Three Friends Journey to Adulthood

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A totally fictional story, I depended a lot on my own experiences at that age to write it. It was a fun story to write, getting to relive that period of my life. All characters are of legal age or older (18). Again mostly self-edited and proofed with software, so there are likely a few mistakes. Comments on my stories are always appreciated.


Pre-School to Marriage- A Tale of 3 Friends and their Journey through Life.

Part One – High School Graduation and Sexual Awakening


Gary, Carmen, and I have been good friends ever since I can remember. We went to pre-school, and kindergarten together. Over the years our paths would eventually go in different directions but always ended up crossing from time to time. Gary and Carmen eventually became sweethearts and married after college. I was also very fond of Carmen, the three of us were always hanging out back then. To understand the story I need to start with a little information about us as three friends, and as individuals.

Kindergarten, that’s when kids still feel free to be themselves, no peer pressure, not a lot of judgment from other kids, that comes soon after.

The three of us bonded right away, we were always together on the playground playing some kind of game. We even had some play dates that included all three of us.


Gary was a quiet kid, introspective, more of a follower than a leader in our group of three. He sure liked Carmen, and he and I often competed for her attention.


My parents, and Gary’s for that matter, thought she was the cutest little redhead they had ever seen. She was full of energy, always coming up with a plan that sometimes got all three of us in trouble. Very athletic, often beat us in some of our games, stunts too, because of her physical strength, and lack of fear. She was a tomboy but a cute little girl.


That’s me, I was kind of a worrier, I always tried to play by the rules, I could not lie if I wanted to, I had no poker face, still don’t. You might describe me as a sucker after you read Part 2 of this story, I have made some poor adult decisions regarding relationships in my life.

I will be brief with the kindergarten time period. Both Gary and I were very taken with little Carmen. Gary started things by holding hands with her when we did things as a group in school. I copied him likes kids do you would see us going down the sidewalk all three holding hands. We became more of what you would call buddies, and inseparable back then.


Skip ahead to High School, well past puberty for girls, and even most boys. A time when what guys and girls do is still mostly learned from their peers and is inaccurate. But in the case of the three of us, we did not care that much yet as we were still just bud’s, we could drive, but none of us had a car, we could borrow and use our parent’s car, but with their restrictions, but we still enjoyed riding BMX bikes when we were around the neighborhood, doing jumps in empty lots, Carmen was a dude in a lot of ways, just one of us guys.

Eventually, especially after graduation and turning, 18 we were forced to acknowledge more of the differences between the sexes. I was not that sexually active with girls yet. I knew some things and I was very interested in finding out more. I did not have a steady, shyness, or maybe I was waiting for someone I really liked. I know now that studies show that 50 percent of students entering college are still virgins, so it was not that odd for any of us to be. Most of us lie at that age about what we know and don’t know or have done, mostly around friends we think might judge us.

This was the time period an incident, well, I would rather call it an event featuring just me and Carmen changed the way I looked at girls and the way she looked at boys, especially each other.

Carmen had matured faster than Gary and me, mostly from a physical standpoint, girls usually do. She had long had her boob’s, but despite still being a tomboy, she sure was proud of them. Girls that had bigger ones like herself received more attention, and Carmen thrived on it. I liked boobs, and yes, especially the ones on my buddy Carmen, but did not even know how to hint I would like to see them uncovered sometime!

The fact that the three of us were together most of the time, probably kept us from experimentation, even with others. I never tried to start something of any kind of sexual nature with Carmen, if anything ever would have been started, it would have had to be by her. I was just too shy.

This event on a bike trip we embarked on has had a lasting effect on Carmen and I’s feelings for each other. It was put into motion by Gary going away to his grandparent’s to help his grandpa with a home improvement project during summer vacation after graduation, and Carmen and I were left to come up with our own adventures.

Our first one that week was a bike ride to the forbidden quarry. It was the place bonus veren siteler all of our parents told us not to ever go because it was dangerous! I think before we were even born someone drowned there, and the company was sued and ended up putting up a pretty tall fence.

