The Sibling Diaries Pt. 02

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The Sibling Diaries — Alex and Emma

Chapter 2

Authors Note: For those of you who are still reading, thank you very much. You’ll be glad to know we are now at the good stuff!

Character Sheet

Alex (Main Character)

Emily (Sister)

Melissa (Sisters Friend)

Brian (Alex’s Friend)

Rose (Alex’s Crush)

Mandy (Brian’s Girlfriend)

Maddison (Cheerleader)

Brad (School Bully)

Benson (Head coach)

Mrs Willaims (Teacher)

Mr Bennett (Teacher)

Emily packed her things to go home for the weekend. After last weeks drama she thought it best to spend her time with Melissa, who’d offered to let her stay with her for the week until the maintenance team fixed up her dorm room.

She couldn’t tell Melissa about what had been happening between her and her little Brother, nobody would understand. This wasn’t something you understood. This was something you kept locked and hidden away from the world.

“So what, she kissed her Brother? Big deal, siblings do it all the time.” She’d told herself. Really, she knew that the kiss they’d shared wasn’t one you share with a Sibling. It was long, tender, and loving. It was passionate, yet gently. Above all else, it sent electrical bolts running through her body. She’d checked her panties afterwards to find them soaking. Just because of one kiss. It felt so wrong, but so right at the same time.

“Thanks for letting me stay with you this week Mel.” Emily said.

“It was no problem. You couldn’t stay in that room after that anyway. I’m glad Gary’s gone.” She said.

“Yeah, me too.” Emily admitted.

“I’m glad you’ve got such a good brother too.” Melissa added.

“He does look out for me doesn’t he.”

“Where did he get so hot? Did you see that punch?” Melissa was in a daydream.

“Please don’t tell me you have the hots for my Little Brother?” Emily grimaced.

“Can you blame me? He looked so buff in his Basketball shirt last week. Not like a big guy buff, but like a skinny guy buff.”

“We swore we’d never date each other’s Brothers, remember?” Emily reminded her.

“I wasn’t planning on dating him.” She smiled.

“Ew.” Emily felt a tint of jealousy slowly burning inside of her.

Alex had spent the entire week dreaming of the kiss he’d shared with his Big Sister. Everything was out in the air now. They both quietly acknowledge how they’d been feeling towards one another. What that meant, still Alex didn’t know.

He had other things to occupy his mind however. At school Mr Bennett was the usual Mr Bennett. Mrs Williams stuck up for him whenever she could but nothing could keep him away from detention it seemed.

The good news was that they’d been victorious in the second basketball game of the season. Alex played well and although it wasn’t quite like the first, Alex felt that now he was really enjoying his basketball. He’d even agreed for Maddison to come over after school today. The most popular girl in school would be in his bedroom, on his bed, maybe even in it.

Three knocks at the door and there she was. When Alex opened the door Maddison was standing on his porch. She wore a short chequered skirt with knee high white socks and a pink sweatshirt.

“Come on in.” He said as he stood aside for her.

Maddison stepped inside. Her eyes scanned the kitchen and living area. “Hmm not bad.” She said.

“So where are we studying?” She asked.

“My room?”

“I guess so.” She rolled her eyes but Alex couldn’t determine what at exactly.

“It’s the third door on the left, I’ll be back in just a moment.” Alex excuses himself to bathroom.

He shut the door behind him and locked it. Maddison was actually in his house! What was he supposed to do? Talk to her? Actually study? He’d never been in this situation before. His sister was the first ever real girl he’d kissed and that was almost a full week ago now.

He begun to feel his body change the more excited he got. He felt sweaty and hot. He became fidgety and he felt the blood begin to fill his manhood. He stared at his reflection in the mirror and made a poor attempt to compose himself.

“Where have you been?” She asked, as if repulsed by his lack of attention towards her.

“Sorry I eh, I had a few things to sort out.”

When he’d entered the room Maddison was seated at the edge of his bed. Now she’d stood and wandered around before dropping her heavy handbag on his computer desk.

“You’re so geeky. Do you know that?”

“You say geeky, I say academical.” He smiled.

“You just proved my point.” She sniggered to herself.

Alex let the silence fill the room for while, hoping she’d keep talking to him. She didn’t.

“So… what do you wanna write about?” He asked.

For a second she didn’t answer. She was too busy examining the family photos on a small stand near the door. He was about to open his mouth to provide suggestions on potential topics when she asked-

“You don’t think we’d actually study together did you?” He amused her.

