Weekend With Mom

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She was selling the family home. She wanted me to visit one last time before she did. Straight long brown hair, big eyes, full lips, ample bosom, an ass to die for, affectionate and loving – it was my mom on the line.

“I can’t keep this place anymore, Jack…with your father gone…it’s too much for me.”

My parents had separated recently.

“I want to move to the city…catch up with old friends…it gets lonely here alone.”

She was crying.

“Yeah, mom…understand…it’s hard.”

“You have no idea…the house is too big…and…and I could just live here and not see anyone for days.”

“Well, how long before you sell?”

“The realtor says at least couple months.”

“Hmm…let me check around and see if I can get on flights…why don’t I come down next weekend…and then we can talk this through.”

“That would be nice, Jack…sorry am such a mess right now.”

“No worries, mom…you’ve seen us through so many messes yourself…is payback time!” I tried to sound upbeat.

She managed a short laugh.

“You are a good kid.”

“I love you, mom.”

“Love you too.”



The flight to Houston was uneventful. At the airport, I rented a car for the seventy-mile drive to the ranch. I had fond memories of previous drives home from the airport down highway 10 – with mom, dad and Ruth. Ruth was my younger sister. It was close to dinner time on a Friday.

Mom had invited folks over for dinner – her way of welcoming me. So I didn’t get alone time with her that evening. The invitees were regulars at our home from the small community around – mostly ranchers. When I got a moment alone with her, I said,

“You shouldn’t have gone to all this trouble…dinner and all, mom.”

“Don’t be ridiculous…is no trouble…and…and…”

Suddenly she broke down crying – very unusual for her – before she said,

“And this is one of the last times I’ll be doing this.”

“Mom, stop.”

“I know…I know…” she wiped her tears and said,

“Tell you what…get some sleep tonight…and tomorrow…early…I’ll come get you…we’ll go for a walk…and you can see for yourself what the horses are up to these days.”

I nodded agreement. Both of us loved the animals.

I woke up in my old bed. Mom was sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Hi!” She gave me a big smile.

“Ow…hi mom! It’s early!”

“Yes. Rise and shine.” She said. Then I felt her warm soft hands under my sheet.

“How’s my little boy doing this morning?”

Her hands caressed my chest lightly.

“Mmm…your hands feel so good…are we going for a walk?” I was still waking up.

“Yes, darlin’…as soon as you get your butt out of bed.”

“All right, mom.”

She leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek.

It was going to be yet another hot summer day. We were walking down the tree canopied track to the horse barn. She was wearing a thin white summer dress. Her rich brown hair was brushed back and cascaded down her back. She wasn’t wearing a bra. The rays of the rising sun outlined her shapely body under the dress. I had to admire her – she looked much younger than her years.

“You look great, mom…how you feelin’ this morning?”

“I feel great,” she said smiling big at me, “Now that you are here with me.”

I slipped a hand under her arm. We walked in silence enjoying the moment.

After checking out the horses in the barn we headed to the riding arena. The riding arena was in use for mating. We stopped to watch the action. The mare was willing and the young stallion was excited.

“He is her son, you know,” mom said pointing at the black stallion.



The marsbahis güvenilirmi stallion was plunging his pink engorged cock into his mom.

“No rules in the animal kingdom…eh…mom?”

“None at all.” And she laughed. “Come…let’s go to the greenhouse…I’ll show you a rare orchid that came in last month.”

As we walked through a wooded area, she said,

“I need to pee…you mind?”

“No, go ahead…as a matter of fact…”

“You too?”

I nodded.

We got off the trail and I went behind a tree for privacy. But as I took my cock out, I found her looking .

“Mom!” I said, my ears burning.

“Oh you are so grown up now.”

Laughing at my embarrassment, she lifted her dress and pulled her panties down. Half-squatting, she peed.

If she didn’t want me looking she wouldn’t have done it right there. Moreover, I couldn’t resist the temptation. I stared at her pussy as pee gushed out.

She wiggled her ass as the pee stopped coming.

“It’s called drip drying, dear.”

“I know, mom.”

“Those college girls teach you that?” she teased.


“I’ll stop.” She giggled.

We finished the trip to the greenhouse and got back to the white limestone. It was getting hotter outside. After lunch, we sat in the cool family room. Mom had changed into a shirt and a short skirt. She mixed us iced teas and we sat in plush chairs facing each other. We talked about the impending sale and her move.

