Watching My Mom

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I don’t think I can remember what triggered it, but I suppose it all began after Mom and Dad had split up just after I began my junior year in college. I was 21 years old. My dad had taken off to another city and Mom had been so devastated that I had moved back home from living on campus. In December, a few months after I moved back into my old room, I was home alone one night while my mom was next door at a Christmas party. I remember having a conversation with Mom while she was getting ready to go out. For some reason I began to take notice of how sexy she looked in her dress. This made me a little bit curious and I got the devious idea that I would spy on her that night. I went poking around the dark and dingy paint room in the basement of our old house when I came across a large broken mirror. The mirror was one of those large wall covering mirrors which had broken in two pieces. It must have been about 5 feet tall and about 3 feet across. I lugged the piece up to my room and placed up against my dresser at a slight angle opposite the side of my bed.

My devious plan was a simple one; I would use the mirror to spy on my Mom’s room which was directly across the hall from my own. I positioned the angle of the mirror so that, from my bed, I had a direct view into my mother’s bedroom. I turned off my lights and hoped into bed. All I had to do was wait for Mom to come home and the show would begin! I was so excited. The mirror was so big I had a large image of the bedroom. And so I waited and waited…

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity I heard the side door slam. Mom was home! I heard to the stairs creek as she made her way up to the second floor. She poked her head into my room.

“Peter?” she said softly.

Of course I didn’t respond as I was fast asleep, as it was after all past 1 in the morning. As I feigned sleep, my heart was pounding with excitement. I was scared she might hear it. Within a moment I heard her step away. That was my cue and I turned over and gazed into the mirror. Now was the moment of truth, and just as I had hoped Mom left her door open. She must have been convinced I was sleeping.

At the time Mom was in her early 40s. She’s a fairly attractive, kind of short lady, standing about 5 feet tall. She had smaller tits, maybe about a 34c or so. In my estimation her best feature, though, was her curvaceous figure and nice round ass. She had these beautiful hips, not too fat or anything, just a nice shape. I had never really gotten a real good look at her naked, that I could remember anyways.

By this time my heart was beating in my throat I was so excited. Lying on stomach, I ground my cock into my semi-closed Vaseline greased hand which I held under my abdomen in a cup shape. It was sheer pleasure, but I had to watch that I didn’t cum too early!

Anyways, as I watched in the mirror, Mom was as standing in front of her dresser. She had already undone the back of her blue skirt which she gently slipped off and placed on the foot of her bed. Underneath her skirt she was wearing white nylons and although her blouse was now hanging halfway down her hips I could see she was wearing nice white cotton panties. Then she slipped off her nylons which she stuffed into a ball and slipped them into the top drawer of her dresser. To my slight surprise she then turned and walked in my direction out into the hallway. She turned and walked into the bathroom which was located at the end of the hall in between our rooms. As she walked out into the hall I caught a glimpse of a the dark outline of her pussy. Holy Shit I thought..

For what seemed like an eternity, I listened to sound of her peeing in the bathroom. I couldn’t see into the bathroom, so I imagined what it must have looked like. Within a few minutes she was out of the bathroom and no sooner did she come into my view when I noticed she no longer wearing her panties but carrying them in her hand. Here long blouse hung down pretty low, but I could now make out the bottom of her ass cheeks. Wow!! My cock stiffened. Slowly she walked to the back of her room and tossed the panties into the dirtily laundry hamper. She then turned and began to walk back in my direction towards her dresser. As she walked she was carefully unbuttoning her blouse from the bottom up. As she did so, her blouse split wider and wider as she undid the buttons, revealing to me a good view of her dark hared pussy. Holy Fuck!, I thought. Within a moment her blouse was off, but my gaze was still fixed on her beautiful pussy. My heart was pounding again in my throat.

