The Family Vacation Ch. 01

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This is a continuing story. It was set up in the Butt Plug series. Read those submissions first to know the characters and the basis.

As always all character are over the age of 18.


The email was from an address I didn’t recognize. But the subject said, La Quinta Residence. So I opened the file.

Dear Mr and Mrs Randall,

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Chad. I will be your concierge for your upcoming stay in La Quinta. I manage the property and I’m familiar with all operations on site. I can coordinate any and all services and entertainment, prior to, and during your stay. My partner Devon is a Master Chef, trained at CIA. Our services are included in your lease. We can be available at any time for whatever needs you might have.

Devon keeps a basic supply of cooking items in the kitchen. Please advise us of any particular menu items, dietary restrictions or catering plans you have during the stay.

We both enjoy challenges, so I can assure you that nothing is beyond our capabilities, given sufficient notice and budget allowances.

The residence is guaranteed to be vacant for at least 48 hours prior to your arrival to allow us sufficient time to prepare for your arrival. If you have anything to be delivered prior to your stay, please arrange to utilize that time frame, and authorize me to receive the goods.

Contact me by phone or email at your convenience. We look forward to your visit.


Chad and Devon.

I had only booked the holiday yesterday, and already I’m feeling really good about the time we would have. The thought of having a gourmet chef at home made the prospect of dining in house more appealing. But knowing the abundance of great restaurants in Palm Desert I knew we would eat most of our big meals out and about.

I shared the message with Trish and asked her if she had any special requests. We agreed that we wanted to experience some of the great dining options in the area, and that getting dressed up to go out in the evenings would be part of the fun of it all. Our exhibitionism doesn’t just mean flashing T&A. We love it when our family attracts attention just because we look good. And I think when this crowd goes out, we look damn good.

This meant that we’d need to do a little research and decide where we wanted to dine, so that I could have Chad book the reservations. No problem. Planning is half the fun. So a few hours later I composed this message and sent it off.

Dear Chad and Devon,

Thank you for the gracious welcome note. We’re all very excited about our getaway in La Quinta. It’s a spur of the moment trip and we are thrilled about the residence.

I expect we’ll be dining out in the evenings and I’ll send you a list of restaurant requests in the next few days. We do all enjoy breakfast though so we invite Devon to be creative and surprise us each day with some of his favorite morning dishes. Regular coffee and fresh fruits are preferred.

My friend Sue and I are the golfers in the group. We’ll want to play each day, mid morning if possible. We are both 10 handicaps and we would be delighted if the pro could pair us with other fun loving players, of any gender.

My wife Trish and our travel partners, Tracy, Teri and Jan will take advantage of the private pool and focus on shopping, hiking, and a few other tourist attractions.

Afternoon snacks and hors d’ouerves could include cheeses, fruit, shrimp cocktails, etc. Again, we encourage Devon to be creative. We are all adventurous eaters.

Send me a proposed budget for breakfasts and afternoon fare. You’ll find I’m receptive to just about anything. We look forward to meeting you.

Click. It was in the mail.

I chose not to discuss the relationship of the family members in the initial contact. Who knows what Chad and Devon might be like? No need to have them prejudging or second guessing our lifestyle. We might become much better friends later…

Time to look forward to the trip.

And time did fly. Suddenly we were on our way. Trish and I put the top down on the Jag. Sue picked up Jan and Tracy in her big SUV and we were off. It was a warm sunny day so we took the high road through Jerome and Prescott, where we stopped for breakfast. We played tourist and wandered around the Courthouse Square and Whiskey Row. Then it was on down to Wickenburg and across the desert into California and our house in the country club district of La Quinta. The guard at the gate welcomed us and gave us the credentials we’d need to come and go during our stay. He advised us that Chad and Devon were at the house. When I pulled up I used the transponder that had been sent to us and the private gate opened. Two handsome young men were standing outside the front door.

Both looked fit and muscular. They were clean shaven. One had short blonde hair and the taller of the two had his head shaved. Both sported deep tans. The blonde haired man stepped forward and extended his hand when I exited the car.

“Mr Randall, etimesgut escort I’m Chad. This is Devon.”

Pleased to meet you. I’m Rob. Say hi to my wife Trish.”

Trish was beaming when she saw the two men. Chad extended his hand, but Trish made it clear she was friendlier than that. She opened her arms and gave him a hug, with just a little extra squeeze.

