Truth or Dare? Pt. 02

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Apart from a slight soreness, I feel Jacks sperm burn inside me.

I get up and say. “I’m sorry, but I need to go to the toilet.”

I quickly walk towards the bathroom and sit down on the toilet. I relax my pelvic floor muscles and try using my fingers to get Jack’s remaining sperm out of me. With my scooping motion, a thick drop falls into the toilet.

‘Fuck! Why did you have to cum inside me? I hope that pill works.’ I think, and I sight again as another tear rolls down my cheek.

‘I should have insisted on using a condom. -But it felt so good when Jack came inside me.’ The mixed feelings confuse me. I shouldn’t like it; I should be angry that he didn’t ask. ‘But I’ve made him happy, isn’t that all that matters?’

Although I still feel a stickiness coating my insides, I’m unable to get out more. So I silently curse myself again.

I look around the bathroom, feeling anxious to walk back to my room naked. But, apart from a pink bathrobe, there’s nothing to wear. I frown and take hold of it; I shake my head as I look into the mirror.

‘What does he see in me?’ I think as I inspect my pale body. ‘There’s nothing special about me, on the contrary. I look weird; everything is white or pink. Fucking albinism-‘

The bathroom door opens right after a light knock; Jack looks at me from the door and asks. “Are you alright?”

I quickly wrap the bathrobe around me and look at him. He’s leaning against the frame, completely naked. He frowns and steps towards me. Blushing slightly, I answer, “Yea, no problem.”

He closes the distance between us and brushes my white hair behind my ear. He then places his fingers on my chin and lifts my head; His lips touch mine. My heart flutters at the light touch. Next, his hand slide down along my neck as he deepens the kiss. Then, His thumbs slide under the collar of the rob and push it backwards. I frown and break the kiss, grab the bathrobe and hold it in a way he can’t move it off my shoulders.

I look down, avoiding his gaze. Knowing that if I look into those steel-grey eyes, I’ll let him do whatever he wants, I’ve already proven that.

‘No condom, What was I thinking?’ The thought goes through my mind while the strange wetness inside me serves as a reminder.

Again he places his fingers on my chin and lifts my head. His eyes find mine, the butterflies in my stomach reacting instantly. Finally, he gives me a soft kiss and says. “You shouldn’t be shy; I’m naked too, right?” His fingers caress my cheek, and I feel my resistance weaken.

‘Does he know I can’t say no to him?’ I think as I reluctantly open my bathrobe and let it slide off my shoulders.

Jack smiles when the bathrobe falls to the floor, letting his eyes travel up and down and says. “Good girl! Come.” The tone of the last word made it clear that he expected me to obey.

‘Did he just call me a good girl?’ I frown and look down again. I feel my cheeks burn. ‘And why do I get excited about it?’ Confused, I look up and see him stepping through the door. Without thinking, I quickly follow him. Feeling an irresistible urge to do what he tells me to.


I shake my head as I step into Anna’s room. ‘What was I thinking, calling her a good girl. dick move!’ I think as I sit down on her bed; Anna swiftly positions herself in front of me. Surprised, I look up. After what I just said, I assumed she’d be angry or feel humiliated. Instead, she looks at me with those mesmerising light blue eyes highlighted with traces of red, her head slightly tilted. Her hands in front of her hips, fingers curled lightly, touching her clean-shaven pubic mound. I let my eyes wander; her perky breasts toped with areolas just a shade darker than her pale skin. Her flat belly with the cutest navel I’ve ever seen. My cock twitches.

“What are you doing?” I ask her.

Anna frowns. “I don’t know; you told me to come with you.” She starts nibbling her lower lip.

I frown while I think. ‘Does Anna expect me to tell her what to do?’

With a smile, I say. “Oh,” I say. “Yea, It was my turn, I guess?”

Anna’s eyes go wide. “You want to keep playing?”

I nod. “Why not? It’s been fun, and we’ve got all night.”

Anna frowns; She looks down, shifting her weight repeatedly from one leg to the other. “Alright, a few more.”

“Great.” I take her phone off the nightstand and hit the go button.

‘Anna: Truth or dare.’

I hand the phone to Anna, and she hits the truth button.

‘Anna, If your partner cheated on you, what would be your first reaction.’

“I’d probably cry,” She says. “Wondering what I did or didn’t do that you’d had to cheat.” She looks up to me and continues. “But I think you wouldn’t cheat on me, right?”

‘So we’re in a relationship now?’ I think. Smiling at her, I reply. “Of course not; who would cheat on you?”

Anna shrugs her shoulders.

