Tamed Pt. 13: Off The Hook

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Family Sex

With a frustrated groan I pushed my body backwards into my chair and leant back on the fake leather chair, rubbing my eyes firmly as the stress of studies and exams was building up inside me, a great fireball of worry and anxiety forming in my gut whenever I looked upon my calendar and the marker circled around the date two days away. Quite possibly the most important exam of my life was fast approaching; and even though I was high up in the class, there was still room for failure.

My step-sister must have heard my frustration, as exactly five minutes after my tantrum break, she emerged in the doorway of my bedroom turned study with a plate and a coffee mug in hand. She stepped up to me and gave me a hard kiss on the cheek, placing the sandwich and black drink onto my desk beside heaps of papers that she didn’t even begin to make sense of.

As she turned to move around the back of my chair, I caught sight of what she was wearing. A simple powder blue pair of yoga pants with a V-neck white tank top that gripped onto her body for dear life, so much so that her cleavage spilled over the low neckline making it the perfect canvas to push one’s face into. Her bra of a similar blue from the lycra leggings was clearly visible under her tight top, given how the cotton stretched mercilessly over the intense curves of her body. Wrapped around her neck was a choker, black, with an aquamarine gemstone that matched her pretty eyes. Her long red hair had been cut, now her ass length hair only reached the light muscle definition of her mid back, but it was as orange, shiny and silky as ever.

“You’re gonna kill it babe.” she muttered, pushing her fingers though my hair to massage my scalp. I sighed and closed my eyes, her massages always did the trick; so perfect with her hands, with just the right amount of strength to make it last. Her nails scraped softly over my scalp, and as I pushed my chair back to press my head on her body the underside of her oversized tits rested on my head. I chuckled, and she giggled.

“Want to fuck?” I asked, tugging on the natural bulge in my sweatpants. my Step-sister scoffed as she worked her hands down to my shoulders to release the tension in them.

“You’re such a romantic man Bro… You gotta at least tease your woman a little before asking that.”

“Well, it’s a good thing I’m dating such a dick addict…” She giggled and bit her bottom lip, eyes flicking from me to my soft bulge.

“I’d love to, but I gotta be somewhere…Sorry.”

“Again? You’ve been going out all day every day for the last two weeks…”

“I know baby. I promise when I get back, we can see what Hana gave me…I know you’ve been dying to see what’s on it.” I sighed and pushed myself off the chair, standing and facing her. With a glad smile on her face, she accepted my body, wrapping her arms around me as I did her. We kissed, lovingly. But the lusty overtones always overpowered the romance. We both knew that the chemistry we had was perfect for a couple, but even then, it always lost to the love we had for mindless, rough sex.

“When are you going to tell me where you’ve been going?” I asked after feeling her thick curve of an ass. She frowned and shook her head, making her silky hair swivel and sway.

“All in good time. Look…I should get going.” She pushed herself off me and gave my lips one last taste of her lipstick before swaying her hips toward my door. “Oh, and by the way, Claire should be coming over sometime when I’m out, I borrowed some underwear from her and she wants it back.”

“Those black lacy ones you wore after our dinner at that French place?” She grinned and nodded, winking before blowing me a kiss in her sassy, overexaggerated way before leaving my study, and moments later, she signalled her leaving by slamming the door shut.

Claire was over. Perhaps, as Alanah’s best friend, she knew what mysteries she was keeping from me. “Right…Back to work…” I collapsed back into my chair and feasted on my lunch like a starved man who had been in the desert for a week.

Time passed; I did not keep up on just how long it was since Alanah left. All I knew was that it was still the daytime when the anticipated knock on the door came into my apartment. As the small rattle of knuckle on wood sounded my heart leapt into my throat, and almost as fast as my dick got hard, I jumped from my seat and made for the front door. My semi was always apparent when Claire was close, the dark masochist had this untameable hold on me that just made me into a sex hungry animal. With my sister I was delicate, yet rough when needed…With Claire, I was relentless, we resembled animals more than people. My cock had already anticipated what we would end up doing; It had been weeks since I had a taste of the black-haired beauty.

