Victoria’s Party Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

Way back, when I was still in high school, trying to figure it out, Fred’s Place re-invented itself. Now the basement bar in the old downtown is a trendy gay bar. On weekends straights come to mix with us queers.

That’s where I met Vicki and Allison. Vicki describes them as a couple of old dykes. Every February when we’re all suffering from the winter blahs they have a small dinner party. This is the first year I’ve been invited.

You Are Cordially Invited

February 17

To the home of Victoria Crawford and Allison Drew

Cocktails at 6, Dinner at 8

Dress: Scandalous Sexy Summer


“You understand,” said Allison when she handed me the invitation, “that you must wear something absolutely inappropriate and sexy to our party.”

I brush my nape of the neck length light brown hair. Instead of the little gold ring earrings I wear at work I hang the long rhinestone pendulums, and the matching three row necklace for jewelry.

No top. Pink satin and lace panties over my very mini wide pleat pink velvet skirt. On my feet are my red leather basket weave four inch spikes.

One last touch up of my slut pink lip gloss. Matching nails. If that doesn’t say ‘sexy slutty queer’ nothing does. Right?

I grab my big white faux fur bag after slipping into my full length mink, go down and hail a cab.

I show my invitation to the doorman, who directs me to the elevator on the right.

“Sweetheart, you made it! Just in time for drinks. Let the maid take your beautiful coat.”

It’s the old style with vertical pelts and a wide band of horizontal pelts around the collar and cuffs. I found it at a consignment store. I pull my pink faux fur wedding stole from my bag and hand the bag to the maid.

The door bell rings.

“Go on through darling, you know everyone.” Vicki opens the door, “Darlings, come in out of the cold!”

There’s Jayson and Greg over by the bar. Greg and I have been friends for ages. Friends with privileges before he and Jayson hooked up. They’re wearing matching satin bicycle jerseys with wide vertical red and white afyon escort stripes, snug blue riding shorts with tantalizing bulges at the crotch, and red runners.

Greg sees me first. “Alex! Don’t you look yummy. Love the stole!”

“And how are you two hunks tonight?”

“You tell him.”

“No, go ahead. You tell him.”

They both hold out their hand to show me their diamond engagement rings.

“WOW! This is epic! Congratulations.” I open my arms and we hug and kiss.

Carrie and Megs show up and come over. “Hey? Whats all this hugging? Can we get in on it?”

Carrie is wearing a bikini bottom and a diaphanous pink long sleeve top. Megs a yellow polka dot sundress. The boys show off their rings. More hugs and kisses, then we get drinks from the bar.

Vicki comes over wearing a way too small little black dress that’s wonderfully inappropriate for her early sixties (?) age. Her plump jiggly boobs are almost falling out. The spaghetti straps the only things preventing their escape. She has a tall blond Nordic looking hunk in tow. He’s wearing a very European banana sling style beige swimsuit under an open red shorty silk robe. On his feet are red flip flops.

“Everyone, this is Wolfgang. He just moved here a few months ago.” She then introduced us.

“Pleased to meet you. Please call me ‘Wolf’.”

His short hair has some silver threads in it. The laugh wrinkles around his eyes add to his good looks. He overcomes his shyness as we welcome him into our conversation. His eyes are a startling ice blue.

“Everyone is here now.” Allison escorts Derek and Kamal over to the bar.

Derek, on platform sole woven bamboo sandals, a puff sleeve powder blue top and red, red, hot pants is definitely the girlfriend in the relationship.

Kamal is a good half foot taller and way more solid than Derek. He’s wearing an unbuttoned white short sleeve shirt, tan knee length cargo shorts, and white sockless tennis shoes. I have it on good authority he lives up to the stereotype of black men all having enormous cocks. Lucky Derek!

Allison’s ağrı escort slim red and white, wide vertical striped one piece swim suit suits her athletic body. I’m pretty sure she’s at least ten years younger than Vicki.

