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CHAPTER: I — The Journey Had Just Started!

Manisha was mighty happy. Not because she was with Manav her boy friend of five years and soon to be her fiancé was on the wheels as they were returning from Chandigarh to Delhi.

Manav was from Chandigarh, where his father had an array of business ranging from C they had a real fun time in the Calangute beach. After few intake of Margarita both Manav and Manisha were pretty high. They were much away from the crowd towards the fag end of the beach and were both topless to enjoy the magic moments exclusively.

As usual, in their bedroom rendezvous, Manisha always ended up being on top — Either a ‘Cowgirl’ or a ‘Reverse Cowgirl’ — Which were their favourite positions ultimately. So that day too she was riding Manav like a typical ‘Cowgirl’, of course with her bikini on. The mood was blue, as blue as the sea, when Manav asked her to dry hump him. She was too eager to oblige him instantly.

Soon they realised that their lowers were around their ankles and she was rubbing her naked puffy crotch on his fully erect cock. Manav raised his head and saw his cock as Manisha wiggled around he could see the head of his uncircumcised cock rubbing all around her wet entrance.

Deliberately he tickled her sides and she moved backward sending the tip of his penis into her… She moved forward and he came back out… He tickled her again and she moved back again… Samar could see… The foreskin of his cock rolls back… By the thick lips of Manisha’s long and puffy outer labia… As about half of his six inch penis went into her… She didn’t seem to mind that at all… Though was a virgin till then… And for her it seemed to be just fun at that moment of time…

They kept on laughing and giggling all the while…

More and more of his cock was disappearing into her until she was virtually sat down on him!

Taking in almost seventy five per cent of his manhood inside her virgin orifice!

They wrestled just a little while longer and she was moving up and down on him giggling all along!

The reality was that he was not making any body movement, rather it was she who was actually riding him!

Though she was continuously making attempts to get up…

But Samar was holding her by the hipbone and keeping her in place…

And also tickling her at the same time….

When they finally stopped she slid off…

The glossy smoothness of his shaft suggested that lots of pre-cum would have oozed from both of them!

Though the entire time of actual penetration time might not be more than a few precious unforgettable seconds!

They then headed down to the sea and again played and hugged each other like teenagers lost in the game of carnal desires.


In another occasion Manav was at Manisha’s PG accommodation when Ananya had gone out with Amit. He was standing near her bed and Manisha was standing facing him. As he started to feel her, Manisha slowly reprimand him “We can’t break our promise. I don’t want to ruin our relations and our friendship like this. That to before engagement or marriage.”

“How far can we go without it being technically cheating our friendship? Until or shortly coming engagement?” Manav whispered as his fingers once again crept up onto her slender legs.

“Maybe we can just hug without using our hands?” She said feeling the heat build-up again between her thighs. Manav had magical touch in his manly hands.

“Friends hug?”

Manisha and Manav turned to face each other and put their arms around each other’s back.

She pushed her head onto his shoulder and her breasts against his hard chest.

Manav’s hands moved up and down her bursa escort back stopping to touch her bra straps at the back.

“What are you doing back there?” She asked.

“Nothing just exploring the type of undergarments you are wearing these days!” He replied.

“No touching with hands, remember?” She pushed hard into him until he fell onto his back on her well cushioned bed.

Before she could object she was lying directly on top of him.

She felt the large lump under her lower stomach.

“Manav!” She yelled

“We’re just hugging,” He whispered as he gently pressed his lips to her sensitive neck.

His hands were on her fleshy hips pushed her downward a few inches until the tip of his hard prick was pushing into her pussy area, as he had already removed her panty much before during the pillow fight session.

“Oh God,” Manisha moaned.

The hard tip was actually in contact with her raised clit.

Her legs opened a few more inches until his whole cock was resting between her puffy pussy lips.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” She reminded him again, as she knew any further advance might prove dangerous or disastrous for them both.

“We are not using our hands,” He whispered as his hips pushed upward.

His mouth nibbled on her soft nape.

“Oohhhh,” She moaned again, “Stop!” She said but didn’t make any move to pull away.

His hips lowered and then pushed back up.

Her legs opened wider as he kept doing it.

Sameera lost track of reasoning as he dry humped her pussy.

