The Roomate

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“You’re home late.” I said to my roommate as she threw her work bag onto an empty section of my couch.

“Rough day, I am assuming?” I said as she fled to the kitchen. I hear the screw cap of a cheap bottle of wine hit the trash can liner with a thud; before seeing her emerge round the corner, taking heavy gulps straight from the bottle.

“Nope, it went perfectly fine!” She lied, in-between catching her breath.

“I’m just going to take my bottle of wine and hop in a quick shower. Be right back.”

“Have fun!” I laughed.

Aimee didn’t emerge back in the living room until a couple hours passed. Her hair left wet trails on the back of her oversized tank top; while her running shorts barely covered her ass. She smiled as she saw the lit candles illuminating a fresh bottle of wine, uncorked, and a glass poured next to her favorite pizza.

“Aww buddy, you didn’t have to do this.” She said,

“I’ve had those days before, and I wished someone would have done this for me. Now sit down, or I am starting Witcher without you.” güvenilir bahis Taking a sip from my whiskey and patting the spot next to me.

“You’re the best roommate.” She smiled, grabbing her wine and putting her head on my shoulder. We sat silently as we watched the first season of Witcher, totally enthralled by it’s story line.

“Fuck, I need that.” Aimee stated, watching a spicy sex scene unfold before us.

“Yea? You haven’t had any good dick recently?” I poked, knowing full well the answer.

“Between whiskey dick Dave and two pump Chuck, I don’t think I’ve gotten off in eight months. What I wouldn’t give for just one good orgasm, not brought on with batteries.” She said somberly.

“Why not ask me?” I questioned.

“Because, you’re my roommate. I don’t want to get these things confused when we are in relationships.” She said, taking another sip of wine.

“I’m not saying we become fuck buddies. I’m saying I could make you cum, when you really need that release.” I watched as she pondered my offer while swirling güvenilir bahis siteleri her wine in the glass.

“Fuck it, you couldn’t be any worse then the other men in my life.” She said, while setting down her wine glass.

I nudged her back into her seat before she could stand up.

“Stay seated and enjoy the show.” I said with a smirk. Getting to my knees in front of her, I brought her leg up over my shoulder. Her perfumed body wash filled my nose as I softly kissed her inner thigh. My beard rubs softly against her skin, as I trial my lips towards her pussy. I can feel her readjust, pushing her pelvis closer to me.

Her flimsy shorts give me little peaks of her beautiful pussy the closer I get. My hands find the waistband, pulling down and throwing them across the room. She glistened with arousal. I took a second to admire how beautiful it looked, before placing both of her legs on my shoulders and burying my beard into her. I heard her gasp as my tongue parted her lips, trialing up her slit until I felt her clit iddaa siteleri under my tongue. Lashing out with firm quick strokes, I licked her clit faster and faster.

Her moans were loud as I sucked her clit into my mouth, never stopping my fast tongue. She bucked as I continued my assault on she sensitive clit. Wrapping my hand firmly around her thighs, I gripped hard, keeping her vulva firmly on my face.

My tongue dipped lower and into her dripping pussy, before rising up and flicking across her clit again. Her salty wetness thrilled me as I continued to eat her out.

“Fuck! I’M CUMMING!” She screamed. Her hand found the back of my head, as she thrusted forward grinding her orgasm into my face. Gripping tight I pushed back into her body, sucking her clit into my mouth as I licked. Her body shook as she I felt her wetness drip down my beard.

“Fuck! Ok, that was amazing!” She said with a shaky voice.

“I’m not done yet.” I state before shoving two fingers into her pussy, pushing hard on her g-spot while my tongue flicks across her clit ones again.

“Oh, Jesus.” Is all she said before throwing her head back and basking in more stimulation.

We did not end up having sex that night, but I didn’t make her cum five times before the season of Witcher was over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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