The Way Love Goes

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Every once in a while there comes along a piece of poetry that can capture the essence of a moment within its words. Sometimes these words languish undiscovered for years and sometimes they are discovered by someone with talent. Only then can these words of knowledge, passion and other emotions be put to music and become a true piece of art.

Such artistic pieces exist in the words to the song “That’s the Way Love Goes” by Janet Jackson. “Like a moth to a flame burned by the fire.” These words have always had the power to put me in a sensual mood. They play in the background as your hands slowly smoothes over my body. And like a moth your lips flutter softly against mine. You trail a path with your mouth down my neck as you turn me in your arms to reach the sensitive spot where my neck curves into my shoulder. A shudder pass through my body as your warm breath caresses my skin.

I bend my head to give you better access to my neck I bring your hands up to my breasts. The feel of your fingers teasing my nipples through my sweater and bra brings a groan to my lips causing your lips to return to mine. Your lips lift from mine as I turn in your arms and start walking backward toward the bed pulling you along with me.

“My love is blind can’t you see my desire” With my free hand I slip the top button free of my sweater exposing the top of my bra. The next button exposes the middle of my bra while the third one reveals all.

I lay back on the bed pulling you down on top of me. Once again our mouths meet. Your tongue enters mine and then mine enters yours. Back and forth our tongues dance. The contact is broken only when I pull your shirt over your head.

“That’s the way love goes.” I roll you over onto your back and straddle your body. Leaning over I swirl my tongue across one of your nipple and then the other. I gently blow on them to make them more sensitive.

“Come with me don’t you worry, I’m gonna make you crazy.” I can feel the hardness of your cock rubbing me through your pants. One of my hands reaches down and unsnaps your pants as my lips continue to suck and lick your nipples. As I unzip your pants, I reach in to rub your harden cock through the cotton of your underwear. When I look up into your face your head is thrown back in ecstasy as a moan escapes from your mouth.

“I’ll give you the time of your life.” Your eyes open to find me watching you. Reaching up you pull my head to yours for a meeting between our mouths. My mouth leave yours to string kisses down your face and throat. You reach down and slip your pants and underwear down over your hips and thighs. My mouth is licking a path down your chest and stomach as my hand cups your balls that are now free from their confinement. Lightly I run my hands over your balls and the shaft of your cock to the head. Just as my hand reaches the tip so does my mouth.

“I’m gonna take you places you’ve never been before.” My bottom lip is caught between my teeth as I watch a drop of pre-cum form on the tip of your cock. My tongue runs across my top lip, then across the slit in the top of your cock capturing the drop. Slowly my tongue twirls around the slit in larger and larger circles until the tip of your cock is wet. But my hands have not been idle, while my tongue was busy. I am sure you noticed one of them gently massaging your balls while the other was slowly moving up and down your shaft.

“And you’ll be so happy that you came.” Now both hands come together at the base of your cock to hold it steady as my mouth works its magic. By now the tip of my tongue has found the ridge under the head of your cock and is tracing it. I notice the shudder that goes through your body, but I pay no attention as I concentrate on your cock. My tongue slides along the vein that is throbbing on the underside of your cock following it to the base.

Down to your balls my mouth goes. My teeth gently nip at one ball and then the other. My tongue slides from the underside of your balls to the top only for my mouth to close over it and gently suck it. As I increase the pressure the sounds of pleasure increase from you. Back escort service and forth my mouth switches from one to the other. I can feel your fingers tangling in my hair.

In one long lick, as if licking a cherry popsicle, I work my way back to the top of your cock. Once I reach the top my mouth closes over the tip and slides part way down until the tip of your cock hits the back of my throat. At this point I work my mouth back up lightly skimming my teeth along the shaft of your cock and over the tip. I quickly flick my tongue across the tip of your cock and close my mouth back over your cock. As my mouth slides down your cock this time a little more slides in. Then back up my teeth slides. I repeat this several more times each time sliding more and more of your cock into my mouth.

After the last stroke I slide my mouth completely off of your cock. When you open your eyes to see why I stopped I smile in your eyes. With my eyes still gazing into yours I slide my mouth over your cock. You watch as my mouth slides down your cock. We break eye contact as I move my head so that your cock slides fully into my mouth. You groan as you feel my tongue rub against the shaft of your cock and tip of your cock slides down my throat and past my gag reflex stopping only when my lips reach the base of your cock. I hold my head there for a few seconds then reverse the process.

