Trapped with Mom Ch. 04

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Jimmy woke in a fog. He could tell he hadn’t slept long, sensing the daylight forcing its way through the clouds. But everything else, had his mom really just whispered that she had sixteen condoms for him? Did she really ride him to a mutual orgasm?

As Jimmy’s senses came back, he realized nothing was a dream. His mother’s naked body was still draped over his, her legs still around his hips. He felt his cock stir, he wanted his mom again. He wanted her over and over, now that they had admitted their attraction, there was nothing else he could think about. He began to lift, wanting to roll his mother over and enter her again, make her his, dominate her with his cock.

Susan woke with her son’s movement. She lifted to look into his eyes and said, “That was very impressive for your first time, honey. Much more experienced men couldn’t make me orgasm like that.”

“I’m going to take you again,” Jimmy stated, trying his best to show the command he believed women wanted.

“I am still your mother,” Susan admonished. “We can have sex again, but you have to remember that we are having sex to train you. There is nothing worse than for a young woman to fall for a man who can’t please her. And once we can leave this cabin, this ends.”

Jimmy agreed. What choice did he have? When a woman as beautiful as Susan, especially his own mom, offers sex, a young man will always agree. But he saw how animalistic she had become after he ate her out. She might not be able to resist. Perhaps if he could perform like he just had, she would still come to his room after the snow melted.

Susan rolled off her son and told him, “Go to your room and put on clothes. Just that t-shirt, underwear and some shorts will do. Then meet me in the living room.”

Jimmy rushed to obey. He stood awkwardly until Susan came out of the bedroom in a short black dress that her tastefully exposed breasts screamed to break out of. The dress had been meant to be tastefully worn with nylons and ankle boots on a date with her husband. Now she showed off her bare legs down to a pair of blue pumps for her son’s pleasure only. She put a hand on her son’s chest and said, “When you have a lady over, it’s polite to sit and talk with her on the couch.”

Jimmy turned toward the couch and his mother slipped her hand into his. They sat down and Susan continued, “You should offer a drink but I don’t need one.” She moved closer to him. “And romantic talk with your mom might be weird, so just kiss me and we’ll practice your physical technique.”

Jimmy nervously leaned in. His mom had no idea this would be his first kiss and he worried that his inexperience might become uncomfortably obvious when their lips touched. Yet he had no need to worry, as soon as their connection sealed, the fierce mother-son bond between them guided Jimmy’s lips to mesh with his mother’s, showed his tongue how to slide against hers. In many ways, the kiss was more intimate than the intercourse they had just completed, where Susan had lost control on an orgasmic high and taken her son. Now she was of clear mind, intimately giving her son his first kiss, fully understanding that she was building an erotic bond between the two of them.

Susan lay back on the couch, thinking in her mind that a man should sense when a woman is aroused enough for the next step. But she couldn’t say her thought out loud, she was too enraptured by desire for her son. She slipped a leg under him and up onto the back of the couch, pulling Jimmy between her legs as their tongues continued to slowly dance. Susan was accustomed to keeping subtle control in her sexual encounters, but now she was fully lost to her incestuous urges, focused only on the supreme pleasure that contact with her son brought.

Letting control go allowed Susan to fully immerse herself in the experience. If she tried, she would not be able to remember a more satisfying makeout session. But she would not try, because for the first time she was living completely in the moment that was bringing her and her son together as true lovers, not just accidental sexual partners.

Just as Susan was reaching her peak pleasure, Jimmy began to travel down her body, kissing her neck, then her upper chest, then the top of her cleavage, firmly cupping his hands onto each breast. Susan found herself weakly moaning to the soft but strong touches of her son. She reached down to pull his shirt over his head, electrifying her fingers as they slid across his bare back. Then Jimmy was between his mother’s legs, kissing the inside of her thighs and pulling up the dress to reveal the hole that years ago gave him life and hours ago had made him a man. Susan rushed to pull her dress off before pleasure shocks of cunnilingus hit her, but no, Jimmy’s lips caressed her labia and Susan was slammed back into the couch, her head thrown back as she screamed in release. Yet some other part of her mind was at work: as her body insisted on soaking in the pleasure of her son’s tongue on her clitoris, Susan could pinbahis yeni giriş not resist the urge to take off her dress and be splayed out for her son’s use, completely naked except for high heels.

