Stretching on the Veranda

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Bec wasn’t content with my width or depth and had decided that she wanted to stretch me open. She loves to be in control and to have me in situations where I am compelled to do as demands, semi-public places where I would be disgraced if I don’t do exactly what she wants.

This evening Bec and I were planning on having an evening around the new fire pit in our back yard which is surrounded by a 2m high metal fence but has a public walkway running down one side and a schoolyard along the back fence. This arrangement means that of an evening it’s quiet except for the few who use the walkway as a shortcut through or the youngsters who access the school grounds to escape the prying eyes of the community which we live in the middle of.

This evening we had a nice fire burning and were lounging in our double hammock which hung between the veranda posts facing the fire. It was a beautiful tropical night, a lovely balmy night with the smell of frangipani scenting the air and we were enjoying a drink and a smoke, relaxing and cuddling.

As we became aroused Bec became more passionate until as I played with her cunt and clit, sucking on her tits she pushed me off her and demanded I kneel beside the hammock. She twisted around and spread her legs wide, hooking her heels through the ropes supporting the hammock at either end to ensure she was wide open and told me,

“Suck it slut. Eat my arse and pussy until I squirt all over your slutty face.”

I immediately complied, I love cunnilingus and Bec is very responsive and cums so very hard getting hornier the more she is stimulated until she becomes a delightfully filthy fucker. Just one of her aspects I enjoy so much.

I knelt and bent to my task as her widely spread legs exposed her arse and cunt to my mouth and I dived in, kissing, licking and sucking away with excited abandon as she grabbed my hair and held me in place as she ground away mashing herself onto my face until she squealed and squirted across my face soaking me. She was panting and very excited as she pushed me away from her now sensitive bits.

“Good slut, Momma feels better.” Miss Bec smiled down at me, I sat back on my heels and observed her lying back, her ankles still wide apart to expose her nether regions which were swollen with sexual arousal, her brown skin shining on the firelight, nipples hard and her face flushed. She looked directly at me, stared deep into my eyes, I knew she wasn’t finished yet, her lust was almost as palpable as her scent, the must of an aroused woman.

She smiled, that evil smile she has when she intends to use me for her pleasure and I’ll just ha e to do whatever she demands of me.

“Drink up slut. Don’t spill a drop or you’ll be screaming while you hang from the hooks.” She commanded me.

I saw the stream spray forth as she pissed, spraying her bladders contents towards my face without any further warning, ensuring I could never catch it all and she’d have the reason she wanted to punish me. I dove forward into the stream of hot piss but it splashed across my face and head and ran down to pool around my knees even as I placed my open mouth over her cunt and sucked as fast as I could to drink her offered waters.

It excited me knowing that when she had finished I would be subject to her ire and I’d be punished and used for her entertainment, helpless until she was satisfied and my cock was iron-hard in anticipation of her passion.

Miss Bec pushed me off as she finished and bursa escort I’d licked her clean.

“You lazy slut, you spilt what I gave you! Lick it up and the floor better be clean when I get back.” with which she swung about and rose to head for the house as I bent my head and began to lick up the missed piss.

Miss Bac was gone a few minutes during which I was able to lick up the puddle of her piss and I was sitting back on my heels when I heard her heels clicking as she returned, she’d dressed and that further excited me.

Miss Bec appeared, the full Miss Bec. She appeared around the corner of the veranda, she wore her 4″ heels, thigh-high fishnets, leather waspie, shoulder-length black gloves and mask. about her hips she wore the heavy harness and what she called her ‘horse cock’ a 15″x 3″ dong bounced before her as she strode towards me. In her hand she carried some ropes, the other had a can of Criscoe. I shivered with excitement and trepidation knowing she was well into her Domme and I wouldn’t get heard by Miss Bec until she was fully satisfied and I was marked and stretched out obscenely.

“Don’t fucking look at me you useless faggot.” She snarled.

I looked down at the floor between my knees, I’d been sensible enough to ensure I was kneeling in the appropriate subservient position, hands behind my back, knees wide apart.