“Oh, I’m gonna take you there.” As my mouth slides off of your cock your hips rise up in protest. But my mouth doesn’t completely leave. Halfway up my mouth stop and slides back down and once again your cock slides down my throat. I slide my mouth back up to the tip. At this point I change how my mouth works on your cock. Sometimes it is moves slowly and deep, next time fast and shallow. You don’t know what to expect you just know that your love the feel of it. Each stroke is coming closer together. I can feel your hands on my head trying to push my head down (Why guys do this I will never know!! Trust me I got this!).

You reach a point where your cock is so hard that it feels like it will explode. You flip me over onto my back and line your cock up with my mouth as you lean over me. My lips close over your cock as you slide it into my mouth with a loud groan. My hands reach up to massage your balls as you slide your cock partly out of my mouth. Once gain your cock changes direction and slides into my mouth. Your balls start twitching in my hands and you groan loudly as your cock starts jerking as it shots cum down my throat.

My mouth quickly fills up with cum despite my swallowing, a line leaks out the side of my mouth. When you pull your cock out of my mouth my hand wipes across the trail of cum that had leaked down my face. My tongue darted out to lick it off of my fingers. You are watching me as I get up off of the bed.

“Where are you going?” You ask.

“To brush my teeth, I definitely deserve a kiss.” I replied as I walked into the bathroom.

“That’s the way love goes.”

When I came out of the bathroom, breath smelling minty fresh you are still laying on my bed, but as I approached you sit up putting your mouth on level with my breasts. You place a kiss in the valley between them above my bra as your hands undo the rest of the buttons on my sweater. Once undone you slide it off of my shoulders. Reaching behind my back, you unhooked the snaps of my bra, sliding it forward down my arms.

“Don’t mind if I light candles.” My breast starts tingling as your mouth closes over the nipple and starts sucking, gently at first and then harder. With your hands on my back you pull me closer as your mouth switches to my other breast. Your mouth alternates from one breast to the other as I hold onto your shoulders, moaning in pleasure. You know how much I like my nipples sucked so you twirl, tease, and turn them into hard sensitive points of pleasure. Your hands slide down my back to the waist of my pants. Under the guidance of your hands they start descending to the floor. You are surprised when your hands encounter bare skin since you know that I usually wear underwear to match my bra.

“I london escorts alike to watch us play and baby I got on what you like.” When my pants lay in a puddle on the floor you pull me down to the bed on my stomach. Starting at the top you start massaging my skin relaxing me even more. Your lips follow the path that your hands create. You cover every part from head to toe. After finishing with my back you turn me over so that you can start on my front.

Your mouth closes over mine guaranteeing that all of my juices will be flowing. Your tongue darts in and out of my mouth teasing me. I can feel your hands massaging my breasts. From my mouth to my breasts your mouth teases my nipples. “I love your breast” you whisper as your hands squeeze their plumpness. My eyes drift half open as I watch your hand tease and please my breasts. One of your fingers tweaks causes me to moan in pleasure.

“Come closer baby, closer, reach out and feel my body.” Your mouth and hands leave my breast to travel down my body. Your tongue stops momentarily to lick my gallbladder scar, but continues on as you have a definite destination in mind. While your hands and mouth had been playing your legs have manage to push mine apart. So when your hands and mouth reached the apex of my legs they are already parted in anticipation.

“I’m gonna give you all my love.” You slowly trail a finger over the skin of my mound which is completely bare. The same finger trails down between the lips of my pussy feeling the moisture that has already formed there. Your hands push my thighs out until the lips part and you can see the pink nub that is my clit. You lightly run the tip of your finger over it causing me to moan. Liking that response you flick your finger back and forth across my clit.

“Oh sugar, don’t you hurry.” Down my slit your finger teases stopping at the entrance of my pussy. Teasingly you inserted the tip of your finger into my already wet pussy. When my hips lifted up to try to get you to go deeper you stopped.

“Don’t stop,” I moaned.

“Don’t worry, I am just getting started.” You said right before your tongue came out and licked my clit.

“Just close your eyes and hold on tight.”

“Oh yes,” I moaned as your mouth closed over my clit and started to suck. At the same time your finger slid back into my pussy. All I could do was to hang on for the ride. You used your tongue, teeth and mouth to tease my clit. You add another finger to the one that you were moving in and out of my pussy. First you would twist them one way and then the other direction.

“Oh baby, don’t stop, don’t stop go deeper baby deeper.” You alternated the action between your fingers, tongue, teeth and mouth. All I could do was moan. Then to push me even higher you reached up with your free hand and tweaked my nipple. At this point I found religion and the only thing I could moan was “Oh God!”

“You feel so good I’m gonna cry.” You took your mouth off of my clit. As you leaned up towards me I ran my tongue across your mouth to clean my juices from your lips. Then I felt your tongue slip into my mouth as your fingers slid deeper into my pussy causing me to moan against your mouth.

