The Smith Family Ch. 01: Sister Complex

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Full Summary: Lucas Smith has always been close to his older sister, but she’s been testing him lately. He doesn’t know if it’s his raging hormones that’s causing him to view Olivia in a hyper fixated light of sexual frustration or if she’s doing it intentionally to tease the living daylights out of him. Either way, it seems like the both of them need to let out a bit of steam.

Author’s Note: All characters are either 18 or above the age of 18. This work unapologetically includes blood-related incest and free-use family as the main driving kinks. Although, I did try to put some minor sadomasochism power play in there. If it’s not your thing, either you are morbidly curious or in process of making it your kink. Whichever of those it may be, I won’t judge. This story kind of has a slow burn but has fap material in every chapter so don’t worry about it. It has little to no plot at all, just pure unadulterated sex but again, has quite a bit of build-up before dick-in-pussy action so that might be a downer for the impatient ones. However, you must remember — all good things come to those who wait. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

Lucas is used to coming home to an empty house. His father works long hours as a mechanic, with his wrangled hands and grease-stained overalls, Lucas can imagine him at work silently tinkering away through the night while the rest of his co-workers headed home.

In the rare occurrence that his father did come home early, he was often still so lost in the thoughts of engines, wrenches, and doo-dads (Lucas obviously knows nothing about being a mechanic) that he secludes himself in the garage as if he was still at work.

His mother is the same although, she has more of a jittery energy about her. She often boasts of how she is the “Queen of Real Estate Agents” which is paradoxically true and un-true at the same time. Lucas knows that his mother has the charm to do what she does best which is sell a house. Overall, his mother lacks a sense of structure and rigidity that is required for the paperwork after selling a house. Funnily enough, the two qualities she lacks is what her husband seems to have in excess.

So he is usually alone, a fact he takes advantage of as a typical hormonal 18-year old. Right after school, Lucas would run through the merciless heat of Nevada (that’s still ongoing mid-September) and hop into the shower where his hot skin sizzles against the cool water in hopes to get himself off. Lately, he’s been consistently interrupted by his older sister, due to her irregular externship schedule as a paralegal.

There are times Lucas wished he could be more sympathetic at his sister ranting about “waking up at 5 a.m and going to work 12 hours straight for a bunch of misogynistic, big-headed lawyers for a stupid diploma” since they are pretty close, after all, but at this point, he couldn’t care less. A man has needs and his older sister is in his way.

So for today, he made sure to skip the last period of class and rushed home even earlier than usual.

He knows the stories of awkward shower sex not meeting up to expectations but he’s had this particular fantasy for a long time and like most teens, hasn’t acted upon them besides a glance at badly-acted porn. He touched his balls, lightly. Lucas imagined a girl using only the tip of her tongue to do it. She would look up at him teasingly. He would pull on her hair. She would obey by pressing her tongue flat against his cock.

He groaned, his fingers impatiently forming a ring as the girl takes him in between her lips. He usually artemisbet yeni giriş has more patience than this but it’s been a while since he has gone this far into this fantasy before being interrupted. He pumps once, twice, three times. The shower sprayed jets of water which ran down her breasts as she bobbed in a rhythm. Lucas wants to fuck her mouth so badly, he starts to grab her head but she stops.

“Fuck.” He muttered.

She looks up again, mockingly, her mouth dripping in pre-cum over her breasts. He wants to force her to do it, so he presses her face against his dick as punishment. The girl moans, giving him a few licks on the side of his dick before enveloping it between her breasts, giving Lucas a tit-fuck.

Blow job temporarily forgotten, he watches the head of his cock pump in and out of her pre-cum slathered breasts. But it feels good… so fucking good. She gives him a triumphant look, relishing in his expression as she pinches her own nipples. She giggles. Lucas feels challenged.

I’m not going to let you fucking win.

Again, he forcefully grabs her head and forces her lips around the head of his cock as she fucks him with her breasts. She moans and it vibrates through Lucas’s being. Her tongue laps up hard against the head of his cock. He’s lost in it. So fucking lost in it.

“I want to fuck your throat.” He growls as he grabs her head. A few strands of hair give way in his hand as his cock hits the back of her throat but he doesn’t care.