“Ooo Rita didn’t tell us that we’d have such handsome men to attend to our needs!” Then she turned to Devon and duplicated the hug. “Oh my Devon I look forward to waking up to you and your breakfasts each morning!” Devon and Chad raised their eyebrows at the warm greeting and winked at each other.

Sue arrived a moment later and the three women jumped out of the car. They walked to the door and shared equally enthusiastic hugs with the men. It was clear that we were all comfortable with each other, and even felt some attractions.

“Please, come inside. We’ll show you around and then tend to your luggage.”

We stepped inside the bright and perfectly appointed home. Everything sparkled. On a table near the entry, Devon fetched a tray that had iced glasses and Pellegrino sparkling water. We each took a glass as Chad lead us through the living area, past the enormous kitchen and dining areas and out to the pool and patio in the rear. The space was even larger and nicer than our own outdoor living area at home. There were tables and chairs and chaises in covered and uncovered spaces around the pool and waterfall. The spa was to the right. There were fruit trees in the back yard and a hedge concealed the 10 foot high wall that surrounded the yard.

Trish was holding onto Chad’s arm as he pointed out the features of the yard. He seemed to enjoy the attachment. Jan and Sue were giddy with excitement about how nice it all looked. I nodded my approval. Tracy seemed to feel instantly at home.

“I know I’m going to enjoy being right here for the next several days.” She demonstrated her sincerity by removing her top and unbuttoning her shorts. We watched as they dropped to the deck and she kicked off her sandals. She stood before us in a tiny white lace thong. Her bare breasts sat proudly on her chest. She looked like she had stepped off the pages of a lingerie fashion magazine. Devon and Chad tried to act nonchalant, but it was clear that they were surprised at Tracy’s open attitude.

“I feel the same way Tracy.” Trish said as she let go of Chad’s arm. She unzipped her denim skirt and pushed it down over her hips and down her legs to the floor, revealing the fact that she was commando today. Her little tank top followed and suddenly she was nude.

Now there was no ignoring the situation for Chad and Devon. Chad spoke first.

“Well I’m glad to see that you feel so comfortable here! Please, make yourself at home.” Then he turned to me. “Rob, if you’ll direct us, Devon and I will bring your bags in and help get you completely settled.

Devon, who was obviously attracted to Tracy’s amazing body, walked to the large armoire on the patio and produced a stack of fresh towels. He carried them over and set them down next to Tracy and winked. “Let me know if there’s anything else you need.”

“Oh I will.” She flirted back.

Jan held my hand as we walked back out to the cars with our hosts. Sue stayed behind and began to strip down on the patio too. Both guys couldn’t resist a look back to see her getting naked.

I spoke to Chad. “As you can see, we’re pretty casual and not concerned about being naked. I hope you’re OK with that.”

Chad grinned. “Of course we are Rob. But it usually takes a little longer. Believe me, we have no problem with any of you being undressed. After all, this is your home. We are just your humble servants. Jan giggled. “I’ve never had a servant before.”

Devon smiled at her. “Anything at all Jan. Anything at all. Your wish is my command.”

“Oh, I think I’m going to like this a lot!” She held Devon’s muscular arm and leaned her head onto his shoulder.

I took my bag and Chad carried Trish’s. He also grabbed Sue’s gear. Devon took Tracy’s bag and Jan’s from Sue’s car and we walked back into the house together. Chad put Sue’s bag down and walked with me to the master wing. Jan and Devon went the opposite direction to choose rooms.

Our master suite was huge and looked like it had never been used. The house is immaculately maintained. Chad said he would go back to the cars and get the golf clubs and load them onto the cart in the garage. I took our bags into the huge wardrobe closet and unpacked the few things we had packed. I put our toiletries in the bath on the vanity.

I walked back out to the foyer and picked up Tracy’s bag. I went to explore the other rooms. They were all ensuite style with private baths. I saw Sue’s bag on a luggage stand in the first room. I heard voices from the next room.

“Yes, please put the make up kit on the vanity.” It appeared that Devon was helping Jan unpack. I looked in the door and spotted etimesgut escort bayan Jan in her bikini panties and matching push up bra. Devon had his back to me in the bathroom. Jan winked at me. She put her finger to her mouth to sshh me. I obeyed. She walked up to him in the bath area.

“Will you really be here every morning?” She asked as she hugged him in her semi naked state. He turned in her arms and she kissed him. He returned the hug.

