What A Wonderful Stepdaughter Ch. 03

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This is the third chapter of David and Kyla’s love affair. Thank you to all that commented on chapter one and two! Let me know if you want it to continue in the comments! Happy Reading


David guided my weak legs out of the shower with a light slap on my ass. I giggled and turned around kissing his still soaking wet body. My mouth still warm from the shower water and now his wet tongue. He broke the kiss looking at me and caressed my cheek. I put my hand over his and rested my head into his palm.

“How was your first sexy shower?” David smiled looking at me like no other boy ever has.

“It was amazing. There is nothing like getting clean while being dirty.” I laughed making him laugh. We wrapped towels around our bodies and parted ways to our bedrooms.

“Should I dress in fancy attire or casual?” I yelled from my bedroom to his.

“Wear your best formal dress you have.” David yelled back. It bugged me he wasn’t telling me where he was taking me. I looked into my closet and saw only my ripped jeans, a few band t-shirts, and my two skimpy dresses. I searched over and over looking for anything that could be said as formal. Out of the corner of my eye I saw it, the perfect dress. It was a bright red dress with a light pink ribbon that wrapped around my stomach. It went to my middle thigh and went out a little bit. I put on my dress and walked over to my mirror and did my hair and makeup. Lastly I put on my light pink heels, the only ones without a platform.

“You ready Kyla?”

“Yes, coming down stairs.” I walked down stairs just hoping he would like my outfit. I found him by the door and the very look of him took my breath away. He was dressed in a full suit and tie with shiny black dress shoes. He smelled of the cologne my mother bought him for Christmas. I walked up to him.

“You look stunning Kyla. The perfect dress for tonight.” I blushed wildly trying to hide my face.

“Thank you David you look very handsome yourself.” He grabbed my waist and leaded me out of the front door. We got into his car that still had the new car smell lingering. As he started down the neighborhood road he held my hand slowing rubbing it with his thumb. After about a half hour he pulled into none other than The Keg. It was the best and most expensive restaurant in town. We asked for a table for two and got seated surprisingly quickly. We sat across from each other and held hands on the table.

“Hmm what are you going to get for dinner?” I asked still looking at my own menu.

“I’m thinking about the 9 oz. steak. What about you?”

“I’m thinking the flaming mignon sounds perfect.” We ordered our meals and began talking about the past few days. At first it we were just talking, than he said something that made my mouth drop.

“Want to do something crazy?” He said with that smirk he had when I first kissed him.

“Like what?” My face was hot and blushing I slowly sipped my water trying not to be obvious.

“What about a blow job. Under the table?” My mouth dropped. I looked under the table and could see that the table cloth would cover a good portion of me. If I pulled my chair to the table that might help to hide my legs as well. I smiled and without answering I ducked carefully under the table pulling my chair in. I crawled up to his legs and slowing un zipped his dress pants. I pulled out his cock and at first just stroked it gently. I leaned in kissing the tip. It was as if no matter how many times I sucked on David’s cock it never got easier to get it down. Leaning in I got half down and licked him from the inside of my mouth. tempobet giriş I let him out teasing him from under the table. I knew he couldn’t draw attention to himself or we would get caught. I was free to tease him all I wanted.

I sucked on the head then let go over and over. I backed away a little making him think I was leaving him hard under the table. I heard the waiter walk up to the table.

“Did the Mrs. Go to use the restroom?” I could just see David’s face and had to keep myself from giggling.

“Umm…yea she should be back soon.”

“Okay I’ll come back with a refill of water.” Before David could protest the waiter was gone. I knew we did have much time left so I leaned back in and began sucking and stroking his cock faster than ever. I started to gag but had to ignore it the best I could. I felt his cock reach the back of my throat. Every inch of him slammed into my mouth. I took him out and licked the length of his cock back and forth. I took him back in and held him in the back of my throat until my throat burned and I couldn’t take it anymore. David reached under the table and taped my shoulder. I knew by that he was close. I opened my mouth and stroked his cock rubbing the head each time my hand went up. He finally came in to my mouth and I swallowed the most I could. I carefully got back into my seat.

