Student’s Dreams Come True

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All characters 18 or over


For some time Mike just sat there, trapped between the four walls that encircled him. He was the only one there, in the after-school detention class that had made him prisoner for the past 2 hours. Prisoner fortunately to Miss Bowen- who, to Mike, was worth being in the detention just to see.

He gazed upon her, sitting at her desk, legs crossed, eyes fixed on the piece of paper she wrote on, her body just low enough for Mike to see down her blouse.

Mike could only imagine the beauty’s that lay beneath the crisp whiteness that covered them. He only knew they were big. Big enough to stick out from the rest of her slick body, begging for release from their captivity. As Mike adjusted his look to the shape forming under his trousers, he missed the demanding words coming from the front of the classroom. By the time he looked up, Miss Bowen had already risen from her chair and was walking towards him.

“I said have you finished yet?” Her stern yet erotic voice caught Mike by surprise, leaving his answer to spill out of his mouth.

“Uh…y-yes- kind of, miss…”

Miss Bowen walked behind him and lent over his shoulder, eyes fixed on the near-blank piece of paper lying on the desk.

She shifted position to lean across the desk on Mike’s left hand side. Her ample cleavage came into perfect view, just inches from his face. He gazed at the soft mounds that curved across the table surface and back up, beckoning at Mike’s watering mouth. He felt the rounded shape beneath his trousers become more pointed, sticking up the material in an all too obvious style. Mike felt the flush of embarrassment bring the blood to his face, and he did his best to avoid its detection. All while still gazing at his teacher’s wonderful breasts, distracting him still from the sharp voice that pierced his ears.


He unlocked his gaze and replied with a mumbled “yes.”

“Are you listening to me? Because your attention seems to be fixated somewhere else right now.”

The words caught him by surprise and he reacted by meeting her gaze, those seductive eyes narrowing as he blinked.

“S-sorry, I’m listening”

Miss Bowen came around the table to lean in front of him. Mike kept his eyes away from the protruding mounds and met her eyes once more.

“Are you OK? Your face is very red.”

“Um, yeah it’s just a bit hot that’s all…”

She sat up straight, with her finger remaining on the piece of paper.

“Finish this bit here and then you may leave.”

Mike unlocked his gaze as she turned around and walked back to her desk. His eyes followed her perfectly shaped bum that seemed to wink at his with each step she took.

By now, the issue under his trousers had made itself fully aware to Mike that it needed some attention. He scrawled down some words on the bottom of the paper and sat up from his chair, doing his best to hide his erection from his teacher as he approached her desk.

Mike laid the paper in front of her and turned around, but his advance was halted by more sharp words coming from Miss Bowen’s lips.

“Don’t go yet Michael…”

He turned around as she scanned the paper all over. And after a few seconds, turned her eyes towards his.

“This isn’t what you were supposed to do Mike, why aren’t you listening?”

“Oh I’m, sorry miss…”

Once again he was distracted by the two protruding mounds, which lay less covered as Mike noticed a button on her blouse had become undone.

He heard more words which became jumbled as his mind processed them, and he unwittingly just blurted out anything that sounded right.


“Right, sit down!”

His mind came back to reality again as Miss Bowen came around her desk and pointed to a chair resting next to hit. Mike didn’t hesitate in doing so, not wanting more shocks to his ears.

He sat there straight and frozen, not knowing what to do or say. Miss Bowen stood in front of him and he felt his head automatically tilt back to meet her eyes.

“Why aren’t you listening to me Mike? You appear to be on a different planet today. What’s going on?

As Mike processed a response he saw her unbutton another button on her blouse, before returning her arms to her hips.

“Nothing miss, I just kind of, wasn’t feeling well.”

“I could easily believe that Mike, but I know that not feeling well does not make someone become aroused, hence your problem down there.”

She pointed directly between his legs, and Mike could only mutter a few things as he looked down to see his problem hadn’t disappeared.

“I also noticed your eyes seemed to be staring at my chest when I talked to you Mike. Any denial there?”

He felt the heat wave blast across him as his hope for discreetness shattered. He wouldn’t say no to her, as his face was already proof of her words.

“I’m sorry miss, I shouldn’t have.” Mike returned his look to her eyes, almost ashamed of what was happening.”

