Visiting Cousin Ch. 03

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It had been two days since me and Veronica took the wax to my balls, and they were still as silky smooth as before. I just loved the feeling of my smooth cock rubbing against my shorts everywhere I went. I almost always had a hard on! It seemed every movement just stimulated it even more! We headed out to the park early this morning. I didn’t even bring a shirt with me. I wore some knee length shorts while Veronica opted for her teeny bikini. It was the third time we came out here since we got together. I just loved it when we held hands while we walked up and down the parkway like we were lovers, which we were, but nobody else knew we were also cousins. Just knowing that, plus my hot bikini clad cousin beside me, and the shorts rubbing against my hairless cock ensured a constant hard on. We walked past the outhouse, her arm around my neck and my hand on her ass. I didn’t bother to look at the other girls that much, although I hadn’t seen Rebecca Coplin here for the past few days.

So handsome,” Veronica said, “You want to get in the volleyball game. If you beat my team, I’ll give you two blowjobs tonight.” She traced her fingers across my abdomen.

My eyes shot wide open after hearing that. “I hold that against you, cause now I know I’m going to win.” I brought her close and we kissed passionately. We walked down the hill holding hands until I saw Rebecca Coplin standing by the water fountain. Her long blonde hair went nicely with her tight red bikini. I could not take my eyes off of her. She turned to the side, giving me a nice shot of her left boob that was spilling out from her top. Veronica noticed my gazing and snapped me out of it.

“Who is that?” she asked.

“Th-that’s Rebecca Coplin, the mayor’s daughter,” I said.

“You know her?”

“No, we never met before.”

“You like her?”

I turned to look at Veronica. “She’s okay, but nothing like you,” I said smiling.

“Don’t try to get sweet with me. I saw how you looked at her. You think she’s hot don’t you?” Veronica didn’t show a hint of jealousy, just curiosity it seemed. I thought it was strange. I finally gave in.

“Okay fine, I think she’s hot,” I said finally.

“Then why haven’t you talked to her yet?” she asked.

“What do I have to say to her? If she liked me, she would have talked to me,” I said.

Veronica smiled again. She shook her head. “Jack, why not just tell her you think she’s hot and that you would like to go out with her? It’s a good way to break the ice.”

I was taken back. “Don’t you think that’s being really forward?” I couldn’t believe she was actually being serious. “She’ll probably laugh in my face.”

Veronica shook her head in disbelief. “Jack, girls almost never say no to a guy if he just comes right out and says he’s interested. She doesn’t know you, so what reason does she have to reject you. We need to feel needed too, so why not take a guy who wants you too?”

She seemed to make some sense, then she took me by the hand and started walking towards Rebecca.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to help you out,” she said. Before I could do anything, Veronica was already there.

“Rebecca, that’s you right?” she asked. Rebecca turned around.

“Yes, who are you guys?” Rebecca asked.

“I’m Veronica and this is Jack. I’m just visiting, but Jack’s been here for a while. He’s saw you here a few times. He’s been wanting to talk to you?”

“Hi,” I said. I raised my hand kind of sheepishly and waved a little. No doubt about it, this was awkward.

Veronica continued. “He thinks you’re really hot.”

The blood drained from my face. I couldn’t believe she said that. Rebecca looked at me and gave a weird smile. She obviously hadn’t expected that either. “So he does?” she said.

Veronica went on. “He would really like to go out with you. I tell you what, we’re going back home. Why don’t you come with us so we can get to know each other?”

There was no way this was going to work, but with hardly a second to think about it, Rebecca agreed.

“Sure,” she said. I couldn’t believe it. Just like that, Rebecca was walking with us down the crowded path. I walked towards the exit, a hot girl on each side.

During the trip home, I tried to get as much conversation out as I could, but it didn’t get much further than casual talk. I found out she wasn’t too pleased with her father, the mayor, for his strict moral views, so she was kind of rebellious. That was about as personal as we got, and I still didn’t know much about her. I didn’t have the slightest clue as what to do when we got back. When we walked in the house, Veronica did the talking.

“Go ahead and have a seat. I’ll get us some drinks,” she said. I followed Veronica into the kitchen, but she queenbet güvenilirmi stopped me at the entrance.

