Well I Never! Day 02

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The following piece of fiction is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. If you are offended by sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further.

The names in this true story have been changed, even though the some of the main participants are no longer able to read my account.

Copyright (C) 2011 Jack Wellard. All rights reserved.


“Well I Never!”

Day Two

Sleep had come immediately and in the morning I woke just before the alarm. Penny was still sleeping so I crept out, still naked, to the bathroom.

After my morning pee I wrapped a bath towel around my waist and went down to the kitchen. Soon the kettle was boiling and coffee brewing in the filter jug. I selected two cups, then I saw the roses outside the window so I went out and picked one to drape across the tray.

Penny was almost awake as I opened the door. Sitting on her side of the bed I poured a cup for each of us and I leaned across and kissed her gently on the nose.

“Coffee time” I whispered.

“Hal, tell me it wasn’t a dream” she murmured.

“No darling, it wasn’t a dream. We kissed, cuddled, fumbled and fucked in the woods. We fucked all the way home, we stripped naked and fucked on the doormat, we . . . ” she stopped me.

“That’s what I hoped we did! It was wonderful Hal, thank you so much.” Penny seemed to be crying as she wrapped her arms around me and showered my head with kisses.

“The fucking was amazing, but now can we make love?” she asked.

“Oh yes, darling sister, there is nothing in the world I would like better. Let’s have a coffee to wake up, visit the bathroom and see what happens.” I paused looking at the clock, half past eight already. “The funeral people are coming at ten, would you rather wait until we have more time?”

Penny drank some coffee and nodded. “I need the bathroom, then I would like to just lay here, touching and talking for a while – OK?”

I smiled, “Sounds perfect, hurry back!” I watched her lovely naked body glide out of the room. She was even more beautiful when she returned, her hair brushed but still gorgeously naked.

“Just seeing you watch me gives me a real thrill” Penny said as she lay on the bed next to me, drawing my arm around her shoulder. “I can’t recall Arnold ever looking at me like that.”

“I could watch you for the rest of my life Penny, I love you so much” I announced with feeling.

Penny turned “But you’re my brother, Hal” she mumbled sadly as she stroked my bristled cheek.

“I don’t care” I replied. “I’m a man, getting on a bit and you are a gorgeous mature woman being ignored by an idiot husband. We can’t have kids, I had a vasectomy ten years ago. I don’t want to waste any more time being apart from you.”

“Wow Hal, I really love you too. You have opened my eyes and awakened my body. I can’t bear to think of being away from you either.” Penny was close to tears again.

“Lay on your tummy, let me massage your back, then it will be time to get up and look respectable” I urged.

Penny rolled towards me to be in the middle of the bed.

“Hang on, there’s some massage oil in the bathroom” I said as I hurried away.

In no time I was back shaking the oil vigorously. I poured some on my hands and rubbed it into my fingers. Then I poured some more into my palm to warm it up. The curtains were still closed so the morning sunlight was filtered. I climbed on the bed getting astride Penny’s thighs. I reached forward and spread oil across Penny’s shoulders. Without applying any pressure I moved my hands tenderly from one side to the other, gradually moving down her marvellous back. It took several slow minutes to progress to her bottom. I didn’t try to make any overtly sexual approaches, I just caressed smoothly, continuously, sensuously. Keeping one hand resting lightly in the middle of Penny’s back I reached for the oil and poured some onto the back of the resting hand. After standing the bottle safely I spread the oil from my hand across Penny’s skin. Her back was glowing and I now stroked from bottom to top and back really slowly but without stopping.

I hadn’t even noticed my own reaction, but my balls were resting on the back of Penny’s silky thighs. The warmth and closeness had transmitted to my one-track dick which had stretched to almost full length between Penny’s perfect buttocks. As I stroked up and down her back my erection was sliding up her bottom until my balls caressed her cheeks, then back down until the tip almost lodged onwin giriş at the base of her bottom. Luckily Penny’s legs were closed and there was no entry point for my probing prick.

