Timmy’s Torment Pt. 06

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Angela White

“Beth, can I call you back? I should really clean this mess before it stains?”

“Sure thing, babe. Talk soon. Love you.”

“Love you too.”

*click* I hung up the phone.

Looking at the giant puddle of semen in the carpet I can’t help but think to myself. Dayum I really did cum a colossal amount. The next 45 minutes was spent scrubbing and cleaning my mess, though I did think Mindy should be cleaning too. She knew how this milking was going to end, the least she could’ve done was put down a damn towel.

After I finished the cleaning I took a long hot shower. Cleaning the lube out of my ass was strange, my asshole puckered whenever I touched it. But it was my balls. Relaxing and hanging low was amazing. No pain, no chafing, just pure contentment. At one with the cage.

After my shower I got dressed and thought about going looking for Mindy. The shit she said needed addressing, but first I had to call Beth back.

Putting in my earphones I call her number.

“Hey, Tim.”


“Did it stain?”

“Erm no. Sooo, your cousin…I’ll never have to meet her right?”

“Haha. Don’t be embarrassed. She’s cool, she actually said it’s like proper devotion.”

“Oh cool.”

“Yeah she asked if you were into any other things.”

“And you said?”

“Haha. I said no. She doesn’t need to know about the cuckold thing.”

“Phew. Thanks. So how did this convo start?”

“So we met at a bar, and well she’s an ER nurse and she was telling me about how she had a shift from hell. So she says of all the shit that goes on. Like the amount of people that come in that ‘have fallen’ onto objects. But that yesterday was one of the strangest things she’s seen.”


“So she starts. So this guy came in, wearing a cock cage! That’s not the strange part. And I’m like, wait. Hold up. You have guys regularly come in caged up? And she goes yeah like 5 a week easily. And I’m like, for what? And she goes o ring too small. Balls going blue. Not lubing up enough and swelling. All sorts. Well the look on my face must have given me away because I was worried about you. And she just said Beth. Tell me! So I told her about you, sorry.”

“It’s okay. Then what happened?”

“She was curious what we were into. She wasn’t really buying just the cage and nothing else, so I said about the strap-on too. Any consolation she thought it was hot.”


“Yeah. She said something like I’d love nothing else but to come home, throw on a skirt with no panties and be like EAT ME BITCH while I watch some sports! Obviously she was joking and we laughed. She even said if we break up send her your number, the cheeky bitch.”

“Haha. Guess I can’t be mad.”

“Please don’t be. Then she said about how important prostate massages are. So then I called you. I’m surprised you agreed so quickly to be honest.”

“Yeah I guess the cage changes a man.”

“Hehe maybe. Well we’ll definitely be playing more when I get back. Hopefully just a few more days. Think you can last?”

“Yes. I’ll be fine.”

“Okay good. Well I’ll call soon but I gotta go now. Love you, bye.”

“Love you bye.”

Although I was a little annoyed that Beth told our secret. It was cool that her cousin thought it was hot. Hopefully she gives Beth some ideas too.

Leaving my room in search of Mindy. She has a lot of explaining to do.

“MINDY. MINDY. WE NEED TO TALK!” I shout out from upstairs.

“What happened to M’Lady?” She calls out from the sofa.

“I’m not calling you that again, and your ass has some explaining to do!” I snort.

“Isn’t it funny how differently you act when your balls are empty versus when they’re full?” She asks rhetorically.


“As for asses and being in trouble, let’s not pretend I didn’t just practically fist you. So wind your neck in boy, and address me with some respect.”

“You made me a cuck. A bitch, all because of your ex? That’s Psycho!”

“No. I said that might explain my alleged dislike of you.”


“Firstly, yes. Secondly, as you so eloquently put it ‘you’re happy!’ So why are you now complaining?”

“I could’ve been normal!”

“Normality is overrated.”

“It doesn’t matter. It was my choice and you took it from me!”

Mindy looks at me. Like a teacher would when they ask you a question about what they were just talking about and you have no answer. She leans over the side of the sofa and lifts up her bag. Opening it up she pulls out a pack of smokes, takes one out and places it between her lips.

“Would you like one?” She asks, her hand outstretched waving the cigarettes in front of me.

“No. I don’t smoke.”

“You sure?” She asks, pulling a lighter from her back.

“Yes, I’m fucking sure.”

“Exactly.” She says lighting her cigarette. “Even though I offered you a smoke. You said no. Your choice. When I signed you to cuckold porn. YOU still chose to open the email. YOU, chose to click the link. YOU, chose to jerk your little dickie to it. YOUR CHOICE!”

