The Too-Short Dress

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It all started because the dress was too short.

It was still her fault because Haley knew the dress was too short when she decided to wear it.

Haley was staying at a hotel for the week-end. Nineteen years old, this business trip was a boost to her burgeoning career, but it meant staying out of town for three nights.

As it turned out, her uncle (her dad’s brother) Darren lived in the same town and so had invited her to join him, his wife, and a couple of his business friends for dinner. She had known Darren since she was a little girl, and she adored him. But he was from the rich branch of the family and she assumed that the dinner would be at a fancy restaurant with everyone dressed accordingly.

Of course she knew that he wouldn’t expect her to help pay — nor could she hope to — but she did feel that she should show up dressed in her best and to try and make her uncle proud.

So, after happily receiving the invitation, Haley ventured out to find an appropriate dress for the event.

She hadn’t packed expecting to be invited to a posh affair, so new clothing was in order. And although it would set her back a bit financially, she had to admit that her wardrobe at home was pretty barren of fancy outfits and it was probably time that she started to collect clothing that reflected her slightly elevated age, taste, and financial status.

As soon as she tried on the dress she fell in love with it. Sparkly silver. Fit her like it was tailored to her. And it showed off her beautiful legs.

But it was too short. Which is one of the reasons it made her legs look so great. And to be honest, Haley was pretty sure that at age nineteen, there was a very good chance that this was the best her legs were ever going to look.

She gave in to temptation and decided it was the dress she wanted to wear. So she bought it. And by chance she had packed shoes that, while not new, would go perfectly.

Next problem was underwear. She knew that given the dress’s length, (or lack thereof), there was a fair chance that occasionally during the evening her panties might become briefly visible. So she wanted them to look as good as the dress. Silver would have been ideal since it might have blended with the dress. But the only silver underwear she could find was somewhat slutty and tended toward a thong style. So she chose an expensive pair of silky white panties with a small bit of lace. She had to admit that it was a pair of underwear she might enjoy being seen in.

The night of the dinner she finished dressing on time. Makeup, hair; all done and looking good. She turned ultrabet yeni giriş and admired herself in the hotel room mirror. She really did look great. And that dress really was too short. So just remember; don’t bend over. Don’t crouch down. And sit with great care.

Off she went downstairs to hail a cab and head to the restaurant.

The restaurant turned out to be just as fancy as she’d expected. And a lot more modern. Reservations booked out a year in advance. Rave reviews about the food. She reunited with her uncle and his group already seated at a table in a prime location. Hugs all around. Uncle Daren introduced her to his newest wife, Rose (to be fair, they had been married almost six years), and to two of his favorite co-workers; Andrew and Cathy. Haley got the impression that Andrew and Cathy might be a couple.

There were two seats remaining at the table, and Haley chose the one closest to Andrew. The restaurant’s décor was quite modern, and the design of the chairs was such that the seats slanted slightly downward away from the table. The worst possible design for someone in a short dress. And of course all eyes were on her as she was the last to be seated. To make matters worse, the men stood as she took her seat. While very polite, it also meant that they would have a perfect view up her dress as she tried to negotiate her chair.

The waiter pulled out the chair for her, so Haley did her best to settle in while minimizing how far up her legs the dress rode.

Unfortunately, her best wasn’t quite up to the challenge. It was apparent to her that as she settled into the chair everyone at the table, the men especially, got a very good look at her new silky white underwear.

Well, at least they were clean.

It soon became apparent that dinner was not to be a hurried affair. Drinks all around before even glancing at the menu. Then another round of drinks as they discussed what to order. And after ordering, a bottle of wine shared by everyone.

The effect was that everyone started to loosen up. The conversation was fun and lively. Haley found her uncle to be as personable and entertaining as she remembered. She almost felt that he was flirting with her (something, to be honest, she would have gladly accepted). And she even warmed to his ‘new’ wife.

The other couple was a bit harder to figure out. Andrew was extremely charming, and turned most of his attention to Haley. Cathy had little to say and seemed to grow increasingly uncomfortable. Haley wondered exactly what their relationship was. She enjoyed Andrew’s attention — he ultrabet giriş really was quite engaging — but she felt he was probably too much so for someone in a relationship. Certainly if the other person in the relationship was also seated at the table.

