The Garden Shed Ch. 12

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© jasperspen

All persons engaged in sexual activity in this story, are over 18 years of age.

This story took place in the 1970s in the United Kingdom when the ‘World Wide Web’ or Internet as it is known today, was barely an infant and not available to private individuals. As for mobile phones, they were only at an experimental stage. This meant that knowledge of sex was gleaned mostly by chats with ‘experienced’ friends or looking at adult magazines aka Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler and so on.

Boys and girls were nowhere near as mature or knowledgeable about sex at age 18 compared to many of today’s 14- or 15-year-olds, thanks mainly to the multitude of internet ‘information’ that can now be accessed by anyone that can type ‘sex’ into a search engine.

All of this is to set the scene for you, to make you aware that in the 1970s, unlike the present, many people at age 18 were considerably naïve when it came to real sexual encounters.

Obviously, if you have read the previous chapters, you will be more in tune with the characters however, this can probably be read as a stand-alone story.


The day after we had taken the various photographs with Sally in my shed, Sue and I were once more clearing up in the kitchen after dinner in the evening. If you have read previous chapters, you will already know that this is our regular chore after dinner, while our parents retire to the living room to watch the evening News on TV. This leaves us alone to chat quietly, and sometimes ‘mess about’, while we wash, dry, and put away the dishes and utensils.

Still being on half-term break from college, I had been alone in the house most of the day and had taken the opportunity to develop and print the daring photographs that we had taken yesterday. These were now carefully hidden with others in the roof insulation of the loft, where I had my small dark room.

Sue had on her long apron to protect her clothes, but from behind, I could see she was wearing the usual miniskirt, and I was able to admire the sideways movement of her pert bottom, as she moved from side to side, stacking the washed dishes for me to dry. I loved looking at her slim shapely legs and seeing where they sexily disappeared under her skirt mid-thigh. Occasionally, when I am feeling randy, I naughtily slide my hand up her leg and under her skirt to feel her tight bottom over her panties. If she is not expecting it, she sometimes makes a loud an involuntary noise, that in the past has attracted our mom’s attention, so I have become more cautious, as we really do not want to be caught.

“I have printed off those photos,” I said, drying a plate and noisily stacking it into the overhead cupboard.

“You have? That was quick.” she said, sloshing the brush around a saucepan in the hot water.

“Most of them have come out well, just a couple that were blurred.”

“Well, as long as the others came out ok…I can’t wait to see them,” Sue said, enthusiastically.

“What photos are these?” a voice said from behind us.

We both looked around, to see Mom standing in the doorway with a glass in her hand, obviously having heard everything. We had been making too much noise to hear her approach.

For once, Sue was speechless.

“Oh, ummmm, they are just ones I took at the beginning of the week,” I said shakily, “experimental, like,” I added.

“I see,” she said, unconvinced.

“They are not very good, just close ups of odd things, and stuff,” I blustered, knowing she would want more detail.

“I’d like to see them too,” she said, “to see what you mean by ‘stuff’.”

“Errr, yes ok,” I said, “when we have finished here?”

“Well, don’t forget, oh, and I just brought this glass in to be washed,” she said, coming further into the kitchen and putting it onto the work surface near Sue. She gave the unusually silent Sue a funny look before going back to the living room.

I picked the glass up to give to Sue and checked that Mom had indeed gone back to the other room.

“Wow, that was a bit close for comfort,” I whispered in Sue’s ear.

“I didn’t know what to say,” she whispered back, “glad you thought of something. What if we had been doing something else, she would have caught us, we have to be more careful,” she added, sounding a bit shaken.

“Yea, but we weren’t, and she didn’t,” I said, more confident than I felt.

“So, what are you going to show her? I guess not the ones we took yesterday?” she tried to make light of it, and just about grinned.

“No, it’s ok, I did do some on Monday and Tuesday before we… you know, so I can show her those, otherwise we would be a bit stuck.” I said very quietly.

“I’d better come and show an interest too then, to show that’s what we were talking about.”

“We are nearly done here, so I’ll just nip up and get them.” I said and went off up to the loft to collect them.

When I came back down with about eight photos, Sue had already gone into 1xbet yeni giriş the living room to join our parents.

“Here they are,” I said, handing the bunch of 10 x 8 inch photos to Mom.