“What are you doing? Stay in there and talk to her,” she insisted.

“What do you want me to say? Do you know how awkward this is?” I whispered harshly.

“She already knows you think she’s hot, so start from there.” She gave me a soft push back into the living room. Rebecca looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. She sat on the couch. I sat in the chair across from her. I probably should have put a shirt on, since I felt really exposed right now. I was thinking hard about what to say, then she spoke first.

“So, how long have you been going to the park?” she asked.

“A f-few years now,” I said.

“Me too. Is that how long you’ve been noticing me?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said, my voice kind of trailing off.

“So tell me,” she said, “why do you think I’m hot?”

I had no idea how to answer that question. It literally left me breathless. What on Earth do I say to that?

“Excuse me,” I said and ran into the kitchen. Veronica was washing the glasses.

“Becky just asked me why do I think she’s hot,” I whispered fiercely. “What do I tell her?”

Veronica tried to calm me down. “Just be honest. It’s already out there. This is your chance to get her. Let her know you want her. I’m sure she feels the same. She’s still here right? That must mean something.”

“Yeah, but what do I say?” I asked.

“Tell her you like her breasts. It’s already out there, so you can’t be anymore forward. Go on, get out there.” She led me the living room and went back in the kitchen. I sat in the chair again.

“Sorry about that,” I said, “I had to get something.”

“That’s okay,” she said, “So, why do you think I’m hot?” she asked again.

I thought about what Veronica said. “I love your tits,” I said then stopped cold. I didn’t mean for it to come out like that. I held my head down in shame. I didn’t even try to apologize cause I was afraid I would say something stupid.

“Well thank you,” she said. “I’m quite fond of them myself. C cups. My dad gave me money for my 18th birthday, so I got myself implants.” She cupped her tits. “What about you? You look pretty shaped up. What are you packing?” I didn’t expect her to take it so fondly. I didn’t know what she meant.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Your penis. How big is it?” she asked so casually.

“Um, uh it’s uh…” I just stuttered until Veronica interrupted.

“He’s about 8 1/2 inches, I know first hand,” Veronica said as she joined us.

“Whoa,” Becky said, “I would love to see that!”

Veronica’s eyes beamed. “Hey Jack, show her your penis!”

I starred hard at her. “I don’t think so Veronica,” I said in a hard tone.

“Please,” Becky begged.

Veronica gave me the same look she did before. This is your chance, she mouthed. I thought hard about it. This would be it. After chasing Becky for so long, this might be my only chance to get her. I wasn’t too sure how she would react to my waxed genitals. I stood up and was about to pull my penis out real quick. Then I decided to go all out. I dropped my shorts real fast and kicked them across the room. My penis dangled between my legs. Becky stared at its length.

“Whoa,” she exclaimed, “Who brought home the little boy?” Obviously my hairlessness had an effect on her. My confidence dropped immediately and I covered my dick. They both laughed immediately.

“I’m just kidding,” Becky said. “I liked it hairless. It’s sexy when there’s nothing but skin there.”

I slowly uncovered myself. Veronica came over and stood next to me. She whispered in my ear. “Good job champ, you got her.”

She turned to Becky. “Hey Rebecca, me and Jack are going to have sex, you want to join us?” she asked.

“Sure!” she exclaimed. She stood up and untied her top from behind. It fell to the floor. For years I could only imagined what they were like uncovered. My imagination couldn’t even hold a candle to the real thing! They were amazing! Firm globes that stayed nice and pert on her chest. Her tiny nipples were sticking out like top hats. She quickly dropped her bikini bottoms. Her tiny pussy was hairless, pink, and perfect. I could also see it was a little moist. She walked up to me. My cock was already half mast. She looked down at it and giggled.

“This is going to be fun,” Becky said. “Can I go first?” she asked Veronica.