“Well bahis şirketleri when you put it like that.”

“So yes, you could say I helped mold you into this person. So in a sense, I’m the reason you have Beth. I’m the reason you’re happy.”

“No! Beth and I would still be together regardless…”

“You think Beth would stay with a 2 pump chump? HA! You’re not that naive, Cinders.” She laughed hysterically.

“You don’t fucking know shit.” I snapped back.

“See, Cinders. This would be the time where I march out of the kitchen, go upstairs and put on my strap-on.”

“Wait what?”

“I would lube it up with baby oil so that your eyes are immediately drawn to the glossy red dildo. I’d be in some very sheer lingerie. I twist my nipples so they are hard and piercing through my bra. Maybe even rub my clit so there will be a damp spot to attract your interest more.”

“What are you doing?” I asked meekly.

“But let’s be honest. You’ve just cum, so this is probably having no effect on you, but. In say, a couple of days. Your balls will be full. Then, then my words will work.”

“What? How?”

“By telling you that, you’re going to facefuck yourself with my dildo! I’m not going to do anything. Except verbally humiliate you. I won’t move or buck my hips at all. You’re going to blow the shit out of me and maybe, just maybe if you do a good job, you’ll make me even more wet and then you’ll be able to smell what you’ll never be able to get.”

My mouth opened to speak, but I could muster no words.

“So feel free to tell me I’m wrong, Cinders. But considering I’ve seen all your drawings I doubt I am…and in 2 days you’ll blow me, bitch boi.” She laughs while putting out her cigarette.

There is a long silence. Mindy was right. I had drawn all this before. Her humiliating me and making me her bitch was once a major fantasy of mine, but not any more.

“I’m good, Mindy.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. I’m not interested in you. Let alone being your bitch. Beth is back in a couple of days and I promise you I’ll never look at you again.”

“We’ll agree to disagree then.”

“No we won’t. Once Beth is back in town. You’ll just go back to being the bitch who I hate!”

Mindy just stood there. With a weird smile on her face. I had just rejected her, and insulted her, and she’s smiling.

“What?” I asked, confused

“Does Beth know you sneak into my room and try on my underwear?” She asks defiantly.

“I…I don’t do that.”

“We have a nanny cam in the room, Timmy.”

“It was only once…and I…I Erm…”

“Face it, Cinders. I win. Now do fuck off. I’ve got shows to watch.”

Slightly humbled and in some shock by how the conversation went. I slowly retreat back upstairs to the safety of my room. I’m not halfway upstairs when Mindy calls out once more.

“Oh and, Cinders. Be sure to send me your measurements. I have an outfit in mind for you, and I want to get it just right!”

Back upstairs in my room. Annoyed that I let Mindy get the better of me. Technically she was right, I had clicked the link and become addicted but she wasn’t blameless. But am I really annoyed?

#buzz buzz buzz#

It’s a message from Beth.

Babe since we’re going to be milking you and possibly other anal stuff 😝 you should go to the House Of Play and get us some extra lube!

Other “anal stuff?” I can order the lube off Amazon.

Timmy! I know you haven’t left your house since I left. GO OUTSIDE!!! Take a drive and pick up some lube. Please, for me!

Ps yes other stuff lol

To be fair, she was right. I hadn’t left the house. I thought to myself.

Sure Beth.

Grabbing a duffle bag I basically run out of my room and down the stairs straight out the door before Mindy can interrogate me and head to House Of Play.

Pulling up outside, I check my phone. It had rung while I was driving but I didn’t answer it. Mindy had called 4 times. Probably because I didn’t ask permission first. But fuck her I think to myself and I head inside.

“Hey, Guy. No girl, no entry.” Shouts the Goth at the counter.

“Oh, um…I came in the other day…”

“Huh? Oh yeah! You’re Beth’s boy. Locked boy. UNICORN! Yeah I remember you. How’s the old pilgrimage going?”

Shit it’s the same girl as before. My face immediately turns red. There are well over a dozen people in this store and she outed me, loudly.

“You embarrassed, Guy? Don’t be. We get all sorts in here. Your FLR stuff is pretty mundane nowadays.”

“Sure. Thanks.” I mumbled, still seething.

“So, Guy. Whatcha after?” She asks, popping her bubblegum.

Looking around at everyone in the store, I edge closer to the sales assistant. I clear my throat, but whisper.

“Erm…anal lube?”

“Haha. Way to go Beth! I’m presuming it’s for you?” She giggled with a mischievous grin.

My embarrassment is starting to burn my skin. As I nod.

“You need to chill a bit more, Guy. You’re in a safe place here.” She tells me as she leads me through the store.