“I don’t get what you mean?”

“What I mean is, I adiosbet yeni giriş didn’t come here to study, I came here to fuck.”

Alex’s eyes almost bulged out of his head. He wasn’t expecting her to say that. Of all the things he expected her to let him write the assignment himself. He would have most likely done it too but this other option sounded way better.

Alex couldn’t get the words out of his mouth as she approached him.

“I’m not wearing a bra, see?”

Maddison took hold of Alex’s hand and brought it up to her breast. He felt at her squishy tit through the wool of her sweatshirt. It felt soft and jiggly to touch. He couldn’t believe that she would let him do that. He couldn’t believe that he was touching Maddison’s tits and that she wanted him to.

“I suspect you’re a virgin, so this won’t take long.”

Maddison mounted him as Alex leaned backwards on the bed. She’d hoisted up her chequered skirt to reveal her pink laced panties underneath. He’d never seen this much of a woman before, not in real life anyway. Underneath her skirt her thighs were slim and tanned. He couldn’t help but stare at the small mound that curved between her legs.

He could smell her scent as she straddled his crotch. Her blonde hair draped over him as she looked downward. She smiled at him, obviously amused at his facial expression.

“You know you’re a real hottie, Alex.” She said in a sexy tone. “all the girls say so.”

“They do?”

“Of course they do. It’s like you left for summer a boy and came back a man.”

Maddison trailed her fingertips up his forearms and over his biceps. Her hands were soft and smooth, everything about her was not. He could feel her asscheeks as she started to grind against him. He didn’t move an inch. He didn’t want to risk potentially ruining this moment for himself.

It all felt so good. It was something he’d never experienced before. The feeling of a woman’s touch that had sexual intention behind it. How her eyes had changed from a judging, stuck up look, to now a enticing, thirsty stare. Her touch was so soft when he’d expected something more urgent and rough.

As Maddison reached down to undo his belt he thought of Emily. He thought of Rose, the girl he’d had a crush on for so long. This wasn’t the girl he wanted was it? He didn’t want to do it like this, even if it was with the most popular girl in school. He couldn’t betray his Sister like this, he had to find out what was going on between them first.

Alex grabbed her hand as the front door to the house opened.

“I’m home!” Emily called from the kitchen.

Maddison shot off of Alex’s lap as quick as she could. “You didn’t tell me someone would be home?” She hissed at him.

Her sexual hunger had gone, she was now back to being the bitch she’d always been. She immediately fixed herself up and left. Emily was half way up the stairs when Maddison passed her.

“Oh hell-“

Emily had been about to say hi but Maddison had pushed past her. She strutted across the living room and out the front door.

“Who the hell was that?” Emily asked, as she saw her brother arrive a the top of the stairs.

“That’s Maddison…” he was a little out of breath. “She’s my partner in the assignment.”

Emily took one glance back at Maddison who now marching across the front lawn. “She seems nice.” She joked.

That night Emily spent most of her time in her room unpacking her things. She felt that she enjoyed college best when she spent a week there and then another week at home.

Alex was all that had been filling her mind these days. How good looking he was, how smart he was, how caring he was. It was like having the perfect man as her brother. Everything she looked for in a man she saw in Alex.

When she’d kissed him, it felt like nothing she’d ever felt before. They hadn’t spoken about it yet and she wondered how that conversation would go.

“Hey.” Alex said, as he stood in her doorway. “Don’t worry, I’m not snooping, just comping to say Hi.”

“Hey.” Emily laughed.

“Do you fancy maybe doing something tonight, I dunno like a board game or something.” Alex hoped she’d say yes.

“Of course I would! I think something like that is exactly what I need right now.” She smiled back at him.

In that moment Alex couldn’t help but glance down at her breasts. She’d neglected to wear a bra today as it was is hot outside and she hated the boob sweat.

“Was it just the Board game you wanted to play with?” She asked.

Again Alex had been caught staring. He played it off well with a laugh and said he’d beat her ass tonight at the Quiz-game.

“You’re on.” Emily smiled back at him.

That night they ate dinner with their Mom before setting up the game in the study. Nancy had just worked a long shift on the ward and needed a good nights rest. She excused herself from the table, shut off the lights in the back room and disappeared upstairs.

Alex waiting on Emily in the study while she was cleaning up the last of the dishes. He’d stuck on some random movie to play in the background adiosbet giriş while they played.