I wasn’t disappointed. the moment I opened the door to see Claire rest herself on the side of the doorframe with her made up face staring up at me with glee I felt a snap within adiosbet yeni giriş me. It was like I had fully forgotten about Alanah’s mysteries and focused fully on Claire. Her brown matte lips pouted into a mischievous smirk as she held a black handbag over her shoulder. The outfit she wore was a familiar one; being almost the same outfit we met in. A black baggy sweater with a crude “Bad Influence” scribbled over the chest area, with black leggings that contorted and curved over her stupidly thick thighs and ass. Her height was elevated with strap on heels that muffled over the hallways carpet.

“Long time no see lover boy…” She said, inviting herself into my home with a confident step. She gripped the handbag with both hands as I closed the door behind her, leaving us all alone. “You know, I never actually thought you and Alanah would start dating…She always gets bored of a man after a week of being her boyfriend.”

“What can I say? I’m a special guy. Not many people know this but I’m quite gifted in some romantic aspects of a relationship.” I moved over past her, enticing her with a cheeky squeeze of her firm, heavy ass as I moved passed her. Of course, she understood the hint; I wasn’t exclusive. I managed to catch her expression afterward, spying how her eyes lit up amongst the darkness of them. As I leant over on the kitchen counter Claire placed her bag on the coffee table with a dense thud before turning to me with her hands on her hips.

“Oh really? Whatever could that be I wonder?”

“My cock, its fucking massive.”

She giggled. A giggle far different to the playful, girly one Alanah would give. Claire’s was far more enticing, like you didn’t know if it was a serious show of sexual affection or just a play to tease. She started flicking her ignited gaze all over me from head to toe. “A lot of men say that lover boy. Not many can back it up.” She started to approach, curling one leg over the other as her thighs rubbed together and her ass bounced. Each time her heels clopped against the floor my bulge throbbed and begged for her, making it even more visible under my sweats.

“In my experience its always the shy, quiet ones who have the biggest cocks. Once there was this guy. Super nerdy, had this stick thin girlfriend…We had an affair and let me tell you his thing was the second biggest I had.”

“Only the second? Who’s the first I wonder…” My chest heaved and thumped like the beat of a war drum, Claire and my Step-Sister always made me feel nervous, horny and excited all at once. She tugged on the waistband of my sweats looking up at me and pouted those lips; those perfect lips. If there was one thing, I wished Alanah would do, wearing matte lipstick like Claire was top of the list.

“He’s this hunk. Second time he ever had sex and he broke my ass and ploughed me like a corn field. He’s dating my best friend. But sometimes I think he wants me as a side piece.”

“Would that be something you’re into?” I asked, leaning forward. She followed, tilting her head to one side that made her black hair hang down to the side as we inched closer and closer. I felt her lips brush upon mine, and we both grinned.

“He’d have to work a little harder. Make me feel as special as that redhead bimbo.” with a mutter she backed away, winking at me before her expression changed to one of a content friend. I watched the raven-haired woman collapse onto the sofa and extend her long legs up to rest on the coffee table, hooking one leg over the other as they squished together. At this point I wasn’t surprised that this mere act of movement turned me on. Everything Claire did had the same effect on me, I had always compared her to a drug, one which caused a heavy addiction the more you took it. She knew that too, whether the story of the affair was true or not, she clearly knew men felt the same as I did for her.

“Coffee?” I asked as she switched the T.V on. She looked over at me and shook her head.

“Anything stronger?” She asked with a raised brow. I grinned and took the hint, instead of moving to the cupboard to retrieve mugs I made for the fridge, stealing two cold beers from the back behind last night’s leftovers. “So, how’s your studies going?” I heard her velvety voice as whilst I slammed the door of the fridge shut and made for the sofa. Claire made no effort to hide the fact that she was staring at the semi in my sweats that pushed against the material harder as I walked.

“Yeah, it’s going good. I’ve been a bit distracted this past year but I’m still projected to get best in class.” Sitting beside her she immediately shifted her body closer to me, close enough that her leg pressed on me and her hand only hand one place to go: my leg.

She took the beer and unscrewed it, flicking the bottlecap away and taking a long swig. I watched as she wrapped her matte lips over the rim of the green glass, it certainly wasn’t the most I had seen her lips spread apart, but even still, adiosbet giriş I wanted her lips around me. She hummed and cocked a brow at me, licking the excess alcohol from her lips. “Impressive. I’ve always been a girl who loves men who uses their mind as well as their cocks…”

“You’re attracted to intelligent men?” Claire nodded.