Sue moved over to look at them with her, while Dad just continued to watch the TV.

“Oh,” Mom said, “they are photos of bits of old wooden gates and rusty railings, aren’t there any ordinary ones Ben?”

“Well, no, errrrr, I mean, as I said, they are experimental, I was just trying out a few things.”

“What do you think Sue?” Mom asked her, fanning some of the photos out.

“Ummm, I guess that they are ‘artistic’ aren’t they,” she said, flashing a quick grin in my direction, obviously her confidence had returned.

“I have to start somewhere,” I said, a little bit hurt by Mom’s disinterest.

Mom was thinking, “Hmmmmm,” she muttered, often a bad sign.

“By the way, your father and I are going over to see your gran on Sunday, she is a lot better now, but I want to make sure she is ok, and do a bit of cleaning for her.” she said, leafing through the photos a second time.

I chanced a glance at Sue, and I think we exchanged the same thought — ‘we will be here alone on Sunday, we can look at the real photos undisturbed, maybe even have Sally round’- my mood picked up at the thought.

Sadly, it didn’t last long.

“So, I have just had a great thought. Ben, you can come with us and bring your camera. I would like some photos of your gran; she isn’t getting any younger and that will be some practice for you.” Mom said.

I groaned inwardly.

“But I thought I would…”

“No buts, you haven’t seen her for a while, I know she would like to see you, so that’s settled.”

Sue was smirking at me, as she often does at my discomfort however, this time, I thought of how I could wipe that smirk off her face.

“I think it would be a good idea if Sue came too, so I could maybe take a few family photos with us all there, what do you think Mom?”

“I have some…” Sue started.

“Yes, that’s a great idea. Sue, you can come too, it will be like a family outing,” Mom said, in a voice that meant ‘no arguing about it’.

Sue looked daggers at me from behind Mom’s head. It was my turn to smirk a little.


Sunday finally came around, and unable to find any valid excuse, we all got ready for the 45-minute car journey to see our gran. Dad would be driving, with Mom in the front and us two in the back of our old Ford Anglia. I had packed my camera bag and Mom had brought along several boxes of cleaning stuff as she wanted to make sure she could give the place a good clean out and save Gran the effort.

Being towards the end of February, it was quite a windy and chilly day. Sue and I had both brought our coats and had slung them onto the back seat. We were glad to get into the car and close the doors out of the wind. As the car only had two doors, it meant that the rear-seat passengers had to pull the hinged seats forwards, then climb into the back. Once inside and the seats restored, it meant you were trapped until someone in the front got out and let you ‘escape’. Not ideal, but that’s how it was. I sat myself behind the driving seat, which left Sue sitting behind our mom.

As Mom got in, she said, “You might have wanted to put your coats on, I just remembered that the heater in here isn’t working too well, your father was supposed to get it fixed, but as usual he forgot, so it might be a bit cool in the back.”

“Oh great,” Sue said, then looked at me and rolled her eyes telling me that this couldn’t get much worse and it was my fault she was here.

“Sorry,” Mom said, sounding genuinely sympathetic, “I had forgotten, it’s usually just me and your dad in here. Actually, our thick picnic blanket should be in the back there somewhere, you can use that to pull over you if it helps.”

Sure enough, it was folded neatly along the seat, and we were unknowingly sitting on it.

“Lift up a bit Sue,” I said, “so I can pull this out, it will be a bit warmer.”

I noticed that Sue had dressed a bit more conservatively or maybe just a bit warmer, in a woollen dark jumper and longer skirt than normal, but still smartly dressed for any photos that we might take of the family.

Having extracted the blanket, which we knew to be quite big, as we had used it for picnics in the past, we draped it over our legs with plenty to spare.

“Is that better?” Mom asked, looking round.

“As good as it can be,” Sue said, still a bit grumpy.

Dad got into the car and thankfully it started first time. Sue and I were sitting resting against the seat backs, the blanket up to our chests, with our arms and hands keeping warm underneath. Although there were seat belts fitted, it wasn’t compulsory to wear them in the back then, and thinking about it now, we stupidly didn’t ever use them.

We had been going for only a few minutes when I saw that Mom was already reading a book to pass 1xbet giriş the time and the blanket covered all our movements underneath it.