It was surprising that Gary and I never gave into Carmen’s curiosity to find a way to explore it. But she was told about a break in the fence and wanted to see what the ponds looked like there, as stories were around from others that have claimed to have been there before. We found the break and got our bikes through to continue.

It was still a long ride within the quarry, we were quite tired, but most of all dehydrated from the heat, we had to ration our water on the way. Then we found what just looked so awesome in the hot summer heat. It was a crystal clear pond in one of the mining areas, with big rectangular rocks that had been mined from it, and for some reason quality maybe, they were left behind.

There we were, the two of us, each standing on our own rock looking into the waters. We were thinking about two things, filling our water bottles, and swimming. Unlike some of the ponds, this one had what almost looked like a beach. You could see as well, that it did not just drop off like most quarry ponds, it looked more like a recreational lake, where there is no drop-off right away.

Carmen looked at me and said, “The water looks so clear, I think we can chance to drink it, and we just have to swim here too. I know someone drowned, but there are a lot of ponds we passed that were just plain deep, this one isn’t. I am sure it’s safe for us, we both are good swimmers.

I pointed out the fact that we would have to ride all the way back to the fence and then on home to get our suits, and our moms would want to know why, and where, well, it just would not work.

Carmen, “I want to swim, I am going to strip down to just my panties and go in, they look just like my swimsuit bottoms.

Me, the voice of reason again, “Are you sure you don’t mind being topless with your buddy, lets face it, you have tits, nice ones, that are quite big. Might I say they are awesome looking, and I know you don’t have a bra you could keep on? I noticed when I looked back at you when you were leaning forward on your bike in that sleeveless top, sometimes I think you want me to see them. That top is so loose, I could see almost all the way down to your nipples.”

Carmen, “That means you have seen my tits already, so it would not be a big deal for me, and I knew you were looking, you almost crashed into me a couple of times trying to get that look. I know we are just buddies, but it kind of turns me on knowing you want to see them, but if it bothers either one of us, I can cover my nipples with my hands as we go in. I don’t care that much if you see me just topless. I trust you not to tell your other friends that Carmen likes to show her tits. We are just friends, buddies we have always called ourselves anyway, we won’t be touching each other. I have not been all that active with boys, I won’t say the word, but I admit I still am one as far as actual sex goes, so I think we can control ourselves.”

I added, “The other problem is that we will be going home in wet underwear, or shorts, I know mine will not dry, they are the combo kind of shorts with stitched-in underwear making them extra thick, and I would be just plain naked and showing all of me if I took them off.”

Carmen, “I don’t care, I am going to swim no matter what. Since it is you, just a buddy, I am willing to go in naked. I may not have had one in me, but I have seen penises before, if it bothers you that I will see yours, I promise not to stare. We don’t have to stare at each other down below, as far as my breast or my fat ugly butt goes, I don’t care if you see them a little I guess. You will just have to see this buddy differently. We can even take turns getting naked, and then get in the water as the other doesn’t look if that is what you prefer.”

I wanted to swim too, but I had other problems, one I did not want to bring up. I had never been totally naked with a girl, and few males as well, and knew I had less hair down there, even though I was almost 19, I did not think my penis was very big back then. I remember being concerned enough at the time to look it up in the school library, it said that puberty in boys can continue into our mid 20’s, and a male’s penis and pubic hair continue to develop until then, along with the rest of their body. Even though my penis may not have been quite full-grown at this late age, there was also an erection problem that was getting worse as I got older. Even though we were just buddies, I had started having non-buddy feelings about Carmen, and started having more and bigger erections around her.

Erections, if I got one while still back in school I would walk around with a book or something in front of it. But even though I was at the age that I knew that seeing girls with nice breasts, and nice butts had a lot to do bedava bahis with it. I was not alone in that, in high school there were a lot of guys with books in front of them on occasion.

