Waiting in the Darkness

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Arched Back

I glanced to the clock. The clock seemed to shout 11:20pm. My room was almost pitch black, only a small night light softly flickering from my bathroom . I strained my ears, squinted my eyes listening. Could I still hear momma? Was she still screaming? Her cries had been muffled, was her head buried in her pillow or covers? Was Daddy still pounding her body, thrusting his magnificent cock in and out of her wet, slick hole? How many times had they done that in 34-years of marriage? Did she have an orgasm every time? “Oh god I love orgasms,” I moaned, my body flexing as my sex shot a shiver up and down my spine. Was that a squeak in the hallway? I glanced to the door. Waiting. Waiting.

“Daddy,” I whispered softly to no one. I listened, trying to find shape in the shadows. “I’m ready for you Daddy,” I whispered again. “My cunt is so wet,” I breathed huskily. My arms pressed to the side of my boobs, pushing them together as my hands slid quickly underneath my panties. I could touch her again, make her wet by playing with my clit. My eyes closed as my mind ran memories of orgasms through my minds eye. My neck stretched, my mouth closing, lifting. My body ached. I needed Daddy. I needed his perfect Daddy cock.

There, I know I heard a noise. Daddy is coming to me? I pulled my fingers from my panties, pulling them to my mouth. I sucked each index finger quickly. I like my taste. Daddy loves my juices. I like to see him staring into my eyes, his nose resting on my pubic bone. Oh god my cunt throbbed. I loved Daddy eating my pussy. So gently, so softly, so completely. Daddy was the best! He made my body scream. He made my body beg for his big cock.

I pushed my finger deep into my mouth. “Oh fuck Daddy,” I groaned. He could shove his cock meat down my throat. I bet I could taste mommy on him. I wonder if he eats her pussy? Her butt is lots bigger than mine. Her tummy in not flat like mine either anymore. Well kinda flat, cuz she works out so hard. She is very tall, lithe, and athletic like me, has tits like mine, small, B-cup size. Daddy loves my tits. So hard, firm, topped with big nipples. God they are so hard. I groan as I roll the nipples between my thumb and fingers.

I listen again. Nothing! I can’t hear anything. Is he waiting for her to go to sleep? How long will that take? God I need to cum. I lay quietly, waiting in the darkness. He won’t mind. I can make myself cum, my cunt will be so wet, so juicy for him. Bet he will make me cum even faster a second time. I would really be helping him and me if I make myself cum before he gets here.

My hands slid back underneath my panties. My fingers quickly find my folds, pulling the lips apart, letting my hard clit stand open, exposed. My right index finger slides over her, mashing her to my body. Involuntarily, my hips arch. My legs pull up, spread on their own accord. They know how much I love to cum. “God I love to masturbate,” I whisper to my legs. “Yes,” I continue. “Cum for me,” I whisper. My finger quickly circles my engorged clit, mashing back and forth. My hips arch, lifting slightly. I push my free hand beneath my butt, clenching my fist, lifting my ass slightly. When Daddy eats my pussy, I lift it to his mouth. Closing my eyes, I can see Daddy, his face buried in my wet cunt. Daddy takes my clit in his teeth, clamping softly on the flesh, tugging it into his mouth. I hear my breath hiss as I inhale. Growling softly, I push my hand deep into my crotch. My fingers ream my soaked hole, pushing in slightly. I circle the hole, feeling the softness, feeling the wetness. I splay my legs, lift my ass higher.

