Training Tom Ch. 01: Chastity

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This story is the second volume of the Tall Sophie series. While there are many allusions to the first volume, I did my best to make it stand-alone for those who would like this to be their introduction to Tom and Sophie’s fetish-filled journey of lust, humiliation, and control. All characters are 18 or older.


Tom Douglas wandered nervously around the lower floor of his house dressed in a Phantom of the Opera costume. The mask made him feel invisible, which was his intention.

As he passed a large mirror in the front hall, he caught a glimpse of himself. He was thinner than he had ever been, albeit it wasn’t a healthy look. He had barely eaten over the past few weeks. He chalked up his lack of appetite to the tragedy his life had become — every direction he turned something was going wrong. The pillars of his life were literally crashing down around him.

Yet he had been exercising obsessively according to his prescribed plan. The result was muscle atrophy and a weak pallor that he discerned in the portion of his face left exposed by the mask. He noted the irony of the costume — he felt like a ghost of himself.

Tom’s daughter, Lauren, was hosting a Halloween party for her senior classmates that evening while his wife Lisa was away staying with her sick aunt. The sickness was more an excuse, however, as the aunt had had the same minor health issues for years. Rather, he knew it was an intentional hiatus from him and his unexplainable behavior. Similarly, the party was a concession to his daughter for a regrettable mistake he had made. It would take much more to rebuild their relationship.

Tom rued his errant ways and the emptiness he felt inside knowing his loved ones were at an unfamiliar distance from him. Yet it barely compared to the vacuum he felt in his head, heart and loins from the absence of his daughter’s friend Sophie, who had inexplicably abandoned him these past weeks.

The 6’5″ eighteen-year-old siren had crashed into his life and taken him on a magical journey of lust, control and dependency that he still could not comprehend. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and the most intelligent, strong, talented, sensual, fascinating, insatiable…the list of adjectives was endless. She could excel at anything, be with anyone she wanted. Yet for some reason she chose him; a man over twice her age and nine inches shorter than her.

Tom had become infatuated with her from their first meeting. Sexual attraction gave way to worship and eventually a desperate sense of love. Their odyssey together culminated with his profession of subordination and dependency on her. She offered to change his life, to help him achieve his career and life ambitions that he had long since forsaken. The night of her Homecoming dance, he agreed to become Hers to mold and reform into a better man, one that could realize his dreams and possibly earn her love.

Yet, unexpectedly, after that climactic evening of surreal sexual deviancy and his avowed commitment to her, she had suddenly disappeared from his life. He felt the void immediately when she blocked him on Instagram. The blackness grew from there with every day that she didn’t appear, and each night of involuntary celibacy.

His last minutes with her had involved a surreal episode where she squeezed him in her thighs and symbolically rebirthed him as her own child. She touched his navel and told him they would always be attached, that she was part of him now. The evening culminated with her cradling him in her lap and suckling him at her breast, causing him to gush semen without any stimulation to his penis.

He thought of his last moment of release and felt a pain in his bellybutton. He realized his lips were pursed and his tongue was pressed on his teeth, repeatedly sucking as his mind wandered to Sophie’s breast. Oh, what he would give to be back at her bosom again. A sense of yearning flowed over him; a desire for sanctuary from the hell his life had become without her.

Yet despite her control over him, he could still step away inside his head and apply an objective filter. The culmination of their relationship had been truly bizarre. He couldn’t believe that he had subordinated himself so completely to a woman — a teenager no less. He hated himself for his weakness. He wanted to blame her for subjugating him, but he believed it was his fault he allowed himself to be so vulnerable, so smitten with her that he couldn’t see how much it was messing with his head.

Tom reflected on how he had settled for his lot in life, to the point that he no longer recognized what was lacking. He had once been shooting for the moon in his career, but his mistakes and faults let him down, leaving him to accept the subtle agony of mediocrity. Sophie had found that tender spot in his psyche and pressed her thumb down, making him remember who he once was, making him want more. She told him she would help him climb the proverbial mountain — then she suddenly wasn’t there. She exposed his bursa eskort sickness and made herself the cure, teasing him with the possibilities of revival, only to steal away and hold him hostage to his own darkest thoughts.