“Oh yeah, smart is the new sexy lover boy. Don’t get me wrong, can’t be unsatisfied with a guy two times your size with arms like tree trunks, but there’s nothing better than a man who thinks.”

“So, if I told you I’ve been studying all night long for weeks without sleep…”

“Ooooh baby don’t, my panties are getting absolutely soaked…. Oh wait…I forgot I’m not wearing any…” She winked at me, and noticed the throb against my sweats at the statement. I chuckled, wrapping an arm over the back of the sofa around her. She smiled as I did, shaking her head as her fingernails casually scraped against my thigh, closer and closer to my thick bulge.

I pushed myself close to her, taking her in with each passing moment. She smelled divine; an apple fragrance that I only assumed was expensive. She looked over me as I rubbed one of her lycra coated legs, tantalisingly up and down her thigh. She retorted by grasping my girthy shaft though my sweats with a graceful toss of her hair. Just the moment after she groped me, she retreated, releasing her grasp and standing up. “I don’t want you ruining these leggings too lover boy. I happen to like these.”

“You’re fucking killing me Claire…” I groaned as I pressed my head on the back of the sofa. I heard her giggle and click her heels away toward the far door across the room. Mine and Alanah’s room.

“Good. That means when I come back in here with something more appropriate, you’ll fuck me just how I like it!” I only managed to turn my attention to this woman to see her wink and spank her thick ass firmly with a sharp clap before leaving me alone.

For the time it took Claire to get changed, I could have showered and cleaned myself ready for the anticipated time the two of us were about to experience. As I sat there, legs spread wide with a fully erect bulge practically ripping the sweats I wore, I started to think to Alanah. At first, I thought of texting her to see if she was ok, or to perhaps send a picture of what was happening in my sweats. But the moment I thought about going to get my phone, the bedroom door clicked open.

Claire had had enough of letting me wait, emerging from the room in nothing but the black lacy lingerie she had come over to retrieve. A confident grin painted over her heavily made-up face, those puffy matte lips curling up with a sexual tone that drove me speechless. The bra fit her perfectly, unlike my step-sister who’s tits practically spilled out from it due to their impressive size. Her heels clicked on the floor as she pulled the sides of the thong up her wide hips and turned to show me how mouth-watering her ass looked.

I salivated like a rabid dog, swallowing my spit every few seconds as she dragged her nails up her firm, swelled up booty that chewed and swallowed the fabric between each delicious cheek. “So, Daddy, who wore it better?” she asked before making a sexy pose by showing off her side profile and tracing her hands up her thin body and average sized bust.

It was only natural that I started to massage my bulge. Not just for the sweet pleasures of those erotic tingles, or to milk pre out of me to soil my sweats, but to tease back. I knew she loved it as much as Alanah, only that she was far less likely to react with such cute eagerness. I caught her staring as I peeled my foreskin back and forth over my head though my clothes, with the indentation clear I bit my lip.

“I can’t decide from this far away baby, I’ll need a closer inspection.” She laughed whilst she twirled her black hair though her fingers. With a roll of her eyes, she slowly and deliberately stepped toward me, ensuring that her hips swayed with the curve of her leg moving in front of the other. She sped up after a few steps, licking her lips as she stood between my spread apart legs. With her hands on her waist, she turned and wiggled her perfectly huge ass in my face.

Claire moaned hoarsely as I groped it, kissed it, nibbled on a cheek and squeezed the other. I felt the firm grip of her hand scrape through my hair as she rubbed it in my face. “Mmmm, well your ass is certainly better…”

“My ass is just as big as your girlfriends Daddy.”

As I motorboated her ass and pulled the lace from her crack I chuckled and snapped it back with a scathing rattle. “It’s just as big, but yours is formed much better…If only I had them both smothering me.”

“Be careful what you wish for lover boy, you think you can handle us both in sexy underwear?”

“I’ve handled you both before, I’ll do it again.” I said as I parted both cheeks to begin to tease her asshole, but it seemed like something adiosbet güvenilirmi beat me to it. sandwiched between her large and firm butt was a small circular black jewel. I grinned, and pinched it between my fingers to tug on it. Claire’s entire body recoiled, and her grip on my head stung as she dug her claws into my scalp.