Miss Bec stepped close, I could smell her arousal and feel her mixed anger and passion as an almost electricity in the air about us.

“Hands faggot.” She ordered.

I put my hands up above my head and she quickly wrapped the cotton ropes around them tightly.

She pulled upon them,

“Get up faggot.” I stood and she pushed me around so that I faced out towards the firepit and then threw the loose ends over 2 of the hooks that were fixed into the steel beam that ran around the outside of the veranda and ostensibly held hanging plants.

Without any further need to talk Miss Bec hauled back on the ropes and tied them off so that I had to rise into my toes. She kicked my feet apart before tying more ropes about my ankles and tied them off to the base of the veranda uprights so I was held firmly, upright, spread wide.

I kept my face down looking at the ground between my feet seeing her horse cock retreat as she stepped back behind me, her heels clicking as she did.

“Looking better, wait there.” She commented as if I had any choice in the matter.

I heard her move about, pulling the small table closer, somewhere to place her tools I thought. Then I heard her heels as she went into the house, was gone a few minutes and then as she returned, I wondered what she’d collected. I quickly found out.

Miss Bec stepped up behind me, her horse cock bumping into my buttocks as she approached and pushing down under my balls as she stepped closer. A hood was slipped over my head so I was blinded, then a cock-gag was pushed into my mouth and strapped into place.

“That’ll stop your screaming waking the community faggot.” She said, speaking into my ear menacingly, exciting me more from the sensation of her proximity, her breath on my ear, her intentions in my mind as she stepped back so the dong slid under my balls and bounced against my arse causing me to wriggle slightly against it.

“Faggot slut.” she said and slapped my arse, hard.

Next Miss Bec slipped a cannula over my head and into my nostrils, I knew I was going to be seriously abused, stretched çanakkale escort very wide and deep, she only used the cannula for poppers when she was going to make me bigger.

“You keep telling me you want it ‘Two fists wide and Elbow deep.’ So tonight you’ll get your wish my faggot.” She spoke in a sultry voice.

I moaned and nodded in eager desire for her attention.

“BUT, you spilt my piss so I have to punish you.” She continued still being sexy and teasing.

I tensed, my breath a little quicker in anticipation of her ire.

She stepped away and I heard a swish, then a stinging blow landed across my buttocks. I jumped and squealed.

“Oh faggot, you can jump and scream all you want, I’m going to mark you up for being a nasty slut and missing my piss.” She announced.

Swish, strike, jump and scream.

“One.” She would count out my punishment.

Swish, strike, jump and scream.


Swish, strike, jump and scream.

“Three.” She kept this up until she counted twenty and I was crying and twisting trying to avoid her blows.

“Oh faggot, you’re arse is so beautiful all striped up like this.” She crowed in pride as she stroked my marked buttocks, I could feel the welts under her fingers as she appreciated her work.

I moaned in pain, hoping my punishment was complete.

Miss Bec stepped away again, I heard her fiddling with items on the table, the top came off the Crisco and I recognised the slapping of it onto her dong and gloves as she stepped up close once again.

She whispered into my ear, “Two fists wide, elbow deep. Scream all you want, the gag will prevent the whole community hearing but remember, anyone going down the walkway or kids in the school might hear.”

I trembled with lust and the impact of her implied threat, my cock throbbed, hardened again after my beating had wilted it to her amusement.

She continued as she chewed on my shoulder, “Imagine someone looking over the fence and seeing you screaming as I stuff you full of my fist.”

Then she raped me and I screamed, luckily muffled by the gag.

Miss Bec rammed her greased gloved hand through my arsehole and into my rectum and twisted it back and forth roughly to mash my prostate and drain my juices as she talked in my ear,

“I’m going to ream you out, stretch your hole so big that you’ll be my hollow fucktube.”

Moaning, I tried to accommodate her as she worked my guts, shifting my hips the little I could and grinding back onto Miss Becs fist. I was begging her for more, for her to use me, to fuck my brains out, but it just sounded as grunts past the gag.

