The Day In My Life I Became Me Ch. 04

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This is CH. 04 of my second erotic story submitted to Literotica. I continue being thankfully indebted to Candy_Kane54 (CK) for providing editing, style advice, and general encouragement for my several erotic story submissions.


This is the final chapter of the three stories, comprising the St. John’s Chronicles.

Primary Characters Are:

Jenny and Pam – are now engaged with their Equestrian-themed wedding scheduled for next year.

Sarah and Trez, Jenny’s Moms – are also planning to quietly marry next year in the St. John’s Pastor’s Study.

Rach and Kelly- are now committed lovers and will become engaged in this final chapter.

Samantha (Sam) – A New Lost Girl.


CH. 03 ended with Rach tearfully promising Kelly to support her 100% in keeping Sam safe!

Studycation-1 was ending in two days, and the Group Home girls would depart Tybee Island, returning to their home in N. Florida. Rach had promised to protect Sam and, if needed, would definitely keep her on Tybee for alternating quarterly cycles until she was seven years old. When not on Tybee, Sam could permanently live in the St. John’s Church Affiliated Group Home.

Rach and Kelly had expected to have a brutal confrontation with the N. Florida Family Court. They sought to permanently resolve Sam’s absolute right to live in a safe and non-abusive environment, surrounded by a loving family.

However, Attorney ‘2’ and the Law Firm successfully convinced the Family Court Judge to extend Sam’s St. John’s Group Home age-based exemption waiver for another six months. Therefore she did not currently need sequestering at Rach’s on Tybee.

Once Studycation-1 ended, Rach and Kelly continued their interstate romance by phone. Rach was also regularly visiting N. Florida. These frequent visits to see Kelly also allowed Rach to further strengthen her already tight bond with Sam, should they need to quickly move her to Tybee for her protection. During her N. Florida visits, Rach also socialized with Jai, ‘2,’ Pam, Jenny, Allison, and several other of Kelly’s friends.

Kelly had met Jai and Attorney ‘2’ approximately three years ago when they shuttered the regional JDC where she worked. Since most JDC residents were nonviolent, Jai organized a Group Home, jointly sponsored by the St. John’s Church and the State. The Group Home was physically located near St. John’s Church, administering the girls’ educational, social, and religious activities.

The Group Home Bylaws prohibited girls less than seven years old from living there without a special Family Court Exemption Waiver. Thus the five and six-year-olds from the JDC-Annex were housed at St. John’s Church, although they participated in most other Group Home activities.

Kelly Phillips was appointed Group Home Resident Manager by Jai, receiving full approval from the Board. She then recruited two college students as part-time Resident Assistants. This allowed her some needed downtime, as well as an occasional weekend of.

Studycation-1 on Tybee had been hugely successful, and the older Group Home girls were keenly aware that Studycation-1 had dramatically changed the direction of their lives. This was where Rach tearfully committed to loving Kelly unconditionally, including fourteen of the original sixteen JDC transfers.

Two transfers, ten and four-year-old sisters, had since been adopted by the Florida State Chief of Staff and her husband, a US Marshal. Although now residing with adoptive parents, the sisters participated in other Group Home activities such as Studycation-1.

Kelly had been responsible for these young girls, excluding Sam, for the past three years; therefore, she was their Mom for all intents and purposes.

Pam Anderson, ‘2’s’ older sister, designed the St. John’s Church Primary Day School’s curriculum, approved by their Board. All students were required to fluently speak, read, and write French as a second language and speak Spanish and Japanese to successfully complete primary school before moving on to seventh grade in Junior High.

Studycation-1 and -2, a component of the St. John’s Day School curriculum cited as Learning In Motion, was developed by Pam and Kelly and fully financially sponsored by Rach’s Investment Firm.

Rach had initially developed a special interest in Kelly during their ongoing phone conversations in planning Studycation-1. However, Rach was confused by her unusual sexual attraction to Kelly, which seemingly intensified each time they spoke. Their first contact was via phone, discussing the Studycation idea. A year later, Rach and Kelly had become a committed couple.

With Studycation-1 being wildly successful beyond all expectations, Studycation-2 was then tentatively scheduled for seven months later, again on Tybee and again sponsored by Rach. At twenty years old, Pam earned her doctorate in Public Education and was quite innovative. kocaeli escort bayan She would perform minor curriculum tweaks to improve Studycation-2.