Mom had been sitting with her legs crossed. As she uncrossed her legs during the conversation, I realized she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her pussy was peeking out. I felt a lump forming in my throat.

“You didn’t answer me,” she said.

I was distracted.


“I was saying…how do you feel about the sale?”

“I…I am all right with it…I guess…” I couldn’t stop staring. She giggled.

“Nothin’ that you haven’t seen before, darlin’…”


“Are you tense?”

“No, mom…well. Maybe a little…it’s been busy…”

“You need a relaxing massage…come on…I’ll give you one!”

Mom had at some point in her life trained as a professional masseuse. She had a massage table and all the oils and lotions. I had seen her give dad the works often. But this was a first for me.

“Lie down on your tummy.”

I did as I was told.

She pulled down the towel to cover my butt. Then her hands rubbed oil into my neck and back. Relaxing the muscles. Soothing me. I closed my eyes and surrendered my body to her.

I felt her hands slip under the towel as she massaged my ass. Legs.

“Turn over.”

She rubbed my chest. I opened my eyes. As she leaned over me, her tits were close to my face. Milky-white skin. A nipple peeked. She had great breasts.

I was sure I had a hard-on. But mom paid no attention to the tenting towel on my crotch. As she started with my thighs the back of her hands would touch my hard cock. Neither of us said anything.

By the time she was done – all the tension from weeks in the city…the flight…the drive…all gone. She let me lie still for a few minutes after she finished the massage.

“That was great…so relaxing…thanks.”

“You bet…am not done yet though.”


“Shower…my room.”

The bath attached to the master bedroom had a bath tub and a separate large tile shower. We walked into the shower.

“Lose the towel, sweetheart,” mom said. I had wrapped the towel around me.

I stood naked in the shower.

She switched on the water and adjusted the temperature. She was still wearing the shirt and skirt. The water fell on both of us rampantly. Her hair was marsbahis yeni giriş damp and the front of her shirt soaked. Shirt plastered on her swollen nipples. Full round breasts.

“Bend…so I can reach,” she said, as she shampooed my hair.

She soaped my upper body. She kneeled as she soaped my ass and crotch. Then she washed the soap off my body.

“There, you are done…go dry yourself…and give me five to clean up…”

“Thanks, mom.”

“Sure thing, dear.”

I stepped out and patted myself dry. I watched in the mirror as mom stripped and showered. Her back was visible in the mirror. Straight back and firm ass.

I finished drying at that point. I went out into the master bedroom and found myself a robe from the walk-in closet.

Mom came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her head. Naked otherwise. She jumped into the large bed. She was on her back.

“Come,” she said simply.

I lost my robe in a hurry and jumped in with her.

“You want this, don’t you?” she asked.

Man. Did I ever. My desire for her was at its peak.

“Yes, mom, I do…I love you, mom!”

I was on top of her… blabbering… inexperienced… excited… between her legs…straining…trying to kiss her…I didn’t know what I was doing.

She managed to get hold of my hard cock. As she guided me into her accepting pussy, I felt my cock pulsate. I was shooting my load already!

Half a stroke – is all I managed. And I deposited my entire load into my mom’s open pussy. I lay on top of her. Devastated. Confused. Yet, relief. Release. Pleasure.

Oh man, I can tell you – pleasure above all. She had been teasing me for so long. Since I got out of bed that morning. It felt good – shooting that load of semen into her.

I lay on top of her…my head buried in her tits. She caressed my back.

“You needed that more than I thought,” she whispered.

“But, I came so fast…”

“Shush,” she said, “You did good…mom knows.”

“Look at how much you gave me!” she exclaimed.

I got off her to look at her pussy. It was true. Her pussy was dripping with my jizz.

“Go get me some toilet paper…I want to wipe this mess,” she giggled.

I got off the bed, naked, my cock bouncing and ran to get her the toilet paper.

“You are such a good boy,” she said taking the paper from me. She wiped.

“Time to get dressed and get you a good dinner. After dinner we are coming back here.”

“Yes, mom.”

I sat at the breakfast bar and watched mom fix dinner. She was wearing a low-cut, short evening dress with nothing under. As she bent over the oven, the dress hiked up and her ass peeped from under.