But here I was alone with a girl and was a little worried about having one while skinny dipping, because of my lack of confidence in my development. I kept that to myself, and being desperate for an argument said, “Even though we are both of legal age now, I don’t think our moms would think it would be appropriate for us to be naked in front of each other, you know how the two of them are.”

Carmen, “Moms always spoil their kids fun, that’s just what moms do. We both need to grow up, we are past 18, and need to start acting our age, and stand up to them, we are heading to college in the fall. There is nothing wrong with two friends, especially ones that claim to be just buddies getting naked and swimming in the same pond, and we are just going to swim, aren’t we? Or are you afraid you won’t be able to keep from making a move on this dude? You better worry about it being me that makes a move, just because our relationship has been as just friends, it’s not like I don’t think you are a hot looking guy. Like you admit to trying to see my breast, I have on occasion wanted to check out what is going on in your shorts. Let’s just get naked and swim for the fun and relief from the heat, nobody can talk about it, as no one else is here to see us anyway, and I won’t tell.”

It was a hot day, I was covered in sweat from the bike ride, I was even starting to get sore in my crotch from the friction of my shorts, a good reason to get out of them a while. Even though I was reluctant I really wanted to swim too, she is right I need to grow up. Knowing she was going to get her way in the end, I figured I could at least make some rules. Maybe I was overreacting to the nudity part because I was so insecure about my penis size, and she did not say she was OK with me seeing her sex. I figured we could limit, if not eliminate what we don’t want to show, and still have a fun swim. I was still too modest and a bit prude, too shy to show it all to a girl, especially someone that my relationship has been one of just close friends for all these years.

We came up with a plan, to keep from seeing each other, especially our “extra private areas.” Carmen called them, she said if I turned and did not watch, she was willing to undress and go in first, she would tell me when I could come in, and would not look when I undressed either, and I could just follow her to deeper water for cover. The way I understood it, we would both be underwater above our chest then, and not seeing much if any of each other.

I turned away and told her to tell me when it is OK to follow her in. She was undressing and I gave her some distance and did not even peek, even though I have already admitted to, being anxious to see her breasts and their nipples uncovered. I was still pretty timid about showing myself, but yet excited about taking a swim on such a hot day. The daring part of skinny dipping in a forbidden place with Carmen made it even more exciting, even though we had this, what I thought was a good plan in place to limit our exposure.

It did not take her long to tell me it was O.K., so I pulled down my shorts while still facing away from her. Just knowing we were both now naked was starting to be a turn-on. So I turned to go in the water to see that she was not even close to being in above her breast, just barely up to her butt when she gave me the O.K..

So much for the plan, she was still walking, but slowly. The water was cold, and that always slows you down, or maybe she was still not sure if I garnered the courage to come in at that point. But it did seem like it was OK with her if I saw her bare butt and her back, I guess she did not consider her butt to be “extra private,” and now she seemed ready to show me her breast too, she always was less modest than Gary and me.

I decided to go slow to give her time to get in deeper. I did not mind seeing an awesome girl butt for a few more steps, I guess I am a butt guy, still am. It was the first time I saw how milky white a girl’s butt cheeks are where they are usually covered, even the white marks where her swim top covers on her back were sexy to me, and getting my attention.

But let me get back to that cute butt of hers, it wasn’t just any butt to me anymore, another thing I had noticed on my bike on the way there. It was plentiful, but not a bit too large, or fat, she just had such nice round cheeks that moved when she peddled, and were just to hard to ignore. Now, watching her walking naked, and seeing them wiggle as she did, caused me to feel some action down below.

I had expected her bare butt, and my penis to be underwater about the same time. Things were not going the way I thought we planned, but I was getting to see her naked girl butt, so everything was O.K. with me.

Then things went wrong again, or looking back I guess they went right since we both had admitted checking out deneme bonus each other’s private parts before. She did not hear me swashing through the water I guess, and turned to see if I was coming. I did not think that was the plan at all, at least not until we were deeper in the water.