I know I’m probably bahis firmaları being paranoid, I feel like everyone is watching me and it’s making me nervous. There are a couple a few aisles back gossiping away. I know they heard that I’m locked. They’re probably having a big laugh at my expense.

“So these are the best two on the market and we are actually having a sale 3 for 2. So you’ll be plenty stocked up.”

Inspecting the bottles not really knowing the difference I pick mainly on colour.Grabbing the three bottles, and following her back to the till.

So, Guy. How far down this rabbit hole you prepared to go?” She asks as she steps back behind the counter.

“Huh? Well Beth is my keyholder and we’re just taking it from there.”

“I get that. I mean what’s the endgame here? You wanna be a cuck, a sissy, a stag? I mean you can be a sissy cuck or a Bi stag. The variants are pretty much limitless.

“I think we’re just doing the whole chastity and keyholder thing.”

“Okay but what if she wants to fuck another guy, Guy?”

“No, she said wouldn’t want to.”

“Yeah maybe. But I bet a month ago she wasn’t thinking about being your keyholder was she? I’m just saying, Guy. Things change. Especially in the kinky realm. Boundaries are pushed limits tested is all.”

“If Beth wants to cuckold me she doesn’t need my permission. I love her. I’d do anything for her. Hell, I’m pussy free for her!” I say a little too loudly.

“Good for you, Guy.” She tells me as she rings me up. Handing me the bag of lube.

“Thanks.” I say. My embarrassment is starting to fade.

“Hold up, Guy.” Says the Goth as she writes something down on a piece of paper.

“Here’s my number. Now don’t get the wrong idea. I ain’t into ya. But you’re a little doe eyed and I uh, think you may need a neutral ear or some friendly advice from time to time.”

“Oh wow. Thanks, thanks so much.”

“Don’t make me regret it, Guy.”

“I won’t. Oh and it’s Tim.”

“Ha. It’s fucking UNICORN, Guy. Get outta here.” She laughs as starts to flick through a magazine.

Walking out the store I’m halfway to the truck when I hear someone calling out. I turn around to see the coupe from the store waving at me. “I knew they were laughing at me.” I say to myself.

“Hey there. Sorry to be so forthright with ya, but we always said if we ever met a younger version of ourselves we’d have to do something to help.” The man informs me.

“Hey look, I don’t know what you think you heard. But she was just horsing around.” I began to lie.

“It’s okay. We’re uh well like you.” Says the lady as she slightly lowers her top to flash me a key dangling underneath.

My eyes light up at the key and immediately look back at the man. Who hikes up his top, lowering his waistband to show off a chaste cuckold tattoo. The tattoo is the male sex symbol but the arrow is bent not straight and has a locked over it. Something I’ve only ever seen drawn online.

“So what do you guys want with me?” I ask curiously.

“Well, we’re part of a, well a ‘kinky community’ and we’re having a little, well gathering later. That’s why we’re here, getting supplies. And uh we wanted to invite you and your keyholder.” Says the lady.

“Um, I don’t even know you.” I begin.

“Haha sorry. My apologies. I’m Grant and this is my wife, my Queen, and keyholder, Kimberly.” He says offering a handshake.

“Tim.” I say as I shake his hand. “So this little party. I dunno..”

Grant has a little chuckle and nudges Kimberly.

“When Kim said little she is being modest

There will be over a hundred people there. It’s a traffic light party for the community.”

“A what?”

“A traffic light party. So you wear something predominantly red, green or orange and that indicates your interest at the event.”

“Sorry if I’m being dense. But what does it mean?”

“Well green means you are open, available, interested or even looking for something in particular. So you could be a couple looking for a bull or a Mistress looking sub. Or even a stag and hotwife couple looking for swingers. Orange means you’re curious and would like to talk and engage with the possibility of going green. Then you have red, which basically means you’re simply there to be around other like minded people, for the environment if you will.” Explained the lovely Kimberly.

“Oh, okay. That sounds very intriguing but my Keyholder is out of town at the moment. I would probably be out of place.”

“It would be your first event. So nothing can happen…sexual speaking, without a clean bill of health. It’s more a meet and greet for you. If that’s what you’re worried about.”

“And I can just turn up?”

“Well not exactly you’ll have to sign up. Name, email address, telephone number and a photo ID and fill out a form. That’s what gets you on the guest list.”

“Hmmm. I’m not sure.”

Kimberly reaches into her bag and pulls out a gold envelope with the letters NC in black indented on it.

“Well look. Take this and If we see you we see. If not, maybe another kaçak bahis siteleri time. But we’re a really cool and relaxed community.” She smiles.