I looked at David who was still into some sort of haze. He reached over with his napkin and wiped some cum that had landed onto my cheek and chin.

“Mom never does that I’m guessing?”

“Please your mother is frigid.” Something about him saying that made me feel warm inside. It made me feel that maybe I could forever be the sex he needed and wanted. He reached back over the table and held my hand. After 20 minutes passed our food came and we ate enjoying every last bite. We finished up and shared a small desert of an ice cream shooter. He took care of the bill and walked me back to the car.

Walking into the door of the house he spun me around and kissed me. I fell into every kiss he gave me as if it was my first.

“Walk up to my bedroom and lay on the bed.” I looked at him confused but did as I was told. I walked into his bedroom and saw nothing out of the ordinary. I laid on the bed getting out of my dress and into my bra and underwear. Moments later he re appeared. Walking and un doing his tie at the same time he walked and turned his clock facing me.

“Its 10:34 do you know what that means Kyla?” I shook my head feeling a little bit of fear rising in my stomach.

“Means for the next five and a half hours you’re mine.” His voice was stern and he took off his shirt and walked into his closet bringing out four strands of rope.

“You will only address me as Master and will not talk until spoken to.” My mouth was open wide and I quickly closed it. I followed his every movements with my eyes. David walked around to both of my wrists and tied them tightly to the bed post. My feet were after tied to the foot board. He walked to my mom’s nightstand and put down a rose, a cup of ice, duck tape and a whip. My eyes opened wide my stomach turning rapidly. He walked over to me and took the rose first putting it to his nose then to mine.

David glided the rose down my chest to my stomach and to my feet. He brought it back up and took off one pedal at a time and laid them on me. He walked around me rubbing his finger over my body tickling me slightly. I tried my hardest not to giggle for I wasn’t addressed to. He smiled looking pleased with me. He next took one of the ice cubes and rubbed it over my stomach. tempobet yeni giriş The ice began to melt from the heat of my body. It made me shiver and my body began to get goose bumps all over.

He brought the ice cube to my mouth and let me lick it a few times cooling down my body. He put the ice cube down my panties and left it touching my clit. What was left of the ice was small but still cold. I began to pull at the leg ties but deep down knowing they weren’t coming loose. I looked over at David who was twirling the whip in his fingers. He gave me one slap on the thigh making me jump. My leg stung but I knew better than to say anything about it.

“My Kyla, what are you feeling right now?” His face was stone showing no expression but dominance. He knew he had complete control and he liked it.

“Pleasure and Pain.” I made my answer short and sweet. He gave me a few more whips on my thighs making me cringe. He wasn’t going lightly and my skin was turning red. He walked back over to the nightstand and set the whip down. He climbed over me straddling me. His fingers were warm as he un hooked my bra. David grabbed my boobs hard. He slapped each one making them sting. He went back and forth between slapping them and gripping them.

David took off his pants and climbed up to my chest. He was heavy and it was slightly hard to breath but something told me he knew that. He stroked his own cock for a few moments than rubbed it against my lips. I went to open my mouth but snapped it back shut. He continued to only rub it against my lips even though I began to crave him.

“Open.” I opened wide knowing he wasn’t going to go easy on my. He pushed his cock into my mouth making me immediately gag. I felt his balls slap against my chin as he pushed harder and harder into my mouth. He backed up far then pushed it back in. He gave no mercy while he fucked my mouth. My eyes began to water as each gag made it worse. I had very few moments to breathe. I looked up at him and his face was something I had never seen before. I was a new David, a David that never showed himself around the house. His cock was rock hard and filling every space of my mouth and parts of my throat.

When he had enough of my mouth he climbed back off the bed and walked to the foot of me. He grabbed the strings of my thong and pulled down hard. I lifted my ass the best I could being restrained. He ripped it off of me and lightly touched my swollen clit. He rubbed the entire length of my pussy making me moan. David massaged my clit rapidly, making me want to moan but knowing I couldn’t. I bit down on my bottom lip as I felt his finger go into my pussy. I began to taste blood coming from my lip but couldn’t bare what would happen if I let even one moan out.