“It’s my turn?” I ask her as I hold out my hand. Anna hits the go button and hands the phone over. I hit dare without hesitation.

‘Jack, casino siteleri make a video of Anna fingering herself.’

“Nice one!” I say as I look up at Anna; she frowns and looks at me anxiously. Her reaction is apparent; she doesn’t like this. I sigh and say. “Are we skipping this one?”

Her face brightens as she smiles eagerly. I press the go button again.

‘Anna: truth or dare.’

“Can I take a truth?” she asks.

“No, your previous choice was a truth. Now it’s dare; that was the deal.”

She nods and presses dare.

‘Anna, For the next three days. do a dare of the highest level every day.’

Anna nods and hands the phone to me.

I go for daring again.

‘Jack, send a dick-pic to Anna.’

I smile and open the camera on Anna’s phone. I take the picture and hand her phone back.

Anna blushes as she looks at the picture. She bites her lip and lets her eyes slide to my member. Then, when she looks back at her phone, she asks. “The last one for today? I’ll take a dare.”

I smile and say. “Yes, fine.”

Anna presses the dare button.

‘Anna, sit on Jack in cowgirl. Then, while you ride him, beg him to cum inside.’

Again she looks at me anxiously and opens her mouth to say something. I shake my head. ‘I won’t let this one pass.’ I think.

“You said it yourself. A dare is a dare. And we’ve already done something similar.”

She lowers her eyes and nods. Then, after a few seconds, she says. “You’re right,” she says softly. “I’ll do it.”

I quickly lie down on my back, and Anna places herself above my hip. I take hold of my cock and hold it towards her entrance. Slowly as she bites her lip, she lowers herself. Lubricated by my cum, I slide smoothly into her narrow channel. When I’m entirely inside her, she starts rocking her hips gently. Her vaginal walls are massaging my length, making me moan.

She places her hands on my chest and starts lifting her hips; every time she lets them fall, she lets out the cutest moan. Then, she looks into my eyes and bites her lower lip. Hesitant, with her lilting voice no louder than a whisper, she says. “Cum inside me.”

I grab her hip and use my grip to give her movements extra intensity. She gasps for air, and I smile. Teasing, I ask. “What did you say? I didn’t understand you.”

She moans and closes her eyes. Then, a little louder, she says. “Please cum inside me.”

Her words don’t miss their effect, and I feel the pressure build in my balls.

I lift her hips a little and start fucking her. My first thrust makes her lose her balance. Anna falls forward, causing her head to be next to mine. I reposition my hands with one hand and firm grip on the back of her neck; I hold her head close to mine. At the same time, my other hand rests at the small of her back. I thrust harder and faster; Anna gasps and moans with each thrust. Finally, I turn my head to face her. She’s frowning; her bottom lip clamped between her teeth, the corners of her mouth slightly raised.

‘She’s so beautiful.’ I think. I keep up my pace and feel my orgasm approaching. “I’m almost there; where did you want me to cum?”

Anna looks at me and gets a cute blush on her cheeks. “Just do it. In- inside me.”

I curl my back and thrust deep into Anna, grabbing her hips with both hands, trying to push myself deeper. My balls tense, and my most intense orgasm ever passes through my body. Anna squeals as I shoot my first squirt into her. Her pussy tightens around my member. I groan and feel the rest of my orgasm flow into her. With each spurt, I feel her pussy contract as if it is milking me.

I lower my hips and pull Anna with me. I roll over and come to lie on top of her. I kiss her soft lips, and she wraps her arms around me. After a few minutes of kissing, my member begins to go limp. I straighten myself and pull my member out, and lay down alongside her.

She looks at me and says, “I’m going to the bathroom.”

I frown. “No, please stay here; I want to cuddle a bit.”

Anna looks at me hesitantly and says. “But I’m going to stain the sheets.”

I smile, take my pillow and say. “Raise your hips.” She does as I ask, and I place it under her butt, keeping her hips high. I smile and wrap my arms around her and say. “There, now you won’t.”


Jack’s method proved to be effective; my raised hips kept his seed from leaking out. Which also means that it is now pooling inside me. I close my eyes, and a shiver goes through my body as his hand caresses my belly.

His gentle touch puts me at ease. His caressing relaxes me, and soon, I drift asleep.

When I wake up the following day, I have a soaring feeling between my legs and in my lower abdomen. I can still feel his sperm inside me. I look aside; Jack is still asleep. I get up, get some clean clothes and go to the bathroom. After washing myself thoroughly, I go to the kitchen and make breakfast.