“Dad, can we have some music on the radio please?” I asked.

“Yes, but not too loud,” Mom said, and switched on the radio, tuning it to Radio 1. I sensed she was feeling guilty about the car heating, as I am sure that wouldn’t have been her choice of radio station.

“Thanks Mom, that’s great,” I said, as I saw her go back to reading her book.

I weighed up the risk of attempting anything with Sue, if she would let me of course in her present mood, and thought it was unlikely anyone would notice now, if we were discreet. The car was old and noisy, and with the radio on, I was sure it would drown out small noises. I hummed a few bars of the current song being played as I contemplated it.

Sue had been gazing out of the window at the passing scenery, no doubt to pass the time while thinking about other things she could have been doing. Slowly without making the blanket move much, I slid my hand sideways until my fingers touched Sue’s skirt covered thigh.

On feeling me touch her, she turned her head and gave me a frown and discreet head shake. However, I wasn’t going to be deterred quite so easily, so I carefully rubbed the back of my fingers up and down her thigh, watching her face. I could see she was thinking about it, as the frown disappeared, and she chewed her bottom lip, a sign I had come to understand.

I knew that it turned her on to take risks, doing something, with the small possibility of being caught, sometimes too much of a risk, but would she do it here I wondered.

Sue turned her head back to gaze out of the window, and I thought that she was either too annoyed with me for her being here at all or didn’t want to take the risk.

I always underestimated my sister.

After a minute or so, as she continued to look out of the window, I felt her take hold of my hand under the blanket. She slowly lifted it over her leg and placed it between them. I expected it to be resting on her skirt, but in the intervening minute, she must have surreptitiously and quietly pulled her skirt up over her thighs so that my hand rested on bare skin.

She said nothing, and gave no indication that anything was happening, but gradually opened her slim legs so that my hand had plenty of room between them.

I really hadn’t expected that, with Mom just in front of her, although unless Mom turned full 180 degrees round, she wouldn’t be able to see anything and anyway the thick blanket was coving us completely. Sue glanced my way and raised an eyebrow briefly, before looking back out of the window. I took that as a cue.

Without making undue movement, I slowly slid my hand up her thighs until I came into contact with her underwear and used my fingers to stroke slowly up and down over her mound. Reaching slightly lower down, and pushing a little harder, I felt the material press between her pussy lips, although at this angle, I couldn’t reach her entrance.

I realized that although I couldn’t reach that, I could easily stroke her clit through the material, and so commenced sliding my fingers up and down, judging where her clit must be and giving it plenty of stimulation.

I was worried that she might start to emanate a strong smell of sex, but I couldn’t detect anything and assumed the blanket was acting as a barrier. Sue had closed her eyes and was breathing more heavily, but I think she knew she had to be quiet and even with the radio playing, not make any weird noises.

My cock was as hard as ever and I had managed to manoeuvre it upwards in my jeans, so it wasn’t too uncomfortable. Suddenly I felt a stealthy hand creep over and grip it on the outside of my jeans then slowly stroke up and down. Sue was reciprocating what I was doing to her.

As I continued to touch Sue through her panties, I felt her other hand touch mine, and it seemed like she was gripping something. By moving my fingers around, I felt some bare pubic hair. It became obvious that Sue was holding the elastic waistband of her panties down and away from her body. It could only mean she wanted me to put my hand down inside them, so trying to be very slow and careful I slid my hand past hers down into her pubic hair.

I don’t know what happened, but I can only think I must have accidentally nudged Sue’s hand away, as there was a sudden sharp sound, and I felt the elastic of the waistband snap across my wrist.

“Is everything ok back there?” Mom asked. over the sound of the radio without turning her head much, “I thought I just heard a weird sound.”

There was little I could do to change my position, my hand was firmly trapped inside Sue’s panties, my fingers now aligned down between her damp pussy lips and Mom was asking questions. I looked at Sue in panic.

“Oh that, yes, emmmm sorry, I was fiddling with the seatbelt, and it sort of flicked back onto the seat,” Sue said, glaring at me.

“Hmm, well you should be wearing 1xbet güvenilirmi them really,” Mom said.

“Yes, sorry, it was a bit awkward with the blanket keeping us warm, we’ll try on the way back,” Sue replied, hopefully placating her.

