The Woman on the Bus

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I grew up 30 miles from London and in my early teens I use to spend a lot of time in my school holidays exploring London. My dad worked there so I would catch a lift with him in the morning, go around London on the buses all day, then return with him in the evening.

I had recently turned 18 and not had a steady girlfriend yet. I was curious, even obsessed, about women and quite liked the thought of a woman a bit older and experienced showing me what it was all about.

I was on one of my trips to London during a cold Autumn half-term school holiday and on the top deck of a bus journey from Marylebone Road to Holloway Road. A lady got on, came up the stairs and asked to sit next to me. The bus was about half full, so I politely said yes, even though there were other seats.

I guess she was around thirty years old, slim, had medium length brown curly hair, a long coat and a shopping bag. I just presumed she was on her way home from doing a bit of shopping. She gave me a lovely smile when she sat down and was very friendly. She struck up a conversation straight away, asking if I was visiting London. So, I told her I was just exploring by bus. She asked me where I came from, what kind of family and school I had and what I was interested in. Of course, I could not just tell her I was really interested in women, especially more experienced ones. But I did think she was lovely, and I had never had someone like her show such an interest in me. In the breaks in conversation, I imagined what it would be like if she took me home with her! *

So, I plucked up the courage and when there was a gap I said, “Actually, as I’m only eighteen, I have recently become very interested in the opposite sex and I wondered whether, as you’re so friendly, you could answer some questions for me?”

She looked at me a little surprised, but not shocked, which gave me hope. To cover my embarrassment, I said, “I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

She said, “No it’s fine, if that’s what you’re thinking I feel flattered that you would ask me. Is it just one or two questions or do you have a list?”

I said, “Well, lots of things really.”

Then she said, “I have to get off in a minute, but if you want you can come back to my house for some lunch and ask all the questions you like.”

I could not believe my luck! When it was her stop, she got up, so I got up and followed her off the bus thinking this was unexpected!

As we walked, she told me a bit about herself. She was quite newly married, and her husband worked in the city. She did not work but enjoyed going into London to shop a couple of times per week. The rest of the time she was at home in their 3 bed semi doing housework or cooking or reading. She might find a job soon but was happy to be at home, maybe until she has children. As she nattered, I started to wonder if these were the answers to the questions that she thought I might have about women and had not quite understood what I was interested in. Maybe she thought I was much more innocent than I was!

Suddenly she stopped and said, “This is my house” and headed down the short drive looking for her key in her bag as I continued to follow. She opened the door, stepped inside, and held the door open for me whilst she removed key out. “Come on in” she said. “You can hang your coat on the banister.”

I stepped into a lovely warm house. She closed the door, put her bag down, unbuttoned her coat as I took mine off giving me another lovely smile to try to put me at ease because I was obviously nervous. She had a white cardigan with a patterned dress on underneath, one of those knee length cotton dresses with buttons up the front. She also had dark tights or stockings on, I could not tell which. “I’ll put the kettle on” she said as she hung her coat on a hook behind the door, “Come on through” she added. We walked to the kitchen at the back which had a window onto a private garden, surrounded by small trees and hedges and not obviously overlooked.

As she filled the kettle she said, “Have a seat. Would you like something to drink?”

I sat down and said, “Squash is fine, if you have got any.”

She made me some squash and finished making her cup of tea, all whilst telling me about the house and how they had been there just over a year and loved the quiet but close-to London feel of the place.

When we both had our drinks, she sat down across the kitchen table and said, “So, what did you want to ask me about the opposite sex?” adding a slight smile.

I paused for a while to gather my questions as I could not quite believe I was getting the chance to ask. “Well,” I said “I’ve recently started to find girls and women fascinating and I don’t kocaeli escort know why. My heart races when I think about them, like it’s racing now” I said very nervously, visibly shaking as I clutched my glass.

She reached across the table and put her hand on my hand and said, “It’s nothing to be nervous about, it’s just very natural. Let me help you … go ahead and ask me what you’re really interested in knowing.”

“OK” I said, trying to form some words, “I’ve often imagined what a woman looks like without her clothes, but I’ve never had the chance to see one in-the-flesh, as it were.” That was it, I said it and paused.

“Well,” she said and smiled again “How about I take my clothes off and you can see for yourself? Purely for educational purposes, you understand.”

“Really?” I said, sounding hopeful and surprised at the same time.

“If that’s OK with you” she said.

“Of course” I replied.

So, she pushed her chair out and stood away from the table. Then, facing me and with a calm, gentle smile, she took off her cardigan, put it on the back of her chair, and started to unbutton her dress from the top. I was still nervous and embarrassed, so I took a quick glance around expecting someone to interrupt somehow.

“Don’t worry, there’s no-one else here. My husband does not get home until 7. If you want to know what a woman looks like, you need to watch closely” she added.

I turned my gazed back and fixed on her, switching my look between what she was doing with her hands and her smiling face which was fixed on me. As she got halfway down her dress, I could see she had a white lacy bra and a white slip. She pulled the bottom of her dress up to finish the buttons, then she slipped the arms out and put it on the back of the chair. She stood up straight and put her hands on her hips and smiled again.