David used his middle finger and his index to fuck me fast. His other had pressed down on my abdomen. The faster he fucked me while massaging my clit the more my body shook in response. My legs and hands pulled at the restraints with no luck at making them loose. My body heated up and my breath quickened. I looked at David who was staring back at me. I never knew if he looked away whenever I closed my eyes. He worked my pussy more and more making me shiver with pleasure. I felt my heart beating quickly. I knew my orgasm was coming but it felt different from my other orgasms I had.

I watched David as he fucked me a few more times before taking his fingers out and simultaneously pressing harder on my abdomen. I was in shock as I saw a clear stream of fluid squirt from my pussy. He drank it like a drinking fountain licked tempobet güvenilirmi up the rest. I yanked my foot and hands shaking wildly in my own glorious orgasm.

David crawled back on top of me and rubbed his cock on my wet swollen clit. His body was sweaty against mine. I heard his breath going in a quick pace. He pushed his cock into me. He slammed it hard filling me completely. I let out a small moan and he stopped looking at me. He smiled and shook his head. David reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the duct tape. He pulled a long strand loose making a loud sticky noise. He placed it over my mouth and slapped my cheeks making sure it stuck. My breathing became even more rapid as my nose was my only breathing method. I moaned into the tape making no noise but satisfying myself. He continued to fuck me his hips moving in fluid motions. I felt full by his cock and loved every moment.

I heard him grunting every time he pushed himself back into me. My boobs moved hard and quickly, along with my body. My boobs weighed on my causing me small amounts of pain as they went down. David noticed this and grabbed them firmly. He pressed them into me making them stay into place. What little nails he had dug into my skin. I closed my eyes and without noticing my hands were pulling hard at the restraints. My body began to sweat onto his and my hair began to feel sticky against my forehead. He never let up at making sure he filled my entire pussy with every inch of him.

As I moaned through the tape my body began to cry to be let go. I heard him grunting above me forming small drips of sweat onto his chest. My body pressed against his made me feel even hotter. I knew half of my sweat was because his body heat going into me. He added more presser onto me the longer he fucked me. When his final grunt came I felt streams of hot liquid enter my pussy. I collapsed into the bed closing my eyes and trying to breathe through my nose. He stayed inside me for a while not wanting to pull out.

David climbed back over me and stood above me. He reached over and gently removed the tape allowing me to breathe again. I was breathing hard my back nearly lifting from the bed. My body felt sticky covered in a mixture of his sweat and mine. He walked around me and un tied my restraints. I massaged my wrist and ankles feeling free again. He knelt on his knees in front of me and held my hands. He kissed me and smiled pulling me up off the bed. He looked over my body and saw how red my legs, boobs, lips, and waist were. He pulled me in and hugged me tight. Even though I was still in a little pain I wrapped my arms around him.

“I went a little harder on you then I expected Kyla.” His voice was apologetic but not regretful.

“I loved every minute and feeling you gave me…Master.” I smiled looking at his smile complementing his blue eyes. He wiped a few tears that leaked from my eyes and laughed slightly. He picked me up and carried me to my bedroom.

“Get into your pajamas and I’ll make some popcorn. Scary movie night?” His smile made every feeling I had disappear.

“Sounds perfect.” He left my bedroom into his to change. I found my pajama pants and a tank top than put my hair into a messy bun. I put on some socks and walked downstairs. I heard the popcorn in the microwave and found David in front of it. I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist, resting my head on his back. He turned around and kissed me hugging me close.

“Go find a movie for us to watch tonight.” He kissed my forehead and slapped my ass gently as I walked to the living room. I flipped through the movies on TV and found The Conjuring on HBO. He joined me moments later with a bowl of popcorn and sat next to me. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder cuddling me into him. I pressed play knowing there was only two hours before mom came home.

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