Her body competed against itself, the pleasure of oral reducing the motor skills needed to strip naked while keeping her pussy available to her son. Finally, the dress was cast aside, and the eroticism of being naked for her son washed over her. “Jimmy!” she screamed, the first time she had used her son’s name in the throes of sexual pleasure. “Oh God Jimmy, you’re making Mommy cum! You eat me so good!”

Susan caressed her own large breasts as she bucked in orgasm, screaming uncontrollably. As her orgasm began to subside, she felt another one welling up. She grabbed the condom she had hidden in her dress’s pocket and, holding back her next climax, breathed to Jimmy, “Put this on, and fuck Mommy.”

Jimmy stripped off the rest of his clothes and carefully opened the condom wrapper. His mom started masturbating as he carefully positioned the rubber and worked the ring over his throbbing cockhead. Susan was oblivious to her son’s awkward sheathing as she touched herself to the anticipation of her son filling her once again. Then she felt the latex moving her fingers and her walls stretching. He entered her effortlessly despite his size and inexperience. As Susan felt her son press against her cervix, her body began to ripple in another orgasm. She gripped his back and moaned softly as her vaginal walls pulsed against her son’s motionless cock. Then as the convulsions slowed down, Jimmy began thrusting, steadily at first then more powerfully as his mother’s moaning resumed its pace. “Yes Mommy. Yes Mommy,” he began whispering between grunts.

“Come on baby,” Susan moaned. “Show Mommy how much you need her.” Jimmy began to thrust harder. “Do you love Mommy, baby?”

“Yes Mommy,” Jimmy whispered.

“Do you love Mommy so much you’re going to fuck her all weekend?”

“Yes Mommy!” Jimmy groaned louder.

Susan screamed in pleasure. “Yes baby!” she shouted. “Show Mommy, explode inside her!”

Jimmy responded with a loud groan as cock began erupting against his mother’s walls. Susan could feel the pulsing of the huge member against her and began moaning out another powerful orgasm. Mother and son groaned out their simultaneous climax for what seemed like minutes, until Jimmy’s huge balls were empty and Susan’s body was spent.

They lay still with Jimmy inside of his mother until Susan whispered, “Baby, go get a roll of condoms from Mommy’s suitcase. There’s still so much to do.” And so began their lovemaking in earnest, mother teaching son, condom after condom, each orgasm giving son confidence but taking control from mom. Most times Susan begged for more immediately after Jimmy coated the rubber separating him from her hallowed walls, and every time Jimmy’s youthful energy easily obliged. Eventually they had to eat, but trapped inside could only heat the food that came with the cabin. But neither ever slowed, indeed, when they refueled the sex became more vigorous than before. A few times the bliss of an orgasm led them to fall asleep. The first time Jimmy woke beside his mom and scanned up and down her body, attempting to will himself to take her again. But the courage never came, and when his mom woke, she told him to put on a condom and take her again.

The next time they fell asleep, Jimmy again woke first. The feel of her soft skin draped across his naked body encouraged him to take command, slide into her and make her his woman. He rolled her over and positioned himself at her entrance. “Yes, baby,” she murmured. “Take Mommy.”

She reached for his member and felt the smooth skin of his glans. “Don’t forget a condom,” she admonished.

“I want to feel your wet pussy just this once,” he growled back.

Susan snapped into a strict tone. “You will use a condom, with me and with any other woman not your wife.”

“Then let me put it in your ass,” he protested, trying to keep his manly confidence and not become a whiny teenager.

“I told you, condoms for anal and oral. You are welcome to fuck Mommy’s ass, but put on a condom first.”

Jimmy rose, trying to hide is frustration, and looked for the condoms. He so longed to be inside his mother, nothing between them. He didn’t understand the urge, he had never before been with a girl and now the desire to take off the condom was overwhelming. Something in his body just screamed to be free inside the womb that made him, where he had lived for nine months.

He found the last unflavored condom. That meant that he had been inside his mother eleven times already, since they couldn’t use the flavored ones for intercourse. What day was it? Was it still Saturday? Sunday? Monday? One time he had jacked off five times in a day, but his cock had gotten sore and his jizz had become a trickle. Now he was as energetic as ever, still filling each condom with massive pinbahis giriş load of cum. But he couldn’t believe they had been having sex for more than a day, the time just couldn’t pass so quickly.

“So do you want Mommy’s tight ass or her wet pussy?” Susan asked once her suddenly pensive son had rolled the condom down his penis. “Mommy likes her big son back where he belongs, but she’ll do anything to pleasure him.”

