Sweetest of Hearts Ch. 03

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Sitting at the dinner table next to Mark, Kelly would admit she felt rather diminutive in stature compared to him, even in a seated position. Like his daughters, like her other friends, she’d lusted after him for a long time, probably loved him for even longer, if she was honest. She knew he looked after himself. A little chest hair covered defined pectorals and washboard abs. His biceps were developed. Even his forearms looked thick. He just exuded power and strength, but all the girls around the table knew he’d never harm a fly.

There was no missing the butterflies in her stomach, knowing she would be losing her virginity to him that evening. She’d thought for a long time that Hannah and Katie would have been jealous of anyone else being with him, but as soon as they’d realised their own feelings, aware their friends wanted their father just as much, the agreement had been made. The daughters would get their chance first, then they’d happily share their father. They knew their father would treat them all gently, with love and respect, and would ensure their first time would be special.

“What are you all doing for your last week off, girls?” he asked.

“Get drunk, Daddy,” Katie replied, unable to hide the smirk, “Maybe wait for our daddy to get him so he can fuck us.”

Mark chuckled, shaking his head. “God, my daughters are incorrigible.”

“You won’t just be fucking us, Daddy,” Katie continued, “There are four other virgin pussies that are aching for your big cock.”

“Fucking hell, Katie,” Sofia murmured, “Laying it on a bit thick!”

“I’m not complaining,” Emily said, a lustful gaze in the direction of Mark, “She’s right. I’ve got three virgin holes that need filling.” Mark met her gaze and Emily gulped within seconds. “You thinking something, Daddy?” she breathed.

“I’m thinking about what you’d look like with your head buried in the pillows on my bed, arse raised in the air, as I’m balls deep inside that arse,” he growled. Kelly was fairly sure a wave of wetness spread across the table at his tone. It was the tone of a man who was going to deliver on exactly what he’d just said. Then Mark slowly grinned. “Though only after I’ve given your very pretty pussy a tongue bath, Emily.”

“Oh… I’d love that too, Daddy.”

“Good girl. What I can promise is that I’ll make your first time very special, if you still want it to be with me.

“None of us are changing our minds, Daddy,” Kelly whispered, leaning against his upper arm, “We all love you… like, a lot!”

Feeling his arm wrap around her, she snuggled into his body, resting a hand on his firm chest. “Sure know how to make a man feel rather special.”

“You are, Daddy,” Hannah stated, “After everything you did for us, what you had to put up with, you are now getting rewarded by experiencing the love we all have for you.”

“And having seven very tight and horny little pussies to enjoy anytime you want,” Christine added, “I mean, there are seven of us. Different girl every night. Your very own harem!”

“I do wonder what your mother’s would say, at least you four.”

“You’ve already fucked my mother,” Christine retorted with a smile, “She’d approve. Hell, she would probably offer a mother-daughter threesome.”

“I remember the night you fucked my mother the first time, Mark,” Sofia added, “She was hobbling around all morning. Hadn’t seen a smile on her face like that in years. Laughed that your cum was dribbling down her thighs until evening time.”

“Well, I do like to keep my lovers satisfied,” he said, looking slightly smug, though everyone would have known he was being honest at the same time. He’d ensured his first time with Hannah and Katie had been as perfect as possible.

“Daddy, it might not be the time, but can we ask a question?” Katie wondered.


“Did she, the bitch, ever explain why?”

“Finish dinner and we’ll talk about it in the living room.”

Kelly helped Hannah and Katie clean everything up, Mark assisting as always, before everyone gathered in the living room. The girls all put some clothes on for the time being, Mark grabbing a shirt as well. Kelly snuggled into his side again, Hannah sitting his other side. The rest of the girls sat on the floor around him. He took a deep breath and started to explain.

“Okay. We had you two at eighteen. That’s tough on a pair of teenagers just out of high school. Any personal ambitions are put to the side as we go through the pregnancy then start a family. Would it be fair to say that your mother was always distant?”

Hannah snorted. Kelly understood why. Hannah hated her mother. Katie didn’t particularly like her either, but with Hannah, the hate ran deep. Mark had them both visit a therapist during the divorce, but said they didn’t have to keep going once it was over. “The bitch was never interested in us as soon as we hit school and she went back to work, Dad,” Katie stated. Kelly knew he was only ‘Dad’ when they were being serious.