“No, you shouldn’t have been staring at my breasts, erotik film izle and before we go any further you’re going to tell me that yourself.”

Mike had by now built up a wall to the emotions, and simply obeyed her words as they came.

“I shouldn’t have been staring at your breasts…Miss Bowen.”

“Good. And now you can tell me why you were staring at them Mike.”

She pulled over a chair and sat opposite him, legs crossed and arms folded. Mike didn’t want to say why in front of her like this, but he didn’t want to disobey her even more.

“I um, guess, they were just nice to look at miss…”

She gave some sort of amused laugh and lent forward. Her eyes were fixated on his, freezing him to the spot.

“They were just nice. How about you be a bit more honest Mike. You like then because they’re big don’t you?”

He was unable to even blink as he gave his cold, almost terrified response.


“Was this a one-off? Or do you like to have a quick look every time in my class?”

Mike simply couldn’t give her an answer.

“I think we both know the answer to that one.”

She shifted her chair forward slightly, in touching distance of Mike’s leg.

“Well, I guess you get bored after while don’t you? You seemed to be in a hurry to leave given I’m in the room.”

“I don’t get bored of it miss…” Mike wasn’t entirely sure whether the honesty was helping him or not, but he decided it best when arguing with a women. They usually knew the answers anyway, he thought.

“Why the rush then?” Miss Bowen had a genuine questioning in her voice, he wasn’t sure whether she would like the reply. “Wouldn’t you rather stay here and look at me some more?”

“I kind of wanted to- sort out, my problem…miss.”

She gave a somewhat surprised look.

“Oh my God, you were going home to masturbate over me weren’t you?”

“Yes, I’m very sorry miss.” The embarrassment was at its height as Mike pointed his gaze towards the floor.

“You should dam well be sorry you pervert! Staring at my tits and then going home to wank over them! Or do you think about other things to do with me as well?”

Her tone came over differently when she used the slang words, and Mike couldn’t decide if that was a good thing.

“Does it matter miss? I’ve said I’m sorry.”

“Of course it matters! I want to know exactly what you think about when you’re wanking over me.”

Mike gave a blank look, he clearly felt this was going too far.

“Are you a virgin Mike?” Her words took him by more surprise.


“Are you a virgin? Have you ever had sex before?”

“N-no, miss…”

“What, you’re not a virgin or you’ve never had sex?”

Mike took a breath, hoping this humiliation would end soon.

“I’ve not had sex miss”

“Really? You’re not a bad looking boy Mike, and you clearly have the ability to think about what to do with a women. What’s the most you’ve done Mike? Fingered a girl, licked her out?”

Mike was astonished by how personal she was taking things. Maybe it was her dominating tone, or simply the fact that her tits were now just hanging in front of him that made him carry on.

“I’ve, not really done anything miss…”

“That’s a shame Mike. It’s hard to find people like you who could give a women a good time. A bit of a waste really.”

He was starting to feel uncomfortable with what she was saying, and he just had to get his problem sorted before he just came in his boxer’s right there.

“Miss, can I please go? You can give me another detention if you want tomorrow.”

“I don’t think so young man.”

She stood up, approached the door and gave the key a turn- locking it. Another flood of heat came across Mike as he wondered what she was doing.

“You need to be punished, so you will do exactly what I say. Understand?”

“Ye-, yes miss…”

“Take off your clothes.”

“Wh-, what?”

“Take off your clothes Mike. If you don’t want to be reported for harassment then I suggest you do so.”

Mike couldn’t think, her demands were just…crazy. He could easily get in trouble if Miss Bowen edited his story a little bit, and if it was her word against his, he would stand no chance.

And so slowly, he removed him jacket, and then started to unbutton his shirt. He had no idea what was going to happen. Did she have an old fashioned whip or something? His hands were trembling, and as he removed his shirt he noticed Miss Bowen another button of her blouse.

“Miss, why am I doing this?”

“I’ll tell you in a minute. You can keep your pants on, for now…”

Her words echoed as he removed his belt and trousers, leaving his crotch the only part covered. Miss Bowen ordered him to sit back down and place his arms behind his back.

She fumbled behind her desk for a second before returning with some duct tape, which was placed around his hands- binding him. He looked at his teacher as she walked back around, standing in front of her newly made pet.

“Like film izle I said Mike, it would be a waste not to get you to good use, and all this talk about you wanking over me, it’s made me wet.”