“So far, so good?” she asked.

All I could do was nod.

She kicked off her flat heeled shoes and put them to the side. She then used her hands to push her slip down, stepping out of it. It was now I could see she had tights on and what looked like quite feminine matching lacy knickers underneath. She took the top of her tights and peeled them down to mid-thigh, bending over and looking at them to do it.

Whilst her gaze was off me, I glanced passed her at the window wondering if someone might look in, but she spotted that immediately and said, “I hope you’re still watching.”

I put my gaze back on her as she stood up and looked at me again.

“What do you think so far?” she said.

“You look lovely” I said, not quite knowing how to express the ecstasy that I was going through.

She sat on the chair sideways and pushed her tights all the way down and removed them, one foot at a time. Then she stood back up, faced me, put her hands on her hips and said, “Have you seen someone close to you like this in their underwear?”

“No” I said.

“Well, take a good look then” she added.

So, I looked her up and down, not missing a square inch. She had quite small and pert breasts. I could just about make out her nipples through the white lace. Her knickers were medium sized briefs … they were about two inches high at the sides, so higher than bikini style. The lace pattern at the front went down to a white cotton gusset which was just visible as she stood with her legs together. I could just see that she had a full bush of dark pubic hair underneath, but it stopped about half an inch before the top of her knickers, which had a little bow on the front. There was a hint of her public hair coming out of the sides of her knickers and it pushed the front out slightly in a mound whereas the rest of her knickers laid against her skin. She had a lovely slim shapely figure and fair skin, like it did not see the light of day very much. By this time, I had a huge erection, so I had to keep shuffling position to stay comfortable. I am sure she noticed.

I thought, due to the pause, that that might be all she was willing to show me. I was already delighted beyond words, so would not have complained if she had said that is all.

I was savouring the moment thinking it was the peak of this experience when she asked, “Have you ever taken a woman’s bra off?”

“Erm, no” I replied with a slight blush.

“I’ll teach you” she said.

So, she turned around and I stood up ready. She said “Grab the material either side of the centre at the back and push them together. It’s got little hooks you have to undo.”

I tried once and the material just folded, but then I saw the hooks and with a bit of fiddling, they came apart.

“Well done” she said turning around in front of me with her hands on her breasts holding darıca escort the front of her bra on.

“Watch closely” she said as she moved her hands forward grabbing the cups of her bra as she went. The straps fell down her arms where they met her wrists which were now down by her tummy. I watched the bra descend and she just flung it on the chair.

“What do you think now?” she said as she put her arms down by her side.

I stared at these two small but perfectly shaped breasts, topped with nipples that looked like they were standing to attention!

“They’re perfect” I said.

She watched me staring at her nipples.

“See, I’m excited too” she said, confirming that she had spotted my erection. “I’ve never done this sort of thing before either” she added.

I could hear some nerves in her voice, which confirmed that this was just as unusual for her as it was for me. As I looked her in the eyes, she glanced away briefly with very slight embarrassment before meeting my eyes again.

“I thought I was the embarrassed one” I said, “You have nothing to be embarrassed about. You’re amazing” I added. She smiled as if she had just got some huge validation for something important. “Honestly, I haven’t seen anything so perfect in all my life” I said.

“We haven’t finished yet” she said.

My goodness, we are going for the full Monty, I thought!

“Whilst you’re up” she said, “why don’t you take my knickers off too?” I knelt so my head was at the same level as her white lacy knickers. Then, I put one hand on either side of her knickers, by her hips, put my first finger inside the top of her knickers and started to pull them down. “Slowly” she said softly, “You want to take note of how they come off.” I thought she was joking, as it was a simple action, but as I looked up into her eyes, she was being serious. So, I tried to do it in stages. First, I brought the sides down until the front descended enough for me to see the start of her pubic hair. I paused to take it in. “That’s good” she said. Then I brought them down a bit further, so her dark pubic hair appeared down to where there was a hint of her slit. “Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” she said.

I just shook my head.

Then I continued pulling the sides down the outside of her thighs revealing the whole front of her dark pubic hair. As her legs were closed, the gusset was held where it was until, with a little jiggle from her, it sprung down to join the rest of her knickers now on their way to her knees. I saw a very slight wet patch on the inside of her gusset as I watched them all the way to the floor, thinking that she must be more excited than I thought. She lifted one foot and then the other for me to remove them completely, steadying herself with one hand on the table. I placed them on the chair with the other clothes now in a beautiful heap of discarded feminine apparel.

She put her hands on her hips and said, “Make sure you have a good look before you get up.”

So, I stared at her pubic region for a few seconds. I was obviously getting extremely excited at this point.

“Maybe we should take a break” she said. “Can’t do it all at once” which hinted that there was maybe more to come! “Would you like some lunch?” She said, almost as if the last 10 minutes had not happened.

“Yes please” I replied.

“Ham sandwich?” she said.

I nodded.