“We talked about it more than grandbetting yeni giriş once, her general attitude. I’m sure, even when you were young, you noticed I certainly took on more of the parenting than she did, provided far more love and support than she ever did. I didn’t mind as I loved you two to bits. You were never a burden, I loved watching you grow into two precocious little girls then into slightly awkward teenagers and, well, here you are now, two beautiful young women.

Anyway, back to your question, about why she cheated. Remember that letter she left me? She left you one each too?” The two girls nodded. They’d read theirs together, almost laughed at the bullshit she’d written down, and happily burned it afterwards. “She did try and explain why. Basically said her best days were stolen from her by the three of us, that she’d never wanted children in the first place, certainly not at the age we did. Tried to blame me for all her problems. Not only did I work hard for a living but made sure I was doing all I could for you two. Tried to insinuate I failed at being a husband, but considering I was the only one working on our marriage, I just laughed. She said having the affair was something only for her. She claimed she still loved me but she admitted that she was actually relieved when I wanted to divorce her. Our marriage was a sham by the end.”

“Did she love him too?” Hannah wondered.

“At first, it was just sex. They’d get together a couple of days a week and fuck somewhere. I know all this from what Bill told me. But once it was clear I’d turned off the taps regarding love, affection and intimacy, she admitted to falling in love with him. I knew that was going to be the outcome, but then again, I hoped that’s what would happen. I wanted her gone the day I discovered her affair, but you were too young to make the decision of who you’d want to stay with. Even though I could prove I was the primary caregiver, let’s be honest, the woman would have to be some strung out drug addicted, child abuser not to be given primary custody. And I just knew she’d play the system to ensure she got custody of you two. That’s why I endured it. I hated her. You have no idea how much I hated her, but honestly, it kept me going. Having to fake being a loving husband with her… It was you two that kept me going. Coming home, seeing your smiling faces, knowing that I’d keep seeing you two once she was gone, that’s what kept me going. It’s the only reason I did it.”

“That’s why we love you so much, Daddy,” Hannah whispered.

“I know they’re now married. Thing is, their relationship started as a product of an extra-marital affair. I do wonder how much he trusts her, knowing she had an affair to be with him. I wonder if he sits at home by himself whenever she’s out, wondering if she’s pulling the same shit on him that he did on her…” He started to chuckle. “Never met the man. I’d never recognise him if I passed him on the street, but I’d probably shake his hand now and thank him for taking her out of my life. If not for all that, I wouldn’t be sat here right now, surrounded by seven beautiful young women.”

“Oh, we should thank the bitch too, Daddy,” Katie joked, “Now we get to enjoy your big cock, and many other women have got to experience it before us.”

“Sowing those wild oats, Daddy,” Hannah added, giggling away.

“Well, I was married to your mother for over a decade, and I’d lacked love and intimacy for a few years. So while it looked like casual sex from the outside, I only had sex with women I felt a connection with.”

“So you felt connected to a lot of women, Daddy?” Katie teased.

“I did. And I obviously felt it the most with… Melissa…”

“Still miss her, Daddy?” Hannah whispered.

“I try not to. Keeping in contact probably isn’t the best. I know she feels the same way. Again, if we hadn’t split, we might not be here right now.” He sighed. “Right, time for a better topic, or at least something a little more fun.”

And, with those words, Kelly found herself easily lifted up to straddle his lap, his strong hands immediately caressing her body. Hannah kissed her father on the cheek before suggesting to the others that they give her father a little privacy, hearing the footsteps of the others until she was left alone with Mark. His face broke out into a gentle smile as his hand moved up to caress her cheek.

Leaning forward, she couldn’t help giggle before pressing her lips against his. It took all of five seconds before his tongue was sliding inside her mouth, earning a whimper of desire to escape her as she pressed herself down into his groin, smiling to herself as she felt his cock start to slowly thicken underneath her. Pressing her body into his, feeling his strong arms wrap around her, he started to chuckle as she rubbed herself against him.

“Someone’s eager,” he whispered.

“I love you so much, Daddy,” she whispered back.

“I love you too… Hmmm, you need a name. Hannah is sweetheart. Katie is sweetie.”

“Just grandbetting giriş Kelly, Daddy, but whatever you want to call me, I’m going to love. At least I’ll feel love in this household.”