Well, my Mama didn’t raise no dummies. Being as Wolf and I are the only singles here, I suspect this is a setup. Hey, I’ve been going without for too long, so I’m all in with setup.

Lia, their maid, appears in a very sexy French maid dress and extreme spikes to announce dinner. I don’t know what Vicki whispers to her as we pass, but she blushes as red as her hair.

The place cards are arranged so couples aren’t sitting together. I’m between Megs to my right and (surprise) Wolf.

He really is shy. I casually lay my hand on his bare thigh as I ask Jayson, who’s directly across from me if they’ve set a date, I notice Wolfie stumble in his conversation with Derek. Well, I like to take the lead with shy boys. Wonder if he can be trained?

We all move to the parlor for coffee. I sit with Wolf and Victoria on the couch. She whispers something in his ear. He looks shyly at me and gently rests his hand on mine. I put my other hand over his and give him a warm smile to re-assure him.

The party winds down.

“Wolf, dear, it’s late and Alex doesn’t have a car. Can you make sure he gets home safely. love?”

What a sweet blush. “Alex, can I drive you home?”

“Why yes, please. If it’s not too far out of your way.”

“Oh, no problem, er…”

Shy is good.

We all hug and kiss. Wolf wears a black leather trench coat with a big raccoon collar. He holds the door of his shiny black Toyota SUV as I climb up in.

I direct him to my street.

“There’s a parking spot, pull in there.” Luck is with us, only a few buildings down from mine, and snow removal rules don’t kick in ’till one AM. One to six.

I make coffee and we sit on the couch. ‘OK” I say to myself, ‘have at it.’

I reach up behind Wolf’s neck and pull him down for a short kiss. OK. Then another kiss. I slide a hand up his solid bare chest. A aksaray escort bit of tongue.

He moves away. Shit.

“Look Alex, um, I’m really glad to meet you. I mean really glad! But um…”

Damn, is this ‘I like you but let’s just be friends’ talk?

“The thing is, I’m a slow starter, and I, um, in a relationship. I’m not into one night stands. Um, see I had a long term relationship with Per, but when I was transferred he didn’t want to emigrate.

“See, I have um, er, I need guidance. I need a lover who’s, um, an Alpha.”

My God! Just who I’m looking for. Other boys have left saying I’m too assertive bossy even.

“See, people look at me and see a big man and just assume I’m a leader, but, um.”

“Wolf, dear, if we’re going to continue, I expect you to serve and obey me.” What the hell, lay it on the line. “I won’t hurt you, but I do expect obedience.”

His eyes lit up. “Yes, yes Alex, exactly. Oh Mein Gott, you understand!”

“Will you serve me Wolfgang? Will you do your very best to please me?”

He slid off the couch and knelt before me.

“Please Alex, let me serve you.”

Wow, this is moving way faster than I ever imagined. Usually it takes time to ‘develop’ a relationship and train a sub.

“OK, Wolf,” I lift the hem of my skirt and pull my panties aside, releasing my cock, “show your queen how you will serve her.”

Oh my, what a beautiful cocksucker. A kiss on my knob. He kisses down the underside. He gently holds my balls. He puts my knob into his mouth and his tongue swirls around it. He swallows, slowly, slowly down. Sweet mouth.

“Good boy Wolf. Your doing just fine. Nice and slow.”

So good! Soon. I hold his head down and cum down his throat. So good.

“Gh,gh,gh.” I pump my load.

I let him up when I’m done. He licks the dribble from around his lips and smiles up at me.

I lean down and we kiss. “Very good Wolf, but I don’t sleep with anyone on the first date. You may go home now. Come for me Wednesday. You may take me out for dinner then I want to inspect your home. Pick me up at eight sharp.”

He looks down. “Yes, yes of course Alex.”

I slip him the tongue after he puts his coat on, then send him off.

Much as I wanted to get that big hunk of meat out of his banana sling, he needs to know he has to earn my love.

End of chapter 1

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