The invitation cleared any thought Jimmy had of condoms or time. He hovered over his mother and silently penetrated her birth canal. “Yes baby,” Susan sighed. “Oh how I love being filled by my own son!”

“But Mommy,” Jimmy whimpered, “This is the last regular condom.”

“Just fuck me baby,” Susan cried, already lost to the pleasures of her son’s incestuous thrusting. “I can’t think when I’m getting fucked by you. Mommy has no worries when her Jimmy’s inside her.”

So Jimmy fucked his mom to multiple orgasms, his massive finish coinciding with her loudest screams. As he pulled out of her, she whispered, “Go get the flavored roll, I need you again, I don’t care if the condom’s only for oral.”

Jimmy yanked down the condom, flipped his mother over, and forcefully took her from behind. She had shown him doggy style earlier, but then he was timid and supplicant. Now he took her with confidence, directing her body with strong hands on her hips, dominating her on all fours like the bitch she was. He could tell she was ready to let everything go, and soon he would take enough control that she’d let him enter her raw. Between her screams, Jimmy growled, “You can’t resist your son’s cock anymore.”

“No, baby!” Susan cried.

“You’ll be my mommy-whore whenever I want you.”

“Yes baby!”

“You’ll come to me first when you need sex.”

“Yes! I’m all yours! I’ll only fuck other guys when you don’t want me!”

“Such a mommy-whore, needing so much fucking.”

“Yes baby, Mommy’s always been a whore, you’re the only man who ever kept up with me.”

“ARGH!” Jimmy roared as his semen splashed inside the condom he wore. He continued to violently thrust into her, egged on by the revelation that he was the only man who could tame his mother’s sex mania.

His balls empty, he flipped her over and ripped off the condom, a few drops of semen splashing onto his mother’s stomach. His cock had barely softened, but the sight of his fertile seed on his mom’s flat, milky stomach made his erection painfully hard again. With his shaft positioned at his mother’s opening, he announced he was entering her again, to which Susan whimpered, “Get a condom.”

Jimmy relented. His mom was strict; even in her submissive state, entering her without permission would probably end everything. But the last four condoms, Jimmy would be in control. He mounted his mother and fucked her missionary until he came hard. Then he flipped her and fucked her doggy again, and spent the last of their condoms fucking his mom almost constantly, only stopping to push her into a new position and re-sheath himself. He paid no attention to her pleasure – though she had many powerful orgasms, Susan was now there for Jimmy’s use. Finally he filled the last rubber and was completely spent, mother and son fell asleep in each other’s arms.

* * *

They seemed to wake together. Susan looked into her son’s eyes and smiled, “You were so amazing, baby. Do you know how many times you took me?”

“Seventeen,” he answered.

She moaned, “That’s incredible. Nobody’s ever kept up with me, not even other young guys like you.”

“You… you’ve had sex with other young guys?”

“Don’t worry about that, baby. Mommy doesn’t need anyone else anymore.”

“I want you again, Mom.”

“Mmm, I do too baby, but we’re out of condoms and I think we’re still snowed in.”

“I never took you in the ass,” Jimmy observed.

“Don’t worry, you’ll take Mommy in the ass many times to come.” She kissed him on the lips, slowly, erotically.

Jimmy softly pushed her away. “Why not now?”

“I told you, baby, you need a condom for anal.”

“But you can’t get pregnant that way, and you always use a condom and I’ve never been with anyone else.”

Susan thought for a moment. He probably wasn’t lying, based on how timid he had been and how his confidence grew. A warmth of desire washed over her body. She looked down at her son’s member, still larger while soft than an average man’s while hard. She watched her hand, as if belonging to someone else, reach down and lightly stroke him. The cock began to grow and Susan’s pussy clenched. She slid down and took her son into her mouth, lubricating him for the last hole he hadn’t filled. “Do you want Mommy on her knees or with her ankles in the air?” she asked.

Jimmy stammered. “Um, I just want you.”

Susan gave him another quick deep throat to make sure he stayed moist. She loved that her son still needed her training, but right now just needed him inside her again. She rolled over onto her pinbahis güvenilirmi knees presented her anus high in the air, and whispered, “Come on baby, fuck Mommy in her ass.”

Jimmy silently positioned himself and slowly slid deep into his mother’s asshole. She released a loud moan that he had never heard days ago, which became a long “Yeeesss!” Jimmy felt a the tingle of a union with his mother as his raw cock bottomed out inside her bowels. He held still and groaned, “Mommy, I’m all the way inside you. I’ve never been all the way inside.”