He knew what she meant, but how it had escalated to this he had no idea. He sat there, befuddled over what was happening.

Then one by one, she undid the remaining buttons on her blouse, leaving her tits to protrude from her chest in mouth-watering manner.

“So, you’re going to be a good boy and deal with it.”

She slowly walked right in front of him, leaving her shoes as she unzipped her trousers.

Mike watched as she removed them, and revealed the black underwear which covered the sweet delicacy which filled the room with its scent.

“Mmmmm, can you smell it Mike? The juice you’re making pour out of me.”

He made a sound as his senses picked up her arousal. His cock began to twitch- begging for the attention it so desperately needed.

And as if she could read his mind, Miss Bowen placed her legs either side of his, straddling him; the wet material of her panties just inched from where his penis lay, her bra touching his chest.

As he lay stuck to the back of the chair, she lifted her arms and placed them behind her. Mike heard the click as the straps came undone, and she discarded her bra to the floor.

Mike gazed in wonder as he saw her beautiful, perky nipples. The breasts remained firm and in place, yet so soft. He pleaded that he get closer to them, and it was almost too much when she tantalisingly rubbed her nipples against his chest.

“Oh God, miss- please…I’m begging”

She smiled as he attempted to move around. His face began to show the sign of his agony, and how he desperately needed to cum.

“I’ll let you cum baby, but you’ve got to make me cum first though.” she seductively said as she placed her hands behind his head.

Mike continued to watch those erect nipples as they circled his chest, and then without warning- they were there.

Miss Bowen raised her body as she filled Mike’s open mouth with one of her breasts, using her hand to ensure he had all of her soft flesh.

“Suck them Mike, show your teacher how much you’ve wanted to suck on these tits.”

Her words were followed by erotic gasps as Mike sucked on that wonderful boob, his tongue encircled her nipples before he clasped his lips around it, sucking like a new born hungry for milk. Miss Bowen kept her pet’s head pushed into her bosom, dry humping him as he sucked. He pussy was leaking more juices, and eventually she could take it know more. Releasing his head from her grasp, she pulled him up from the chair and forcefully pushed him to his knees as she sat up onto her desk.

“Now make me cum pet! Put that tongue to good use and deal with the problem you’ve caused!”

As she lay back, her hand brought Mike’s head to the soaked material that covered her honeypot. Her scent filled his nostrils, exciting him in every way. As her hand pushed his head between her legs, Mike began to use his teeth to pull it away, dragging down her legs until he had a complete view of her stimulated slit.

Mike could see just how wet she really was, and was grateful that his shirt had been removed. Her juices were running down the inside of her thighs, glistening like a stream in the hot sun. A burst of sensation went through him as his dream of drinking from this delicacy came to light, and Miss Bowen pushed his face into her pool of nectar.

She gave a loud moan as Mike ran his tongue along her vulva, lacking up her juice as it trickled out of her vagina. Her hand clenched his hair as he repeated his movements, building up to the climax that awaited.

“Yes! Go on- show me how much you want this soaked pussy you pervert!”

Mike could only match her moans as she started to grind her hips in motion with his tongue, smearing her juice all over his face. He wanted to use his hands to spread her lips and stick his tongue into the awaiting hole, but his arms remained tied firmly behind him, leaving him with only his tongue to do her bidding.

“Oh Mike, did you ever think that one day you’d be sitting here, bound by your favourite teacher as she forced you to lick her pussy?”

Mike looked up at her, taking in a breath as her circular motion moved her pussy away from his face.

“N-no miss, I didn’t…”

She continued to grind his face, her eyes clasped in ecstasy.

“Why is it- Mike, that I’ve been so easily able to make you my slave? What is it that you find so attractive about me?”

“You- you’re beautiful miss, and I would do anything if it meant I would- have a chance- to make love to you…”

New emotions engulfed her at his answer. He continued to pleasure her, and she could tell that he probably truly would do anything to fulfil his fantasies.

“Is that what you want to Mike? To make love to me? Copulate with me, hmm? To stick that hard cock of yours into this fountain pussy and mate with me until you cum, is that what you want?”

“Oh god, seks filmi izle yes miss that’s what I want!”

With that he started to pick up the pace as best as he could, desperate to make his teacher cum all over him. She responded by further forcing his head into her, dragging him by the hair to where he belonged.