Emily came in some time after him and sat down on a cushion while Alex opted for a small stool. Immediately he noticed she’d put on a bra. Alex figured that why she took so long.

“Okay so, we each take a turn answering a question, one correct question will send you upwards one place. One incorrect question will send you back one space. You do not move up or down for a pass. The winner is whoever reaches the top of the board the fastest.”

“Are you ready to get your ass kicked, little Brother?”

“The only persons ass that’s getting kicked is yours.” They both grinned back at one another.

Emily rolled the dice, which ever number she landed would dictate what card or question she read out. Emily rolled a 6 which meant she had a hard question to ask.

“Name all 50 states?” She asked.

“All 50!? Damn these questions suck.”

“You’re right, they do.” Emily agreed as she flicked through the cards.

“Why don’t we just make up the questions?” He asked.

“Sure, I think we can come up with better questions than these.”

Emily tossed the card to the side. She tossed around a few questions in her head. She had an idea of what she wanted to ask him, but she felt like she better ease into it.

“Have you ever pee’d in the shower?” She asked.

“Who hasn’t?” He admitted.

“Ew! That’s gross.”

“You asked.”

“Okay, it’s your turn.”

Alex quickly realised that this board game had quickly become a game of truths. He racked around a few ideas in his head about what to ask her. Finally he settled on one.

“Okay, When did you lose your virginity?”

“How do you know that I have?”

Emily adjusted herself to sit upright. It seemed he was stepping it up a notch.

“Your diary.” He teased.

“You asshole.”

Emily took a sip of her wine. Alex drunk from a can that he’d gotten from the basement cooler. His dad kept all of his alcohol in the basement for some reason.

Emily couldn’t exactly remember the day, but she knew roughly when it was that she first had sex. She remembered it all too well. It wouldn’t have been the way she would have liked to have lost it, she would have preferred to have waited until she was older. She suddenly became aware that she was taking too long to answer.

“Prom night.” She said plainly.

“Really? With who?” Alex was desperate to know.

“You’ll need to wait your turn to find out.” She winked.

Emily knew exactly what question she was going to ask him. It had been in her mind for weeks. Ever since she’d first seen his penis in the bathroom.

“Do you jerk off?”

Alex almost spit out his drink.

“Are you serious?”


“I have done it, but I don’t like to do it. So I would say no.” He admitted.

“Really? Why?”

“You’ll need to wait to find out.” He winked at her.

They’d forgotten all about the board that lay between them. The only light coming from the study was the TV, where the movie they’d selected was still playing. Alex glanced up at the clock, 11pm. He couldn’t believe he was up drinking and playing truths with his Sister on a school night.

The questions got more personal as time went on. Alex found out that Emily had car sex last summer with some guy she met while travelling. Emily found out that Alex used to spy on her and Melissa when they were young.

Alex had another good question in mind but it was definitely pushing the boundary, that is if they hadn’t pushed it too far already.

“Do you feel a sort of connection between me and you? I don’t mean like a loving sort of way… I mean like an exciting… sort of way?”

Emily wasn’t prepared for that one. She felt the butterflies flutter a second in her stomach when she heard what had come out of his mouth. She knew all to well what he was getting on about. She felt it too, whenever he looked at her, touched her, kissed her. She felt it like a tingling sensation right though her body.

“Alex I don’t think we should be-“

“Just answer the question.” He didn’t want her chickening out now.

“Yes. I do feel it too.”

Suddenly she felt vulnerable, like he was seeing her naked again. Like everything was stripped for him to see.

“Was I the first girl you’ve ever kissed?” She asked.

“Yes.” Alex took a drink from his can. “Did you enjoy the kiss?”

“Yes.” She answered.

“Did you really not see anything when I walked in on you peeing?”

“Honestly I didn’t.” He placed a hand on his heart.

“Did you wish that you had?”

“I thought we were taking turns here.” Alex gave his Sister a curious look.

“I think we’re beyond that now.”

The truth was they were both now pretty drunk. It didn’t take much for Alex to feel the effect of alcohol, given that he never really drinks at all. Emily was a sort of lightweight too. She wasn’t exactly the biggest, so it got to her head faster.

Alex felt his cock begin to stiffen. He’d never spoken out loud about of this stuff adiosbet güvenilirmi before, he had a feeling things were about to get a heated. Emily felt that familiar warmth between her legs. She crossed them over as if to not give off any heat.