“I can be if you’d like.” He kissed her back.

I walked on to the next room. They all faced the pool and decks. I decided this one would work for Tracy and the next one would be fine for Teri once she arrived. I hurried back past Jan’s door, but not without a quick peek at she and Devon on the bed. She was now braless and Devon was sucking on her nipple while she caressed his smooth head.

I met Chad in the front hall and we walked back to the kitchen.

“This is Devon’s domaine, but of course, it’s yours and you are welcome to nibble or feast on anything here. We’ve stocked it for your stay and he’ll shop for fresh fruit and whatever else as you need it. I set up your golf gear in the garage. Check it out when you have a chance. I wonder what happened to Devon.”

“I think he was helping Jan unpack.” I covered for him.

At that moment my phone chimed. It was Teri.

“Hi kiddo. Where are you?”

“I’m pulling up to the guard gate. I’ll be there in a few.”

“OK. I’ll open the driveway gate.” I looked at Chad. “You need to show me how to open the front gate.”

He picked up the local handset and punched in the code. “Just like that. It’s opening now and will stay open until the next car comes in. Then it’s on a 15 second delay.”

“That’s easy enough” I replied, “C’mon, I’ll introduce you to Teri.”

We walked out the front door and a few minutes later Teri arrived in a sporty Mustang convertible. She had flown to LA and rented the car there. She looked sexy and a little wind blown.

She shut down the engine and unfolded herself from the car as I walked down to greet her. I opened my arms and she jumped into the embrace and kissed me. Chad knows that I’m married, but this kiss might have made him wonder. Teri and I kissed like long lost lovers.

When we finally broke she said, “Oh Rob I am so horny! Being around all that sex and porn all week has got me on the edge of a huge orgasm, and I want it to be with you!”

I grinned and kissed her again and then turned to Chad who was looking rather dumbfounded.

“Chad, this is Teri. Teri this is Chad, our concierge.”

Teri blushed when she realized we had an audience, and then smiled when she saw how good looking he was.

“Hi Chad. Rob didn’t tell me that the house rental included a handsome stud.” She was in full on flirt mode now.

“Pleased to meet you Teri. Welcome home. Let me help you with your bags”

Teri popped the trunk and Chad got her two suitcases out. After all, she had been living in a hotel suite for the past 5 days.

“I need a cold bottle of water. That traffic coming out of LA is miserable! And those windmills are so ugly!”

Teri was never one to hold back or be shy about saying what was on her mind. And Chad was learning that quickly.

“Well come inside my dear. This house has everything!” I took her hand and lead her into the house. Jan and Devon were exiting the French doors onto the patio. Jan was wearing a string thong bikini that really didn’t cover anything. Chad noticed and rolled his eyes.

“I think the first three rooms are occupied, so the fourth should be fine for Teri.” I advised Chad. He took the bags down the hall. I walked Teri to the kitchen and directed her to the patio and the rest of the crowd.

“I’ll get your water and join you in a second.” I opened the fridge and grabbed a chilled bottle. Teri was already out the door and waving to Sue, Tracy and Trish who were sitting in the hot tub above the waterfall. Jan gave her a hug and introduced her to Devon. Teri looked Devon up and down, admiring the hunk. She winked at Jan. “Can we share?” Devon looked a little surprised, but smiled back at Teri.

Jan laughed. “He comes with the house. He can be our, I mean he can make our breakfast in the morning.”

Sue stepped up out of the spa tub and walked over to where we were standing. Her slender tan body glistened in the sunlight. Her small breasts and shaved pussy betrayed her actual age. She looked like a kid in her twenties, like Teri. In fact, she’s more than a decade older.

“Rob, when can we go check out the pro shop and practice area.” She sensed that Chad was feeling ignored, so she approached him. She placed her hands on his torso and massaged him gently. “Chad, will you take us over to the golf club and show us around?” She pressed her wet body close to him and batted her eyes. He tried to resist, but Sue has a way of charming everyone she touches. “Chad, do you like massage? Is there a massage table in the escort etimesgut house? I’d like to get my hands on you.”

Suddenly Chad wasn’t feeling neglected anymore.

“Yes, there’s a massage table in the work out room. I can call for a masseuse.”

“No no no, silly. I am a CMT. I will give you a massage. But first I’d like to see the club and the practice facilities. Rob, can we roll some putts or hit a bucket of balls this afternoon?”