He found himself balancing on the edge of a precipice grasping for Her, needing her discipline and motivation, feeling alone and abandoned. Suicide had never once crossed Tom’s mind in his entire life. And while he still couldn’t conceive of consummating the act himself, he finally understood and empathized with those who did. That change in thinking alone scared the shit out of him.

Wallowing in self-pity, Tom caught a glimpse of his family portrait on the wall. He had seen it hundreds of times, yet he now saw disapproval and disdain in Lisa’s gaze. He stared in her eyes and began recalling the pain of the past few weeks…


The day after the Homecoming affair, as he had begun referring to it in his constant ruminations, Tom’s wife Lisa reminded him that they were scheduled to attend a PTA dinner that Wednesday. The well-heeled parents in the district took their events seriously, including event hall rental, catering company, and dressy attire. As cocktails kicked off at 6:00 PM, Tom planned to meet Lisa at the venue directly after work. He wore a suit to the office, so he didn’t need to go home and change.

Upon arrival, Tom spied his wife mingling with a group of women and he set out to join them. Already, Tom’s demeanor was a bit off, a sense of nervousness flowed through him, a sort of withdrawal from being away from Sophie. He frequently found himself uncontrollably aroused when he daydreamed about her. The slightest association could send his cock bobbing out of control. Yet Sophie’s psychological bond held steady — she had declared him unable to masturbate and so he could achieve no satisfaction in his frequent fantasies.

As he approached Lisa, he sensed something was different about her. From the back, he noticed she was wearing a tight, reddish-purple dress that accentuated her pleasant 5’4″ figure.

“Hello, sweetheart,” Tom called as he reached the group of women.

As Lisa turned, he realized what was off. Lisa was taller than him. He glanced briefly down to see tall platform heels on her feet. As he scanned up her body, he noticed she had exposed cleavage and that her modest breasts somehow looked much larger. His eyes raised to her neck, and he froze when he saw the pearl necklace that Sophie had borrowed from her, now obviously returned. She had familiar gold strands dangling from her ears, each with a pearl on the end — borrowed from Sophie.

“Hi dear,” Lisa answered with a satisfied smirk, then she leaned down for a kiss.

Tom’s nose filled with a memorable scent — Sophie’s perfume from the homecoming dance. A mix of confusion and excitement engulfed his brain. His pants brushed against Lisa’s thigh as she leaned down, and he suddenly realized he was sporting a full hard-on.

“Ooh!” Lisa exclaimed, looking down with surprise as his cock bumped her.

“U-um…” Tom stammered awkwardly as his cheeks turned red.

He cast a brief glance at the women standing around Lisa and saw them all looking down at his crotch.

“I-I’m going to go find our assigned seats,” Tom said, doing his best to extricate himself.

As he turned away, Tom heard a couple of the women bantering quietly.

“If only my husband were so excited to see me.”

“What’s she doing right?”

Once seated, Tom reflected on his wife’s outfit and alluring aroma. It wasn’t the same dress Sophie wore to homecoming, but the color was unmistakably similar. Did Sophie help her choose it, perhaps as a message to him? Or was it Lisa taking her own initiative, imitating Sophie to feel more beautiful?

A bell rang and attendees strolled to their seats. When Lisa sat down, she gave Tom a sly smile.

“Hope you’re saving me some of that for later, big guy,” she laughed as she set her hand on Tom’s leg.

Her fingers brushed along his cock, and he almost jumped from his seat in surprise.

“Um, yeah, sounds good,” Tom muttered in confusion; Lisa’s words and touches seemed like a page straight out of Sophie’s book.

As he gathered his thoughts, a realization struck him. His obsession with Sophie had distracted him so much that he was overlooking the obvious. She had taken away his ability to masturbate, but nothing stopped him from getting off with his wife. The dinner couldn’t end soon enough.

As had been the norm since the last time he had seen Sophie, he had no appetite and picked at his food, moving it around the plate to look partly eaten. Table conversation was mostly about kids and teachers, and Tom could barely pay attention. It was approaching 8 o’clock when the weeknight gathering appeared to be losing steam.

“I’ll meet you back in the bedroom,” Lisa said suggestively, reminding Tom they had come in separate cars.

Tom had a brief moment of panic. He had just enough time to get bursa escort home for the Peloton ride Sophie had assigned him every night at 8:00. If he joined Lisa, he would miss it for the first time. If Sophie were still checking, she would know from the ride log.

