The Animal Kingdom

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Big Dicks

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


It was a bright and sunny afternoon in the animal kingdom of Furcadia. Though commonly referred to as a kingdom, it was much more of a metropolis. Very much your common modern civilization making rapid advancements in technology. Unlike the human side of the world, however, this city primarily consisted of humanoid animals! Large animals, walking up right as humans do.

Animal and humankind knew of one another and worked through various peace talks to find some form of common ground. Though peace had been attained, a boundary was decided. All of the animal folk remained in their solitude for years, behind large walls in which their privacy and way of life could be respected.

At least, until recently. A new agreement had been made. One which would finally allow some sort of embrace between the two peoples. Tourism! For a hefty fee and a stringent series of background checks, your safety could be guaranteed for a week long trip to this paradise. That is, so long as you stay with the group and enter through the appropriate channels. Nothing could possibly go wrong….

Ursula let out a great big yawn as she stirred awake. Large black furred eyes fluttered open as the gargantuan panda sat up. She smacked her lips a few times and glanced around. Very slowly, she lazily rolled to dangle her thick legs over the side of the bed. Suddenly, her eyes sprung open. “Today’s the day!” She called out before rushing from the bed to shower and perform her various rituals. This included cleaning house. She wanted everything to be perfect for her friend’s arrival. Giddy with glee, she then plopped onto her couch, turning on the news to catch up on all the recent happenings.

It hadn’t been easy, nor was it all that necessary given Furcadia’s recent reversal on their isolationist policies, but the young human was certain that moving in with her wonderful online friend would prove to be a worthwhile risk. Though if she had attempted to gain entry through proper channels, it could have taken months, not to mention thousands of dollars, to get approved. Who had that kind of time? At least with the new law in place, Aria wouldn’t have to worry about the mere sight of her leading to someone calling the fuzz.

Even before meeting Ursula, Aria had a fascination with the so-called utopian society that the anthropomorphic creatures had managed to build and maintain despite the adversity and even outright hostility they had once faced from their human rivals. Thanks to those who considered the furry community to be inferior, not to mention general fear, mistrust, and paranoia, it was almost unheard of for a human to be invited within the walls of their sprawling metropolis, at least before now… “Let’s just hope I don’t run into anyone that resents humans for the hundreds of years of slavery and persecution…” Not that any living animal would remember those dark days… right?

Aria glanced down at her phone to consult the address Ursula had provided. “Is this… it?” She tilted her head to one side, then glanced up and down the street as if to compare the live street view with what her phone was showing her. It looked like the right place, more or less… She supposed there was one surefire way to confirm! She practically skipped forward along the path towards her cute friend’s house. It appeared rather large from the outside, but she supposed that since animals were often different sizes compared to humans, perhaps their architecture needed to be exaggerated to match. Locating the doorbell, Aria gave it a quick, and determined jab of her thumb while hefting her overburdened backpack over one shoulder.

Ursula was immediately alerted to the sound of her doorbell. She leaped to her paws, causing the ground beneath even Aria to vibrate feintly. With due haste she immediately approached the door and gave the handle a slow twist as she took a deep breath. She pulled the door slowly open and sly grin spread across her massive face. “Aria!” she cried out in excitement as the monstrous panda quickly reached down and scooped the human up into a tight bearhug. She lifted her off the ground with incredible ease, like picking up a toy.

“Oh I’m so glad you made it!” She said aloud before setting her down and beckoning her into the house and closing the door behind the human. “You’re even smaller than you looked online..” She laughed jokingly, licking her lips a little suggestively as soon as Aria’s gaze glanced around the house. The panda quickly guided her throughout the large house, which was almost cartoonishly large for Aria. It was fairly typical. Living room, multiple bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, kitchen, dining area, a study. And a door that led down to the basement. Notedly, she seemed to glance over and not give much attention to this particular door, “This is mostly for storage and my roommates like to keep a bunch of their junk there.”

She let out another giggle, “You’re escort bursa really not going to take up much space at all, you could probably stay in my room if you’d like..” She said with a playful wink.