“He’s all yours honey,” Veronica said. She came to me and kissed my lips. Her hands went to my waist and came to a rest on my butt. She put her hands on my chest and pushed me to the chair. Then she kneeled between my legs. Her head went over my fully erect pole. She let to head enter her mouth. I could queenbet yeni giriş not believe it! I’ve lusted after this girl for so long, now I have my dick in her mouth! The hottest girl in school was giving me head! Rebecca Coplin, the mayor’s daughter, had her talented mouth wrapped around the shaft of my cock. She engulfed my entire cock down to the root, moaning as she slid it deep into her throat. Her lips wrapped around the base and her cheeks slightly caved as she sucked me like an industrial vacuum. She let her mouth settle on the head, her muscles rippling around my tip. I groaned with pleasure. I lifted her up before she could finish me off.

“Come here girl, I want to feel you up!” I said as I sat her on my lap. I ran my hands up and down her slender hips and over her perfect tummy. I took a nipple in my mouth and squeezed the other muffin with my hand. Then I swapped. Becky was moaning uncontrollable as I moved my tongue over both here nipples. I picked her up and laid her down on the couch. I kissed my way down to her hips. She cooed at me and begged me to continue. I kissed the area just above her waxed pussy.

“Oh Jack, eat my cookie please!” she begged. I let her suffer some more and started licking her inner thigh. She grabbed the back of my head and tried to force me into her pussy. I wasn’t giving in that easy. I twirled my tongue around her pussy but never going in.

“Please Jack, eat me!” she screamed. I finally let in. I gave her snatch a good look. I always imagined what it would taste like. Now I would find out. I spread the lips and dove in tongue first. My mouth was flooded with the tastiest juices imaginable. Even better then I thought! Her warm, sweet nectar flowed evenly as my tongue invited it into my mouth. I sucked on the soft pink lips and ran my tongue up and down the labia. Her clit was extended outward and I flicked it with my tongue. With every flick, more and more pussy juice flowed.I tried to suck it all up but the couch would definitely be stained. All the while Becky was screaming uncontrollably.

“OH GOD YES!! EAT THAT PUSSY BABY!!” I puckered my lips and sucked on her clit. It tasted better than the rest, like a mouthful of sugar. “FUCK, FUCK, FUCKKK!” She stretched the last part out as the orgasm ripped through her. At the same time, I shoved my tongue as far as I could up her pussy.

“JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY! FUCK!!!!” she screamed as her juices came out like a faucet. My tongue was still in her so it all ran straight into my mouth. Then it came out like a waterfall. I tried to keep it all in but there was too much. It ran down my chin and some dribbled down my chest. I almost felt like I was drowning. I felt her pussy muscles contract around my tongue. I slowly pulled out and waited for her to come down. Her face was drained and she was trying to catch her breath. I looked down and my dick was nearly and inch longer. Veronica was sitting on the chair watching to whole thing. She spoke up.

“Pussy juice is good for your dick,” she said. “Go ahead Jack, finish her off.”

I got between her legs again and lined my cock up to her pussy. I had been waiting for this for so long. The girl of my dreams, and I was going to fuck her.

“Come on give it to me baby!” she said. I slowly pushed in until we were buried to the hilt. Becky moaned again.

“Oh, he’s going to cum out of my belly button,” she said. True, I had to be all the way in her stomach at least. I wasn’t going to last long considering all the pressure on my cock. She was so tight, almost like a vice. I leaned forward and started thrusting. I remembered my first time and how it felt with hair. No comparison here! The skin on skin feeling was out of this universe! Just the heat from our friction was enough to bring me to the edge. I moved just fast enough so that my balls slapped her ass. Her moans were growing louder. I could feel her juices pouring and soaking my cock. With the extra lubrication, I slammed into her faster. Her moans were screams now.

“OH GOD YES! FUCK! FUCK! BANG MY PUSSY!” Her screams echoed through the house and she poured her juices out. My cock was about to explode. I shoved my dick into her as far as it would go, just as her pussy clamped down on me. That did it. An orgasm ripped through her again and she screamed uncontrollably. My cock shot my sperm into her with and explosive fervor. At least twenty shots went into her belly. I held onto her as the pleasure overwhelmed me. The sex with her was even better than I imagined. The feeling I was getting now made me forget all about what I imagined before. When I finally subsided, I fell to the side of her, completely exhausted. I was a little light headed and I almost dozed off. My cock had already subsided. queenbet giriş Veronica, still in her bikini, came over and got between my legs.