Miss Bec ripped her hand from me, then punched straight back in causing me to grunt, “Take it faggot.” She commanded

I so wanted to ‘take it, I bore down and forced my arse to open, wriggled to ease her way up me, deeper. She shoved her hand deeper and held it there forced into my guts then the poppers hit me. She’d attached a bottle to the cannula and I was quickly off my head, my hole seeming to dissolve around her fist and forearm as I became the rutting fuckhole she wanted.

“Good faggot, open up for Momma, she’s going to stretch you into a fuck tube.” She crowed as she felt all resistance dissolve and my slick tube begins to suck her inside.

“Oh boy, you want it don’t you faggot. You want your slutty arse fucked bigger don’t you.”

I nodded eagerly, my lust so high I needed to be wrecked, çankırı escort fucked open, deep and wide until I lost all control of my arsehole.

Miss Bec began to punch fuck me harder and deeper, her clenched fist bruised its’ way through the remainder of my sphincter and deeper with each punch. I grunted with each impalement and thrust back to allow more into me, the drugs were so strong I was now hanging from my wrists, literally, a semiconscious fuck toy begging to be abused as far as she desired, how she desired, for as long as she desired.

Miss Bec knew she had me where she needed me, announcing, “You’re mine now. My faggot fuck hole and I’m going to wreck you. Two fists wide and elbow deep.”

I squealed in rapture, my arsehole cumming, my cock leaking my juices in a stream as my prostate was mashed, I was her hole! Her faggot fuck hole and I only wanted to be that.

Miss Bec began my destruction in earnest. She described how she was using both her hands, inserted four fingers deep up to the thumbs and then I screamed as she wrenched me open, pulling my arse apart with all her strength, it burnt so good, I felt my balls contract.

“Cumming slut? I didn’t say you could cum.” She shouted at me. “I’ll give you something to cum for.”

Then I screamed, she rammed both hands into my arse, I felt my arsehole tear slightly as her knuckles passed through my sphincter and I was taken, two fists wide.

“Cum now you faggot.” She ordered me and I complied.

Crushed or not my semen leaked past her two hands as she formed them into fists inside me and began to twist them around, hollowing me out, stretching me internally and making the room she desired to be able to use me as hard as she wanted to, to cannonball me!

Miss Bec braced herself and began thrusting both her fists back and forth inside my rectum, I’d feel my ruined anus stretching outwards as she pulled back enough to make it stretch and bulge around her combined knuckles then force her way into me, twist through between my ischial spines and deeper into my colon, the deeper she went the more her forearms stretched my arsehole, it stung and I whimpered but the poppers made me want it all the more and I humped back wantonly.

“You faggot size queen.” She crowed and rammed into me, “Take it all.” She demanded and began to forcefully give me the double fisting as I hung spread and vulnerable and willing.

As she stretched me out more and more she was able to pull me open more on withdrawal and eventually she pulled her combined fists free in a loud gurgling, squelching pull where I squealed and pissed freely.

“You filthy faggot slut. Look at the piss you’ll be licking up.”

I moaned as I hung from my wrists, my guts hanging from my wrecked arsehole and shivered in lust.

“You know I’m going to enjoy my favourite now don’t you?” She asked menacingly.

I could only nod, knowing I’d be screaming soon.

Then I screamed around the dong gagging me. “Scream for me, baby. Make momma cum harder faggot.” She commanded as she punched her two fists, fingers entwined into a ‘cannonball’ into my arse and n until she painfully forced beyond my pelvis and bulged my guts. The drugs made it possible as I was by now just her faggot fuck toy and She used me roughly for a while, I never knew how long I just survived her perverse passion as she wrecked me.

Finally satisfied with her work she ripped her cannonball out of me leaving my arse gaping, my arselips loose, hanging and dribbling juices. She unceremoniously released y wrists and I collapsed onto the floor.

“Clean your mess up faggot. Get that plug up my hole, pointing to a 5″ wide red butt-plug then crawl inside and suck my cunt.” She ordered and strutted inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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