She did not bother trying to cover any part of her at all, and she was as naked as me, but she only had her body half turned toward me not showing me her front. Despite the partial view, I had a new feeling go through my body that I never felt around her before, and could not help but take a long look at her girl body as it was being presented to me for the first time.

I froze, I just could not move it was such a beautiful thing to see, better than a full-frontal, my penis agreed with that assessment. It was what they used to call a Kodak moment, the profile of her pausing there half-turned that I still carry in my mind. My Carmen had grown up, and was standing there in a sexy model pose, like in the SI swimsuit edition, only unlike those models, my Carmen was all the way naked. I was seeing part of that one perfectly round milky white bare butt cheek, her tiny waist, and her one pale perfectly shaped breast from its side, but I could just barely see her dark pink nipple protruding and pointed up a little. I was a changed young man after that moment.

She turned back and continued, but not until she took a good look at me, spending most of that time on my lower half, something had her complete attention and I knew what it was. It was me that was showing all that I had, with part of me rapidly becoming excited, and I should have covered myself I guess, as I got a reaction in my penis and I felt good knowing she wanted to check it out. Despite the good feeling I had from her interest, standing there with my penis that I was now realizing was pretty hard, and sticking out in front of me, made it feel like we stood that way for a long time.

Once she turned back and was moving out to the deeper water again, I sped up and looked down again and was terrified to see that I had a full erection. I sped up to hurry and get cover, and it was soon under the cold water, and that took care of the problem.

When she got to where her breast was covered just above her nipples with the water, she turned all the way back, and the water is so clear, we decided we should at least keep our distance if we wanted to swim. I could see the top of her breast and was happy with that view, it even included a faint distorted view of nipples, hard ones from the water, I was happy about that. I had already seen all of her butt, and then almost a whole nipple.

She saw my hard penis though, and I was trying to convince myself it was a good time if it was going to happen, if it was flaccid and tiny, that would have been worse. I told myself what girl her age has not actually seen a penis. I just hoped she did not see a real big one on someone our age.

Once we adjusted to the cool water that was then refreshing, I think we pretty much forgot about being naked, we just played around like we did when we had swimsuits on, and we kept some distance but not so far we could not splash each other and goof off. We did do some swimming, I did everything but the backstroke thinking it was safe, my skinny butt could not have stuck up much, if at all. But her two milky white butt cheeks sure popped up out of the water, even giving me a flash of a little red bush between them.

Her naked body was just beautiful, even when distorted by the water. I think we both at least tried to see more, I know I did.

That was about it for the swimming part, we had fun and only bumped into each other a few times. Problem was, our privacy plan did not include getting out and then dealing with the fact that we would be wet and naked, but our clothes were dry. With nothing to use for a towel, we would have to wait for our bodies to dry in the sun before dressing.

Again I did not want her to see my penis, especially as tiny as it would look coming out of cold water. I took over the planning. I pointed to a rock to the right, on the shore in the sun, and told her that was hers. Then I pointed to one in the other direction and said it was mine, they were pretty far apart and I could see some rocks in between that I thought should block most of our view.

She went first, went to the rock, and then told me it was my turn. This time I did not turn until I warned her and I started into shore. I could see she was partly turned away from my direction as planned, but when I saw her sneaking a few peeks of me, I hoped my penis was recovering and pretended to not notice. The result was a quick recovery for me just knowing she wanted to see more of my body. I laid down on my rock and told her it was all clear.

I was not exactly right about the lack of view, I had made that assessment from the water. I could see almost the whole profile of her body from the side, if she turned that way I would see it all. But like going in, she was naked, and in a sexy pose, with a side boob view, one leg bent, and her knee standing up, showing her sculpted leg, all the way until it connected to her bare buttock, it alone gave me another tingle. I figured if I could see that much of her, it just made sense she had almost the same view if not better.

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