“In your room…?” She echoed as her attention was drawn back to the massive panda. Aria knew Ursula was bigger than her and would have been considered ‘thick’ by human standards, but she hadn’t expected her online friend to be so… large. Even that seemed like an understatement, but other words sounded more like an insult so she didn’t dare bring it up. In any case, it wasn’t really a big deal. She liked Ursula, the panda was always fun to talk to and proved to be a valuable resource in helping her sneak inside. Plus it gave her a place to stay for as long as she wishes without having to worry about overstaying any tourist limitations.

“How many roommates do you have? Do you have a guest room or would I be like… sleeping on the sofa?” She knew Ursula lived with others but the details had never been something they had delved into during all their time talking and playing games together. Nor had she thought to ask about the sleeping arrangements before arriving, assuming that Ursula would provide her a space of her own. It wasn’t like they were dating after all…

Ursula furrowed her brows a moment in thought, “Well, there are three of us, you’ll be a fourth.” She said before looking back and down to the human, “And honestly, you can stay wherever you like. But I warn you, the other ladies can get a bit feisty.. I just assumed you’d stay in my room. I was not joking when I said you didn’t take up much space.” She laughed, “Besides, we don’t have any spare rooms and I don’t really want to make you sleep on the couch..” She said quietly, “I have a big bed.” She gave a wink before walking the human to her room. She opened the large door with a twist of the knob and granted Aria the view of a very large room, by human standards. The bed was easily 3 times the size of a King sized bed! With large poles on each corner connected by a draping fabric of semitransparent purple. A large desk off to the side with a mirror and stool for makeup and various other amenities that one might find within a ladies bedroom.

If she glanced around a bit, Aria would note a rather large phallic object of sorts resting neatly on a rag under her bed. The rubbery ‘toy’ as one might soon assume was almost as big as Aria! Ursula seemed to pay it no attention and simply flopped onto her bed, bouncing. The room shook about with her weight and she smiled back down to Aria, “Come aboard! What do you think? We can change the arrangements if you need. I figured it would be best to wait until you were her to decide what’s comfortable for you.. You humans can be, quite sensitive..” She said slyly as she wriggled her toes in anticipation.

“I…” It wasn’t exactly what Aria had in mind and certainly wasn’t what she had been expecting but considering the size of Ursula’s room and bed… it seemed like it would probably be okay. “I don’t want to be an inconvenience… besides, sharing a room has to be better than sleeping on the sofa.” In theory that was true, at least. Ultimately it would depend on how annoying Usula was to live with in such close proximity. An online friendship was one thing and living together was already a big step forward. Sleeping in the same bed and sharing the most intimate space?

Aria couldn’t help but wonder how well things would go, but it was too late to change her mind now. She was here and she needed to make this work! “Do we at least have our own bathroom?” She asked, even as her eyes were drawn to the odd object underneath Ursula’s bed. The young red and black haired girl thought to ask about it, but realizing that it might be something perverse she decided not to pry. She set her bag down against the wall as she explored the room, marveling at how huge everything was compared to what she was used to. Given the panda’s size however… it just made sense.

She smiled and nodded, “Oh of course. Obviously, I’m head bitch in this household.” She laughed, “Of course I have my own bathroom!” She said as she bounced on the bed a little. “Oh wait, you’re actually asking a lot about privacy… Hmmm, I guess we never really discussed it, it sounds like you humans enjoy keeping to yourselves… Well, we are much more open, accepting, and sharing than that I suppose.. I hope that’s not a huge deal breaker.. Though, you’re already here..” She giggled softly as she rolled around onto her tummy, kicking her thick trunk-like legs behind herself and bouncing her heels off her own backside.

She rested her cheeks into her palms and wiggled her head side to side, scanning the human up and down and unable to resist licking her chops at the luscious sight. “So, what do you want to do first?” She asked excitedly.

Aria snickered at the term ‘head bitch’, unsure of whether that meant she was truly in charge or if she was just making a joke. “So more like a hostel or like görükle escort how in japan there are those public bath houses?” The cute young girl watched the way the chubby panda rolled around even as she spoke, as if still surprised someone so big could even exist let alone look so… enticing. “Ah… well maybe I should get settled in? Unpack, maybe have a shower? It was a long trip after all. I didn’t bring much though, didn’t want to get weighed down with too much luggage given all the sneaking I was doing.” She bit her lip, wondering what the panda was thinking about with such hungry eyes.