His lips had moved to her earlobe and were sucking on it.

“Friend’s kiss?” He whispered hoping she would go for it.

She did.

Her head moved away and she looked into his eyes with passion as she dropped her soft lips onto his.

When his tongue licked across her closed lips her thin tongue moved outward and met it.

For the first time they had indulged in such an erotic activity alone in her PG accommodation.

“Since you have been so brazen as to pull of my panty, why don’t you take one more step and show me?”

“I never refused you.” He replied.

“You are really a pest. You want me to take it out? And that too when men don’t think twice about taking it out and standing next to compete strangers by the roadside.” She said in a teasing tone.

“It would seem kind of improper if I were to take out my cock in front of you who is going to be my dear wife soon. And I took the initiative in taking off your panties. You did not take them off and give them to me.” He said as a matter of factly.

“But I did take off my bra the other day at the slightest of your request.” She protested.

“Well, you did so. But it was for such a short period of time that, before I knew, it was all over!”

“Okay.” She said as her hand gingerly reached out and unzipping his fly took out his cock.

His cock was almost fully erect — Almost six inches in length and about five inches in girth.

“My God! Its, well, quite big!” Sameera confessed honestly, then asked like a baby, “Can I touch it?”

“Don’t!” He said cutting across a serious face, “It does bites!”

“Really?” She said in mock surprise.

“It won’t bite… If you bite it first!” Manav concluded with a smirk on his face.

“You are just not naughty, but intelligent too.” Manisha said, “Why is it throbbing in my hand?” She asked while getting up.

“Because, it has got a mind of its own! And knows who likes him and how much!” Manav concluded with a sarcastic remark.

With that he too got up and hugged her with his lips on her lips and his erect cock was brushing against the thick bush of pubic hair that she had carefully raised on and around her pubic mound.

“No, Manav. This way…” She could not complete her sentence escort bayan when due to Manav’s manoeuvres, they fell down in such a position that Manisha fell flat on Manav.

Since his cock was placed just at the entrance of her very wet pussy, the sheer force of the fall gelling with her moderate body weight forced his cock all the way inside her considerably wet and virgin pussy.

Manisha was too surprised to even react and just felt Manav’s cock entering the sleek and slippery walls of her tight pussy stopping only when it was almost lodged fully inside her otherwise saturated pussy.

Since she was the one who had fallen on him though accidentally, she couldn’t even blame him for the outcome.

“Oouuucccchhhhh…” She literally cried not expecting that Manav’s moderate cock would have entered her tiny pussy hole fully to the hilt.

It was such a wonderful feeling entirely but she pulled herself together and got up holding the base as it came out with a plop.

She gave his cock a light stinging slap while saying, “This is what happens when we are not careful. Remember, if cocks are not careful they get devoured by pussies of all shape, size and age. This was just an accidental insertion. If we are not careful, you’ll soon be fucking me and that wouldn’t be right as per our moral consent before our marriage.”

Samar though disappointed, but nodded to her statement, as they had agreed to no actual penetration before their marriage.


CHAPTER: III — The Journey Continued! By The Way Whose Journey Was That?

As they approached Murthal, outskirt of Delhi, where the Dhaba food is just too good, Manav asked Manisha, “How about a break to get freshened up and munch something on way to Delhi?”

“Not a bad idea. As such my bladder is full with the wine in-take you had offered me continuously from Chandigarh, to celebrate our engagement in advance. You grab some stuff, and let me get freshened up to pep you up in my PG or your bachelor accommodation.” Saying so she disappeared into the restroom at the back of the Dhaba.

Manav went over to the display counter to pick up a few random packets to munch on way. That was when he felt a mild touch on his shoulder. He turned around, to his surprise saw Ananya behind him giving him a naughty smile.

“How cum you’re here?” Asked Manav surprisingly.

“You too deserved to be asked the same question.” Snap back Ananya.

“Well, we’re coming back from Chandigarh.”

“We? Means Manisha too is with you?”

“Of course, she is. Our engagement is almost finalised. It will be well under a month from now.”

“That’s great!” Was the voice of Amit from the other end as he approached Manav, “We’ll celebrate your up-coming engagement in style?” Saying so he hugged Manav. Manav too reciprocated Amit’s action with another friendly hug.