There was a bit of concern regarding Sam’s participation next week since being left behind would totally devastate her. Fortunately, The Law Firm acting as Sam’s ‘Guardian Ad Litem’ pre-approved her traveling to Tybee for Studycation-2.

Attorney ‘2’ would represent Sam in court for the exemption waiver hearing scheduled for when she physically would be on Tybee.

So with all that going for Sam, the St. John’s Group Home Girls were now scheduled to soon depart for Tybee and start their second amazing Learning In Motion Program!


Studycation-2 was all set to start tomorrow morning. However, Rach had yet to finalize the downtime schedule for the two couples. After all, Jenny and Pam, as well as Rach and Kelly, would need time to play some scorching sex games!

This would be fairly simple to arrange since Rach’s large home was only ten miles from the Studycation-2 Resort Center HQ. One couple would have responsibility for the girls, while the second couple enjoyed a relaxing evening at Rach’s private home.

Rach, “Staying at our place for at least one night over the next ten days allows each couple a special time for crazy wild sex away from the resort. For certain, Kelly and I tended to quickly get hotly vocal when sexing it up!”

Kelly, “Yeah, I am obviously down with that plan, so we can bang our brains out, babe. I want us to have the first evening of downtime, and we can nicely prepare the en suite guest bedroom for Jenny and Pam’s night off!”

In another conversation, Kelly opened up to Rach. “I am so scared of losing Sam. There is a rumor running around that her bio-parents are appealing to family court for their parental fitness right to regain custody of Sam be restored.”

Rach, “Let’s discuss all potential alternatives for Sam’s wellbeing in depth this week, including the possibility of Sam remaining here on Tybee with me for a month following Studycation-2.”

Samantha (Sam) was not one of the original transfers from the shuttered JDC. She currently resided at the Group Home on a Family Court Judge’s Exemption Waiver since she was only five years old at that time. The Judge had approved the first six-month extension of Sam’s exemption waiver without any issues. Her next six-month exemption was scheduled in a few days, which the bio-parents planned to contest.

Sam was currently six years old and needed just one more birthday to reside at the Group Home without a family court exception waiver.

[Ed. Note: Please read the end of CH.03 for a detailed history of Sam if you’re interested.]

Rach added, “We need to discuss our options for protecting Sam with ‘2’ and the Law Firm, then move forward from there.

“We have three priorities for this week. First, a highly successful Studycation-2 program; second, definitely resolving Sam’s custody issue(s); and finally, time for us to have screaming RED HOT SEX,” declared Rach with a wickedly lustful leer!

Kelly agreed, “Babe, I am all in on the red hot knockout sex with you!”

Pam had designed an awesome Studycation-2 curriculum, with the young girls being just ‘out of this world happy.’ The Group Home girls experienced a wonderful time on Studycation-1. They first realized there that learning could also be awesome fun; they were now all in on every aspect of Pam’s Studycation-2 exciting lesson plan.

Pam’s ‘Studycation-2; Learning In Motion’ had them actively working in the Savannah Botanical and Zoological Gardens, the Savannah Girl Scouts Museum, the Savannah Shipyard, Savannah Squares / River-walk, various Savannah Trolley Tours, Tybee Deep Ocean Adventure, and many other historical sights.

Their ‘Studycation-2 Workbooks’ were beginning to bulge with notes gleefully taken by the girls, as well as new ideas for projects. They were having their second experience as serious real-world students, and it was grand. These intelligent young girls were no longer confined to tiny box size living spaces in a JDC or the impersonality of most Foster Home Care!

They were truly freed from the binding chains of their poverty, abuse, and a mostly uncaring society!

As an upgrade to Studycation-1, Pam collaborated with Jai on designing some independent, fun workshops (play-time in motion) for the five and six-year-olds. This gave them a sense of importance in having their own special study adventures.

Their special workshops included a sturdy backpack filled with pens, pencils, crayons, notebooks, and educational coloring books. These beautiful five and six-year-old girls were on the educational journey of their young lives.

The participants were now midway through Studycation-2, so there was a special dinner celebration at Angie’s Restaurant tonight. Rach had purchased outfits for all of the girls, cute Tybee Island tops and shorts, for tonight’s izmit escort bayan ‘we’re halfway through’ frolic.

There was an abundance of great fun foods, ice cream, cakes, and party streamers for the evening. The seventeen girls had never experienced such awesome festivities. They were blown away by the love being lavished on them by everyone, especially Rach and Kelly.