She felt him wrap his arm tighter as she rested against his chest, his fingers caressing her back. Closing her eyes, she didn’t feel any urge to cry. She felt only an urge to smile. He’d hugged her before, and it had always made her feel special. He had been aware her home life had been, to put it bluntly, shit.

Feeling him start to move underneath her, she wrapped her limbs around him as he stood up, easily carrying her through to his bedroom, hearing the door quietly click shit, as she was gently placed onto the edge of his bed. He took off his shirt, her hands immediately moving to his chest, running her fingers over his muscled torso. Dressed in just a shirt and shorts herself, she giggled as she rather quickly found herself naked, even her bikini being taken off easily, as his shorts ended up on the floor. She’d seen his cock before, but this was something else entirely.

The ending, this time, was that it would end up inside her. He must have noticed her hesitancy. She was nervous. That much would have obvious.

“Lie back, gorgeous. We’ll just kiss and cuddle for a little while.”

She loved the sound of that, moving back as he joined her on the bed. Their lips met again as she pressed herself into him, both of them smiling as her soft boobs was the complete opposite to his toned, hard pecs. Ending up on her back rather quickly, he rested on his forearms, allowing her hands to caress wherever she wanted. Noticing her hands still shaking, he took one of them, kissing her palm. “Big moment?”

“I want this so much but I don’t want to seem stupid.”

“Kelly, nothing you do will ever be stupid in here, okay? It’s your first time. I just want to ensure you are left feeling as special as you clearly are. But I think I know what will make you feel better?”

“What’s that?” she asked softly.

“I’m going to leave little kisses all over your body. Then I’m going to kiss a lot between your legs until you orgasm.”

“Okay,” she whispered.

Getting comfortable, his lips met hers again. feeling his thick cock pressing against her, making her giggle and moan almost at the same time. His lips moved away, feeling them at his neck, the stubble on his face tickling her sensitive skin at the same time. She giggled, hearing him chuckle to himself, though felt some funny sensations go through her body. She’d gone through sex education at school and certainly done research about her own body.

His lips continued to leave a trail down her body towards her hardened nipples. As his mouth latched to one of them, feeling his fingers gently squeeze her breast at the same time, she moaned loudly. “Oh my god,” she whispered. She played with her breasts when masturbating, but having someone else do it felt sensational. “Just this alone…”

As he kept sucking and gently nibbling at her nipple, she felt something at her pussy. It wasn’t his cock, and she could feel how wet she was. It was definitely a finger. “You can slide inside,” she whispered, “It’s not there. Something broke it.”

He glanced up at her, definitely grinned, as he slowly slid a finger inside her. She groaned so loudly, the other girls probably heard her if there was no noise otherwise. “You’re extremely wet, sweetie,” he murmured, “That’s your name too. Sweetie or sweetheart, like your sisters.”

That made her cry. Not too loudly, feeling tears slowly slide down her cheeks, but with everything going on. He noticed, lifting himself up to kiss her cheeks dry, feeling his finger slowly sliding in and out of her. “Can you eat my pussy, Daddy?” she asked in a little voice, biting her bottom lip.

“You’re being very naughty.”

“Me? I’d never be naughty with my daddy. I just want to feel his tongue on my wet little pussy. I think about him all the time when I play with myself.”

“Oh, my little girl plays with her pussy, does she?” Just his words sent a shudder through her body, hearing him chuckle again. Leaning down, she felt his hot breath on her neck. “Does she think about daddy’s big dick sliding inside her tight and hot little pussy?”

“Please, Daddy,” she whimpered, “I need your mouth first.”

“Oh, you dream about my tongue do you, licking you up and down, making you cum hard?”

“God yes, Daddy. So much.”

“Okay, sweetie.” He paused before he whispered, “I love you, Kelly. As far as I’m concerned, you’re now my daughter too.”

“Thank you, Daddy. I love you too.”

The moment she felt his lips at her pussy sealed her love for him. He was so gentle with her, feeling his tongue delicately touching her at first, hearing him make an approving noise before he whispered she tasted wonderful. She’d tasted herself, of course, but had always wondered what he would think about her. He took his time, exploring her pussy, feeling his tongue gently poking and probing her, grandbetting güvenilirmi running up and down her folds. Anything and everything he did felt wonderful, feeling her excitement grow, her breathing quicken. She knew when an orgasm was approaching. She thought it would take a lot more to make her cum, but the sheer excitement of him finally doing it was enough.

“Oh god,” she whimpered.