I pictured Daddy, his head between Mom’s legs. I watched, seeing him chew gently on her clit, tugging it from her body, holding it between his teeth. I knew his tongue was mashing it against the inside of his teeth. Her body squirmed as her orgasm approached. As Daddy moved aside, I could see her clit, beckoning me, calling me to suck her. I pictured my mouth moving to her, my tongue extended, probing her wet clit. The tangy taste flooded my senses, my lips wrapped the sensitive flesh, sucking her clit into my mouth. I wanted to fuck her. I pictured Daddy, balls deep in my cunt, saddled to my backside, hands pulling my hips to him, with my tits mashed to the bed, my mouth clamped to Mom’s cunt, my tongue probing into her wet hole, driven deep as Daddy slammed my body forward. I even could see her tits jiggle as Daddy pounded me. “Hurry Daddy,” I whisper. “Come lick your baby daughter,” I muttered under my breath. Doesn’t he know I am only home for Christmas break? It has been weeks since we fucked. He had fucked me so hard before I left, my cunt was sore for days. God I love his big cock! The crowned head, the long, thick shaft. My finger danced over my clit as I pictured his cock sliding between my lips, the head mashing my clit.

I glanced quickly to the door. This time, I was sure I heard him, coming to me. Wanting to make love to his little girl. Wanting to fuck me savagely, his lust evident, his need insatiable. Boy did I tease him when I arrived home today. I loved the look on his face when I pinbahis güvenilirmi tromped back down stairs in my short sun dress, bent at the waist to pick up a “dropped pen”. I glanced around my legs, my uncovered, yearning cunt framed between my legs and ass, five feet from his face. I saw him, he gasped slightly. His eyes closed, his cock chubbed right there in his chair. I even swayed my hips, almost begging for him to rise from his chair, push his face between my cheeks, and shove his tongue deep into my cunt. My body shuddered. My orgasm was fastly approaching. God I need to cum. Blowing between clenched lips, I tried to control my screams. I don’t want to make much noise.

It feels so good. Damn you Daddy, you should be sucking my cunt! It should be you making my body orgasm. I want to cum on your mouth, flood your face with young, unspoiled cunt juices. Lick me Daddy, hurry, lick me. My mind and body exploded simultaneously. My hips arched hard, legs clamping shut, holding my fingers between my legs. I shoved them deep between my legs, reaming my hole. Using the heel of my thumb, I rubbed my clit softly, my fingers dipping into my hole. Oh yes, it feels so fucking good. I groan deeply from my core. I pull my legs up hard, my knees beside my chest. I shove two fingers deep into my cunt, thrashing hard to penetrate my wet, yielding cunt.

“Daddy,” I groan. A knock at my door startles me.

“Baby, you ok?” moms voice penetrated my mind. I hear the handle turning as I scramble to straighten my legs, pull my t-shirt down to cover my body.

“Yes Mother,” I respond quickly as the door cracks open. “I, ah, just ran and jumped into bed after turning out the light,” I brazenly lied.

“Cheryl, it’s ok to masturbate,” my mom whispered. “It’s healthy, needed, and best, it’s safe,” she continued.

“Mother,” I grunted in desperation, hoping she would leave.

“Ok, ok. Good night sweetie,” she whispered softly. She pulled the door closed behind her.

My buzz was now gone. Talk about a downer. Bet if I were Daddy with a big, hard cock, it would have shrank to little bitty in 5-seconds or less. I grinned, knowing I had been busted. Had she heard me call Daddy? Oh my god, what if she had? My stomach knotted. Oh god oh god my mind screamed. I clamped my legs together, rolling to my side.

What was she doing up? Usually, Daddy would get up, clean up with his favorite sex towel, wrap it around his cock and balls so he would not dribble in the bed, and go to sleep. Mom just stuck a towel between her legs to catch the flood of Daddy’s cum and her juices. This was definitely weird. I listened. Rolling over, I turned, sat up on the edge of the bed. Maybe Daddy doesn’t know. My mind stopped in mid thought. I showed him my naked cunt earlier, glistening with my tasty juices. Oh, he knows alright. He’ll be here. I moved to crack the door, easing it open a few inches. The silence filled my senses.