Rach and Kelly had designed the ten days to allow them, along with Pam and Jenny, to have one free night alone at Rach’s house after the girls were down for the night. The couple remaining onsite would have primary responsibility for the five and six-year-olds, especially Sam.

Jenny and Pam were the onsite couple tonight. They were already playing games with Sam and the other younger girls in the adventure room.

The two Resident Assistants (Andrea and Jane) and Rach’s girls, Shels, Ames, and Moon, supervised the older Group Home girls with age-related games and other actives in the reading and movie room.

Rach and Kelly quietly slipped out of their suite later as everyone was happily occupied at the resort.


As they were driving to her house, Rach growled, “I am so frigging horny for you tonight, babe. My panties were so soaked, I took them off before we left the suite.”

Kelly cutely squeaked, “I am all yours tonight, Rach, so just nail me to the bed and fuck me senseless?”

“You are my wet-panties Kelly tonight!” roared Rach.

Once inside, Rach set the alarm and slammed the door shut, then frantically pushed Kelly to the sofa and over the arm. Flipping her skirt up, Rach yanked Kelly’s wet thong down to her knees, soundly slapping her phat booty on each cheek.

“Whose booty is this, Kelly?” yelled Rach.

“It’s your booty forever, Rach love. You own it.”

Rach slid two fingers between Kelly’s soaked pussy lips, feeling a thick, pungent wetness pouring down the inside of both thighs.

“Fuck babe, your pussy is drenched, and I am loving it so much!” bawled Rach.

She pushed Kelly further over the sofa’s arm, dropping to her knees licking the back of Kelly’s thighs up to her bum crease. Kelly’s juices tasted so sweet, as Rach dove deeply into her pussy while recklessly licking everywhere there were sweet juices to taste. Kelly’s genital area juices were so tangy with the enticing smell of her arousal that Rach attacked again and again with an insatiable thirst for her lover’s juices.

Spreading Kelly’s bodacious booty open with both hands, Rach growled, “Fuck me, this pussy is so sweet,” gasping for air as she licked deep into the bum crease.

Kelly, “Rach darling, I love it so much when you growl and take me completely as your woman! I just get so dam wet hearing you growl when craving my body.”

Rach did everything sexually possible to Kelly without physically turning her inside out. She nipped at her pussy lips while swiping her tongue side to side as if giving Kelly’s pussy a wet sex-sponge bath. She deftly reached under Kelly’s shirt for her braless tits, sharply tweaking her nipple resulting in a shuddering orgasm for Kelly!

Kelly moaned deeply, squealing, “Oh, fucking hell, Rach. I am cumming so hard. Just keep licking and sucking me!”

Rach dug deeper between her spread thighs, pushing Kelly forward until her head was flat on the sofa seat with her legs flailing wildly. She kept licking and sucking and nipping, while Kelly kept squealing and cumming until finally she rigidly convulsed and passed out for a second.

Taking her limp body into her arms, Rach sauntered up to her bedroom, with the petite Kelly’s clothes in total disarray. Rach tossed her whimpering lover on the bed and ripped off her own dress. She stood there tall, naked, and magnificently statuesque, gazing lovingly at Kelly. After a moment, Rach literally dived onto the bed, rolled Kelly over, jerking her tattered clothing off, leaving both stark naked.

Rach cuddled her girlfriend while she repeatedly pronounced her absolute devotion to Kelly!

She had begun falling in love with Kelly during their several phone calls organizing Studycation-1, followed by love at first sight for Rach when Kelly arrived on Tybee.

“I am never letting you go,” Rach growled, gently cradling Kelly to her breast. “You have touched my heart as no one has ever before, so you are Mine! Mine! Mine! forever.”

A foggy, groggy Kelly groaned, “Babe did you buy the strapon for us in Savannah?”

“Yes, the one you really liked saying it looked mighty big and so scary!” answered Rach.

Kelly continued, “Please strap up now and nail me to the bed, fucking me senseless as you promised!”

Rach whispered, “For sure, sweetie, but you seem so tired from my amazing pussy licking over the sofa? It’s okay to wait until our next time loving to use the strapon.”

Kelly said, “Who knows when we will be totally alone again, with a family of nineteen young and older girls?”

Kelly gebze escort continued, “I want you to mark me as your babe by fucking me Daffy Duck Nuts with that strapon right now! After your owning me completely, I will crawl between your luscious thighs, licking your sweetness all night long, showing you how much I love and adore you.”