The sound he makes is guttural when he makes her gag. It feels hot, wet, and slick all over his fucking dick. She looks up at him again with tears in her eyes. He knows she loves it. She’s just as lost as he is in it. She doesn’t insist on the tit-fucking. She’s at his mercy. She loves him ramming his cock in and out of her mouth like a toy.

Lucas is close, he can feel it. His fist is tight around his cock. Fuck, fuck, fuck!

“Ugh! I’m homeeee!” And that girl dramatically bellowing from downstairs, is his older sister, Olivia.

The one that has been consistently interrupting his masturbation sessions. He sighs, irritated and stopping immediately. He considers just continuing the fantasy later in the night but he’s far too close to the edge already. He can practically feel his dick twitch in agreement. He continues to jerk himself off.

“Lucassss! Are you home yet?”

Come on… He pumps even harder, faster — reaching a high in dopamine and adrenaline.

He thinks about his sister catching him masturbating. He thinks about his sister catching him fucking a woman’s throat. The thought that threatens to topple him over the edge, is the thought of him fucking his older sister’s defiant mouth, making her shut the fuck up.

He abruptly stops. His dick pulses in agony but he ignores it because he just had the biggest post- well technically- pre-nut clarity of his life.

Did I just think about my older sister deep throating me? His breathing is ragged and he takes a moment to calm down. His dick is still hard against his stomach.

“Lucas! I swear- Are you really still in school?” He hears his sister making her way into his room to check.

Fuck it, he doesn’t even have time to wrap his head on his morally wrong fantasy. He grabbed a pair of swimming shorts, hoping it would hide his boner and opened the door.

Olivia loved an audience when she’s around. If the audience isn’t going to her, she’s going to them and Lucas doesn’t want her affiliated with him doing shit like this — no matter the fact that his fantasy clearly says otherwise.

“Well, about artemisbet giriş time. Dry your hair, you heathen.” She was already fuming before him outside his door. She barged into his room without an invitation, because that’s commonplace between the two of them. Still, he complied by grabbing a nearby towel and dried his hair.

“Fuck, it’s hot in here!”

Olivia is now fumbling around with the air conditioner and Lucas got a good view of her ass. It was supple and plump, flesh subtly seen underneath the tight pencil skirt. Her legs are covered in black stockings, her thighs touching each other and he briefly wondered how it would feel.

“Ugh! I honestly hate the fact they can’t just say thank you, you know? Like I don’t need much Mr. Lawyer Guy.” She rants, fumbling the on switch.

Lucas knows the air conditioner has been broken in his room since last night but he doesn’t bother telling her as he’s distracted by the soft black mesh of the pantyhose.

How soft would the black material feel if he slowly slid his dick between his sisters’ thick thighs from behind? He could almost feel the head of his dick slide against his sister’s clit through the cloth. He could feel her ass cheeks bounce against his balls as he slammed against her, creating friction between his dick and her soft thighs. Lucas shook his head, his hard dick sensitively rubbing against the inside of his shorts.

Fuck, the fantasy messed me up in the head.

“It’s broken.” He said, interrupting both his disturbing thoughts and Olivia from thwacking the machine to death. She is surprised by her younger brother’s closeness behind her which he notices. Lucas would have backed away in his right mind but he enjoyed the panicked look in her eyes as it comes so rarely.

Olivia disguises it with a sarcastic sneer, “Wow, how observant of you.”

Lucas, used to this type of behavior from his older sister, snips back, “Better than the person that’s been trying to get it to work by punching it for the last five seconds.”

Olivia shrugs, seeming to concede as she faced him but Lucas knows better. She can’t stand losing, even if it’s just mindless bickering. They are still only inches away from each other, neither of which seems interested in backing down. He is proud that he is a head taller than her but their height difference doesn’t seem to matter.

Olivia still gives him a challenging glare. He’s reminded of his fantasy. Stupidly, he self-consciously readjusts his shorts to not bring attention to his hard-on. Which, obviously, brings the opposite effect.

Lucas can practically hear the ding! in her eyes as she looks down.

