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Cum In

Hi. My name’s Cindy and I’m 19 years old. My boyfriend Johnny is 18. Puberty hit us both pretty hard, I started smiling, he stopped being so painfully stupid. Then he asked me out. I’m 5’4 and he’s 6’0 so he’s noticeably taller, but fortunately grew into his nose. I traded in the cute pink dress from my childhood for a skin tight pink tank top that shows off my perfect 36C boobs and pleated black mini skirt that barely covers supple ass. Billy still wears a striped tee and jeans, and red ball cap over his orange mop of hair. His hair hangs into his face sometimes, like now we’re sitting in our black convertible with the top down. Traffic is stopped so he has his eyes closed, just enjoying the feeling of the wind. His muscles look nice in the sun, but I wonder if he’s fallen asleep. A mischievous grin crosses my face and I reach over and grab his dick through his jeans. He gasps and his eyes snap open, jumping and putting his hands on mine. They’re big and warm and envelop my petite ones completely. “What’s that for?” He asks. His voice is deeper than that childish squeal he had as a child.

“I wanted to know if you were sleeping.” I smiled innocently, feeling him harden under my hand. I begin massaging slowly and he lets out a moan. I feel my yellow hair move in the wind.

“We’re in public.” He whines.

“I know.” I respond with a little squeeze and pull. He whimpers and throws his head back, biting escorts in london his lip to suppress another moan. I reach over with my free hand and pull his hands off mine. He looks at me, eyes darkened by lust as I put his hand under my skirt. I gasp as he runs his thumb over my clit and move my hips trying to get more, but he keeps toying with me. How frustrating.

“Johnny.” I growl. He chuckles but doesn’t do anything more. I let go of his hand and force my way through traffic to pull onto the shoulder of the road. I push the button and the roof comes up, giving us shade and hiding us from the eye of the public. He’s watching me, his hand on my pussy, mine on his dick. As soon as we’re in park I hop on him, straddling his waist and grinding down onto him. He moans loudly. I pull his shirt off and drag my nails down his chest, over the peaks of his abs. He arches into it. I run my fingers through his hair and he shuts his eyes and leans back, giving me permission to do as I wish. I capture his lips in mine, biting and sucking his lip and swirling our tongues together. His hands rub my sides, brushing against my breasts as I grind down on him. “More.” I demand when we break. He complies with a smile, pulling my tank top over my head, and taking a moment to look me over. Then my bra, he’s gentle and slow, before grabbing my breasts with each hand roughly. He pulls and squeezes them and it hurts but sets escorts in london my pussy on fire. One hand moves to my pussy, pushing a finger in as he puts my nipple in his mouth. He adds two more fingers after a moment, and switches nipples, ramming in and out of me as I spasm on top of him. I push away from him enough to get my skirt off and he yanks his pants and boxers off.

“Where?” He asks. Ever the accommodating lover. Almost like he’s trying to make up for being so stupid when we were growing up together. I don’t respond, just get on my knees and take his thick penis in my hands. He smiles, knowing the best blow job is coming his way, no gag reflex here. I smile back. He grabs the arm rests in an attempt to ground himself, as I take the head into my mouth. I intend for this to be slow and tortuous. I clamp the base with one hand to prevent cumming, and he thrusts but I just keep the head in my mouth and no more. With my free hand I begin pumping the shaft, swirling my tongue on the head, but his need is stronger than his will. He grabs the back of my head and begins fucking my mouth as hard and fast as he can, pushing his way down my throat. I massage his balls, and he cums down my throat. He sighs in relief but doesn’t get soft yet. I put my butt on his chest, and wiggle it waiting for him to use me. His hands glide up my thighs to my hips and lowers me to his dick, and I line it up with my asshole. escort service He thrusts deep into me, and I start bouncing up and down moaning in pleasure as he reaches around to finger my pussy.

I feel like I’m being impaled he’s going so deep into my asshole. He’s grunting and licking my neck, biting and leaving sloppy kisses, his free hand going to my breasts. But then he stops, and I let out a noise of complete distress, I’m not done. He slides out of me, and puts me down on the seat, moving to crouch between my legs. He runs a finger along my pussy smiling and making me groan. I throw my head back and scream in annoyance. I think he’s going to eat me out, I feel his tongue lick me once, but then suddenly he’s pushed his entire dick in my pussy. He’s slamming in, and ripping back out at a blinding speed. The force pushes me back into the seat and I scream in pleasure. I feel him harden inside me and cum writhing and spasming around him, calling his name in ecstasy as he cums in my pussy. I smile and switch us around, getting on my knees in front of him, pushing my boobs together and putting his dick between them. His eyes looked glazed over, as I bob up and down on his dick, feeling it harden already. Each time it peeks up I lick the head. He grips the arm rests and cums the last of his load on my chest and I scoop it up and into my mouth while he watches.

“We should get back on the road.” I smirk.

“We should put clothes on.” He laughs.

“You look better like this.” I say pouting. He laughs and we get dressed. He sleeps the rest of the drive, and I’m glad I wore him out. When we get home I’m going to have him writhing in pleasure and agony.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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