Maybe I should use my toy? At least it feels good when I shove it in and out of my cunt. My body shuddered again, causing me to lean against the door jam. I leaned forward, peeked down the hall. Dad’s door was open as usual. I listened, hoping to hear him snoring. Nothing! My thighs flexed, squeezing my clit standing there. “Damn you Daddy,” my mind screamed inside my head. “God I need you,” it cried. My hand involuntarily cupped my mound, squeezing the flesh. My finger snaked between my lips, pressing my panties against my engorged clit. My eyes closed as I softly played back and forth with my clit, circling, mashing gently.

“Baby,” Daddy whispered. My eyes flashed open, glancing in the darkness. Daddy approached in his pj’s. Instinctively, I reached for him, grabbing his cock through his clothes, tugging firmly. I heard him grunt as I guided my hand through the opening, grabbing his flaccid cock. Milking his cock, I pulled my hand toward me, pulling his cock firmly. With my thumb and index finger circling him, I pushed toward him hard, slamming my hand against his flesh, squeezed, and tugged toward the head again. I felt his cock chub. He grabbed my upper arm, his balance shaky as his hips thrust forward. “God Baby,” he muttered. I dropped like a rock, kneeling right in the doorway, ripped his pj’s down, shoving his cock to my lips. Opening wide, I inhaled him, my mouth and throat taking his semi-hard cock completely. I ground my lips to his pubic bone, chewing gently on his cock meat. His hands grabbed my head, his hips thrusting forward, driving his cock to my lips. I groaned deeply, needing his cock so badly. I pumped my mouth up and down his shaft, his cock growing with each penetration of my mouth and throat.

“I taste her don’t I Daddy?” I asked, pulling off his stiffening cock. Pressing his cock flat against his stomach, I leaned forward, thrusting my tongue to probe his hanging balls. Daddy pressed to me as I grabbed his balls. I shoved his left nut into my mouth, clamping softly on the sensitive orb. My tongue ran circles over the flesh as Daddy’s knees almost buckled. Her taste filled my senses. I could see her cunt, open, pinbahis yeni giriş taking Daddy’s cock, sliding so quickly, hard into her body, giving herself to him. I could see her lips stretch to hold his cock in her body, sliding along the sides, her wetness coating his flesh, his cock sticky with her fluids. “Oh God Daddy, she tastes so fucking good,” I muttered, attacking his rigid cock. I jammed his cock deep into my mouth and throat, reaching to pull his ass to me, shoving his cock so deep in my throat. My cunt throbbed, flooding my panties. Daddy thrust hard to me, pounding his cock in and out of my mouth almost viscously. My cunt ached, needing his cock so bad.

“God damn Baby, you are one great little cocksucker,” Daddy groaned softly. I could see his eyes close as his chin dropped to his chest. “I’m going to,” his voice trailed. I felt him, his hips press forward, his legs splay, his ass dropped an inch or two as he humped upwards, impaling me completely. Grabbing the back of my head, he pulled me flush to his body as his orgasm erupted. His cock flexed, expanded, and jettisoned spurt after spurt of cum into my craving mouth. I swallowed each blast quickly, sucking to get more as his orgasm subsided. His cock shrank quickly, growing flaccid in my mouth. His breathing was ragged, his hips convulsed slightly. I chewed on his cock, biting the softening flesh. As he grew very sensitive, he pushed me away. I stretched his cock as I pulled back. It popped from my mouth, dangling over his balls. I stood quickly, grabbed his hanging meat, and pulled him into my room.

“Make me cum Daddy,” I whispered, tugging his cock as I moved to the bed. “Come lick my cunt, suck on my clit Daddy,” I groaned softly. “I am so wet, so juicy for you Daddy,” I whispered seductively. “God I want you between my legs,” I said as I flopped back on my bed. I lifted my legs, spreading them high and wide. “Rip my panties off Daddy!” I continued. “Fuck Daddy, hurry,” I groaned out of absolute need. I was almost breathless as he kneeled between my legs.

“I’ll make you cum alright,” he groaned, his big hand reaching to my panties. He pulled them aside, shoving two fingers into my wet hole. I gasped, his thrust forcing the air from my lungs.