That damned clock had moved on to 9 o’clock and we had company at 10. What a dilemma! It seemed a shame to waste a rampant erection but I didn’t want to hurry our love-making nor appear too dishevelled when our visitors arrived.

Penny appeared to be slumbering so I continued my massage but raised myself so that my balls and cock were clear of her tempting places. I slowed the massage further and further until the clock clicked round to 9.15. I quietly climbed off the bed my cock still waving to the world. A quick shower helped to bring me back to normal and I felt fully refreshed. Penny was still flat on the bed but had spread her legs revealing her scrumptious vagina. “Get thee behind me Satan” I growled to myself.

It was almost 9.30. I had dressed so I roused Penny gently.

“Mmmm . . that was wonderful Hal. Is it time to get up? I’m not sure I can move, give me a kiss and I’ll try.” Penny turned on her side, her beautiful breasts quivered. Oh that kiss, tender and hot . . I almost started stripping!

“Right big bro, I’m ready for action. Get out of here before I eat you!” I left smiling and aroused again.

The doorbell rang at exactly 10 and Penny opened it with a cheery “Hello”.

Two sombre gents entered quietly, parking their black-suited backsides formally on the settee. We had found that Mum wanted to be cremated so that aspect was agreed and a couple of dates suggested. Next Monday was favourite. We had no idea of what Mum would have wanted for the service, then one of the formal fellows said he was in the same choir that Mum had joined a couple of years ago. He seemed more cheerful as he suggested what he thought would be appropriate. Gratefully, we went along with his ideas. The final price and method of payment was agreed, we shook hands as they left.

“Warm me up please Harry” demanded Penny as they drove away. I hugged her back to life.

“Now, what else do we need to do today?” I asked quietly in her ear. She ground her pelvis against me. “Apart from that lover!” I chuckled.

We agreed a division of tasks. There were various bank and building society accounts to sort out and the Registrar’s office to visit. I phoned them all, explained our situation and made appointments. By then it was lunchtime and we were starving. Penny was quite a whiz in the kitchen and soon tins, packets and eggs were combined into a terrific spread.

As Penny put the plate in front of me she kissed my head and said “Need to keep your strength up, lover!”

It was good, I really needed food. Penny offered to get some more provisions while she was doing her calls. We cleared the table and washed up together, I could smell the aroma of the massage oil when I got close. It gave me an instant erection! Penny brushed against it as she passed me to put the plates away.

“Hang on mister! What’s that you’ve got in your pocket?” Without waiting for an answer she lowered her knees to the floor, unzipped my fly and smoothly flipped out my cock. I groaned as her fingers touched me.

“Now who’s been a naughty Willie eh? Who tickled little Penny’s bum while she was having a nice soothing massage? Mr Willie, was it you, you naughty boy?” She opened her lips and took the tip into her mouth.

At that moment I saw a shadow pass the window. Luckily if anyone looked in they would only see me standing in the kitchen. “Penny, someone’s coming” I whispered urgently.

“Yes, I hope it’s this big bad Willie” Penny mumbled from my penis.

The rat-a-tat-tat at the back door almost got my cock shortened by two inches.

“Whooops” said Penny, standing up quickly. Pushing me out, she whispered. “Go in the hall and get that sorted!” She pointed to my waggling penis.

She opened the door and almost too loudly said “Hello vicar, won’t you come in.” Those pretty lips that a moment ago were intent on eliciting my ecstatic ejaculation were now smiling sweetly at the fawning young rent-a-rev.

I strolled in calmly offering the hand which had just been stuffing my erect cock back into my trousers. “How very nice to meet you Vicar.”

“I just called to let you know the funeral people have asked me to officiate at your mother’s funeral. It’s all booked.” He wore that sickly vicar smile.

“That’s good. There seems to be so much to do on these occasions” Penny said. “We were just off to town to sort out the bank accounts and suchlike. What is parking like there?”

He offered some advice and shuffled onwin yeni giriş out saying we could contact him if we needed anything.

“That was close, bro!” Penny laughed. “Let’s go before we get tempted again!”

