‘Twas the Night of Hoeing

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When a lazy mall security guard catches two young, hot girls stealing he thinks of a devious plan to play out his ultimate sexual Christmas fantasy.

‘Twas the Night of Hoeing

It was just another boring Christmas Eve night in the city’s old downtown mall. Gary, the evening security guard lazily sat in the back office, occasionally glazing at the grainy footage on the security cameras. For the most part, the mall was dead. Despite it being so close to Christmas, this mall had seen a sharp decrease in foot traffic as people preferred the newer, more glamorous mall on the other side of the city. Because of a lack of customers, the whole security staff was reduced to two employees. A daytime security guard named Frank and Gary, who took care of security during the evenings. Since Gary often worked by himself, he pretty much could do whatever he wanted during his shift including replacing the sounds of the 1950s holiday tunes that flowed into the security office from the mall with sounds of his groans and moans as he rigorously tugged on his thick cock until that familiar, white juice shot out of his member and trickled to the floor. Gary loved that he could jerk off practically every shift without anyone noticing.

It was 8:30pm so it was time for Gary to do another walkaround of the building. Gary didn’t mind doing these walkarounds as they kind of got him in the Christmas spirit despite having to work such a mundane job and the mall’s administrative staff doing such a half ass job with decorating the place. The walkways of the mall were lined with different colored Christmas trees that looked run down and neglected. Hanging from the ceilings, were faded life sized cardboard portraits of various Christmas characters (Santa, Rudolph, Frosty, etc.). The only redeeming thing about this mall was Christy’s Bread Shop. This unassuming bakery always has the most delicious smells coming out of it and the owner always gives Gary a free bagel when he walks by.

As Gary finished chopping down on his bagel, he approached the entrance of Downtown Fashions Clothing Boutique. He noticed two teenaged looking girls stuffing shirts into bookbags. Gary was at enough of a distance to clearly see what they were doing so they would be unable to deny anything if he were to approach them. It did not look like the store’s staff was around which was suspicious to Gary. As Gary walked into the store, the blonde girl gasped as she realized her, and her friend were caught. Her eyes widen with fear. She dropped her bag to the ground but not before forgetting to zip it up. The shirts with their price tags still attached came tumbling from the bookbag to the ground right in front of Gary’s feet.

The other girl looked equally as scared as the blonde. Her round face, covered with freckles, began to turn a bright red. She nervously fidgeted with her loose, curly red hair.

“We’re sorry, sir” the blonde stammered, her eyes looking at the ground. “Please don’t call the cops on us, please.”

“We’ll do anything,” the red head quickly added.

Gary took a couple of sniffs and could smell a hint of marijuana coming from the back of the store near the loading dock. From what he could tell, the store’s sales associate was in the back having a smoke break and was not doing his job of keeping the store free of theft.

Suddenly, a devious idea came into Gary’s mind. If these girls were of age, Gary could have some real holiday fun with them. The storage room for the now defunct Christmas costume shop was just next door. Thinking about the red head’s “We’ll do anything,” statement made Gary’s dick twitch a little.

“How old are you girls?” Gary said

“19” they both replied in unison still looking at the ground in shame.

Gary could not help but let a soft groan escape his lips. The thought of him having his way with two, ripe pussies almost made him want to bust at that very moment.

“Let me see your IDs” he demanded, making sure he kept his tone demanding and intimidating. If he wanted to scare these young sluts out of their clothes, he would have to perpetrate a “bad cop” front. Gary really considered himself lucky as such tricks would not work on most older women.

Both girls reached in their respective bags, rumbling through their contents. Shortly afterwards, they both produced their IDs and handed them to Gary. To Gary’s delight, they were telling the truth. Both girls were 19.

Gary was ecstatic for a couple of reasons: 1). He knew he was going to fuck both of these human cum deposit boxes tonight. 2). He knew they could potentially be naïve enough to fall for all the lies he planned to use to get them out of their panties.

Gary cleared his throat and regained his composure. He stuffed both IDs in his pocket.

“Come with me” he instructed the girls. He knew he had to get them quickly out of the store before anyone else spotted them.

The girls slowly followed Gary to the storage room. Once all three of them were inside, Gary made sure to lock the door behind them and flipped on the light switch so he could get a better look at his concubines for the night.

“Ladies, I’ll cut to the chase and make this simple and quick subayevleri escort for you,” Gary started as he began to undo his belt buckle. He could not help but notice the blonde’s glaze follow his belt as he removed it from his waist and placed it on an old desk beside him. Gary could tell at least she was starting to get where this was leading to.