“Yes baby,” Susan cried, “Mommy’s never had someone so deep inside her. Now fuck me, Mommy needs a pounding.” It was true, Jimmy was too big to fit his entire cock into his mom’s vagina, and she had never taken someone as big as him. Her son inside her ass was the deepest anyone had been inside her.

Jimmy pulled back and with a grunt bottomed out again. His strokes out were long and slow, but then he accelerated deep into his mother’s ass, forcefully rearranging her experienced insides. “Fuck!” she screamed. “You fuck Mommy so hard!”

“That’s right,” Jimmy grunted as he bottomed out once again. He pulled back and said as he slid out, “Mommy’s my anal bitch now.”

“Yes, Mommy needs he ass fucked hard by her son! Ohh!” He had bottomed out yet again.

Susan continued to grunt and scream as Jimmy increased his pace. If not for her occasional cries of “Yes!” and “Oh baby!” and “Fuck Mommy!” one might have thought she was in deep pain, not deep pleasure. True, she hadn’t felt her asshole stretched so much since she had lost her anal virginity, so there was some pain. But good pain, the pain of being completely dominated by her son. The pain that reminded her who she belonged to, and who could bring her supreme pleasure. She felt an orgasm welling up. As her mouth screamed uncontrollably, a voice flashed in her mind: “The last thing Jimmy needs to learn is to show his mom he owns her.”

Susan’s orgasm overwhelmed her. Her body trembled to the point that her arms and legs began to collapse under her. She felt Jimmy put his hands on her hips and pull up. “Stay up,” he growled. “Fuckdolls stay on their hands and knees for fucking.”

Susan came again, or her orgasm grew stronger, no way of knowing. Her son’s dominant language, calling her his fuckdoll, her body could only respond in one way, by climaxing. But that meant she was limp as a rag, not obeying her son. No matter, he had a grip on her hips and was pounding her with his arms as much as with his body. “Come on, bitch,” he ordered. “Make your son cum in your slutty ass.”

Susan didn’t think she could respond but her lungs knew what to do. “Yes baby, fuck Mommy’s ass! Give me your cum! Mommy’s ass belongs to you now and needs your seed!” Jimmy fucked harder and harder as his mother encouraged him. He was getting close. “Mark your territory with cum! Mommy and her ass are you fuckdoll now! You own your Mommy, show her you own her!”

“Fuck Mom!” Jimmy groaned and he shot off, his ejaculatory muscles rocketing semen through his cock and deep into his mother’s body. He fell limp on top of his mother as his balls drained themselves into the body that made them. He slid off his mother and onto the bed, spent.

Susan rolled over and spread her legs wide. “Fuck Mommy now, baby,” she said hurriedly. “Stuff that shit-covered cock in Mommy’s fertile pussy hole.”

“It’s going soft already, Mommy.”

Susan got up on her knees. “I really should clean this first. Going ass to pussy can give a woman a yeast infection. And I bet you’d love to go ass to mouth on your mom.”

Jimmy groaned and he was hard again. Susan rolled back and said, “You can go ass to mouth on me as much you want later. But right now, I need that in my pussy.”

Jimmy lifted himself and got ready to mount his mother. “You’re not scared of an infection?”

“No, baby, I just need that big, hot cock inside me.”

Jimmy sank his member into his mother’s vagina, a feeling now so familiar yet, being his first time raw, so foreign. They gave a mutual moan as he felt her smooth walls on his bare skin for the first time in more than eighteen years. “Oh Mom, I need you bareback from now on,” he cried as his gyrations became thrusts.

“Yes baby, you own Mommy’s holes now. Oh fuck me! That’s right, all for you, use me. Oh fuck!”

“That’s right Mommy, get ready for my seed to grow inside you.”

“Oh baby,” Susan cried nearing completion at such a depraved thought. “Are you going to fill Mommy?”

“Yes Mommy, you’re going to carry a part of me inside you.”

“Fuck me baby! I need to carry your incest baby!”

Jimmy was pounding his mother violently now, slamming his cock against her cervix where soon his army would penetrate. His strict mother, who could even make her husband use a condom every single time, had now lost control for her own son and was letting him impregnate her. Mother and son were close to the ultimate climax, the climax that would bind them as a breeding pair in addition to mother and son.

“Mommy’s going to raise her son’s children just like she raised him,” Jimmy whispered, as his pistoning reached its top speed.

“Yes baby,” Susan gasped. “Mommy’s going to carry her son’s babies!”

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