“Um, I usually have my workout at eight,” Tom muttered feebly.

“Nonsense,” Lisa clucked, then smiled. “The only workout you’re having is with me.”

She quickly turned and strode out the door to the parking lot. Tom felt butterflies in his stomach. He feared Sophie as much as he loved her. He knew her wrath could be dangerous. But perhaps she meant for this to happen. Was it possible everything he had just witnessed was a signal from Sophie to make love to Lisa?

Love your beautiful wife

An earlier message from Sophie flashed in his memory. He rationalized that he had her permission. He would have to make up the workout later.

Tom sped home and hurried up to the bedroom. He hadn’t cum since he was cradled in Sophie’s lap several days ago. He felt ready to burst.

As he entered the bedroom, Lisa stood near the foot of their bed, looking at him sultrily. An outstretched finger beckoned to him. He walked forward and turned his head up to face her elevated face. His height fetish kicked in and his breath became uneven.

“Kiss my neck,” she instructed quietly.

Tom put his hands on her sides and leaned forward to touch his lips to her neck. Immediately, he was submerged in Sophie’s scent. He opened his eyes and saw the necklace and earrings Sophie wore at Homecoming. And suddenly Lisa was Sophie.

He began kissing and licking Lisa’s neck aggressively. His cock tented his slacks and he rammed it hard into her thigh. He suddenly grabbed the sides of the dress and ripped it down, exposing Lisa’s push-up bra.

“Ooh, Tom!” she shouted excitedly, surprised by his hyper-aroused state.

He quickly stripped his pants exposing his rigid dick and bent down to lick and kiss the puffed-out tops of Lisa’s tits. Sophie’s perfume was even stronger there and he began to lose control. Without thinking he pushed Lisa’s shoulders down hard, forcing her to her knees. Then he shoved his cock into her exposed cleavage – just as he had done with Sophie.

He clenched his eyes shut and fucked Lisa’s tits as hard as he could, thinking only of Sophie, reliving the spectacular moment when he penetrated the cleft between her giant orbs.

But Sophie was so much stronger than him, always in command even when he lost control. Lisa couldn’t regulate his animalistic arousal.

“Tom that hurts!” Lisa cried out.

Yet he kept pummeling her chest with abandon, visualizing Sophie lifting him in the air as he slid his cock between her luscious mounds. He grabbed Lisa’s bra and yanked it up over her breasts.

“Ow, my nipples, Tom that really hurt!” she yelled. “Calm down!”

Lost in himself, Tom ignored her. His only thought was to get off on her chest the way he had gotten off on Sophie. He shoved Lisa to the carpet on her back and mounted her torso, squeezing her tits roughly together to form a cavity he could fuck from the bottom. He spit on his hand and rubbed it over his cock.

“Fuck yeah!” Tom exclaimed to his own astonishment as his cock entered the hole.

He rammed over and over again as Lisa whimpered and struggled below him. Her arms flailed and pounded at his stomach — but he kept going. He was getting so close!

“Hey, what’s going on in there?” a voice called from outside the door. “Everything okay?

It was Lauren. Tom froze in place, suddenly shaken from his frenzy. His cock quickly softened. He looked down to see Lisa sobbing quietly, mascara running down her face. She looked like she had seen a ghost. Or a violent brute who had somehow replaced her gentle husband.

“A-ah, it’s okay Lauren,” Tom managed to say. “We’re fine.”

Slowly Tom grabbed the side of the bed and lifted himself off Lisa. He sat on the side of the bed and held his head in his hands. He couldn’t look at her.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry,” he repeated quietly.

Lisa managed to prop herself up to a seated position on the floor, demonstrably in pain.

“Get the fuck out,” she hissed. “I don’t know who you are, but you’re not my husband.”

“But…” Tom began to object feebly.

“Go to the guest house,” Lisa interrupted. “Take as many clothes as you can carry. Don’t even think about coming in the house while I’m here…or I’ll tell Lauren what you did and both women in this house will hate you.”

“I’m so sorry…I can try to explain,” Tom offered, knowing he truly could not tell her he had fucked their daughter’s friend’s tits last weekend, and that he was mindlessly reliving the moment.

“I don’t fucking care. Get out now or I’ll…I’ll call the cops,” she threatened.

