Unfulfilled Desires Ch. 02

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Another blazing hot day and a busy shift at work saw me arrive home in less than good spirits. My mood slumped even further when I found my very pregnant sister wallowing on the sofa, with no sign of her husband Ray. This was the third time she’d been there alone since Ray and I had indulged in some sexual play 10 days previous.

“Where’s Ray,” I blurted out, showing far more interest in her husband than I should have.

“What’s it to you,” she replied in a typical bitchy manner, without looking away from the TV.

“He loves his sport so much and there’s still plenty of it on, but he doesn’t seem to watch anymore. Is it cause you’re hogging it with your pathetic soaps?” I said, referring to what she was watching.

“Fuck you’re a bitch Ann Marie. Mum; Ann Marie is being a little bitch again.”

“Oh dear you two, you’re 19 and 21 now. Can’t you act like adults for one minute?” our mother called from the kitchen. “Ann Marie leave your sister be. I’ve saved some dinner here for you.”

“Fat slut,” I shot at my sister as I walked to the kitchen.

“Skinny ginger,” she shot back, never diverting her eyes from her beloved program.

“You need to cut Laura some slack Ann Marie,” my mother said quietly, while I poured myself a drink. “She’s only got a few weeks left and she has no idea how busy she’ll be after that.”

“Ray’s not coming downstairs much lately. Is he having a baby as well?”

“Oh Ann Marie, stop being awful. He’s probably a bit anxious as well. He seems more into his music lately. He’ll have his head phones on up there at the moment. Can you take this coffee I’ve made up to him?”

“Oh my gosh,” I thought my heart starting to race. “I’ve not had a chance to talk to the man alone and my mother has just provided me the opportunity.”

“Sure!” I replied trying to hide my glee.

I collected the cup and went to the stairs. Laura gave no indication she’d heard the request and remained glued to the television. My heart continued to pound as I mounted the stairs. I knocked and didn’t wait for an answer.

Ray had his headphones on, but caught sight of me out the corner of his eye and looked up surprised. He removed the phones.

“Brought you some coffee baby,” I said, using the word he’d said to me during our encounter on the sofa, some days earlier.

“Christ Ann Marie, don’t go calling me baby. I’m not your baby.”

“We’ll it’s a bit late for that Ray. You should have thought of that before you begged me to take your penis in my mouth.”

“Jesus Ann Marie, keep your voice down for fuck’s sake.”

“Ok, Ok; don’t get angry with me Ray. It’s just that I liked what we did. That’s all.”

“I liked it too,” he said softening his speech. “You sure are one hot chick Ann Marie. No doubt about that. But I’m a married man about to have a baby. I have responsibilities.”

“You’re not having the baby Ray. My fat cow of a sister is having the baby. You need to have your fun Ray. She can’t provide that right now, but I can. No one needs to know.”

Ray said nothing, but I saw him swallow hard, weighing up the pros and cons of what I’d just said. I needed to push home the advantage.

“Here Ray, give me your hand,” I said bending forward.

He allowed me to pick up his hand and without a word I slipped it into my blouse and onto my bra clad breast.

“There, that feels nice doesn’t it?”

“Oh Ann Marie,” he said gently squeezing the globe his hand encompassed. “You’re too much.”

“I know I am Ray,” I said reaching down and resting my hand on his thigh.

I held his gaze and while he continued to fondle my breast, I slowly dragged my hand up and across the front of his pants.

“Hmm, you’re enjoying this aren’t you Ray?” I said as I encountered his hardness.

“Yes; but not now, not here,” Ray said removing his hand and shifting away. “We’ll find a time.”


“Yeah; I promise. Real soon.” But go now quick; before your mother or Laura get suspicious.”

“Kiss me and I’ll go,” I said leaning into him.

Our lips met in a brief passionate kiss, before I broke away and fled the room giggling.

I had been very pleased with how this encounter had gone. Ray, my brother in law and lover was back on board. As I ate my dinner I determined not to allow things to linger. Ray had said we’d find a time and I decided that time would be sooner than Ray had imagined.

The next morning I rose early, something I never did over the holidays. However, I needed too in order to catch Ray.

I pulled off my T-shirt and donned a short pink robe. I listened to the sounds in the house and heard Mum go downstairs to start breakfast. I heard someone go to the shower.

“That can only be Ray,” I thought. “Laura is so lazy she won’t wake until midday.”

I left my room and snuck a look into Ray and Laura’s room. Sure enough she was asleep with her back to me. I pulled the door almost closed then moved down the hall to wait by the bathroom door. I was nervous with anticipation and arousal. I heard my mother in the kitchen below.

