Training his Innocent Stepdaughter

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She is an 18 year old stepdaughter!


Sam makes sure his wife is washing the dishes in the kitchen, occupied completely by her task, before he corners his stepdaughter Susan in the hallway and leans in close to her ear, kissing her neck and feeling her shiver beneath his touch.

“I want to see your pretty pussy humping your cute pillows when I come in tonight, hm?” Susan blushes a bright pink but nods, her teeth coming out to bite down on her lip. Sam slides a hand down her pants and gently touches the soft, smooth pussy of his stepdaughter, feeling her twitch and her hips start to grind upwards for more. His fingers dip down, listening to her gasp, and he smiles at the wetness already coating her slick entrance.

“Bad girl. Have you thinking about my cock all this time? I’ll take care of you tonight, baby. I want to see your naked pussy drenched and humping your poor clit against that pillow when I come in, okay?”

“Yes, daddy,” Susan says shyly, and with a cute peck to his cheek she turns and disappears into her room, her long hair whirling behind her.

Susan had been such a tease lately, ever since Sam had “helped her out” after catching her playing with her pussy late at night. His stepdaughter had been walking around “forgetting” to wear her typical shorts, allowing him to get eyefuls of her plump, round ass jiggling in her tight panties as she strolls around the house. Or when she’d bend over in front of him in her cute little skirt, letting him see the dangerously sheer panties she was wearing, outlining the prominent puffy mound of her perfect pink pussy. His cock started to twitch as he remembered the feeling of her slick pussy lips grinding hungrily up and down his cock and he sighs. He couldn’t wait for tonight.

Sam made sure his wife was asleep before quietly standing up and sneaking to Susan’s room, his cock already hardening. He stands at the doorstep for a while, pressing his ear to his girl’s door, and he smiles as he hears desperate little whines coming through the door. His mouth waters as he opens the unlocked door to feast on the sight in front of him.

His pretty little stepdaughter was straddling a fluffy pink pillow, her long smooth legs shaking on either klasbahis yeni giriş side of it as she rolled her hips down onto it. Her back was facing him as she grinded what must be a sore, puffy pussy against her pillow. Her back was arched, giving him a glint of her pussy whenever she pulled away from the pillow: it was glistening and dripping, her pussy lips twitching and pink, contracting around nothing like it was already begging for her daddy to slide his cock right into her tight willing wetness.

She doesn’t stop even as she hears her daddy stepping closer to her. She whines instead, looking over her shoulder to look at him with wide, pleading eyes.

“Such a good girl for me,” Sam cooes, running his hands over her moving body. Her skin was warm, almost hot to the touch, and she moans softly at his hand on her. His hand slowly trails to her thighs. He smooths the tip of his finger over her wet, dripping slit.

“You want my fingers in your pussy?”

“Yes, daddy,” Susan moans, “please finger my wet pussy – it’s so wet for you.”

How could he say no to his little girl? Sam slides two thick fingers into her tight warm wetness, causing the lithe girl to arch up and moan, her pussy dripping another pearly strand of wetness onto the bedsheets beneath her. He fingers her slowly, his fingers curling upwards skillfully to rub against her gspot.

“Ngh, daddy, I want to feel your cock in me..”

Sam raises an eyebrow, continue to play with his stepdaughter’s wet pussy.

“Oh? Going a bit fast, no?”

“I’ve been thinking about it all day,” Susan whines.

“Yeah? What did you do?” Sam speeds up his fingering, feeling the wet, tight flesh of Susan’s pussy tightening around his thick fingers.

“I touched myself this morning. I played with my clit until I was swollen and dripping, and then..”

Sam slows his movements, making her mewl and shake her ass with a twitch, begging for more.

“And then what?”

“I-I fingered myself, daddy, I thought about sucking your thick cock and- and I thought about you fucking my pussy..”

Sam’s breaths were laboured. His cock was so hard it felt painful and he unzipped his pants to take it out, stroking it gently klasbahis giriş as he listened to his stepdaughter.