“Good morning Anna.” Jack’s voice is cheerful, and he smiles when I look güvenilir casino at him. “Did you sleep well?”

I nod, placing the pancakes I just made on the table. “I made breakfast.”

Jack smiles and says. “I can see that, yes, thanks.” Then, he steps up to me and kisses me; immediately, I feel a warmth spread in my chest. Then, he sits down and takes a pancake from the stack. “What do you want to do today?”

‘Is he planning to stay?’ I think and answer his question. “Lilly and I are going to the sauna later.”

Jack sighs. “I’ll pass on that. So you go, and I’ll come back tonight.”

“Tonight?” I look at him questioningly.

“Yeah, Your parents are still travelling, and I thought we should take advantage of it?” His eyes find mine, and I bite my lip. “Or would you rather we didn’t?”

I think. ‘Oh god, I can’t let Jack down. I’ve waited years for his attention.’ I shake my head and say. “No, that’s fine! I like being with you.”

Jack smiles and takes another pancake. “Perfect! I’m looking forward to it.”

Shortly after noon, the doorbell rings; as soon as I open the door, Lilly hugs me. “How was it? Jack looked happy when he came home, so tell me everything!”

“I’ll tell you on the way,” I say as I take my backpack. “Right now, all I want is to be able to stay at the spa as long as possible.”

We get to the car and leave; on the way, I tell her everything that happened last night. I had started to tell her everything superficially, but Lilly kept interrupting me, asking for more details. So halfway through the story, I began also to describe the details.

“- It was fantastic; I’ve never come like that before.” I continued with my story. “And suddenly, he turned me around and pulled my hips up; I understood what he wanted, and when I nodded, he gently pushed back inside. However, it wasn’t long before he started thrusting harder. And suddenly, he came. I was startled, I tried to pull away, but he made sure I couldn’t and-“

Lilly interrupted me, her voice filled with anger. “What did he do! He didn’t ask if he could cum in you?”

“No, but-” I stumble.

Lilly starts yelling. “I’ll kill him! He can’t-“

“Lilly!” I interrupt her. “It’s ok, he assumed he could, and I’m taking the pill-“

I feel myself getting dizzy as fear overwhelms me. ‘Fuck! I forgot to take my pill yesterday.’ I think.

Lilly looks aside. “Are you alright, Anna? You look a bit pale.”

I nod quickly; considering her earlier reaction, I don’t dare say what I just thought. “Yeah, I was dizzy for a while, probably car sickness.” I lie while avoiding eye contact.

“Oh, we’re almost there.” So says Lilly as she turns into a small street that leads to the spa’s parking lot. She shakes her head.

“He should have asked Anna, I’m on the pill too, but I don’t want anyone to cum inside me.”

Mainly to calm tempers, I say. “I didn’t mind. It was quite exciting.”

‘I’ll better stop telling her more. If she hears that at the next dare, he insisted that I’d beg him to cum inside me, she’ll really kill him.’ I think while biting my lip. ‘And even though I didn’t want him to cum in me again, it was obvious he was enjoying it so much. I made him happy, and that’s the most important thing.’

The car stops, and my thoughts are interrupted. I look up and see that we have arrived at the spa. The complex is enormous and looks very modern. The car park is much bigger than I would expect for a spa and suddenly anxiety takes over again.

“Lilly, this is a public Sauna!” I say, shocked.

“Yeah, do you really think a private sauna can be that cheap?” Answers Lilly, and she shakes her head. “Don’t panic; there’s only a small part where you have to be naked, and we don’t have to go there.”

Lilly’s words put me at ease a bit. Although I had taken a one-piece swimming suit instead of a bikini, had I known this.

We enter the complex and look at the price list to choose the package. Lilly gives me a push and says. “Look, for 20$ more, we can take a package with a massage.”

I smile. ‘A massage would be nice.’ I think, and I say. “Good. let’s take that one.”

We step up to the cash register and order our tickets. The woman at the reception gives us some information and asks. “What massage would you have liked, face or body?”

Lilly answers immediately. “Body.” The receptionist taps on her computer and gives us our tickets, after which we change and step into the spa.

The inside of the complex is even more impressive than the outside. All the walls are finished in black natural stone, and blue lights create a relaxing atmosphere. I smile and step straight into the pool. The water is pleasantly warm, and soon, despite my earlier doubts, I feel at ease. While we talk, we regularly switch between the different saunas and pools.

After about two hours, Lilly says. “We have to go to our massage.”

I look at the large clock on the wall and nod. “Yes, I just saw a sign indicating the canlı casino massage rooms.”