“Tonight, you’ll either let me have my way with your bodies for a little bit or I’m going to call the cops and have you arrested for theft. I have you on camera stealing on my bodycam.” Gary inwardly applauded himself for quickly coming up with an on the spot lie about the bodycam. Many of the city’s residents knew most of the store owners did not have their own security cameras which is why some felt so comfortable stealing.

“Wha- What do you mean have your way with our bodies?” the red head stammered.

Before Gary could answer the red head’s question, the blonde interrupted.

“He wants to fuck us,” she softly whispered to her friend. Much to Gary and the red head’s surprise the blonde began unbuttoning her jeans.

“What are you doing?” the red head hissed as the blonde continued to remove her clothing.

“I can’t afford for him to call the cops and neither can you. You know our parents will kill us and we’ll probably lose our scholarships.” Gary could not help but smirk at the single tear running down the blonde’s face as she realized her fate. Gary’s plan was coming along swimmingly. He knew he did not have a lot of time to do this since he was on the clock, so it was great that at least one of the girls got on board quickly.

Within seconds, the blonde stood in middle of the room in her hot pink cotton panties and bra.

“That is right, ladies. I not only want to fuck you, but I want to fuck you while playing Christmas characters. Of course, I am Santa. Who wants to be Mrs. Claus and who wants to be Mrs. Claus’ stepsister?”

This time, the blonde began sobbing uncontrollably. Her delectable, slightly tanned full B cup titties began to seductively shake with the trembling of her shoulders as she tried to wipe her face dry with the back of her hand. As if the emotions of the blonde gave her a boast of confidence, the red head defiantly crossed her arms and sternly looked at Gary. Her eyes were gleaming with disgust and anger.

“No, we don’t have to do this,” she announced with her voice quivering. Within seconds, the red head’s tough façade began to evaporate and now her face was also stained with tears.

“I’m a virgin…please, I have to wait until I’m married,” the red head said in between sobs.

Since Gary was all about compromising, he had an idea for the red head. He assumed the blonde was not a virgin since she failed to speak up.

“How about this,” Gary began as he continued to remove his clothing. He was now completely naked in front of these two girls. He could not help but notice both girls were now focusing on his fully erect penis. It was hard to tell, however, if their stares were looks of intrigue or looks of fear. Not that Gary gave a fuck either way.

“I’ll agree to only fuck your ass,” Gary stated as he stroked his penis at the thought of being balls deep in the red head’s tight, dirty hole.

“That way, your pussy will remain pure. I will warn you that it may hurt a little, tho.”

“She’ll do it,” the blonde said harshly as she directed an authoritative glare at her red head friend.

The red head let out a wail but began to follow her friend’s lead with trembling hands. Now the red head was down to her bra and panties as well. She had more of a fuller figured body than her blonde friend but would not be considered fat by any means. Her breasts were much larger than blondie’s. Gary’s mouth watered at the thought of those milky white mounds entering his awaiting, wet and hot mouth.

“Perfect!” Gary exclaimed. “We don’t have a lot of time to get this done so let us get started! Since Santa would never fuck Mrs. Claus in the ass, you’ll be Ms. Claus, blondie. And that means you’ll be Mrs. Claus’ stepsister,” Gary stated while pointing at the red head.

Gary just remembered that he had a small bottle of lube in his uniform’s pocket so he would not have to lubricate the red head’s asshole with his own salvia which was a bonus. He typically kept lube on him for his workplace hand jobs. This night was working out wonderfully!

“Now, both of you get completely naked. We will start with Mrs. Claus getting fucked by me while she eats her stepsister’s pussy. Then we will finish off with me fucking Mrs. Claus’ stepsister in the ass while she eats out Mrs. Claus. Santa has a long day tomorrow, delivering toys to all the girls and boys in the world. It’s important that you give him a good workout so he can maintain his stamina. He doesn’t want to disappoint anyone on Christmas Day.”

Gary began walking around the storage room where there were plenty of costumes to choose from. He wanted to find the perfect wardrobe for his fantasy.

“On second thought, I’ll let the two of you decide who Santa will fuck first,” He returned to the girls who both were now completely naked. The storage closet yenidoğan escort was on the colder side, so their naked bodies trembled a little as they innocently held hands, probably to comfort each other.