In what seemed like a single motion she undid the back of her bra and slipped it off. Mom’s tits were firm and she had these lovely pointy red nipples. I was in awe and my hungry eyes feasted on the sights. At this point she was putting her skirt and blouse on a clothes hanger. She then turned to hang them up in the closet, finally giving me a view of her naked ass. Her heart shaped ass was nicer than I had imagined. Just then, the relaxbet güvenilirmi icing on the cake – she dropped the clothes hanger on her way to the closet and as she bent over to pick it up,I got this great view of her pussy from behind. No longer being able to hold back, I erupted with the most awesome orgasm imaginable. I must have oblivious to things at that moment because, little did I know it, but mom had actually heard me and noticed that I had been watching her through mirror.

That night must have been one of the most erotic experiences of my life. Those images in the mirror were forever burned in the back of my mind. I must have masturbated at least 3 or 4 times that night re-living the experience over and over again. Any guilt I may have been feeling was being completely overrun by the sheer erotic pleasure of the whole thing. I was so turned on, I knew absolutely that I had to see some more.

By the next evening, I was really horny with anticipation. My sister was a little surprised when I announced I was tired and that I was “going to bed early” that night. I hopped into bed and I waited, and I waited and I waited. Finally by midnight I heard Mom come up the stairs. I saw her come into the view of my mirror as she stepped into her room. I felt that sinking feeling of excitement. Mom was wearing a cotton button down blouse and a pair of levis. I admired how hot her ass looked in those jeans and I tried to imagine what it would look like naked again. I was getting my chance. With her back still turned she slowly took off the jeans. By this time I was no longer content fucking my hand in awkward positions. I needed some room to maneuver, so turning up on my side, I gently pulled the sheets back liberating my massive erection to the open air. With my cock all greased and lubricated I resumed my stroking as Mom finally pulled her jeans off. Then came the panties, and for a brief moment, I caught a glimpse of her wonderful ass before it was hidden underneath her hanging shirt.

As she had done the night before, mom walked to the back of her room and deposited her jeans into the dirty laundry. Turning around mom slowly walked to front of the room while she unbuttoned her shirt. My eyes were transfixed on sight of her pussy which was clearly in view. By the time she reached the doorway to her bedroom her shirt was completed undone. It was then that I realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Holy fuck! I thought. This was going to be better than the night before. For some reason the surprise was real turn on and almost subconsciously, I picked up the pace of my stoking. From that point I would always look to see if Mom was wearing bra or not.

Consumed with the pleasure of my excitement it took me a few moments to notice that mom had froze. Looking up at her face, she seemed to look puzzled and within a few moments her eyes widened in recognition. Holy Shit!!! She was looking right at me. Mirror must have been to big or something, cause even though my room was very dark, Mom could still obviously see me. I froze like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car, even holding my breath. It was of no use of course as Mom was able to see me clearly. I had been busted!

To my complete surprise, Mom marched across the hall and into my room like she had been shot out of a cannon. I didn’t expect her to walk into my room almost naked like that. I fumbled aimlessly to pull the covers over my exposed cock. It was too late Mom had certainly gotten a good view of me with my greasy erection in my hand. Even if she hadn’t I’m sure she had seen everything through the mirror.

I was so embarrassed. All of a sudden my little fantasy world had been brought crashing back to reality, but as once I had gotten over the surprise of the situation I realized that Mom was actually standing in my room naked! I looked up. Mom was standing with her hands on her hips and was clearly blushing a deep red color in her face and neck. Was she embarrassed? Angry? Maybe.. maybe she was even little turned on?

“Peter! What the hell do you think you are doing?” she exclaimed.

“What? Does this turn you on or something?” she said rhetorically as she pulled open her shirt like one of those trench coat flashers.

I couldn’t help but gawk at the closer view of her pussy I was getting. Just then she seemed to pause, perhaps to hold herself back from saying something she might regret later. Realizing that she had acted on impulse she seemed to struggle for a moment as to what to do next. I didn’t know what to expect as things were beginning to take a turn to the surreal.

Folding sides of her shirt over her exposed body, mom sat down on the bed with her back turned to me facing the mirror.

“So this is where you watch your show” she said as she leaned forward and peered into the mirror.

Still feeling kind of sheepish, I found that I couldn’t say a word.

“You’ve got a great view into my room.” she said.

She was relaxbet yeni giriş obviously was trying to shame me further in pointing out what I had been up to.