Rach strapped up, placing Kelly on her back as she crawled between her widely spread thighs. She tenderly kissed her fiancé while entering her with one fluid push. Kelly flinched from the full 1-stroke penetration and then relaxed as her lover began gently fucking her with short twisting strokes.

“Fuck me now, Rach, really fuck me!” Kelly screamed.

Rach possessed powerful thighs, having been a tall distance runner since eighth grade. She threw Kelly’s cute little muscular legs over her shoulders. She began rapidly thrusting into her, gaining speed like a runaway locomotive.

Kelly screamed and creamed as Rach growled, “You want to scream, babe, okay then scream for me?”

Nearly an hour later, Kelly was whining and begging, “No more, Rach darling, please, no more!”

‘Rach Pounded – Kelly Screamed! Rach Pounded – Kelly Creamed! Time and again!’

Finally, a fully exhausted Rach laying snuggly on top of Kelly, “I gave you everything I had, babe, and you are so mine forever.”

Kelly said, “I am so whipped, but a promise is a promise,” as she slowly turned Rach over, taking off the strap and licking her juices.

Rach grinned, “Sweetheart, I know you are tired, so wait until tomorrow!”

“I absolutely love my Rach Saunders,” answered Kelly. “Spread those luscious thighs because Kelly plans to love her babe’s sweet pussy all night.”

Kelly soulfully kissed her love, working her way down to gently suck both nipples. She then moved down to home in on her Rach’s pussy with soft and sensual licks while at times sucking gently on her clit. Kelly slowly long-tongued Rach’s pussy and clit for twenty minutes, nudging her to a Long Lasting Mellow Orgasm before she fell soundly asleep on her final taste of Rach’s delicious pussy.

Rach pulled her loving girlfriend up into her arms and gently caressed her sweat and juice-covered face. She went for a pee and afterward wetted a nice fluffy cloth with warm water. She used it to softly wipe Kelly’s sweat-covered body before joining her in a night of contented sleep.

Rach woke first and gently roused Kelly with warm hugs and sweet kisses.

She said, “Babe, we need to shower and get over to the resort in an hour, so we can have breakfast with the group.”

Kelly softly crying, “I waited all my life for you, Rach, please NEVER let me go!”

Rach answered, “We are truly one now, and I will ALWAYS love you!”

The two lovers quickly showered, although Kelly moved somewhat stiffly resulting from last night’s sex-a-thon. They arrived at the resort just as the girls were entering the reserved buffet breakfast section.

Jenny and Pam gave them a knowing smile while Sam rushed over, leaping into Kelly’s tired arms. She snuggled into Kelly while leaning over to give Rach a hug and a sweet kiss on the cheek.

Now Sam was delighted having her two Moms back with her again!

The older Group Home girls had a busy day ahead. They would take a three-hour late morning adventure boat ride with lunch included, followed by scavenging and identifying seashells and other objects along the beach. Today would be both educational and fun for the older girls.

Rach and Kelly took the five and six-year-olds to the Savannah Children’s Museum, which is adjacent to the Railroad Museum, so they would also have a look-see there. Afterward, they would stop by Rach’s Investment Firm, where Cat would read the girls a nice storybook and play a video in the conference room. The little ones proudly announced their very special learning activities for the day to everyone.

Kelly was a trouper, dragging a bit during the many fun things the girls were doing since she had not fully recovered from last night at Rach’s. The little ones were so excited with their special learning in motion project, never even noticing Kelly’s weariness.

Both groups of girls returned to the resort a bit tuckered out from their full day of activities. They quickly enjoyed a light snack and were down for the night quite early.

Rach, Kelly, Jenny, and Pam were sharing a glass of wine on the patio of Rach’s suite while discussing Sam’s situation. The rumor of Sam’s bio-parents asking to regain custody was apparently true. ‘2’ was investigating this issue further. This situation had rapidly developed in the past few days catching everyone a bit unaware. ‘2’ immediately started digging into what had actually changed in the past few weeks that warranted returning Sam to an unsafe and dangerous situation. She had lived in the St. John’s Group Home for over a year and was now six years old.

As best as the St. John’s care group knew from the family court records, Sam had been frequently struck in anger by her bio-parents. It was also rumored that one of the bio-parents had pushed Sam down a flight of stairs. This led to her being removed from that abusive home by a Family Court Judge’s order and State Social worker’s approval.

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