Tom inhaled loudly in surprise and his body shook. How had things suddenly gone so wrong? He quickly stood, gathered a pile of clothes and walked out of the bedroom.


Tom bursa escort bayan wandered into the living room as he thought about that awful night. He never did finish the workout, instead he sat staring at the guest house wall for hours, unable to come to grips with what he done.

He had been staying in the outbuilding since then, only coming to the house when he knew Lisa was away. Their communications had been limited to cold, transactional text messages about Lauren’s schoolwork and other household logistics. They were scheduled to start marriage counseling the week after Halloween.

He reflected upon the continued chain of negativity following that event. That Friday he had finally sent his analysis of the post-Brexit UK economy to the board of directors. The CEO of the bank had already chided Tom, his Chief Economist, over his continued delays. Tom had labored until the early hours of the morning, sending the email around 4:00 AM.

Upon arriving late at the office that Friday morning, he found that the bank had already begun taking a large short position on the UK pound, when he knew he had made a case for the opposite. Re-reading the paper, he found that his recommendation had inexplicably been reversed. He swore he had written something different. The mind works funny tricks late at night, he rationalized.

He knew he should have flagged the issue right then. Before meeting Sophie, he certainly would have done so. But his confidence was shaken, and he couldn’t bear the shame of admitting his fault. So he let it ride. Since that day, the positions fell further and further out of the money, putting the bank’s trading desk in a precarious position.

“The Chairman has forced me to follow through on your recommendations — at least for now,” the CEO had growled at him before he left the office yesterday. “Let’s just hope for your sake that you’re right.”

Tom’s attention refocused on the present. He noted with despair that the fear of losing his job paled beside the fear of never seeing Sophie again. A few partygoers had arrived, and he anxiously scanned the kitchen. Still no Sophie. Would she skip Lauren’s party just to avoid him?

He also noticed that the costumes were unlike those he remembered from his school days. Already there were two scantily clad devil-women, and a witch that looked like a hooker. Lauren’s angel costume was comparatively tame and innocent-looking, covering most of her body. Albeit her skintight white leotard left little to the imagination. Her grimaced to himself, briefly recalling his conservative upbringing: when did Halloween become such a slutty holiday?

His flash of propriety suddenly reminded him of his current troubles with the law. Earlier that week, he was called on at his office by one of the cops who was investigating the assault of Bradley McShay, the man Sophie had pummeled in front of Tom. It was clear the cops were working a strategy to pin the crime on him. The visit was an attempt to rattle and perhaps smoke him out. Tom had managed to keep an outward calm as the officer leaned over his desk, asking a litany of accusatory questions. But a sense of impatience and injustice had built inside of him. Eventually, the officer changed tack.

“You know, we could do this all day at your workplace,” he pressured. “Or you could come down to the station and be questioned formally. How about that?”

“Fine,” Tom replied. “I’ll come in next week.”

The officer issued a satisfied snort and turned to open the door, then walked briskly out, leaving it open behind him.

Tom laid his head on his desk the moment the officer was out of sight. He knew he didn’t have to submit to formal questions until he was arrested, but he had given in anyway. Was he simply eager to get the man out of his office? Or did he subconsciously plan to rat out Sophie in the questioning?

She had told him to have faith in her, that she would take care of everything. Then she had abandoned him. He weighed his prospects, wondering if everything would be better if he just told the truth. It would be a catastrophic betrayal. Yet in her extended absence, all options seemed to be on the table.

The presence of a police officer in Tom’s office had quickly gotten around the secretarial pool and the gossip mill was hard at work. To try to quell the rumors, he lied to his assistant that he had witnessed a mugging and the officer was just there to take his statement. But he still noticed furtive glances and whispers every time he ventured down the hall.

As the week wore on, Tom’s demeanor had become increasingly nervous and uneasy. He tended to look down when people spoke to him and his voice came out with an audible tremor, his tone uncertain. He began to walk with a slight stoop, as if he were trying not to be noticed.

Tom was shaken from the uncomfortable memory when he heard a small outburst in the kitchen. He looked up hopefully. To his dismay, it was Lauren’s friend Gina. The last time he had been in the same room with her, she had for all intents raped him, holding her hand over his mouth and ramming her pussy on his cock while he tried to resist. He shuddered at the recollection. Only Sophie’s arrival had stopped the lurid act.

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