“Yes Sue, I suppose we could. Chad, could you take us over and introduce us?”

“Yes, certainly I can, but Sue will need to put on some golf clothes.”

Sue frowned and then grinned at Chad. “What? You don’t like the way I look?”

“Oh yes, I love the way you look. No complaints from me! But I don’t think it would be appropriate for your introduction to the pro staff.”

“I suppose you’re right,” she said, “so how about helping me pick out the right outfit for my clubhouse debut. I could use a little help unpacking.” She pulled herself closer to Chad and rubbed her belly against his midsection, undoubtedly causing his manhood to grow a bit. She turned away and picked up the clothes she had stripped out of earlier. Then she took his hand and lead him back inside. He turned to us all, as if to ask for help, but we all knew that they could manage the task together. The rest of us got comfortable, knowing that it would be a little while before Sue would be dressed and ready to go.

Teri downed her bottle of water and laid back on a chaise lounge.

Trish and Tracy got out of the spa and came over to sit closer to her so we could all converse.

Trish opened, “So how was the show? Did you see anything new and exciting? What’s the latest news on butt plugs?”

We all smirked a little, though I am still the only one who hasn’t experienced Teri’s newest hot seller. Devon looked a little confused, not to mention surprised at the topic of discussion.

Tracy recognized his cluelessness and volunteered. “Devon, Teri owns an adult entertainment manufacturing and distribution business. She’s been at the big annual convention and market in LA for a week. I’m wearing one of her most popular items right now.”

Devon stared at Tracy because from what he could tell, she was totally naked. She could see the questioning look on his face, so she stood up and sashayed over to him. His eyes were transfixed. Tracy really does have an amazing body, and she is stunningly beautiful as well. She smiled a toothy grin and turned around in front of him. Then she bent over and used both hands to spread the cheeks of her perfect ass, revealing the cut crystal jewel in her butt hole. Devon’s eyes grew wide at Tracy’s open display of her most intimate body parts. He seemed to be speechless, but then to everyone’s surprise, he commented, “Tracy, that looks so hot! How deep is it?”

“It’s 3 inches. Just perfect for wearing all the time. But the magic is in how it moves inside of me. The only thing better is another person. Have you ever tried one?”

Devon blushed for a moment. Obviously, this wasn’t a typical conversation with a client/guest that he would be cooking for over the next 10 days.

“I’ve never had one in all day long.” He answered, implying that he was not a stranger to butt plugs. It was also clear that he was mesmerized by Tracy’s body and the tone of the conversation.

Teri interrupted, “I’ve got a few samples that I’ll dig out once I get unpacked. I think I can find one for you. Remind me tomorrow. Do you think Chad might like one too?”

This was a roundabout way of digging deeper into the relationship between Devon and Chad. And also an indirect question about their sexuality. Palm Springs is a notorious haven for gay people. Since bisexuality is the norm in our family, it was reasonable for Teri to assume the same for Devon and Chad. And it wasn’t a far reach to assume that Devon and Chad might be lovers. Apparently Devon felt comfortable enough about it to share discreetly.

“I’m sure he’d be thrilled with a gift like that from you Teri. Thank you very much.”

Trish began a new line of questions. “Anything new and exciting in lingerie Teri?”

Teri stood up and smiled. “Check this out.” She slowly unbuttoned the crisp cotton shirt she was wearing. She pulled the tails from her denim shorts and shed the shirt. Her boyish torso was clad in a light blue lace bra. Teri is small breasted. She doesn’t have the larger C cups that her sister Tracy possesses. Hers are barely an A cup. But in the lace bra she seemed to be benefiting from a nice boost. She almost had some cleavage. “Wow Teri!” Trish exclaimed. “What are you packing there?”

“Nice, eh? I’ve never worn anything quite like this. It’s really comfortable too. It’s soft and lightweight. They say that it holds its shape when you wash it. I washed it in the hotel room two nights in a row. But look at this…”

She unbuttoned the fly on her shorts and pushed them down over her hips. They dropped to the floor. She wore a matching lace thong. That wasn’t unusual. Teri likes fine quality underwear, when she wears it. As much as I love admiring Teri’s slender youthful figure in sexy lingerie, I love it when she strips naked too. And that’s what she did. She pushed the thong down and stepped out of it. Then she held it up for Trish and the others to see.

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