“I suppose I do wish I had seen more of you. I’m a guy for crying out loud.”

“Did seeing my thing… did it turn your on?” He asked.

This time Emily didn’t answer, she shyly nodded at him.

“Was I a bad kisser?” He asked.

“Not bad, but not great.” Emily didn’t know why she thought of it, but she knew she wanted to do it. She felt her heart beating hard in her chest at just the thought of asking him.

“Would you like to kiss me again? Maybe I could teach you a thing or two…”

The minute it left her mouth she felt dirty, bad, disgusting, but it turned her on like nothing else in this world. She felt her mound become wet at the thought of locking lips with him again. This time Alex slowly nodded.

Each movement Emily made towards her Brother made her feel weak. Like all her muscles had disappeared, like her legs had become jelly. Alex couldn’t believe this was happening. He’d never really kissed a girl really, apart from his Sister that is. She was the popular girl, the hot one from her year. The girl everybody had wanted, yet she was his Sister and they were about to kiss again.

Emily stood up and Alex followed her lead. In the darkness of the study they slowly moved closer towards one another. Each step was nerve racking. Each breath came out shallow and laboured. Eventually they were face to face. The TV lit up one side of Emily’s face. That’s what made it real, he could see her, she was right there before him, and she was about to kiss him.

Alex didn’t know if she meant a peck on the lips or a full on make out session. He was unsure of how to go about it. Where did he put his hands for instance? How close was he to stand next to her?

Naturally, Emily hooked her arms around his Neck. This sent bolts of electricity from her feet and up through her thighs. She felt the goosebumps raise on her neck as she leant in towards him.

Alex could feel Emily’s breath on his face, in the darkness they brushed noses, until slowly she pressed her lips against his. She held it for a few seconds before kissing him again. Alex couldn’t believe it. Her lips were so soft and delicate to touch with his own. His cock hurt in his jeans but he didn’t care and he didn’t dare move. He wasn’t going to ruin this moment between them.

All of a sudden, The two of them, as Brother and Sister, were making out in the quiet of their Fathers study. Alex pressed his lips against hers more firmly as his confidence grew. He let his hands explore her waist and back as he drew her nearer to him.

She felt his tongue as he pulled her close and she stuck out hers hoping he would accept it. Alex felt her tongue flick against the underside of his lips and he met hers with his. They french kissed slowly as they held each other. Their tongues slid against each other and Alex felt his erection press into her thigh.

Emily felt it too. It turned her on even more. Suddenly she broke the kiss. Alex felt it hadn’t gone on long enough. He could have done it for hours.

“Let’s take this upstairs. It’s getting cold.” Emily said.

Alex couldn’t believe he’d just made out with his Sister. He was more horny now than ever before. He felt as though his cock had doubled in size.

Emily led the way upstairs. Instead of turning right at the top, she turned left towards his room. He felt more excited now than ever. Like he was really about to get some.

Alex closed the door being them. Emily switch on the light and suddenly what they had done had really hit them. They’d just made out together. They weren’t supposed to be doing that. Not with each other. But yet they did and they both wanted more.

“What are we doing?” She asked, as she questioned everything.

“I didn’t know.” Alex felt the weight of the situation too.

“We cannot tell anybody about this.”

“Of course not? You think I wanna tell people about something like this?” He said.

They both sat down as the took a minute or two to calm down. Neither of them knew what exactly to do next. Alex was unsure if she wanted to continue, and Emily was unsure how far she wanted to go.

“Could you do me a favour?” Emily asked.

She let her eyes take in his muscular frame. He wore cargo shorts and a small t- shirt that looked a few sizes too small for him.

“Anything?” He said.

“Could you take your shirt off for me?” She felt silly asking.

“My shirt?”

Emily only nodded. Alex gripped the hem of his shirt and lifting it over his head. Emily took in the sight of him as he faced her. His abs looked cut out, as if someone had come a taken all the fat away. His chest were like two smooth plates and his shoulders were rounded to give him a slight V-taper.

“You look good.”


Alex watched her eyes as they took in every inch of his skin.

“Can I?” Emily had stepped forward with her arm outstretched.

“Ehm sure.”

Her hand made contact with his peck. She felt it squish against his fingers as he winced from her cold touch. She gripped his shoulder and arms, then trialed a finger around the cut out of his abdominals.

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