though she just sucked me off as I fucked her boss and her boss’s daughter, she still seemed like jolly Donna.

I glanced at the clock. “Actually I have to get to the second period, Alexa and Donna can tell you everything, I’m sure,” I said as I practically threw my clothes back on and then ran out of the room.

In the next period, my two best friends sat down next to me and June and Debra. June looked at me strangely, “Where were you yesterday?” She asked.

“Um,” I wondered if there was a good way to put it. June was my best friend and I never wanted to lie to her but I felt she probably wouldn’t understand, “Well, I need stress relief, um, because I’m so busy, and, um, the faculty at the school is doing their best to, um, help me deal with it.”

June thought about this, she already knew about my stress as I’d complain about it from time to time, but not how I took care of it of course, “Deal with it in what way?” She asked suspiciously.

I gulped, but I guess it was time to face the music, “Well, I-“

Instead of answering Mrs. Smith came in the room, who was also Debra’s mother, but she smiled at the class, “Okay, class, we’re going to take a new step into Biology today, and we’re going to start studying human anatomy, now take out your books and turn to page…” And she droned on for the whole class period as we read from the book.

I went through the rest of the school day in what was more or less a haze. For one thing, I was determined not to miss any more class because of my need to cum, but that meant more stress for me overall without a good way to release it for a while. I was glad for the orgy in the principal’s office that morning though. I wondered if that was going to become a daily thing.

June seemed to have forgotten about me mentioning my stress relief and I was grateful for that as we had what was a fairly normal day.

At the start of the last period, my sister, Barbie, came up to me in the hall. “Hey,” She said, “Sorry but I’m not going to be coming home again today. Staying with some of the other cheerleaders again tonight.”

“Okay,” I said, a little disappointed because that meant she couldn’t give me stress relief when I got home and Mom wouldn’t be there, “Is something going on?” I asked.

“No, oh, actually pinbahis giriş yes,” Barb said, “We wanted to have a party this Saturday. I was thinking we’d have it at our house. You could invite a few people if you like.”

“Wait,” I said, “Isn’t Saturday when Becky is coming home?” I said. Becky was our older sister, she just turned 21 and was going to college but wanted to get home at least one weekend out of every month, which was this coming weekend for this month. We got along fine, though I don’t think she’d be very happy if she discovered what Mom and Barbie did for my stress relief.

“Yeah, so what?” Barbie said, “I’m sure she’s been to plenty of parties at college. This won’t be anything new.”

“Okay, what time were you thinking of starting,” I said, “you know that I work on Saturday from 9 to 5.”

“Well, we’ll have it at 6 then,” Barb explained and then walked away from me. I thought that was a little mean but to be fair this week was the first time she’d been civil with me since we were kids. I supposed hanging with the cheerleaders probably didn’t help as they were all kind of mean to me. Though Barb’s friend Linda, who helped me cum yesterday, might have changed her tune, but somehow, I doubted it.

I usually skipped my study hall last period anyway and spent it near the field where the cheerleaders practiced so I could get a ride home with one of Barb’s friends, or their mothers, whatever the case might be. It usually worked out but I never sat close enough while I was waiting to really see what they were doing for fear of them all turning on me all of a sudden, which was very likely, to say the least.

I thought about asking Alexa and Donna again if they’d mind me bumming a ride, but my house was twice as far as the factory and in the opposite direction so I decided against it. But then I wondered if there was anyone I could call, I realized that the only person who could do it was my Aunt Chelsea, Mom’s sister, and also someone who caught Mom sucking my cock under the dinner table right before I blasted a creamy load of jizz all over her face. She was quite upset after that, and I wasn’t sure if she would even talk to me.

I decided to text her because I didn’t want to talk to her if she was just going to yell at me. I typed in my phone, “Hey, I need a ride from school, I can leave as soon as you get here.” And hit send.

I was surprised when she wrote back almost instantly, “K. I’ll leave now.”

I waited outside for only about ten minutes when my aunt pulled up in her car. I ran up and threw my bookbag in the backseat, “Hey, thanks.” I said, “If you drop me off at home, my ride for work should be there about 4.”

Aunt Chelsea glanced at me and nodded, “I was thinking maybe you’d like me to sit with you for a while and then I could take you to work today.” She said, “I think I want to be there when your mother gets home. She and I need to talk.”

I thought about saying something to that but bit my tongue and stayed silent. But something in me couldn’t stay silent for long, “You know what Aunt Chelsea?” I said, “Mom didn’t do anything wrong.”

Chelsea gasped at what I said but then shook her head in distaste, “Well, of course, you think that. You’re getting free blowjobs out of it. But your mother is abusing you and I want to make sure that she knows that.” She said this very matter-of-factly, it was kind of infuriating.

“It’s not abuse,” I said, sternly, “My mother loves me and I love her, and this is something I need. It’s because of all my stress and Mom realizes that and is willing to help me.”

Chelsea heard my words but didn’t seem to believe a word of it, “Or,” she put in, “Maybe your mother is just a huge slut who just wants to suck a big, fat cock no matter who it belongs to.”

This pissed me off so much that I reached over and grabbed the steering wheel as I kicked my foot over my aunt’s leg in order to pound on the brakes. The car squealed to a stop in the middle of one of the backroads that led to my house. I realized I hadn’t checked to make sure it was safe to do that but luckily that road was hardly used by anyone who didn’t live on it or near it as we did.