“Naughty boy, who said you could touch my toy?” She moaned out between the restless gasps and vibrations that rocked her entire body. “Just for that…” She started, stepping away from me and bending over at the hips to take something from the table.

“We get to watch whatever filth is on this.” She presented the familiar looking object to me. A small memory stick. The very same Hana had given to Alanah, the one that I wanted to watch with my step-sis when she got home…My eyes widened with excitement, and before I knew it the black-haired girl was at the T.V, slotting it into the usb with a click.

“Clothes off lover boy. I want to snack on something while we watch a home movie.”

I did as she asked, standing to pull my shirt over my head and to pull my sweats down. My cock bounced out and swayed to side to side, slapping against my legs before it settled straight forward; head peeled all the way back with its weight bending it down ever so slightly at the base.

Claire pouted and let out a soft hum of pleasure upon seeing my third leg, the fact that the erection on such a beast was all her doing. “Damn, seeing that thing never gets old…” she said, eyes now exclusively on my penis rather than any other part of my body. We sat together on the sofa, with my legs wide and Claire leaning over to grasp my cock with both hands. Even with two balled up fists on it a good five inches was left unheld, but my raven-haired side chick only smiled and licked her brown matte lips at the perfect opportunity to suck and pump me at the same time.

Just as I softly wrapped a hand around her neck to pull her into a kiss the screen on the T.V changed from the black reflection of us to a large bed, and sitting upon it, a thick white dildo not too dissimilar to my appendage’s size; albeit with less popping and throbbing veins at the mere touch of a woman. As we kissed and I softly squeezed on Claire’s neck that made her groan in my mouth, we both looked at the video from the corners of our eyes. It was still empty, not anyone in sight, but I felt my heartbeat through my body; almost like I could hear the blood pulsing through my body, rushing to my cock. Claire teased my lips, nibbling softly on them, pulling back softly like she was tearing it from a carcass, it was firm, and it stand just a little, but with pleasure of her hands pumping my shaft quickly overtook that feeling.

From the T.V a figure emerged, clad in the blacks and whites of a skimpy maid outfit. Complete with white thigh-highs and frilly uniform. Hana had dressed up. It caught Claire’s attention, pulling herself away from the make out to kiss her teeth. “That’s not Alanah…I was hoping to see you fuck her while you shove that toy in her ass.”

“No… That’s Hana…My old crush.”

The girl on the video, Hana, grinned cutely, tracing her hands up her slim body then up over the ample curve of her bust. The cute girl winked, that made me throb and squirt pre. “Hi. If you’re watching this, then I want you to hook up with me. I figured I’d give you a little show to see what a night with me would be like…If my body doesn’t already want you to come to my dorm and do some fucked up shit together, maybe this video of me with Mr. Stud will convince you.” Reaching forward for the dildo, she slowly dragged her nails up the plastic; starting at its perfectly spherical testicles, then up the base, her eyes fixed onto it; and from her glossy lips, a string of saliva drooled down.

“Wow…She’s dirty.” Claire said. She started to slow her pumping to go a more deliberate, and effective approach. I looked at her, moaning as her thumb firmly rubbed my dick clit with the pre that had begun to constantly flow once again from my shaft. “I can see why she had you on the hook lover boy.” Her nail pressed against my most sensitive area; the jolt rocking my body and with it, a hard seethe escaped my lips. Claire giggled that same devilish giggle she always sent my way. She repositioned, kneeling on the sofa with her heeled feet swinging in the air. Her face was buried in my pelvis kissing and nibbling the base of my monster as her fat, perfectly rounded ass shook from side to side. “Did that hurt lover boy? I guess you just gotta punish me extra hard then.”

Hana had taken the dildo, teasing me with it, prodding her cheeks with its intense, bulbous head; her expression was more than sexy; that fake look of utter shock, that look that put across the idea that this was something the maid had not anticipated. Just a moment later she forcefully pushed the dildo into her mouth, like a man pulled her to do so. She moaned; eyes wide as saucers as she sucked upon the plastic toy. Claire moaned with the girl on the T.V licking my shaft all the way up and all the way down with her hair dropping over her face.

“Bitch knows how to handle that thing. She’d look right at fucking home between your legs daddy.”

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