When I heard escort the shower switch off, I waited two minutes then pushed the door open.

“Woah, I’m in here,” Ray said, covering his wet naked body, but not before I had glimpsed what he’d referred to as his cock

He clearly expected me to leave, but I merely closed the door behind me. He came upright and covered his lower half with the towel.

“Oh Ray, there’s no need to cover up. I’ve seen your cock before. I’ve sucked on it; remember,” I said, knowing that sort of talk from a good Christian girl like me would shock him.

“Jeeze Ann Marie; you shouldn’t be in here talking like that. You sisters in the room down the hall.”

“She’s fast asleep Ray, so just relax,” I said pulling the tie and letting the robe fall open.

Ray was interested alright. Even a relative innocent like me could tell that from the way he took in my breasts. However his moral compass pushed in the way.

“Ann Marie, you shouldn’t…”

“Shouldn’t what Ray? Shouldn’t come in here to have some time alone with my lover?”

“I’m not your lover Ann Marie, I’m your sister’s husband and she’s right in the room down the Hall. For heaven’s sake.”

Down the Hall his wife might have been, but right in front of him was her semi-naked sister and he couldn’t avoid constantly looking. I saw him lick his lips and swallow hard as I moved a hand across my pink panties.

“Please Ray, don’t be angry. I just need for us to spend a little time together,” I said stepping forward. “You’re not angry with me are you Ray?”

The poor man couldn’t speak a word. We were now only a yard apart. I needed to know what effect I was having and reached out my hand, bringing it to the front of the towel. My fingers found him semi-erect.

“Oh Ray. You are still interested.” I said moving directly into him, pressing my breasts hard into his chest and raising my head to kiss him.

He met my kiss with all the passion of that first night. I felt my nipples harden and stimulated them against him. I dropped my hands down and pulled the towel away. I reached down and took him in my fingers and placed him between us. Then I pushed into him with my stomach, his cock wedged between us. We kissed for fully two minutes and I felt him grow to full hardness. This saw my own arousal grow. Eventually I stepped back.

“What would you like to do Ray?” I said offering myself to him.

I thought he might want to go in me, just like Mike had done with my friend Sandy; although I had no idea how we would accomplish this feat in the bathroom.

“Kiss me,” Ray gasped indicating down with his eyes. “Just like the other day.”

I was more than happy with this. Ray wanted me again. He wanted me to suckle on his cock. I reached down and lightly ran my fingers up and down the underside of his stiff shaft.

“Have you had any sex with Laura?” I asked him, wrapping my fingers around his hardness.

“No…No…we don’t…nothing since with you.”

“Gooood,” I giggled, delighted to hear this.

Poor Ray might have been avoiding me, but he wasn’t getting what he needed from my lazy sister. In fact he had told me she had never taken him in her mouth. I was so pleased about this. It was something me and Ray shared alone.

I dropped to my knees on the hard tile floor. I pulled the towel under them to give me a little cushioning.

“Oh Ray; poor Ray. It’s not fair. You must be desperate?” I said cupping his balls and lightly massaging them. “Why haven’t you come to me sooner?”

He didn’t answer, but I could tell from his breathing what the answer to my question was. He was desperate alright. I stuck out my tongue and dragged it slowly from the base to the tip all the while watching his reaction. When I repeated he shuddered and placed a hand on the back of my head.

“Quickly Anny; we must be quick,” he gasped.

“You like this Ray?” I giggled, now blowing on the head, noting liquid forming by his small hole.

I licked it off with the tip of my tongue. The taste brought back memories of the first time and I felt my own arousal ramp up even further. I needed to touch myself so left his ball sack and dropped my hand in under my panties. It was no surprise when my fingers discovered wetness. I began to touch myself just like I now did, every night in bed.

Ray’s pressure on my head became firmer. He wanted me to take him into my mouth.

“Enough teasing the poor man,” I thought, licked my lips and ran them over the head of his cock. While doing this I began to lap to the underside with my tongue and noticed an immediate reaction. He was now bone hard.

I slipped down his shaft taking him fully into my mouth. There was no gagging this time as I had my fingers positioned around his cock to prevent this. I looked up into his eyes and began to move my head. He slipped easily in and out.

“Oh Anny…Oh Anny,” he moaned breathlessly, looking down at me.