He must have sensed she just needed to get off to calm down. “Oooh, what do we have here? A cute little clit for me to play with,” he said quietly.

As soon as his tongue touched that, she almost went off like a rocket. Crying out something intelligible, she pressed her body down into his mouth, wanting nothing more than his tongue to do that again and again. She could feel her orgasm approaching, but when it arrived, she felt her entire body practically spasm and a gush of fluid escape her.

“That’s it, sweetie,” Mark whispered, “Cum for daddy. You taste wonderful. I could eat you up every day and night.”

“Keep going, Daddy. Make me cum again.”

“Oh, I’m definitely going to do that.”

Lifting herself up to rest on her elbows, gazing down her body as Mark lifted his eyes to meet hers, seeing him smile as he continued pleasing her, his expert tongue continuing to cause waves of pleasure to flow through her. She hadn’t even gotten over the high of her first orgasm when she felt his finger slide inside her again, almost leaping off the bed when she found her special spot.

Lying back down, she spread her legs and pulled them back, wanting to feel an even better orgasm. She giggled when his tongue moved lower to her rosebud. It tickled but felt rather nice at the same time. “You want my arse, Daddy?” she whispered.

“Later. A lot later, sweetie,” he replied, “But if you want to in the future, I won’t say no.”

He ended up bringing her off twice more, each orgasm as epic as the first one. It left her feeling a little tired, Mark seeming to realise as he relented as soon as the third one passed, his soft kisses up her body making her smile before she felt the bed move, two arms lifting her to rest against his body. “I need a few minutes, Daddy,” she giggled, “I’ve never cum that hard in my life!”

“Well, I’m glad I can be of service.”

“Do you want a blowjob?”

“Next time, sweetie.” He leaned back to meet her eyes. “Look, the idea of all of you sucking my cock is arousing, don’t get me wrong. But while I do love a good blowjob, I prefer going down on my partner and then making love or fucking her. However, I’ve been with a couple of women who are cock crazy and loved nothing more than swallowing my load in the end.”

“Oh, like who?”

“Well… Melissa… God damn, she could suck a cock. Not the only reason why I miss her though.”

“I’d like to learn, Daddy. For you.”

“I know, sweetie. I have a feeling you’re all going to want to do it. Katie has already done it. Hannah is desperate to blow her daddy too.”

“Daddy, we’re all desperate to suck your big cock. I’d love nothing more than doing that then swallowing your creamy load. Of course, I’ve never tasted cum before.”

She leaned back as he started to chuckle. “Sorry, just having visions of all seven of you on your knees, lining up to suck my cock.”

“Oh, Daddy, that’s definitely going to happen. The only problem is that we’d be fighting over who would get your cum in the end.”

Leaning down to kiss her, she ended up on her back again, spreading her legs, placing her feet flat on the bed. Naturally, she’d watched porn before but knew it was all fake, so she’d have to learn from Mark what would feel good. Running her hands up and down his arms earned a smile as he kissed her again, feeling the head of his thick cock rubbing against her slit. Moaning softly, he pulled back slightly and met her eyes.

“Please… Please love me…”

She gasped when feeling his cock pressing against her. Biting her bottom lip, she knew he’d do nothing to hurt her, but even though she no longer had the barrier, she’d never had anything so large in her pussy before. She moaned softly as the head of his cock slid inside her, wondering if she’d feel any pain. Instead, all she felt was full already. It made her giggle, Mark leaning down to kiss her, as he slowly started to slide inside her further.

“Fuck,” he groaned, before chuckling to himself again, “Sweetie, you have a very tight pussy.”

“Virgin pussy, just for you, Daddy. You’ll be the only cock ever inside me.”

That made him stop, gazing down into her eyes. “You mean that?”

She nodded firmly. “Yes, Daddy. Give me all your cock then I’ll tell you.” He took his time burying himself. She had to take a deep breath more than once as she felt very full. She had read terms like ‘tearing her apart’, but while his cock was big and she was definitely spread wide, he did everything in his power not to hurt her. When he was finally inside her completely, they grinned at each other.

“Want to tell me after?”

“No, while you’re inside me, Daddy. Hannah wants to be your wife, but she can’t legally… I can… Our idea is that I marry you, but at the wedding, Hannah and Katie are by my side, holding hands. When you give the vows to me, you are saying them to your daughters too. And you give them rings as well.”

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