“Sure, go ahead and get settled in. Get a shower, can I get you anything in the meantime?” She asked pleasantly as she slowly rolled to a seated position. This was followed by her sliding from the edge of the bed to stand onto the floor. Her body twisted and rocked in a way that all the right places jiggled about, as though she were strutting her stuff. “I could get you a drink, at least?” She asked before taking particularly firm steps, again causing her massive breasts, hips and ass to jiggle about. She stopped for a moment, taking the time to look down and adjust the massive breasts that were ready to burst from her tank top. A heavy sigh escaped her lips, “These girls are so hard to control I swear..” She said as she shook her head, continuing past Aria.

“I… I can imagine.” Aria found it difficult not to notice the way the panda’s body moved and all those excessive curves made her mind wander and her body stir in ways she rarely experienced. Ursula was her friend, yet it was easy to imagine her as something more with the way she seemed to tease the red and black haired girl. Was it on purpose? Perhaps it was rude of her to assume it was, after all, it couldn’t be helped that the panda was so large and even the slightly movement was likely to make something jiggle. “You know, a lot of humans say that most of the furcadians don’t even wear clothes. I think they imagine this place as one giant nudist colony since you’re… well… some people see you as animals still I think.”

Aria paused as she considered her earlier questions. “Ah, anyway… a drink would be nice. I’ll just rinse off quick and put on some fresh clothes and then we can figure out where to put the rest of my stuff. One drawer would probably be big enough considering… yeah.” She swallowed hard as she turned away from Ursula to rifle through her belongings before finding a new outfit to wear. Just a simple t-shirt and some shorts should be fine… not like they were going out or anything. “Is the bathroom… through there?” She gestured to one of the two doors leading from the room besides the door they had entered from. Aria figured one was a closet and the other a bathroom.

She nodded, “Yeah, actually it’s not super common to wear clothing.. I just know that you humans all do..” She shrugged, “So for a little while I figured I’d wear -something- to help you ease into it..” She laughed. She then turned to look back and gave another nod, “Oh, yeah the bathroom is right there..” She said, gesturing to the door to the right of the closet. She then turned back around, giving her hips an especially lewd wiggle as she strutted out of the room. She arrived soon at the kitchen and poured a glass of water. She then reached into a cupboard above the refrigerator, somewhere very high and not easily reached especially for the human, and pulled from it a cylinder tube. She popped the lid and dumped a single pill into her palm before returning the items to the cupboard. She sighed happily and dropped the pill into the water, which fizzed a bit until the pill dissolved completely and the water retained it’s clear properties. She then returned to the room, likely after Aria had begun her shower.

Within the bathroom she would notice a standing shower, adjacent to a deep tub. The tub was reminiscent of a hot tub. A large counter with a deep sink sat against the opposite wall and within the sink yet another of those large phallic objects from before rest within, appearing to have been recently cleaned and not yet dried.

“What… the hell?” Aria blurted out as she saw the object that seemed like obvious toys designed to pleasure someone of Ursula’s size. The panda knew Aria was coming, was she really not embarrassed about her seeing such things? Given that they would be living together and now sharing a room, it wasn’t ridiculous to assume that she might eventually stumble across such things but to display them so brazenly… was she testing how prudish Aria was? Was she just messing with her? “Har har…” she muttered as she stripped out of her soiled clothing and stepped into the massive shower.

Soon enough the room would be hot and steamy and the slender young woman would feel much better. She wasn’t even thinking about the larger woman’s intentions or what the other woman in the house might think of her. Ursula promised everything would be fine, that they would have lots of fun, and bursa escort bayan that she wouldn’t let anything happen to the illegal human. Aria trusted her as much as she trusted anyone, and so as she scrubbed away the sweat and made herself clean, her thoughts were fairly positive despite the few unexpected revelations. She was even humming by the time Ursula returned to the room.