“Trust me, Tim. If you’re into this lifestyle, you’re going to want to be at this party. Usually we have small gatherings once a month. But these traffic light parties are almost like a convention and very beneficial to members.”

“Okay. Well let me talk to Beth, um my keyholder and I guess I’ll, um we’ll make a decision then.”

“No problem, Tim. All the info is in that envelope. Hope to see you there pal.” Beams Grant, and back into the store he and Kimberly go.

In the truck, in two minds at what to do. Do I call Beth? Pulling out my phone but then I hesitate. Do I wanna go? Would she wanna go? Wait she can’t go, she ain’t in town. Won’t it be weird? What if we know people at the convention? What if it’s all a con to mug me? Best to get home, open the envelope and then take it from there.

Pulling up onto the drive and parking up. Mindy appears at the front door arms folded and looking cross. Stepping out of the truck I have the bag of lubes under my left arm and the gold envelope in my right hand as I start to to walk towards her.

“You’re lucky I didn’t report the truck stolen, Cinders. You know you need permission to borrow the truck. Actually I should have. You getting stoped and searched, them finding you locked in chastity and then calling me to bail you out. Ha! Well I guess I know what I’ll be doing if you even think of taking the truck again.”

“It’s not your truck, Mindy. It’s my dad’s. Now please go away. I’m busy.”

“Busy with wha…”

She stops speaking immediately as she sees the envelope. Almost like she knows what’s inside. As I brush past her, I flash the front of the card casually to see if she truly does recognise the NC logo.

“Where did you get that!” She barks instantly, after recognising the logo.

“None of your business.” I snort back.

“TIM! She shouts. As I reach the stairs.

On the first step I turn to face her. I can see she’s visibly flustered. She starts to breathe slowly. As if she’s calming herself down.

“Tim. You’re right. I’m sorry…”

WHAT THE FUCK! I scream in my head. What is in this envelope?

“…I don’t treat you very well. But I promise, going forward, will be nothing but cordial. But please. I’m begging you. Just hand me that envelope and let me have a look.”

“Mindy, do you know what this is?” I ask curiously as I wave the envelope at her.

“Tim, you’ve seen the movie Charlie and the Chocolate factory?”


“If im right, that’s the golden ticket to a swingers life.”

“Swingers?” Acting coy.

“I told you my ex and I used to be into that scene. That envelope with black writing was supposed to be an urban legend. A fantasy. How did you get one?”

“By not being you!” I laughed and turned away.

As I reached the top of the stairs Mindy called out once.

“Tim! You can bring a guest!” She pleads as she starts to follow me up the stairs.

“You think I’d choose you over Beth? You’ve gone mad.” I laugh once more.

“Tim. You love Beth. I get that. But I’m more experienced. I have knowledge. Beth…Beth is still learning. I can bring so much more to the table. Look…Look how I’ve treated you these past years! Now imagine how it could be with me being good to you. How good I could treat you!”

“You wanna leave my dad for me?” I ask with a chuckle.

“No, Tim. But I can be your keyholder. And I bring a lot to the table. I mean no offence to Beth, but I’m a wet dream for losers like you!”

“Yeah, you were. But, and I mean this with the utmost disrespect. You’re no Beth, and you never will be!”

Getting into my room, I lock the door and even wedge a chair against the door handle for good measure. Refusing to take no for an answer Mindy begins to bang in my door.

“Mindy, I think we both can agree you’re been pretty fucked up. So either fuck off or I’m calling my dad!”

The knocking stops, but I’m adamant Mindy is just outside. If she wants torture herself, so be it.

I call Beth and explain the whole crazy situation minus the weird Mindy aspect.

“I think you should go!”

“What really?”

“Yeah. I mean I wanna go. Have you opened the letter?”

“No. I was waiting for you!”

“Well open it!” Exclaims Beth.

Gently opening the envelope a pulling out the hard black card inside. The card is the reverse to the envelope. The card is jet black with gold writing.

#NuMega Coalition#

Welcome to The NC

This invite comes with a unique barcode and is only valid for a single scan.


Follow the instructions on the back and please bring both codes to the event.


“What does the back say?” Beth asks.

“It’s just a website.” I replied.

I typed in the website on my laptop and it instantly requested the barcode. Scanning the code opens a welcome screen and a questionnaire needs to be completed.

“Soooooo?” Probes Beth.

“It’s nothing major. Like a questionnaire and specifics of your desired kinks and other shit.” I explain while simultaneously filling out the form.

Flying through the form while Beth babbled only for s a “Huh.” Slips out.

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