“I’ll go first,” the blonde timidly replied as she grabbed the gray, fluffy wig Gary handed her. That was the most realistic Mrs. Claus’ wig he could find. As the blonde roughly pulled the wig over her blonde hair, the red head took a couple of “big girl” gulps and grabbed a second gray, female wig from Gary and stuffed her voluminous, red locks underneath it. That wig would have to do for Mrs. Claus’ stepsister.

From what Gary could tell, the girls seemed to be more accepting of what was about to happen. While they did not look completely thrilled, they didn’t look fearful either.

Gary pulled on his jolly Santa hat and beard.

It was time.

“Red Hot, lay on the desk on your back and spread your legs wide. You’ll need to give Mrs. Claus enough room so she can eat the fuck out of that juicy pussy of yours,” Gary directed the red head.

The red head’s tears and sobbing resumed but she did as she was instructed. Gary could see her face turn bright red from the embarrassment as she covered her eyes with her hands. The wobbly desk creaked underneath her body weight causing her freckle dusted breasts to jingle ever so slightly which made Gary pratically drool with lust. It is almost as if she was too ashamed to see her friend invade her womanhood with her tongue.

When Red Hot spread her legs, the sweet scent of her pussy juices began to tingle Gary’s nose. As much as he wanted to dive in, he also wanted to stick to his fantasy. The blonde must also have picked up on her friend’s scent because she started to object as Gary pushed on her back to get her in position between Red Hot’s legs. Time was ticking and he needed this to happen sooner than later. Both girls would have to settle for him just pushing all his meat into them quickly. There was no time to worry about their pleasure. Luckily, the lube will help with all that.

“I-I’ve never done this before…,” the blonde stammered as her face was nearly touching the red head’s glistening cunt. Red Hot’s curly, frizzy pubic hair brushed against the blonde’s nose. “I’m not gay-“

With that, Gary forcefully pushed on the back of the blonde’s head so that she was now face deep in the red head’s snatch. Her objections were now muffled by her friend’s sloppy vagina.

“Start licking, now” Gary hissed at blondie as he lubed up his penis and positioned his tip near the blonde’s pussy entrance. He held her head in place until he saw the back of head make the motion that she was licking her friend’s center in a vertical, yet hesitant motion.

Between the blonde’s muffled cries from her being forced to take in more and more of her friend’s luscious, overflowing honeypot and the red head hyperventilating and crying at the same time, Gary was so fucking turned on. He knew these girls probably never did anything sexual with another female before. Gary smirked as he geared up to enter the blonde’s cunt with his throbbing pecker. He sternly held the blonde’s head in place, practically suffocating the blonde with the red head’s pussy.

As Gary expected, eventually the girls’ intial sexual apprehension had now turned to pleasure. Gary was delighted to see the red head had now stopped covering her face and was moaning between her now subsiding anxious pants. Gary could not help but marvel at how beautiful this girl truly was. The slight glow from the overhead light hit her porcelain, freckled covered body perfectly. She had the most adorable, come fuck me face. Her eyes were closed tight as she now grabbed one of her breast in each hand and began to squeeze them in unison…ever….so….slightly. Gary just knew she was squeezing those delectable, perky nipples of hers just for him as she squeezed her breast harder with each lick from her friend.

The blonde was really going to town on her friend’s cunt.

Slurp. Slurp. Slurp. The blonde wasn’t holding anything back. First, she used the tip of her rather long tongue to gently poke at the red head’s asshole. Each time she did this, the red head’s eyes shot open in surprise. He knew it always felt weird to feel something touch that hole for the first time.

After touching the red head’s back door with her tongue, she would make her way up to the rest of her pussy, occasionally dipping her tongue inside of her friend. The moans and pants that were coming out of Red Hot’s dirty mouth was almost enough to make Gary cum in that instant, but he could not let this pussy and his hard on go to waste. He reached down and touch the blonde’s pussy as she continued to eat out her friend. It was definitely wet enough for Gary to enter her without lube but he decided to moisten her up anyway just in case she was a virgin too but didn’t say anything earlier. Even Gary wasn’t a big enough of a dick to where he wanted to push himself in an unlubricated, untouched snatch.

He put a couple globs of lube on his index and middle finger and pushed them inside of the blonde’s pussy, without any warning.

“AAAHHH!” she loudly yenimahalle escort exclaimed as she tried to jerk her body upwards and wiggle away from the invasion of Gary’s fingers.