Ursula perked at the sound of running water and humming. She smiled and slowly approached the door to the bathroom. She pressed an ear to the wooden surface and listened carefully before ever so quietly twisting the knob and opening the door. She peered in, glancing about before locking her gaze onto the steamed silhouette of the human. She licked her lips a few times and bit down onto the bottom one. She grabbed onto one of her breasts as she watched longingly over the human showering. Her large nostrils flared as they took in the fading scent of the human’s sweat which was soon replaced by the various soaps and shampoo she chose. Her free hand, now slowly slid down along her body and groped onto a thick bulge that had taken form in her short shorts. She kneaded the mound and tugged gently on it as she watched.

Aria took her time rinsing off once she felt enough lather had been spread out across her body and worked into her skin, unaware that she currently had an audience. Her display wasn’t intended to be sexy, it wasn’t as if she was twerking against the glass of the shower stall or otherwise putting on a show. But for someone who have never seen a human in person before, let alone naked and vulnerable, one could imagine that even something as mundane as watching a girl as pretty as Aria bathe could be rather arousing. “Mmm… I think that’s about as clean as I’m going to get.” She said to herself as she reached for the levers to turn off the water.

It would be a few more seconds after that before the wet, dripping human would open the steam coated door to the shower in an effort to reach for her towel. A few minutes later she would be dry and begin putting on her clothes. Technically her hair was still wet, but that was going to take much longer without a blow dryer. Would even something like that be giant for her? She giggled at the thought of a comically sized blow dryer blasting off her clothes or propelling her around the oversized bathroom like a jetpack. “Calm down Aria, this isn’t a cartoon.”

Ursula cleared her throat, releasing herself and grabbing the glass from a nearby stand. She then opened the door fully and set the clear receptacle onto the counter. “Here you go. Let me know if you need anything else~!” She called out before wiggling her fingers and shutting the door before Aria could respond. The concoction, unbeknownst to Aria, was an extremely potent aphrodisiac, common amongst the furcadians. Ursula decided she couldn’t handle it anymore and removed her top. She let out a deep sigh of comfort as her girls fell free and expanded happily. She then fell back onto her bed, still wearing her short shorts which began to grow quite uncomfortable due to growing matters. She took a deep breath, closing her eyes and relaxing for a bit.

“O-Oh! Thank you…” She called out even as the panda quickly vacated the room to give her privacy while she got dressed. Aria wasn’t surprised that Ursula might walk in on her while she was bathing or changing considering how little regard the panda lady seemed to have for privacy or modesty. She practically admitted that she was only wearing clothes to avoid offending her delicate human sensibilities. At least her online friend had enough respect to avoid lingering and staring at her naked body, at least as far as Aria was aware. Once she was satisfied with her state of dress, she picked up the glass of water and took a long, healthy drink.

Several mouthfuls later, Aria emerged from the bathroom with a satisfied sigh, one that turned into a last minute gasp when she glimpsed the half naked panda sprawled out on the bed. “Erm… am I interrupting?” She teased, despite the fact that Ursula didn’t appear to be touching herself as she lay there. She could help but think about the toy she had seen under the bed, not to mention those in the bathroom. “By the way, you left your ‘toy collection’ in the tub.” She tried to sound casual, like it didn’t bother her, as she carried her used clothing in one hand and the glass of water in the other. “Also, is there a laundry basket I can use?”

She slowly sat up, fully displaying her endowed chest to the human. “Hmmm, yeah, in the hall. And yeah, I tend to leave my toys in places they will dry best. The one in the tub I haven’t gotten around to finishing cleaning.” She laughed, “Sorry, I’ll need to get used to picking up my things..” She said before laying back down, “If you don’t mind. I think I’m going to take a nap.. I’m beat..” She said as she locked her fingers between each other behind her head. She let out a happy sigh, “Oh, did you get enough to drink by the way..?” She asked, the anticipation nearly overwhelming. It took quite some time to take effect on the larger species of furcadians.. She wondered how quickly, or how much of an effect it would have on a tiny human. She hoped she didn’t give too strong of a dose..

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