“Well, try not to fiddle with things, we’re a quarter of the way there already, so it won’t be too long,” she said, and turned back to her book.

Sue grinned at me and mouthed ‘don’t fiddle with things’, I almost burst out laughing, but the adrenaline from that near encounter helped me keep it in. I felt I might be back in Sue’s good books.

I let Mom get engrossed in her book again before exploring more of Sue’s pussy with my fingers.

Sue returned to letting her fingers rove up and down my cock still firmly in my jeans; her sharp nails giving me an exquisite sensation as they traced a pattern up and round the head. However, much as I would have liked to feel her hand on my cock, when I felt her fingers fiddling with my zip, I knew that would be going too far, and I could never get my cock zipped back up quickly if I had to.

Checking no one was looking I turned to Sue and with a vigorous shake of my head mouthed ‘NO’. Fortunately, she had second thoughts and realised that even for her it might be too much of a risk, so she stayed doing as she had before, just on the material of my jeans.

I though, had my hand deep inside her underwear, and my fingers sliding up and down between increasingly wet lips. I could now feel her naked, little, hard clit and alternated with spreading her juices on and around it, in tiny slow movements, making Sue squirm and put her hand over her mouth to ensure no noises came out.

Bit by bit, Sue gradually slouched down on the seat, which lifted her hips up just enough that by curling my fingers, I could probe her entrance. It didn’t look natural, the way she was slouching, but Dad was concentrating on his driving and hadn’t taken any notice of anything else, and Mom seemed still engrossed in her book.

Making absolutely sure that no one was taking an interest, I moved my hand down and quickly pushed two fingers past her lips and into her vaginal opening. I heard her take a strong intake of breath, but I think that was only because I was so near to her. No one else gave any sign of hearing anything.

I now had the palm of my hand flat on her mound and pussy lips, with two fingers curled a little way inside her. Keeping my hand still, I concentrated on just flexing and straightening my fingers so that they moved a small amount in and out of her.

I could see by glancing at her eyes, which were moving around, that I was giving her some good sensations, so much so, that her hand on my cock had become motionless, as she concentrated on her own feelings.

I wondered if I was going to bring her to orgasm and what might happen if I did. Would she scream? Would she groan? I had heard her come loudly before, and the implications didn’t bear thinking about.

After around fifteen minutes of this, I had the feeling she was getting close, not just through the stimulation I was giving her, but by the risky situation, the fear and the adrenaline heightening her pleasure.

She knew it too of course and I felt her hand grip mine and stop me from moving it. I looked at her, and she was quite flushed, but shook her head negatively. She knew she couldn’t come here.

I was somewhat relieved, and didn’t mind, when this time she carefully held the elastic away from my wrist enabling me to withdraw my hand from her damp panties. I pulled it right out and then nonchalantly put my two fingers in my mouth and tasted her arousal. She saw me and grinned, while slowly and quietly re-arranging herself under the cover of the blanket.

“Nearly there,” Dad said, “I hope you two are not too cold, I am sure the house will be warm, your gran keeps it well heated.”

“No, we are ok thanks, the blanket has served its purpose,” I said, looking over at Sue.

I was willing my erection to go down now that we were almost at our destination, and I wondered if there might be any opportunity to get together during the afternoon, but we would have to see how it worked out.

We pulled up outside Gran’s small two storey detached house, the garden surrounding it at the front and on both sides.

It had looked good when Grandad had been alive, but now it was looking a little sad and showing signs of neglect, as Gran couldn’t manage the upkeep and maintenance now on her own.

We piled into the house, carrying the various boxes, my camera stuff, and surprisingly some gardening tools.

“Hi Gran,” Sue and I greeted her, as she came to meet us in the hall.

We had the usual, ‘Lovely to see you two’, and ‘Oh, how you have grown,’ stuff, that older relatives say and then made our way into the main part of the house.

“Now then,” Mom said, after greeting her mother, “I hope you won’t be cross or upset, but we thought we would do a bit of tidying up for you as you haven’t been so well lately. Ben and Sue are keen to help too, and Mike is going to do a bit of pruning and tidying up in the garden, so its a team effort.” she said, beaming at her mother. “Oh,” she continued, “and Ben is going to take some photos of us all later too.”

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