“I used my hairbrush and I fucked myself with it, daddy. It wasn’t as big as your cock but I imagined it was you.. I imagined your thick cock stretching my pussy hard and I came so hard. I squirted all over my sheets- oh!”

Susan gasps, her words cut off with a moan as she feels the hot, throbbing cockhead of her stepfather’s cock sliding against the wetness of her pussy.

“You’re so bad,” Sam says gruffly, wanting so badly to just ram his cock deep into his slutty little girl, “I wanna fuck you too, but I wanna see your pretty lips wrapped around my cock first. Can you do that? Suck my cock like a good little girl?”


Sam hushes her, turning her around so her cute, flushed face was directly in front of his huge, throbbing dick.

“Do what I say, babygirl, make your daddy feel good.”

Susan nods obediently. She eyes the thick cock in front of her and she grabs it in her hands. She licks up the underside of his cock, her wet pink tongue tracing the sensitive skin beneath his head. She laps at the tip of his dick and giggles when he breathes out in pleasure.

“You like that, daddy?”

Sam nods. Susan bats her eyes up at him before wrapping her soft pink lips around the tip of his cock, her tongue coming out to swirl messily around his cockhead. She slowly lowers her head, her lips stretching out over the girth of his cock.

“Fuck, baby,” Sam groans. The wet tightness of his stepdaughter’s throat around his cock was like a soft vice, pressing against his sensitive cock. She started to bob her head up and down, moaning around the cock stuffed in her mouth.

She dips her head down too low and gags slightly, tears coming to her eyes, but Sam groans as he feels the tip of his cockhead press against the back of her throat. His hand comes up to the back of her head and he grabs her soft hair, starting to fuck her mouth slowly.

She moans and whines a bit but willingly lets her stepfather fuck her throat, his cock sliding messily in and out of her pursed lips. She kepts her lips tightly wrapped around his throbbing length, her tongue pressing klasbahis güvenilirmi up against the bottom of his cock as he thrust in and out.

Susan moans, her hand going down to rub at her aching clit. She was getting so turned on sucking her daddy’s cock, feeling his thick cock hit the back of her throat and making her gag. She rubbed her wet slit, arousal shooting through her as she imagined the cock in her mouth stretching out her pussy instead.

“Such a good girl, letting me use your mouth like a fuckhole,” Sam cooes, stroking her hair as he slams a particularly thrust into her tight wet throat. It felt fantastic. He looked down at her big, teary eyes that gazed adoringly up at him as her pink lips were stretched obscenely over his thick cock. She was moaning nonstop around his cock, the vibrations feeling fantastic as she pleasured herself by rubbing her wet cunt, playing with her swollen clit.

Her legs were spread wide, giving Sam a clear view of her puffy pink pussy as he fucked her mouth. She was rubbing her clit furiously, using her own wetness as lube as she moaned around his cock.

“I’m going to cum down your throat, baby,” Sam grunts, feeling his orgasm near him. The wetness and tightness of his eager little girl’s throat was sending him rapidly to his edge.

Sam makes a noise of excitement and she pulls her head back, starting to bob back and forth in earnest to make her daddy’s cock slide down her throat again and again. Sam groaned and finally came, feeling his hot cum spurt right down his baby’s tight, willing throat. Susan came a moment after, her moans muffled but loud as she came from sucking her daddy’s cock, her fingers playing with her twitching, puffy pussy.

“Good girl, cumming while you suck my cock. Such a good girl.”

He pulls out slightly and keeps her mouth open, watching his cum shoot onto her pink wet tongue. She swallows eagerly and smiles, giggling a bit.

“Thank you,” she says shyly. She pouts down at her desperate, puffy pussy. “I wanted you to fuck my pussy though.. It’s so needy, daddy, I want you to stuff it with your cock!”

“I’ll fuck your pussy next time,” Sam says with a smile, “I like you being desperate for my cock. Be patient, hm?”

He gives her pussy a slap and Susan squeals at the touch, nodding at his words.

“Yes, daddy.”

Sam smiles back. Oh, the things he had in mind to make his stepdaughter his perfect personal slut. She didn’t know half the things he had in store for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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