In my mind’s eye I moved to the wall and watched myself, kneeling on the floor, his hardness moving in and out of my mouth. I saw his firm buttocks and muscled chest. These izmit escort bayan thoughts saw my own passion rise to boiling point and I began to moan with him in my mouth. This appeared to add to his enjoyment and within seconds I saw him shut his eyes tightly and screw up his face.

I now knew what this signalled. I closed my eyes, both to concentrate on bringing forth my own pleasure and await the liquid that would fill my mouth. It didn’t scare me at all. I welcomed it.

It was just as I felt the first pulse in my vagina and the warm rush flooding outwards through my body that Ray gushed forth. He let out a long groan, which I matched with my own. While he continued to spurt I rode out my orgasm, continuing to suckle on him. His fluids poured down my throat and out the sides of my mouth covering his thighs and my breasts.

“So much,” I thought. “Gosh, he’s so into me.”

When Ray released my head and pulled back, I wanted to hear him say how great it was and how much he loved me. But he didn’t. He was clearly flustered.

“Christ Anny. We can’t be doing this. Not here like this,” he said, moving to the basin and washing himself. I remained on the cold tile floor.

“Didn’t you like that Ray?” I said standing and moving to start the shower.

“I loved it, you’re real good at it, but I just feel so bad…what with Laura and all. I can’t do it again. Not with her in the house. Ok?”

“Ok,” I replied, filled with disappointment, but not really knowing what else to say.

Ray wrapped the towel around him and hurried out the door. I tasted him in my mouth and swallowed again. I liked the taste and wanted more of Ray, but I knew there was a problem.

“That bloody sister of mine is in the way. She’s messing up my love life.”


Ray proved even more cautious after this episode. I noted he was showering earlier, before my mother. There was no catching him and I became frustrated. This worsened when I next met up with my friend Sandy.

“Andrew’s told Mike he might ask Charlotte out. Aren’t you two getting on?”

“Charlotte?” I replied in disbelief. “Surely not; you’ve got to be kidding.”

“Nah; for real. Mike was telling him about us,” she said referring to her and Mike having started having sex. “Andrew went the usual ‘sinful’ line, but then admitted he’d thought about it, but the idea freaked him out. He said you’d been coming on strong Anny.

I blushed as she looked at me with a large smile on her face.

“Well, I wouldn’t say coming on strong, but I have been pushing for us to go a bit further. You know…”

“I know, Anny I know,” Sandy said, now laughing out loud. I know alright and it’s great. Anyway, Mike thinks Andrew’s more interested than he lets on, but is hiding it behind the; not before marriage thing. Sounds like Charlotte is a bit more of a safe option for him than you, you horny little thing.

“Cut it out Sandy. I’m not that bad at all. Anyway, what do you think I should do?”

“Get him alone. He’s interested, so with a bit of cajoling I reckon he’ll cave and give in to his wanton desires. He might even stick his cock in your pussy.”

Sandy burst out laughing again. She was having sport, making fun of both me and Andrew. However at the same time what she was advising rang a bell with me. I couldn’t allow my Andrew to go with Charlotte. With Ray avoiding me I needed some male contact and this information from Mike showed me there was some hope with Andrew.

“Cock and pussy?” I questioned, with only pussy being new to me, having heard Ray refer to his cock.

“Yeah Cock and pussy she mimicked,” holding up her index finger and making circle with the other index finger and thumb before showing me exactly what she was meaning. “That’s what they’re called.”

We both burst out laughing.

I determined to see Andrew and make a renewed effort to bring him along with me on my new sexual awakening. He shared my beliefs, he was my boyfriend, it seemed only right. However it was proving hard enough to meet up with Andrew, let alone have him move forward.

Of all places, I had to attend church to catch up with him. Fortunately Charlotte wasn’t there. After the service I spoke with him.

“C’mon Andrew we haven’t been alone for days. Let’s go for a walk.”

He hesitated, looking around. When he saw no one was interested in us he agreed. We walked into the park and onto a mud track baked hard by the sun. It led down to the stream; a well-known haunt where local Christian kids made out. The banks were grassy and tree lined; providing perfect shade from the harsh summer sun. There were two couples already there, so I suggested we head upstream to ensure we weren’t disturbed.

“I can’t be too long; I need to get home and do some chores for Mum,” he mentioned lamely, but we walked on all the same.

“Oh dear; poor boy. He’s six inches taller, 75 pounds heavier and he’s scared of me,” I thought.

We found a spot and settled down on the grass bank. We began kissing passionately and my newly discovered senses were soon elevated. It was as izmit sınırsız escort if the box they’d been securely contained in was now much less secure. We were merely kissing, but my nipples hardened and the pleasurable ache in my groin intensified. I was certain that I’d already be wet down there. I had to actively stop myself plunging a hand into my own jeans to touch myself.