“Just relax,” he mumbled, pushing the blonde back into position. She wasn’t a virgin. Gary could tell she had at least a couple of cocks inside of her at some point previously. She probably let some small dicked, high school boys fuck her before because while she wasn’t a virgin, she was still pretty tight down there.

Grabbing her hips to steady himself, Gary pushed all eight inches of his throbbing, wanting cock right up in the blonde’s tight pussy until his balls rested against her backside. He stood in place for a moment as he pushed her head back down into the red head’s drenched cunt.

“Don’t stop eating her box, you hear me?” Gary said to the blonde through clenched teeth. “I want her to squirt her load down your throat. This is Santa’s Christmas gift to both of you. Tonight, you both will get the gift of knowing what it is like to taste each other. You’ve probably never thought you would love eating pussy but after tonight it’s all you’ll ever want. You’ll long to dive into your friend’s juicy, delectable pussy whenever you get a chance. Now, suck in all of her nectar. Swallow all of her juice.”

On command, the blonde continued her assault on the red head who never stopped moaning from the pleasure she was receiving from her friend’s tongue.

Gary began moving, roughly pushing his cock into the blonde’s pussy. She reciprocated his movement by pushing her pussy back on his dick as he pushed forward.

The room was filled with the sounds of Santa, his wife, and her stepsister moaning and groaning as they enjoyed the pleasure being inflicted on them on this Christmas Eve night. The sounds of Santa’s skin slapping the backside of the Mrs. Claus ass as he fucked her from behind was intermingled with the sound of her stepsister shaking the table underneath her body while she began convulsing from the orgasm that was flowing through her body. Judging by the puddle that was now near her soaking wet box, Gary (or Santa as he was calling himself tonight) could tell the red head had squirted and at least some of it got in her friend’s mouth because he could hear the blonde ask her friend in a whispering voice if the red head had just peed in her mouth.

“Silly girl,” Gary thought to himself as he continued to pump his dick in and out the blonde. The dumb blonde didn’t realize that wasn’t pee in her mouth but her friend’s cum.

He was almost there.

“Get back down there,” he barked at Mrs. Claus once again as he pushed her head back down into the red head’s lady parts. He understood that both girls were exhausted. He just knew they never experienced anything like this before. But he did not want them taking a break until he busted his nut deep inside the blonde’s pussy tunnel.

The blonde did like she was told. Just like before, she took care in coating her tongue with her stepsister’s love juices as she licked the red head’s center like her life depended on it. Blondie was going to be on Santa’s nice list, that’s for sure. As for the red head, it had yet to be determined which list she would end up on. It really depended on if her asshole was pleasing enough to Gary’s aka Santa’s dick as Mrs. Claus’ stepsister.

“Ho…Ho…,” Gary stammered. He was so close to releasing every drop of spunk he had in his balls right into Mrs. Claus/Blondie’s vag. He grunted as he continued to pump and pump.

“Ho!” he exclaimed as he felt his load come rushing out of his tip and right into the blonde’s awaiting pussy. Her inner walls tightened so hard around his cock that he thought she may break it off. It was as if she was trying to make sure she did not let any of his baby making juice go to waste.

Typically, Gary would have took some time to savor the moment. But he knew he had limited time and he really wanted to experience the red head’s ass. He was already starting to get hard again at the thought of him lathering up his cock and gently poking at her backdoor until the slightly wrinkled skin back there gave in just enough for him to push the rest of himself inside. He would have to make sure he lubed up a whole lot. He really had to get his dick in this bitch’s asshole quickly, but he did not want to tear her a new one either.

“Hurry up and switch positions, ladies,” Gary instructed, as he adjusted his Santa beard.

The sweat from his face caused the hair from the gray, curly wig to stick to his skin almost as if it were a second skin. As he got his costume back into place, he took a couple deep breaths so he could inhale the aroma of sex that had filled the room. All three people clearly looked as if they had just done some crazy fucking. Their flesh was drained of color and all them were breathing irregularly as they all followed Gary’s instructions. Gary knew this Christmas Eve was about to get crazier as he was finally going to get the Christmas gift he really wanted. For a few years now, Gary longed to know what his dick would feel like in someone’s asshole. He rarely, however, could muster up enough courage to ask whatever woman he was dating at the time if he could have a go at her butthole for some good, old fashion ass fucking. The few times he was brave enough to ask he was quickly shunned by his female companions and he never heard from them again. It was almost as if this type of situation was the only way he was ever going to experience anal.

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