After dinner, Ruth called. This would be a long phone call. I entertained myself. Mom was sitting on the family room sofa.

I knelt in front of her and parted her legs. As she chatted with my sis, I smelled her pussy and licked around. I licked her clit and as her pussy watered I lapped at her hole. It was fun. Mom made eyes at me and mouthed,

“Bad boy.”

But she didn’t stop me – guess she was enjoying herself. By the time she was finishing the call, mom was writhing from my tongue.

“All right, Ruthie…you take care…love you…bye.” The phone banged down. Her hand on the back of my head. She pushed my face into her pussy. My nose buried deep.


And Mom came all over my face.

After the call, we went for a walk. We walked hand-in-hand…not much talk…both of us were self-conscious. And thinking about the turn in our relationship. As for me, my body tingled at the thought of the night ahead. Would I be able to pleasure mom with my cock? I would marsbahis giriş let mom show me the way.

She had a hand on my ass. I slipped my hand on hers. Soon we needed the bedroom desperately.

This time mom had different plans for me. She sat down on the bed and said,

“Come here.”

As I stood in front of her, she pulled my shorts down. My cock bobbed out. She caressed my cock. Smiling. Looking up at me.

“You grew up fast.”


She nodded. Then holding the base of my cock, she licked the head of my cock.

“Feel good?”

I looked down at her. My mom’s lipped were wrapped around my cock. Good? Man. This felt great. Out of this world. Think about it. My mom was giving me a hummer. Sucking my cock. Giving me a blow job. The thought. The sight. The feeling. The pleasure. Ultimately, the pleasure – waves wreaked through my body.

“Yeah, mom. It feels great!”

“Good!” she said. And then she was back to sucking my cock. And jerking me off. I could feel the pressure building in my crotch.

“Just do it on my face, sweetie,” mom said encouragingly.

And I shot my load – fast and furious. On mom’s face. Her sweet lips. Nose. A cheek. Half-opened mouth. My jizz trickled down her chin. On her tits.

“My…my…you do have good loads,” she said, wiping her mouth, “Am proud of you!” she giggled.

After a while, she said,

“You taste salty.”


She nodded, smiling.

“You ready for more?” she asked. Some minutes had passed. My cock gets sensitive after doing it. And takes a while to recover.

“I…I don’t know, mom…I guess.”

“Come here. Give me your cock.”

She was lying in bed – her face to one side. I went on my knees on the bed and leaned over – my cock close to her face.


She wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. It was still sensitive. But not too bad. Mom just took all of my limp cock in her mouth. I could feel her tongue on the length of my cock. She didn’t mess with my sensitive head. Soon I was hard again.

“I want a fuck,” she whispered.


“My man…yeah…I want your hard cock inside me.”

“You do?”

She pushed me down on the bed in answer. My hard cock was in the air. She sat on my cock. I looked down. My cock was buried deep inside her pussy. She faced me. Squeezed her tits. Fucked my cock with abandon.

“That feels good…uh…huh…UHHH.”

“You like my cock, mom?”

“I love your cock, honey…oh do I ever…you are so big…so thick…my man!”

I lay back and watched my mother bounce herself to orgasm on my cock.

Then I was going missionary. She held and guided my cock into her pussy.

“Fuck me, Jack…give it to me…give me all you got.”

I started stroking mom’s pussy. She had taken her dress off. Both of us were entirely naked. Our naked bodies joined. Mom and son. Son and mom. Images of the black stallion fucking his mother played in my head.

“Oh, mom.”

“Yes, my baby.” Her hands caressed my ass, “Do it, my baby.”


And I came inside mom. Deep inside her pussy. Spurting. Pleasuring.

After that second time, I slept. My last thought before I slept – mom had done it for me. She had guided me through till I finally fucked her…made her cum with my cock…came inside her…was her man…in every way.

I felt cozy. That night I slept like a baby – literally and figuratively.

We spent most of that Sunday in bed. Taking time off only when we were hungry or go to the bathroom. We fucked. We talked. And we fucked again.

I had to leave before sunrise on Monday. I bade adieu to my mother for the last time in front of the majestic white limestone home that I had grown up in.

“Why, mom?”

“This was the best I could do…wanted to give you the best send-off into the big world, my baby…you know I want the best for you, always…”

“I love you, mom.”

She kissed me goodbye.

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