Tanisha and Cythia (FFM)

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Group Sex

I’ve been hanging out with Tanisha a lot more since our group encounter. We’ve become close friends.

Tanisha invited me to brunch with one of her sorority sister, Cynthia. She was one of the few people she kept in contact from college. They both pledged at the same time. one of the few girls that made it through til the end.

The best thing about weekend brunch is the unlimited mimosa’s. After the 3rd glass, you’re inhibitions start to go. It was after the 5th glass when Tanisha started to tell her about the night we had. It was when she was describing me sucking her man’s cock, Cynthia looked at me with a mischievous grin. She then suggested we continue drinking at her place.

I had just met Cynthia and I can already tell she is a boss bitch. Wearing black boots, skinny black jeans, a gray shirt and mid cut black leather jacket, she turns head wherever she goes.

All three of us stumbled into her apartment with unknown excitement. we all kick off our shoes and jump into the couch in a lazily/ drunken bahis şirketleri way. Cynthia goes to get us some wine. Tanisha

sitting to my left, turns to me and throws her left leg over to straddle me. Now sitting on top of me, she leans in for a kiss.

It wasn’t any more than 5 seconds into the make out session when Cynthia comes over and sits next to us. Tanisha pulls away from me and looks at Cynthia. With a smirk, she ask me “want to see what they make pledges do?”. Tanisha still on top of me leans over to Cynthia and starts to kiss her.

College has always been a time for experimentation. It was the first time I was able to play with another man. Watching Tanisha and Cynthia’s embrace was something else. Tanisha’s hands holding Cynthia’s face, their lips moving together in a passionate embrace. This was something that they have done before. It was love between them.

I sat there flushed from the alcohol and the heat their bodies gave off. Cynthia, breaking the kiss, gets up and grabs our bahis firmaları hands. without saying a word, starts leading us to her bedroom.

Once there, Cynthia and Tanisha resume their passionate make out session. slowly removing their clothes. only stopping to tell me to do the same. Cynthia already lying on the bed signals for me to come over. I climb on top of her, starting with small kisses on her neck. moving my way across her chest to her AA breast. She shivers as my mouth reaches her hard nipples. Her right hand on the back of my head moving me to where she wants my lips next.

I reach her navel, almost forgetting about Tanisha until I feel her move to the side of us. Tanisha not wanting to miss anything, gets on top of Cynthia. Her knees on both sides of Cynthia head, opening her thighs and moving closer to Cynthia’s awaiting mouth.

It was only the passionate moan, that signaled Tanisha was where she needed to be. I then felt two more hand on the top of my head pushing me down to Cynthia’s wet kaçak bahis siteleri pussy. I Kiss her thighs before making my way to her lips. my tongue tracing them before spreading them open and penetrating her. Cynthia Bucking and moving her hips around my open mouth. Two fingers already inside her. Cynthia’s moans muffled by Tanisha’s amazing pussy.

Tanisha grabs my head and pulls me up to lick Cynthia’s juices from the side of my face. She reaches down to my hard member and directs me into Cynthia. I grab her hips and start pumping my manhood in and out of her. Tanisha moving to the left of us, with her right hand massaging Cyntia’s clit, takes in the sight of our lovers’ pleasure. I pull out and finish on her stomach. We all collapse on the bed.

Cynthia lying between Tanisha and I kisses us both and tell us, this was great. We all get up and go to the shower to help clean each other off. We properly explore each other bodies. touching, teasing, caressing each other.

Cynthis turns the water off and leaves Tanisha and I in the bath getting ready to start round two. We dry off and go look for Cynthia.

We find her in her bedroom, dressed in a black boycott with a strap on harness. She looks at us then ask “who wants to go first?”

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