“Nibble on my clit Mike, suck on it and make me cum now!”

He obeyed, taking his attention to her most sensitive area, slowly flicking his tongue across, teasing her in every way.

From above he could hear Miss Bowen’s moans that filled the room, and her pleads for him to send her into orgasm. As the final stages approached, she would occasionally buck her hips in an attempt to maximise the stimulation she received.

“That’s it- go on Mike! Make me fucking cum in your mouth!”

Her fingers still twisted into his hair as she pulled him forward where he was quick to sink his tongue deep between her wet, succulent lips.

“Yes! Yes on my God I’m cumming!”

She suddenly pulled his head away as her free hand came to help tip her over the edge, and Mike lay there with his mouth open as she began to furiously rub her clit, making her pussy explode.

She squirted right into her young slave’s awaiting mouth, and as her hand continued to slide up and down, wave after wave of her hot nectar blasted onto Mike’s face- drenching him in her cum. Mike’s first reaction was to close his eyes and swallow whatever he awaited, and he did. Savouring the moment Miss Bowen’s love juices slid down his throat. He reopened them, and was still met by another wave of her squirt. Her hand continued to keep his head firmly in place, wanting every last drop to be swallowed by her obedient pet. Mike opened his mouth once again, and almost came right there as he felt her hot, sticky juices splash all over his tongue. His need for air kept him from swallowing at first, making his mouth overflow as her cum ran down the sides of his face. He swallowed once more, taken to a different world when the taste hit him. A few more streams found their way into his mouth, but finally her orgasm started to subdue, leaving just a small amount of fluid to trickle out of her pussy and onto the desk.

Mike swallowed her remaining cum as Miss Bowen caught her breath. She had just been through a flare of excitement, a moment like no other. She had never produced so much cum when squirting before, and to see it savoured by a young victim made it all the more erotic.

She looked down at him, his entire upper body drenched by in her juices.

“Oh Mike, that was…amazing. How can you say you’ve never done this before?”

“I don’t- know miss. Just luck I guess…”

She chuckled, rubbing her pussy once more.

“Luck wouldn’t have made me cum like that, you’ve clearly got a talent.”

She raised herself and slid of the desk, placing her hands on Mike’s shoulders.

“I think I’ll be keeping you for some time after today.”

She brought Mike to a stand and slowly pushed him back down into the chair behind him. His arms were no freer, preventing him from even touching his rock hard cock that felt fit to burst.

“I guess now Mike, I should attend to this little problem of yours shouldn’t I…”

“Oh miss, please I’m begging. Please let me cum.”

She slowly came to a squat and rested herself in front of him, sliding her hands down his legs. Mike looked down at her, his face expressing the greatest need to empty his balls. She hooked her fingers over his briefs, and slowly slid them away from him.

His cock sprang to life at its release, and Mike felt as though he would burst at the slightest touch.

“Oh, baby this is nice. Such potential, you could bed anyone you wanted with this.”

“I only want you miss…”

All he wanted was for his sexy teacher to take him into her mouth and let him cum, just as she had done to him.

“You’re such a sweet one aren’t you” She said smiling. “Do you want me to go down on you Mike? Slide my tongue all over your aching cock?”

As she said this she ran the tip of her tongue over his bell-end, sending his into spasm. He ached for it, now wanting anything else in the world but to cum.

“Oh miss please! I’ll do anything just please make me cum!”

“You’ve done your bit my pet, you just relax and enjoy…”

She placed her tongue along the back of his shaft, and slowly wrapped her lips across it. Looking up at her young charge, she slid her mouth down- consuming his entire length. Mike finally got some satisfaction and his moans filled the room. The sensation of her hot, wet tongue sliding down his shaft was electrifying, but he needed to climax. His eyes closed as she raised her head, leaving her saliva dripping onto his bell-end.

Mike felt as though all of the energy in him had been sucked out of him, leaving him just able to breath as Miss Bowen went down on him a second time. His juices were churning down below, and when she sucked on him his mind almost fell out of consciousness.

When she came up for the last time, she saw that Mike was almost lost in the moment. Miss Bowen didn’t want to keep him on edge for too long, but before she allowed him to unleash himself, she wanted to make him hers. She wanted to take his virginity.

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