With all the drinks and wine flowing, it wasn’t surprising when half-way through dinner Rose and Cathy said they were going to visit the ladies room. They looked over at Haley implying she was invited to join them. Haley hated the idea of having to negotiate her chair once again, but she really did have to pee and there was no way she was going to make it to the end of dinner without doing so.

She pushed her chair back and stood as graciously as possible. This time it was the women, already standing, who got a good view of her panties. They were kind enough not to react in the moment, and the three of them made their way to the ladies room.

What the men made of Haley’s ‘flashing’ them once again, she could only guess.

Reaching the ladies room, Haley wondered what her dinner companions thought of the evening so far. Rose seemed to be really enjoying herself, and mentioned how handsome she thought her husband (Uncle Daren) looked. Cathy said the food was delicious. Then she made a comment about how Andrew was obviously fawning all over Haley.

Haley was a bit taken aback. “I think he’s just being a polite dinner guest.”

Cathy responded. “Polite? Yes, very polite! I think he’s likely to climb into your chair and onto your lap before the dinner’s over. Unless you climb onto his.”

Rose interrupted. “Come on Cathy. That’s not fair. You tried to lure Andrew and he didn’t bite. Haley’s done nothing inappropriate, so let it go.”

“No, nothing inappropriate” Cathy responded, “except to show off her pussy to everyone at the table. All that was missing was for ‘Available’ to be embroidered on her panties.”

“CATHY! Stop it. You’ve had a bit too much to drink and now you’re being a bitch. Apologize to Haley.”

Haley interrupted. “No, that’s all right. I understand, and I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have worn a dress this short. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Cathy started to respond, but then checked herself. It was clear that she was on the losing side of this battle.

Cathy said “No. I’m the one to apologize to you. You did nothing wrong. I wish I could look that good in a dress that short, but those days are over for me. Just ignore my rantings. You’re a lovely young woman and I don’t’ blame Andrew for trying to flirt with you. Friends, all right?”

“Of course. Thank you.”

Cathy ultrabet güvenilirmi gave Haley a smile. “But try and keep him from crawling onto your lap. It’s true, we’re no longer a couple, but I don’t think I could take the embarrassment.”

Rose gave each of them a patriarchal look and then led the way back to the table

Reaching the table, Haley began to position herself; to settle into her chair. But this time things were different. For one thing, it was clear that all eyes were on her expectantly. She had inadvertently flashed her panties to everyone at the table at least once this evening, but now all were looking to see a repeat performance. To be sure, some were doing so with more discretion than others. Her Uncle was pretending not to notice at all, while Andrew was practically leaning over and staring.

This experience of having others looking forward to seeing her underwear was something new to Haley. And surprisingly she found that she liked it.

She liked the idea that Uncle Darren, while pretending not to, was obviously trying to sneak a look. She liked the idea that Cathy was jealous, and yet still couldn’t stop herself from looking. She liked the idea that Andrew was openly looking for a chance to see up her dress. All of it gave her a feeling of power and sexiness that she had never felt before, and that she was enjoying.

So instead of awkwardly trying to negotiate her way back into her chair, she did the opposite. She openly positioned herself in front of the chair and then with no modesty at all, sat back in such a way that her panties were on full view to everyone watching. Once she was sure everyone had taken a good look, she scooted her chair up to the table.

She then picked up her fork to resume her meal, but before doing so she looked around the table meeting each person’s eyes in turn.

In response, Cathy rolled her eyes, but smiled and picked up her fork.

Andrew picked up his fork, but flustered, dropped it on the floor. The waiter came to replace it.

Rose gave her a small nod and also picked up her fork to resume eating.

Her Uncle Darren lifted his wine glass to the table. “Here’s to my niece Haley. Thank you for reminding us how wonderful it was to be young. And for giving us a glimpse of what made being young so great.” He looked at Haley and winked.

Then glasses were clinked all around.

Haley smiled and thanked everyone. She realized what a great time she was having. And how much she enjoyed wearing a dress that was too short.

She also considered the fact that there was still one more time that she would need to negotiate getting out of her chair. And that now, because of her arousal, she knew that there was probably a very visible wet spot on her panties that all would see.

Well fuck it. She was ready to share that with all of them as well.

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