“Oh I’m gonna take you there.” Your thumb took the place of your tongue on my clit, rubbing it in a circular motion and alternating between light and deep pressure. As your thumb teased my clit your mouth teased my mouth. My hips kept rising up to meet the motion of your hand.

“Oh God, I am going to cum,” I cried.

“That’s it cum for me baby, cum for me.” You said as you increased the pressure on my clit.

“Oh Fuck!!” I cried as the orgasm hit me hard and my pussy started spasming around your fingers. As I rode the waves of that orgasm you continued to caress my clit.

“Oh stop, it’s too sensitive,” I cried and tried to pull your hand away, but you would not let me. You continued despite my protest and just as I thought I couldn’t take it anymore another orgasm hit me more powerful then the first. This time you did stop after the second wave of spasms hit.

You lay down on the bed next london escort to me as I tried to get my breathing under control. Looking into my eyes you placed my hand on your cock and asked, “How do you want it.”

Smiling at you I replied, “You know how I like it!”

“That’s the way love goes.”

You smiled as you stood up, grab my ankles, flip me over onto my stomach and pulled me to the edge of the bed. You grabbed my hips and pull me up until my ass is in the air and I am on my knees. My breath rushes out as you run the tip of your cock down the crack of my ass. The pre-cum on your cock mixes with the juices from my pussy. A moan escapes from me as your cock slides into my pussy. You moan as my muscles tighten around your cock. I groan in disappointment as you slide your cock out.

“So you do want my cock?” you ask me.

“Oh God! Yes!!” I replied.

“Then I guess I will have to give it to you.” You reply as you slide it back in. As you pull your cock out I rocked forward and as you push it into my pussy I rocked back against the hardness of your cock. With each stroke of your cock you vary the tempo. One slow, one fast, two soft, two hard. And with each stroke the muscles of my pussy tighten against your cock.

With the finger that is still wet with my juices from my earlier orgasm, you place it against my asshole holding it there for a few seconds waiting for it to relax. Once it does you slide your finger into my ass. In time with your cock in my pussy you fuck my ass with first one finger and then two.

“Oh God, that’s it. Fuck me!” are the only words I can say while you are able to say a lot more.

“You like me fucking your pussy?”

“Yes,” I moan.

“Do you like it hard,” your cock slammed into my pussy, “or do you like it soft?” you gently ease your cock in.

“Both,” I groaned. I could feel your fingers massaging your cock through the wall of sensitive skin that separated my pussy from my ass.

“Then both you shall have,” you said as you set up a wicked rhythm. My body couldn’t handle it. After a few strokes my pussy started spasming around your cock.

“Oh yes,” I moaned as I collapsed on the bed on my stomach in orgasm.

As I lay on the bed you took your fingers out of my ass and dipped them in the juices that were pooling between my legs. You spread the juices around my asshole. Your cock was still dripping with juices from me cumming all over it. Slowly you pushed the tip of your cock into my ass. Just enough to get the hole to open and then you stopped.

“Go on,” I moaned. So you eased more of your cock in. You felt the pressure increase.

“Am I hurting you?”

“God no, keep going,” I replied. You pushed more in and just when you thought that was it you sunk your cock in all the way up to your balls.

“Oh God,” you groaned at the tight fit. I got back on my knees which caused your cock to sink even deeper. Slowly you pulled your cock part way out only to let the suction of my ass pull it back in. Once again you started a fucking rhythm though it was not as hard as when you fucked my pussy. The friction of fucking my ass was getting to you.

“You like fucking my ass don’t you?” I asked twisting my ass in a corkscrew fashion.

“Yes!” you groaned.

“You want to fuck it everyday?”

“God, yes!” you replied.

“Well I might just let you,” I moaned as your cock teasing started to get to me. The juices from my pussy were still flowing enough to keep your cock lubricated. This was probably due to the fact that one of your hands was playing with my clit while the other was squeezing my nipple into a hard point.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” I chanted as I forced your cock harder in my ass with the added lubrication.

“Oh yeah, baby that’s it. I am fucking your tight ass.” You groaned as you placed both your hands on my hips to hold me in place as you fucked my ass hard enough that your balls were slapping my pussy.

“That’s it fuck my tight ass. Fuck it until you fill it with cum!” I cried out.

“Oh fuck yea I am cumming. I am cumming all over your cock.” I screamed as both my ass and my pussy started twitching. The muscles of my ass squeezed your cock so hard that you shouted, “Oh Fuck!” as you shot a load of cum into my ass. We both collapsed on the bed breathing hard.

“That’s the Way Love Goes”

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