With great self-control I lingered at kissing; in order to put Andrew at ease. This worked as I notice him relax into the kiss. However I couldn’t maintain this self-control for long. My body had experienced more with Ray and wanted to go there again. I pushed my chest into Andrew, revelling in the sensations this brought to my breasts. Andrew showed no reaction, merely continuing to kiss me. I needed to check his arousal so hooked a leg over his. This brought my mound to his hip and my thigh onto his manhood.

“Golly! He’s as hard as Ray was,” I thought and my spirits soared.

“C’mon let’s swim,” I said jumping up and pulling my T shirt over my head.

This wasn’t any old wanton display. The kids often swum in their underwear, always exercising the correct restraint. However, I had no intention of being restrained; plus, I’d been particularly mean in suggesting this, fully aware Andrew was so aroused.

I kicked off shoes and socks, pulled down off my jeans, turned and dived in.

“C’mon hurry up,” I said beckoning, the cool water doing nothing to douse my ardour.

“Wait on then,” Andrew said, turning away and stripping to his boxers. He then shuffled back to the edge of the water and hurled himself backwards, to avoid turning to face me. I was quietly laughing to myself.

“Now I’ve got him,” I thought.

After some swimming around and playful splashing I moved in close. We kissed again, but Andrew placed a hand firmly on my hip to keep our bodies from pressing. I was desperate to find out if he remained as aroused as I was.

I placed my own hand on his hip, mirroring him. Then, very quickly, I pulled it across the front of his garment. I found him still hard. I shrugged past his hands and wrapped my legs around his buttocks, pinning myself to him. His hardness pressed directly into my mound, the most erotic position we’d ever held. We continued to kiss in this most intimate position. Eventually I pulled back my head.

“I’ve had enough of swimming for now Andrew,” I said, looking him directly in the eye. “Walk me to the bank will you.”

I could see the conflicting thoughts and emotions going through his mind. However he left me entangled around his waist and walked me out of the water. As he did, he couldn’t help but move against me. Each step moved my mound upon him. His breathing became a little ragged.

“Lie back,” I said, releasing my legs to stand in front of him. I was certain he would soon call a stop to our play. He lay back on the grass. I immediately straddled him, placing my mound back on his cock. I felt him shudder.

“He likes it and his mother’s not here to interfere. I’ve finally got you Andrew Baker,” I thought. “Even a good Christian boy can’t deny his own sexual arousal.”

Just as with Ray I felt a great sense of pride that I could have such an effect on a male. It was now just a matter of how far we’d go. With him watching I put my hands to my wet bra and pulled the cups up to free my breasts. They tumbled out. I knew they’d be the first breasts Andrew had ever laid eyes on.

“Ohhhh,” he moaned and pushed his pelvis up. This caused his still boxer clad cock to press hard into my lower lips, barely shielded by thin wet panties.

I bent to find his lips and kissed him hard. My breasts rested upon his naked chest. Even a man of Andrew’s conviction would have found this erotic tryst hard to resist. He stopped trying. As I felt him relax I began to work myself up and down his pole. I could tell by the ease of movement that I was very slippery. When I felt him grasp my buttocks and pull me in harder I knew I had my man.

“At last, this is what I’ve longed for,” I thought, pushing my tingling nipples harder into his chest.

The sensations rose in me, just as they had on any of the previous nights. Now I felt our clothing was inhibiting us. I needed flesh on flesh. I raised my pelvis, reached down and wrenched down his boxers.

“Anny we mustn’t,” he cried “We must show restraint…please, I can’t stand it. We mustn’t.”

“I’ll leave my panties on Andrew,” I promised him between kisses. “Just enjoy it.”

“Oh…Ok…Ok,” he eventually replied, panting hard, while I continued to move along him.

I considered dropping down and taking him in my mouth. However, as I ground myself onto him I decided I wanted to go further than that. I continued on, until my body told me it was time. There was an emptiness that nature was saying needed to be filled. I was determined that Andrew, right at that time, on the grass by the stream, would be the first man to fill this void.

I dragged my breasts up his chest as I moved forward to obtain the right position. I lifted my pelvis a little clear of him, my weight forward on his chest. Balancing like that I pushed one hand between us and reached back with the other, behind my butt. The front hand pulled my panties roughly to the side, hard against my inner thigh, exposing me. With the other, I grasped his pole.

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