We had each brought a car and set off to go our separate ways. We found the spare key to the cottage in the package Vinnie had left so we had one each.

Before leaving we clung close to each other, kissing warmly.

“This evening will be for us.” Penny promised.

My business went reasonably smoothly, the death certificate was copied at each port of call and forms signed to allow me to access various accounts. There was not a lot in any of them so no-one got too concerned about my taking over. I was surprised at how many of the officials seemed to know my late mother. They all spoke fondly of her. At first I thought this was some sort of professional etiquette but soon realised that it was a genuine affection for Val.

Penny’s car was on the drive at the side of the cottage when I got home just before five. There was a good smell coming from the kitchen, I called out and followed my nose. No Penny, just an oven doing its thing. I went upstairs and heard the shower running. I stripped off and went into the bathroom. Penny’s hair was covered in shampoo. I opened the shower door and joined in massaging her hair.

“Aahh, that’s nice Hal. Oooh yes I like that! Keep it up please” Penny urged. She moved closer and kissed me passionately. “I’ve missed you!” She reached down and found my cock, already half way up to meet her. “I’ve missed you too Willie. Now where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?”

She dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth again. Third time lucky I hoped! I carried on washing her hair as she swirled her tongue around my cock-head. The shampoo was washing out of her hair now but my focus was really on her first-time cock-sucking. Penny’s fingers were under my balls, caressing and exploring. She found her way round to my anus again and after teasing the ring she pressed a wet finger gently into my arse. She curled the finger and pressed something deep inside me. My arse tightened around her finger and my balls unloosed my first cum of the day. This was her first time and I wondered what she would do, being in the shower she could easily spit it out but she didn’t. She swallowed and sucked and swallowed, I felt my balls being drained and sagged down to kiss her cum-soaked mouth.

“I love you Penny and Willie adores you too!” I kissed her again and caressed her breasts. Her nipples stiffened, demanding to be kissed and sucked so I obliged. Penny loved that and laid back on the floor of the shower, I moved from one fabulous breast to the other. Eventually Penny grabbed my head and moved it between her legs.

“Lick me again, Hal! I loved it when you did that” Penny demanded.

Nothing I like more either, apart from actually fucking I suppose! So I used my thumbs to ease open the doors to Penny’s paradise and latched on to her lusting clitoris. I sucked and licked, my sister wailed with pleasure. I dipped a finger in her cunt then moved it to her anus and tenderly pressed home. I kept it there while I lathered her clit to ecstasy but kept my finger in her bum as she spasmed tightly around it.

“Would you like my cock in there?” I whispered as she panted through her climax.

“Another first? Yes, I’d like to try that. I really want to do it. Please can you do it now Hal?” She reached for my cock which had mostly recovered, I could hardly believe it! She lay back while I moved into position, warm water still cascading down. I moved my finger from side to side and in and out, her anus was surprisingly relaxed so I pulled out my finger and offered my penis. The head slipped in easily, Penny gasped. I leaned forward and watched as more slid quietly into her backside. I pulled out a little and let the shower water lubricate the shaft then pressed in all the way. It looked amazing. I gently eased my thumb into her cunt and could feel my prick through the membrane.

Penny was flat out. “Are you OK”, I asked.

“Never better, darling, never fucking better!” she gasped and clamped her muscles around my cock, then released it. I eased out, got a good drenching then pushed in again.

“How’s that, Pen?”

“Fan-bloody-tastic. Fuck my arse Hal, slowly at first please.”

I eased out and in gently. Again out, further this time then all the way in. Again and again, gradually getting faster. I watched Penny’s face. She was relaxed and happy. My thumb now flicked her clitoris as my speed in her bum quickened. Penny was cumming, clutching onwin güvenilirmi at my cock and causing my own cum to rise from the centre of the earth and explode into her hot anus. We both collapsed, my cock falling from her body with a most undignified sound! We couldn’t stop giggling; I held her in my arms and kissed her.

“That was absolutely stunning! Another brilliant first, bro. There can’t be many more, can there?” she sighed.