Lilly gets out of the pool and puts on her bathrobe, I instantly regret not bringing one myself, and we follow the signs. Suddenly we arrive at a frosted glass door. The meaning of the pictogram in the middle of the door is clear. No bathing suits allowed.

Again, I am overwhelmed by anxiety.

“Lilly,” I grab her arm. “That’s where you need to be naked.”

Lilly rolls her eyes and says. “It’s just walking through Anna; You can use my bathrobe.” She pulls open the door and pushes me into the airlock.

As soon as the frosted glass door closes behind us, I hear the door in front of me unlock. I look at Lilly, who has already taken off the top of her bikini. Reluctantly I follow her example and undress. Once naked, Lilly gives me her bathrobe, which I gratefully wrap around my body.

We step through the door, and I look around. At first sight, there are about ten people present. Most of them are over 50, and it is clear that we, being 18, are the youngest.

I quickly continue in the sign’s direction, but an employee stops me after my second step. “Excuse me, ma’am. But clothing is not allowed here. There are lockers to put your things in.”

I feel a blush appear on my cheeks and nod. I look at Lilly, who clearly has no problem with being naked. She looks at me relaxed and puts her hand on my back. Gently she pushes me towards the locker and whispers. “Don’t worry about it; everyone is naked here. They’ll look at you more if you’re not.”

I look down at the floor, let the bathrobe slide off my shoulders, and place it in the locker. Then, as best I can, I use my arms and hands to cover my body and quickly step towards the massage rooms. On the way, I can swear that at least five men are staring at me, blushing and embarrassed, I arrive at the rooms.

We both enter a separate room; glad that I have found some privacy despite my nakedness, I try to relax. In the middle of the small space is a massage table. On the other side of the room is a door marked ‘staff only’.

I lie down on my stomach on the table. About one minute later, the ‘staff only’ door opens. When I look up and see a young man, about 30, entering the room, anxiety overwhelms me once again. Fiercely blushing, I wish I could sink through the floor. ‘Oh God, a man. And I’m naked and alone. What if he tries something?’

The man smiles and says. “First time? You seem a bit tense.”

Unable to speak, I nod, and he smiles again. Then, in a soft voice, he says. “Try to relax a bit. I’ll do my best to make it as pleasant as possible.” He steps towards me, takes a towel from under the table and places it over my bottom. His hands go to a pump, and he takes an oil that smells like lavender.

His first touch sends a shiver down my body; he gently rubs the oil over my back and neck and then starts massaging my shoulders. His strong hands exert just enough pressure, and after a few minutes, I feel myself relaxing. He rubs from my shoulders to my neck and back to my shoulders. I close my eyes and enjoy the massage. Gradually he massages lower and lower on my back until he is just above my bottom.

He stops, takes a bit of oil and steps to the foot end of the table, where he takes hold of my foot. Again he starts massaging with the perfect amount of pressure, gradually working his way up to my calves. His hands go higher and higher until they reach the edge of the towel, about 7 inches above my knee.

I open my eyes and think. ‘Oh god, a few more inches, and he can touch my pussy. If he does that, I’ll never be able to defend myself.’ I think

I bite my lip; the thought is arousing, and I feel a tingle in my pussy.

His hands slide a little higher, pushing the towel upwards. His gentle touch makes me gasp for air, and unconsciously I moan softly.

Realising what I’ve just done, I start blushing again and mumble. “Sorry.”

The man smiles and says. “No problem,” He slides his hand slightly higher. And again, I moan before I can stop myself. “I’m glad you’re enjoying it.”

His hands now massage my thighs a few inches from my pussy; I’m sure when he lifts his fingers, he’s touching my pussy. The thought excites me further, and unconsciously I open my legs a little. The towel has now been pushed up so far that he can probably see everything, perhaps even the wetness forming between my legs. My heart is beating violently against my chest.

The man lets his hands slide down, and the trans is broken. I breathe heavily, embarrassed that I hoped he would touch me more intimately.

His hands take hold of my other foot, and again he starts massaging me. Furthermore, he’s gradually moving his hands upwards, and again I sink deeper into the trans of pleasure. Finally, his hands slide higher and higher, and suddenly he is a few inches from my pussy again. Meanwhile, every movement of his hands on my thighs makes me moan openly. Then, unconsciously, I open my legs further.

The man’s hand on the outside of my leg slides up my buttock. The pressure of the movement makes my buttocks rise, I feel the skin of my loins tighten, and my labia open a little. My eyes fly open, and I stop breathing. Suddenly I think. ‘Is he going to-‘

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