That was when Manisha was returning from the loo, Amit saw her from a distance, and before she could understand or realise, he took a few brisk steps to reach her and took her deep into his strong embrace, “Congratulations Manisha, for getting engaged to Manav. I and Ananya wish you all the very best.” Saying so he pulled her to the place where Ananya and Manav were standing, “Well Manav, my car is giving me some gear problems. If you don’t mind, can we take a lift in your SUV?”

Manav looked at Manisha, as if wanting her approval, because personally Manisha never liked Amit for he being arrogant, cocky and always trying to brag about his latest fuck. His behaviour and attitude towards woman was very bad and rough.

Had it been another day, Manisha would have taken another decision, but being in a good mood for getting engaged to Manav shortly, she gave her nod. As the four approached Manav’s SUV, bursa escort Manisha asked to Manav with a naughty twinkle in her eyes, “Hope you guys are not up to something naughty. This guy Amit seems to be shady and if you get carried away he will see me sans clothes. Sure it’s okay with you?”

Manav looked at Manisha’s attire — A short skirt and a low neck tee, he asked, “You don’t want to do that? Do you?”

“I am neutral. I don’t want to show him my tits and neither am I averse to it. Exposing is good harmless fun, so long as you’re not forced upon to do something without your mood or will.” Manisha said in a flat tone.

“Then its fine. It’s going to be twilight. With Ananya of course there won’t be any problem…. I guess.” Manav tried to conclude.

“Now I know. You want to see her nude and are using me as a bait!” Manisha said with a wicked laughter on her sensuous lips. Manav looked at her. Her eyes were hinting enough that the intake of wine was taking its toll on her body and mind.

“Come on, you know that’s not true. It’s not as if she would be the first girl I see topless or nude. Remember we saw dozens nude that day in Goa.”

“Just pulling your leg… Darling!” Manisha said, “And how is this tall basket ball guy of yours sans clothes?” She added with a smirk.

“Curious? Well, he has got a pretty long and thick one! Difficult for the first try! I guess you must watch out and refrain from any misadventure!”

“Why on earth should I watch out? If anyone should it is Ananya.” Manisha replied nonchalantly.

The agenda of the evening had not been decided upon from Murthal to Delhi. Manisha was wearing a short skirt at Manav’s insistence. The broad outlines were that all four of them would go in Manav’s SUV. There was a party scheduled but it did not promise to be exciting so Amit talked them into going to the longest mall of Delhi NCR — Ambiance Mall on Delhi-Gurugram border, which had got some special entertainment promises..

As they drove down Manav was able to look back a few times, the last time he looked back Amit had persuaded Ananya to take off her shirt.

Ananya had breasts that were smaller than Manisha’s but the one nipple he could see seemed large enough like a ripe grape. Amit was sucking on her other tit.

Manav motioned Manisha to look back.

Manisha shyly whispered in Manav’s ear as he drove that Amit was undoing her bottoms.

This sounded strange and erotic as well.

Things appeared to be going far too quickly.

Manav had no idea that Amit planned to go the whole way with Ananya and that too in the presence of Manav and Manisha. The general impression was that there would be fooling around in one another’s presence with nudity not being a constraint.

Anyway, the wise thing would be to make the most in the given situation. By the time Manav parked the vehicle Amit had Ananya’s rompers down to her ankles and had his hand between her fleshy legs.

CHAPTER: III — The Journey Continued!

Manisha turned to Manav and they too started to kiss. The happenings in the back seat seemed to catch Manisha’s attention which was natural. While Manisha was looking back Manav was kissing her neck and bringing his hand under her short dress. He was actually rubbing her pussy, something Manisha had only allowed him to do through her panties.

Now he was moving her panties aside as his finger rubbed her clit. Manav looked back when he saw something out of the corner of his eyes, Amit’s trousers were already off and his cock was sticking out, it almost seemed to be pointed at Manisha. It was very thick and extremely veiny and since the foreskin had rolled back, the shiny mushroom head was clearly visible.

As now she was on her knees looking to the back seat, they both just looked in fascination as Amit aimed his cock toward Ananya’s pussy. It seemed surreal. They watched as Amit rubbed his purple cock against her wet clit a few times then he opened her pussy lips with his fingers right before he inserted his cock into her.

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