“Have a seat then and watch and learn” she added.

I sat down and watched her move about the kitchen making lunch completely naked. It was a revelation. At one point, she needed a plate, so she came over towards me and reached up into a cupboard over the table. She deliberately placed her body so that her pubic hair was right in front of my face as she stretched for the plates. She shuffled her feet to open her legs slightly so I could see right under to the light coming from the kitchen window. Just before she got the plates down, she pushed her mound into my face. It smelt lovely. A mixture of light perfume and a slight smell of what I imagined was her excitement. She moved away like she had no idea what she had just done!

With a couple of sandwiches made, the plate and a couple of glasses on the table, she got some fruit juice out of the fridge, making sure to bend down so I get a good rear view of two now swollen lips between her legs. With lunch all set, she sat down opposite me.

“Is that OK?” she asked.

I thought she meant the lunch, so I said, “That’s fine.”

She laughed saying, “I didn’t mean the lunch.”

“Oh” I said, “No, everything is more than I could have dreamt of, thank you.”

“Have some lunch and tell me what else you’d like to know” gölcük escort she added.

I asked what it was like to be a woman and she told me some very personal things, like her morning routine; what she wore in bed, how she washed, what kind of underwear she liked, how it felt wearing dresses.

Then, as we finished the sandwiches, she started to tell me how many times she masturbated, how many times she had sex with her husband and where she likes to be touched. At that point she stopped and looked in my eyes and said, “Would you like to touch me?”

My yes came out quicker than I could control.

So, she got up and moved around my side of the table and stood right in front of me. “Feel free” she said with a wry smile. I thought it a bit fast to touch her mound right in front of me, so I lifted my hands up and touched her breasts. I cupped them, caressed them, and got the nipples in between my fingers and thumbs. They had been hard this whole time, I reckon. They were so soft and warm. She looked at her breasts as I did this, noticing how I was exploring them. Then I moved my head closer and took a nipple into my mouth, caressing it with my tongue and gently sucking it a few times before moving across to the other nipple and doing the same.

After a while, I drew back, stood up straight and looked into her eyes again, making sure she was still OK with whatever might come next. She smiled approvingly. Keeping eye contact, I moved my right hand down her front, brushed over her pubic triangle to her crotch. She shuffled her feet apart again so there was a space between her legs. I turned my hand, so it was flat on her pussy. Then I put my left hand around her waist to her back and pulled her close to me, pressing my right hand slightly between her legs on the cup of my palm. She gave a little moan for the first time. Then I realised that the palm of my hand was all wet.

“I told you I was excited” she whispered.

I started to move my middle finger and it found its way easily in between the lubricated lips to her opening. I paused.

“Go on” she whispered.

So, I pushed my middle finger into her slit as far as it would go. This, of course, solicited another moan, slightly more pronounced than the first. After leaving it there for a few seconds, she said “Do you want to taste it too?”

I said a simple, “Yes.”

I removed my hand, knelt down and moved my mouth close. With my tongue I licked her wetness. More moans. I pushed my face into her pussy and pushed my tongue as deep as I could get it into her slit. I moved it around for a while until I came up for air, as it were. I looked up at her and she said “I don’t think I want to go any further. I’m married you know.”

“That’s fine” I said, “I’ve already had quite an education.”

“Why don’t you come and watch me masturbate?” she said, and without waiting for an answer, she led me into the lounge, sat me on an armchair and then laid down on a sofa opposite before starting to pleasure herself.

I watched as she worked her way to climax and shuddered all over. After she got her breath back, she sat up and said, “Now that you’ve seen me, how about I see you?”

“OK” I agreed.

She sat back, folded her arms, and waited. I took all my clothes off in just a few seconds, except my underpants, and stood in front of her whilst she looked me up and down. Of course, I had had an erection for the last 30 minutes, so it was bursting to get out.

“Can I touch” she said.

“Of course” I replied.

So, she mirrored my earlier movements and slowly pulled my pants down in stages, stopping at my pubic hair, then pulling them over my erection before pushing them all the way to the floor and off. She reached out one hand and cupped my balls. She massaged them slightly, then she got off the sofa, knelt beside me and, with her other hand, wrapped it around my penis. She massaged that for a while.

Then she looked up and said, “Can I taste you too?”

“Sure” I said.

She put my penis in her mouth. She worked away with her hand and her mouth while I descended deeper and deeper into ecstasy until I said, “I’m coming.” She didn’t stop until I shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed several times until it was all gone, and I was completely weak at the knees.

“Thank you” she said.

“No. Thank you” I replied.

We sat down together naked on the sofa and got our breath back.

“Is that enough for today’s lesson?” she joked.

“Yes, it’s been very enlightening” I replied.

“Maybe next time you’re in London you should come for another lesson” she said.

“I definitely will” I replied.

We both put our clothes back on, expressed our appreciation again and I said my goodbyes. Back to the bus stop to continue my journey. At least I do not need to look for any lunch now!


* Sadly, only true up to this point, but the fantasy has entertained me for 40 years ??

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