“When I said we were going to have sex, I wasn’t lying,” she said. Veronica grabbed my wilted cock and started licking my ball sack. Immediately I started to get hard again, even though I didn’t think I had anything left, but her tongue made me feel otherwise. Rebecca was my dream fuck, but that didn’t mean Veronica was leftovers. Just a few seconds with my cock in her mouth and I was as hard as before.

“Oh yeah, you want some too don’t you? You’re hungry baby aren’t you?” I said.

“Yeah I’m hungry,” she said, “Nothing a little cock can’t handle, not that you have a little cock.”

I smiled at that as she continued her descent. Up and down my dick she went. From the tip to the balls and back again. Becky was up again after recovering from her sexual adventure. She had me lay down while Veronica continued her work on my penis. Becky straddled my face and had her still red pussy inches away from my face.

“Chow down baby,” she said as she plopped it down on my face. I sucked on her juicy lips again, bringing the moisture in my mouth. After enjoying the juices that had collected in Becky’s love hole, I started licking the inner surface of the outer lip and the small area between there and her inner lip. The soft feel of the juicy flesh was tantalizing enough, but the flow of orgasmic juice afterward was delightful. My cock was about to explode in Veronica’s mouth, so to push me over the edge, I reached up and cupped Becky’s beautiful cantaloupes. The tit flesh felt wonderful and my cock erupted, sending my swimmers down Veronica’s throat. She held on tight, making sure every drop was swallowed. When my cock finally stopped twitching, Veronica resumed her vacuum action. Up and down she went, from the tip to the base, going as fast as she could. My cock never got soft. I had to concentrate on the pussy on my face, which was getting wetter by the second. I focused harder on the clit. I massaged her clit hood by curling my tongue underneath its protection to caress the precious love button there. Becky’s pussy fucked my face even harder and her screams were deafening. Veronica’s suction on my dick was more intense than ever. Becky was whimpering again so I knew she was close to coming again. Time to bring her home, I thought. I clamped my mouth on Becky’s charming clit, using my lips as a seal, and started gently sucking while my tongue caressed her engorged button. Becky was kicking and screaming uncontrollably while her pussy was fucking my face stronger than ever.I continued my suction until I was rewarded with a flood of cum juices that were even tastier than before. It was like somebody turned a pitcher upside down over my head. The juices ran down my face and some went up my nose. For a moment I couldn’t breathe. There was the sense of drowning at one point. I collected as much as I could before Becky fell to the side of me, completely spent. I sat up as Veronica continued her killer blowjob. I had come only moments ago, but I was ready again. Veronica brought her head up to my lips and we kissed again.

“Go ahead honey, give it to her,” she said. I happily obliged. Becky was on her stomach trying to catch her breath. I came from behind and inserted my cock into her pussy. She immediately got on her hands and knees. I placed both hands on her firm butt as I pumped in and out of her doggy style.

“Yeah fuck my pussy from behind, smack my ass!” she screamed. I gave each cheek a good slap. I wasn’t far from coming so I wrapped my arms around her and cupped her basketballs. I massaged the wonderful flesh and rubbed the soft nipples. I whispered into her ear.

“Oh you dirty girl, you like me touching your little girl tits don’t you? You love the feel of my cock in your wonder hole huh?” I whispered to her.

“Yeah baby, squeeze my melons. You like touching little girls breasts don’t you?” she yelled back as I continued to pump. I moved one hand down to her clit and massaged the hood. Her hips started bucking and her pussy clamped down on me as she came hard.

“OH FUCKKKK!!!” she screamed. I came at the same time, unloading my boys into her womb. I held her close while still clutching onto her potatoes. Gobs and gobs of semen poured into her honey pot in the biggest cum of my life. I continued to hold onto her until I finally subsided, nearly twenty shots later. When I stopped shooting, I slowly pulled out. We all laid in a pile on the floor, completely spent. I soon fell asleep afterwards.

For the next two weeks, I was down at the park everyday with my two girlfriends right beside me. I stayed there quite often just to show off to everybody. Veronica had to go back to her home eventually. I was sad to see her go, but Becky was still there with me. I spoke with Veronica often and we made plans to see each other during her next college break. Me and Becky saw each other everyday. It seemed the sex just got better everyday.

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