“You know I saw you last night doing the same thing.” she said. “You can’t just go around spying on people like that. It’s just not right.”

“I know, I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking.” I muttered.

Just then, I glanced down at the bottom of Mom’s back and noticed the top of butt crack and came to the realization that Mom was sitting on my bed without any bottoms. I was starting to get aroused again. Ever so carefully I reached down under the covers and began to gently fondle my hardening cock. I couldn’t help myself.

“Well we’ll talk some more about this tomorrow” she said. “And in the meantime I want you to put this mirror in the trash; tomorrow, got it?” she said.

“Alright.” I said.

With that Mom sat up from off the bed giving me an awesome view of her shapely ass. I even caught a glimpse of a tuff dark hair between the crack of where her thighs met. Within moments she disappeared from view that she walked out the room closing the door behind her.

Within moments I grabbed my cock and began to masturbate… I came almost instantly I was so excited. It wasn’t until I had finished, however, that I began to wonder what I would do next. Once the excitement had subsided I realized that I had been busted. She caught me! Even though I had been so turned on by things, it was something I couldn’t continue without causing more problems for Mom. She already had enough to deal with the divorce and I couldn’t risk upsetting her any more that she was. so I forced myself to stop thinking about it. Soon the whole exciting idea was all out of my mind. Well almost.

Those feelings, however were stirred up again about 3 or 4 months later in the spring time. It happened on a Saturday morning. I was lying on my bed reading a book when I heard Mom on the telephone outside my room in the end of the hallway. She was sitting on the stairs that went up to the 3rd floor. The phone, from the family room next to mine was often left out in the hallway so as to not disturb those watching TV. I was reading in an awkward position, with my head and arms hanging over the side with the book on the ground. I looked up and could see the bottom half of Mom’s body sitting on the staircase. The upper half was being obscured by my beside table from which I had been reading between the 4 open legs. I was viewing the scene from virtually under the table and it was perfect because Mom couldn’t see me from her position.

It didn’t take me long to notice that I could see her pussy as was wearing one of those ugly flannel nighties. Mom had her legs together, but I could see some brown hairs of her pussy at the top of her thighs. My cock was quickly hard and I began to slowly grind against the mattress. I lay there mesmerized, hoping for Mom to reveal more and she didn’t disappoint either. I’m not sure who she was talking to on the phone, but her conversation was getting more and more engaging. She was leaning forward, then suddenly it happened. She spread her legs wide open and nothing was left to my imagination. There in full view was the arousing site of her exposed pussy. I soon realized that Mom’s vagina was quite large. She also had rather long labia lips which were sticking out and I wondered how big they got when she was aroused. What a sight!! – It was almost too exciting to bear.

It was then when Mom’s hand came down and she started pull on some of her pubic hairs. It must have been a subconscious thing because she was clearly engaged in her phone call. What really blew me away was when she started to play with her pussy lips. Gently she started pulling the skin of each lip, moving from the top to the bottom of her vagina, alternating between the right and the left sides. It was almost like she was arranging them or something. I myself could barely believe what I was seeing.

Then suddenly, the phone call ended and heard the sound of Mom hanging up the phone. With that the show was over and Mom got up and walked away. It wasn’t a couple minutes before my door was closed for some intense masturbation.

The incident had completely rekindled my lusty interest into seeing Mom naked again and soon I began looking for ways to accomplish this. As it turned out however, it wasn’t too long before I became quite frustrated. I just didn’t too many opportunities I could exploit. Ever since the incident with mirror Mom was closing her bedroom door when she got changed. And so I all I could do was hope for better opportunities. Occasionally, I would catch glimpses of Mom’s tits and nipples as she would sometimes wear shirts without a bra. I would position myself so that I could see down her top. This was o.k. but what I really wanted was to see to her beautiful ass and pussy again.