We finished washing her hair and she soaped and cleaned my cock again.

Turning off the water we staggered from the shower. I sat on the toilet lid and Penny sat on my lap while I dried her exhausted body. I even dried between her toes! As Penny walked slowly out I dried myself and followed her downstairs. We were both still naked.

“Should I look for some bathrobes Penny?” I offered.

“No, I’m going to have yet another first – naked dinner!” She grinned. “How about you?”

“I’m game, let’s hope the vicar doesn’t come back!” I laughed.

Dinner was wonderful, candlelight illuminated the most beautiful lover I could imagine. I could hardly eat, I was so engrossed in watching her body. You would think that by my age and with my dozens of lovers I would have tired of the female form. Not a bit of it, others may have jaded but my sister was the best, easily first and I loved her!

“Eat up Hal, lot’s of stamina in this grub!” Penny encouraged.

“I love you Penny. I have to tell you in case you forget!”

She left her seat and wrapped her naked body around me. “I love you too Hal, I am so happy it hurts!”

“We have Mum to thank for this you know sis?” I murmured.

“Yes, and to think how ashamed I was to hear she died in mid-fuck. I am proud of her now, well done mother!” She raised her glass. I clinked it with mine and we drank.

Our plates cleared and moved to the sink Penny offered banana splits for sweet. They were incredibly erotic! Penny’s looked like an erect penis with two strawberry balls with cream for the spurting cum. Mine was a split banana arranged like a vagina with a red berry for the clitoris. Cream oozed from the slit. I licked that first. It turned Penny on, she had to grasp her `cock’ and bite it off!

“Ouch!” I said.

I nibbled the `labia’, again causing Penny to squirm and sink her teeth into a strawberry `ball’.

“Ouch again!” I squealed, lapping my tongue along the length of the fruity `labia’ and closing my lips over the `clitoris’. Penny’s eyes glazed.

“Fuck this” she declared and dragged me from the table, the red berry still between my lips. She pushed me down on the kitchen floor, hovered her real vagina over my face and lowered her knees until my mouth was full of hairy cunt. She leaned forward taking my penis into her mouth. I teased my way around the area presented to me. First I stuck my tongue into her arse, I could taste my cum! I lapped in and out several times. She let go my cock, unable to concentrate.

“Come on Hal, this is my first 69, play the game, give us a chance!”

I moved my attention to her clitoris. She was just as distracted but persevered to swallow my erection as far as she could. God, she was going for yet another first – trying to `deep throat’, she was a game girl all right. She succeeded! I was aware of her lips gripping joyously around the base of my cock as she swallowed the complete length of my throbbing dick. The effect of the swallowing motion drew my climax, she was fondling my balls as they tightened but she held them from closing up to my body and my climax was dry. Yet another first! How did she know this stuff?

Her own orgasm racked her body and her fluids flowed into my face. She rolled off. “Oh Hal, I’m completely knackered!” she declared flopping into a chair, her juices flowing onto the seat.

“Me too lover” I responded quietly. “You were fucking fantastic Penny. You ARE fucking fantastic in every way. I want to marry you!”

“Oh yes Hal, yes, yes ,yes! I’m yours for ever!”

“Penny, let’s leave the dishes and go to bed” I mumbled, hugging her soft body close to me and helped her to stand.

She stumbled to her feet and went upstairs, naked, to the bathroom. I checked the doors and windows and made the kitchen as tidy as possible without doing too much. Putting out the lights I slowly climbed the stairs. Penny had finished in the bathroom so I made use, cleaned up, brushed my teeth and turned out the light.

By the time I got to the bedroom Penny was fast asleep, breathing gently and flat on her back in the middle of the bed. I stood gazing down at this wonderful sister contemplating my good fortune at our unexpected relationship.

The alarm was still set for 8 o’clock. I pulled the covers over us both, turned out the light and fell asleep happy.

– – – – – – – – – –

Continued in Day Three


Copyright (C) 2012 Jack Wellard. All rights reserved.

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