“Pfft! Hahahahahaaa!” She explodes in maniacal laughter and Lucas wants nothing more than to launch himself to the adjacent 2nd floor window. He backs away, ready to do exactly that but she grabs him by the shoulders. She wants to indulge in the fact that she “won”. He hates it.

Her hands muss up his wet hair as she gives him a good old-fashioned noogie, “Did I interrupt your after-school shower masturbation session, huh? Thinking about high school girls in the shower, you pervert?!”

This pervert masturbated to his older sister. She glances at his brightly colored face and cackles even more. Lucas, finding that he can no longer bear being the receiver of his sister’s torments, pushes her rather aggressively, “Get out! I mean it!”

She lands on his bed as if she planned to be pushed there all along.

“It’s perfectly normal, you know. Sorry that I interrupted such an… important time for you. I mean it. I’m sorry.” She attempted to artemisbet güvenilirmi say this seriously but her face cracked more than twice. Her gaze went down again and she erupted in giggles.

Lucas furiously scratches his neck and tiredly sighs, “Whatever. Can you please just go? Please?” He sounds pathetically desperate, even to his own ears. He wishes he could be more assertive and stay true to his anger but it seems in that case, he has the shorter stick of the gene pool. All the assertiveness and anger went to his sister.

She sighs, as if bored by his reaction. “But it’s too hottttt. I don’t want to leaveee.”

She took off her heels as she says this, sweat dripping down the line of her throat. He was transfixed to one particular drop of sweat just right at the top of her breasts.

“Your room’s air conditioner works perfectly fine. Get out.” His throat felt tight. He can’t look away from his sister laying on his bed. Her dark hair fell in waves, white button-up wrinkled, and her skirt riding up her stocking-covered legs.

“Are you still hard?” She glances at his shorts again as she says this. A look of disbelief flashed upon Lucas’s face that caused his sister to laugh again. What the fuck is happening?!

“If you answer honestly, I’ll leave.~” She sing-songs, jiggling her legs against her younger brother’s bed. Lucas’s dick, was in fact, very hard. He thinks about how the stocking would feel against his hands if he forces her legs into missionary position. He can’t really think straight because of it and as a result, he answered her honestly.

“Yeah. I am.” It sounded huskier than he intended it to be, but it brought an unexpected effect on his sister.

Although she was the one who asked, she seemed surprised by his sudden answer. His eyes traveled to her clenched thighs. She shifted a bit under his gaze. For the first time in 18 years of knowing Olivia, she backed down from his stare and looked at the ceiling. Did I just win?

Olivia jolted up and said, “Alright, like we agreed. I’m leaving.” Seeming to be possessed with a sudden need to get out of her little brother’s room, she grabbed her heels and passed by him in haste.

That’s a win, if I ever saw one. Euphoric on this unusual scenario, he grabbed her wrist in a greedy attempt to squeeze in more wins. Olivia, not used of the power reversal gave the former an admittedly cute squeak, “Let go!”

They are way too close to each other of what should be permitted between siblings. He steeled himself against her furious glare. Just like Olivia, he isn’t used of the power reversal.

“If you answer honestly, I’ll let you leave.” He sing-songs but it came out flat and serious. Olivia softened at this a bit, her eyes dancing in amusement but a distrusting frown still present on her face.

“What?” She asks, trying to gather up her failing courage.

He leans in, whispering in her ear, “Are you wet right now?”

Olivia’s legs clenched again and she makes this sound- close to a whine but not quite. Her panties are soaking wet. She feels it every time she rubs her thighs together. It’s Lucas who laughs this time, his breath blowing against her throat as he mocks her, “Thinking about your younger brother’s dick, you pervert?”

She forces herself to look at him even though she doesn’t want to. He gives her an arrogant expression. She hates it. Even though she’s blushing from her head to her toes, she leans towards him with her hands sliding across his t-shirt in an attempt to meet his gaze. After she leaves, Lucas would jerk off to what she says next.

She whispers in his ear, “Yes. I’m wet while I’m thinking about fucking my younger brother.”

I always win. If there could be a phrase for his older sister’s face right now, it would be that. She laughs at him, pats him on the back as if to say “Nice try!” and leaves him dazed and incredibly horny.

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