It wasn’t until the summer came around that all my frustrations were alleviated. It relaxbet giriş happened when Mom and were on a weeks vacation to Cape Cod. My sister who was working a summer job elected to stay behind, so it was just the two of us. Mom had rented a tiny cottage and was essentially big room that contained a kitchen, a dining area and a living room. Their was also a couple of small bedrooms and a bath room. Mom seemed to brighten up as soon as we got there and seemed as though she was finally starting to shake off the dark cloud she had since Dad had left.

For me the real excitement began the first day when we went to the beach. Mom had her bathing suit on, which was pretty much the closest thing I had seen in a while to seeing her naked. Her plain bathing suit was not all that revealing, but I could make out the hot curves of her shapely ass. What really started my crank though was when Mom was sunbathing. I would position myself so that I was lying perpendicular position below her feet. This allowed to stare up between her thighs to the crotch of her bathing suit. This got pretty exciting cause I was able to make out the bumps and crack of her pussy. I could also make out a few pubes peeking out from under bathing suit. By the end of our time on the beach, I was quite excited and I had some difficulty in concealing the huge hard-on I had gotten.

When I got home, I went straight to my room telling Mom that I was going to take a nap. I pulled down the window blinds and turned off the lights so that Mom would think I was sleeping and wouldn’t disturb me. Little did she know that I was really stripping off my shorts and beginning to stroke a massive erection had gotten staring at her ass and pussy. It was then that I heard the shower go on. The sound of the shower and ceiling fan was pretty loud and I realized that bathroom was right next to my room. Moreover, I could also see shafts of light coming from the bathroom through the tiny slits from between the boards which made up the walls. Pressing my eye against a slit I could sort of make out the inside bathroom. Mom was still in the shower. Quickly I fumbled in the dark for my shorts and pulled out my Swiss army knife key chain which I then used to carve a wider gap in between two the boards. Pretty soon there was a big enough hole to give a clear view of the bathroom. I wondered momentarily if I had made it too big. With the hole about 3 feet off the ground, I pulled up a chair so that I could sit and wait with my cock in hand.

Peeking into the bathroom I could make out the shadow of Mom’s body from behind the shower door. My heart began to pound as I waited with nervous anticipation for Mom to finish her shower. Then the sounds of running water came to an abrupt halt and the shower door clicked as Mom stepped out. Fuck! Peering upwards I saw that her nipples were all pointy and erect. Did she have a cold shower? As she stepped out of the shower, I realized that the bathroom was no bigger than a closet and because my hole was at waist level, her pussy was soon right in front on my face. No more than maybe about a foot away. Then to my sheer delight, she turned around and bent over to dry her hair giving me a prime time shot of her most beautiful ass. I could even some dark pubic hairs sticking out all the way from between her thighs to the top of her ass. I had to try and let go of my cock so that I didn’t cum right there.

When Mom stood back up she now how the towel wrapped around her head like a turban. I then watched her tits jiggle as she reached for another towel which she used to dry her body, starting with her back, her arms, her tits and then her stomach. When it came time for the bottom half, Mom lifted her leg and put her foot on the toilet and started drying her leg. Still in close, I know had an even better view of her pussy. Mom began drying her ankle and gradually moved up her leg to her thigh followed by her pussy. Somehow through the dying action of the towel, I could see that Mom’s large pussy lips had been slightly opened and I could make out some pink of the area just below her clitoris. Holy fuck!! I thought. And with that I was no longer able to suppress the excitement and I came in a massive orgasm.

The rest of the week was no less arousing as we continued with the same daily routine. We would go to the beach in the day and then come home where Mom would have a shower and I would have a “nap”. Needless to say that with each passing day of intensity I was becoming more and more consumed by excitement and within 2 or 3 days things had become almost surreal. Every morning I woke up with eager anticipation of the coming day’s events. As such, when the end of the week finally came I was hit by the hard reality that things had come to an end. Maybe I was becoming obsessive, but it was too much excitement for me just to let go. What was I going to do when I got home?

What if I just asked her? I thought. When I began to think about things, I came to the conclusion that Mom probably new that I had been spying on her again. If she did, why hadn’t she said anything? Maybe she didn’t care anymore. Maybe she even liked it? At any rate, the more I thought about it, the more appealing the idea became. Finally I decided that I was going to try later that night.

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