Chelsea looked almost as shocked as she did when she watched her sister/my mother get a face full of my cum. She let go of the steering wheel and shut the car off in anger, probably so I couldn’t start trying to drive from the passenger seat, “What the fuck is wrong with you!?” She shouted at me, “We could have crashed!”

“Yeah, well, we didn’t.” I said, I started undoing my pants to which Chelsea stared at me wide-eyed in shock, “Now, I need stress relief, I haven’t had any since this morning, and you’re going to give it to me.” As I said this I tore my amazingly hard cock out of my pants.

Chelsea stared at my rock hard dick for a second, “Jesus, why the hell are you so big!” She said, obviously impressed with my cock, but then forced herself to look away, “Just put that away, I’m not a slut like pinbahis güvenilirmi your mother-“

Her calling my mother a slut just pissed me right off and I grabbed her hand and wrapped it around my dick before taking her hand and started jerking myself off with it. Though she had been complaining, my aunt gripped my cock tightly and soon I removed my hand because she was jerking me off herself.

She turned back to me to watch herself jerk me off, “Jesus, that’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, let alone hold in my hands.” She glanced around to make sure no cars were around or anyone was within view. When they weren’t she looked back to me, very annoyed, and said, “Okay, fine, if we’re doing this, whatever,” she tightened her grip on my cock and jerked me off faster, she took her other hand and reached into her own pants and started fingering herself, “I guess you need your ‘release’ but don’t think I’m going to do this more than once.” She suddenly stopped jerking me and I was about to complain but instead, she started taking off her clothes, “But since this only a one-time thing, and I don’t think I’ll ever find a cock as big as yours, Danny…” She trailed off as she took her pants down, revealing her beautiful brunette bush and swollen pussy lips, “I’m going to fuck you.” She said.

This made me go wide-eyed because Mom had put her foot down so hard about not having sex with family members (though oral was okay) that I never thought it would ever happen. But now my aunt was offering her pussy to me. I had to think about it, but Aunt Chelsea didn’t give me any time to think about it because she had already shifted to the passenger seat and the tip of my cock was slowly slipping into her vagina.

“Oh fuck, you’re big,” She moaned as my cock went all the way into my Aunt Chelsea’s pussy, she started to grind me as I took hold of her ass with both hands as she fucked me. Her big boobs her in my face so I started to motorboat them for a moment before I sucked on one tits, then the other, and back again. Back and forth I licked and sucked my aunt’s nipples while she fucked me in the car.

“Holy fuck,” I moaned out, getting ready to cum already just by how taboo this situation was, “You pussy feels so fucking good, Mom! I mean, Aunt Chelsea! Oh shit!” I moned, not even meaning to call her Mom but this was so fucking hot my mind was all over the place.

“You want to fuck your Mommy! Oh shit, I’m Cummming!” She shouted as her orgasm made her whole body shake and I started cumming as well and filled my aunt’s womb full of my jizz. God, this was the hottest thing I’d done so far, and I was loving it!

After we both stopped coming with each other’s genitals, Aunt Chelsea was still sitting on my dick and staring into my face, “Holy fuck Danny, I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard in my life!”

I gripped her ass harder as I made her grind on my still hard cock, “Too bad it’s only a one-time thing.” I mentioned.

“Mmm,” Aunt Chelsea moaned as my cock massaged the inside of her cunt, “Well,” she said, “you know that this is still technically one time.” And with that, she started fucking me again. I massaged her ass as she started bouncing on me, her huge tits bouncing around my face. I wanted to suck on them again but Chelsea was practically out of control as she fucked me, “YES! YES! YES!” She yelled over and over again as she started having a humongous orgasm once again, it was too much for me and twice in so many minutes, I started filling my aunt’s pussy full of my cum.

This time when we finished our mutual orgasm, Aunt Chelsea rolled off of me. I could see that my cum was now leaking out of her cunt onto the driver’s seat, but she didn’t seem to notice, or she just didn’t care. She began dressing, “Alright, that was incredible but unexpected, and like I said, I’m not going to fuck you or blow you, or anything sexual ever again Dan. I’m your aunt, and I’m still hoping to talk some sense into Beth when she comes back from work today.” As she talked she finished dressing and started the car up again. The clock said I still had an hour before work, which was usually around when I got out of school anyway since Barbie’s cheerleading practice tended to go over the normal school ending time. I was glad I got out early.

As we drove I put my pants on and watched my aunt. She was beautiful, her long, curly brunette hair flowing down her flushed, round cheeks, her cute nose, and beautiful brown eyes, just barely slits as she relished in her post-orgasmic bliss. But as we drove and I looked at my aunt fondly, I saw her eyes slowly widen and her pouty lips curl as she realized exactly what we’d just done. I could tell she was pissed, and instead of looking at her fondly, I instead turned away and stared at the passing trees out the window and I wondered how my Aunt was going to take fucking me, twice, and letting me fill her pussy full of cum both times. Goddammit, I thought, I was such an idiot sometimes.

When we pulled up to the house, Aunt Chelsea reached across me to open my passenger door herself, “Just get out. I don’t care if you have to miss work. I’m going to go home and think about some things.” She wasn’t angry anymore when she said this, which I was relieved by, but I still needed a ride.

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