“Oh God yes Daddy,” I muttered, my head thrown back, eyes clamped shut. At that instant, Daddy’s mouth clamped shut over my clit, sucking the flesh hard into his mouth. Normally gentle, Daddy sucked the flesh hard, his tongue probing, mashing my sensitive clit with a vengeance I had not experienced. I reached to him, grabbing his hair, pulling his face deep between my thighs. “Oh fuck Daddy,” I grunted as he thrashed my clit, his fingers pounding in and out of my cunt. I closed my eyes, oblivious to the world, focused only on my cunt, my clit, my body racing to orgasm. I flexed my butt, trying to hump my cunt against his mouth. “Yes,” I hissed, my breath exploding through clenched teeth. My mind flashed many colors, my eyes slammed shut, my senses driving cognizant thought from my mind. I started whimpering uncontrollably, his tongue, his mouth thrashing my cunt, his fingers penetrating completely. My legs clamped over his ears, my heels pushing on his back.

I bucked against his mouth, humping up and down as best I could. My orgasm rose so quickly in my body, my breathing became ragged, shallow. As my cunt tingled, my orgasm ripped through my senses, riding his tongue. Ripple after ripple pounded my senses, my grunts loud with each one as it past from beginning to end through my body. My orgasm crescendo peaked, held a grip on my senses for several minutes, and crashed almost as instantly. My clit became too sensitive, I had to push Daddy away from my clit.

“Fuck me Daddy,” I ordered. I scrambled off his fingers, slid up my bed. Lying quickly on my back, I reached for him in the darkness. “Daddy,” I whispered, spreading my legs wide, offering him my cunt. I pulled my legs up, Daddy moved quickly up the bed. He threw off his pj shirt, now naked. I pulled my night shirt off, my titles exposed to the cool air, my nipples hardening. Moving, he positioned himself between my legs. I reached to him, finding his semi-hard cock dangling. I pulled it toward my wet cunt. “I need your cock in me Daddy,” I groaned as he leaned into my body. I aimed him, spreading my lips, coating the head. As he pushed forward, I aligned him into my waiting body. He slipped into me, his cock bunching instead of penetrating. The pressure built, his cock trying to enter my tight hole. As our bodies joined, his cock slipped into me, growing harder as Daddy pumped into my body. As he pulled back, I squeezed my cunt muscles, holding his cock, pulling him back in. I wanted him to fuck me hard. I wrapped my legs firmly around his back, heels digging into his ass. Wiggling my ass, I ground our bodies tightly together. His cock grew harder, longer, filling me. “Yes Daddy,” I groaned softly.

“You are so tight honey,” Daddy whispered in my ear. Daddy arched hard to me, slamming his body down, jamming his cock completely into my body. Grinding his body, he pinbahis giriş pulled back, slamming forward again. We quickly gained our rhythm, Daddy hammering my cunt, driving his cock in and out of my body. As his cock stroked over my clit, my body responded, driving toward another orgasm. Our breathing grew shallow, our bodies slamming together, the noise filling my room, my senses. My groans grew louder with each thrust, each pounding penetration. Daddy’s hand clamped over my mouth, stifling my screams. Lost in our sex, my body exploded into a hard orgasm as Daddy pounded my flesh into submission. My juices flooded us, flowing around his hard cock. He continued to pound me as tears of joy flooded my eyes. My body quivered with each penetration, each thrust deep into my body. I pulled him close, my arms tightly wrapped around his neck.

“Baby,” Daddy groaned as his body flexed, his hips driving hard to me. I felt his spasms, his involuntary thrusts as his own orgasm consumed him. His groans were accented with a grunt from each spurt as it erupted from his invading cock. His orgasm past quickly, his body collapsed on me. I rocked us back and forth, wiggling my hips under him.

“Daddy,” I groaned appreciatively. “God that was good,” I continued. Daddy kissed my neck, nipping gently at the nape. I turned to him, my tongue extending, wanting to play, to kiss him so gently, so softly. As our lips met, our breath exchanged, our tongues probing softly, we kissed as lovers. I melted inside. “I love you Daddy,” I whispered as I hugged him to me tightly. As Daddy rolled to my side, we intertwined our legs, his left leg between mine, pushing against my mound. It felt right, having him there with me. I listened to his breathing as it slowed. He was drifting to sleep. As he drifted to a deeper sleep, I rolled away, needing to use the bathroom.

My body tingled. My cunt was almost sated. Lying on my back, my mind rewound my evening. I reached to her, playfully rustling my matted pubic hair. With my nails raking over the flesh, I slipped my index finger over my mound, my nail tracing along my lips, sealed shut with our mutual, sticky juices. “One more cum” my mind screamed. My finger sneaked between my lips, probing my clit. It felt so good. I slipped deeper between my lips, opening them. I moved over my clit, my finger circling her, mashing her again. Closing my eyes, I focused on my clit, my building orgasm. Masterfully, I brushed her, mashed her, and flicked her back and forth skillfully, driving my body toward a satisfying orgasm. Within minutes, my breath was shallow, my body yearning for completion. I raised my legs, spreading them, lifting my knees high, wide. I dropped my other hand to my cunt, spreading the lips, using two fingers to mash my clit, flick her rapidly back and forth. My hips arched.

“May I finish that,” Mommy asked in the darkness. I stopped, clamped my legs together.

“Mom,” I blurted. “Oh Jesus,” I continued.

“Baby, it’s OK!” Mommy groaned. “Let me do it for you please,” she asked. Panic still flooded my senses. I listened, Daddy was breathing softly next to me, oblivious to what was happening.

“But,” my voice trailed off. I did not know what to do, what to think. My mind raced 100mph, going everywhere, nowhere. “Mommy, I,” stuttered again. “I,” started but stopped. Mom’s hands rested on my knees, pushing them apart.

“Let Mommy make her girl cum sweetie,” she offered. “Let me show you how good it is for another woman to please you,” she continued, whispering softly. “Lay back sweetie, shhhhhhh,” she soothed softly. I relaxed my legs, letting them fall open. Momma moved below me on the bed. “Close your eyes baby, let me make you cum,” she whispered again. Nervous, I closed my eyes, wanting to die. “Your pussy is so pretty sweetie,” Mommy cooed. I felt her nails traverse down my inner thigh, slowly teasing me to near a tickle level. My mind focused on her fingers, moving so slowly, so close to my sex. As she neared my center, I opened my legs wider, flexing my ass, lifting slightly as she grew within inches of my cunt. I closed my eyes, anticipating.

“I watched your Daddy fuck you Baby,” she whispered as her fingertips caressed along my right labia, “watched him pound your young cunt with his big hard cock,” she talked without purpose. “Did he eat your pussy?” she asked. I raised my head, feeling her fingers dip between my slit. “Did he lick your clitty? Suck in between his teeth? Did he shove his fingers in your cunt?” she continued. I pictured each word in my head.

“Yes Momma,” I responded. “He made me cum several times,” I offered.

“Good Baby,” she groaned as her finger circled my engorged clit. “Momma’s going to taste you Baby,” she whispered. “I want to feel your clit, bite her in my teeth, hold her while my tongue dances over her,” she continued. Both of her hands reached to my cunt, spreading the lips to expose my wet slit from top to bottom. “Such a juicy cunt Baby,” she followed. “Bet Daddy’s juice is in here too,” she said. One nail flicked back and forth over my exposed clit, catching on the folds, snapping free as her finger pulled through. Back and forth, she flicked my clit, circling, then mashing the sensitive flesh. My hips jump upwards involuntarily. “Yes,” she growled, leaning forward, her tongue extended. I closed my eyes, waiting. “Oh fuck yes,” she growled gutturally.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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