Strange Family Pt. 02

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Double Penetration

My stepdaughter still wasn’t getting it so my wife and I decided to up the punishment game.

She was crawling around on all fours with a buttplug that had a pony’s tail attached to it. Every time she passed by or I passed by her, I slapped her ass with a leather swatter and made her neigh. Her ass cheeks were beet red and her pussy swollen.

At times, I would take the ball gag out of her mouth and force her to choke on my huge cock, causing her to gag and tear up. Her brothers would do the same, only one would sometimes fuck her pussy while the other made her suck his cock and balls. Her hair was crusty with their cum.

But they both knew her ass belonged to daddy. Her mother kept taking pictures and asking her if she was a little bitch or if she knew what a cum-whore she was, slapping her with the leather whip until she answered.

Her eyes were swollen from tears, which pleased her mother very much. She would drag the whip over her back, clearly threatening another pop if she didn’t behave correctly and she’d grovel on cue, unlike her usual smart-ass self.

My wife held her camera up and demanded to know if she was ready to take daddy’s cock in her ass. She nodded. I reached asyabahis yeni giriş down, grabbed her hips, and pulled her up onto her feet while she kept her head on the carpet. Her mother screamed at the boys to come and watch and they gathered around excitedly as I slowly pulled the ponytail from her ass. She neighed, like she knew she should lest she get whipped again.

My son handed me the lube and I poured it in her open asshole and slathered my dick with it. Then I entered her, as I’d been doing almost every night behind her mother’s back. The boys cheered me on as they stroked themselves. I pushed deeper and deeper until I was completely inside her, her mother filming and jeering insults at her the whole time while she cried. Her mother unsnapped the ball gag and told her to speak clearly.

As I rammed my full 10″ deep in her ass, she cried out, “No daddy please! Don’t fuck my ass! I love you!” I gripped her hips hard and fucked her harder. “I’ll be a good girl!” Her brothers laughed as I grunted into her saying, “Oh you’re being a good girl now alright!”

I began to get weak in the knees with pleasure and the excitement of having the whole family watch. I’d been asyabahis giriş fucking her ass in secret the last few nights, but this was far more amazing. My younger son admitted he wanted to fuck her too and laid down under her as I brought us both to our knees and straddled them. He stretched her tight pussy open with his hard dick and I could feel him through the thin wall of tissue separating her asshole from her pussy. We moved back and forth while my older son stifled her screams with his huge cock in her mouth.

My wife continued filming and calling her a dirty whore who was getting what she deserved. She pretended to wrestle with us a bit but I knew she was loving every moment and every cock. I was beyond hard at this point and continued ramming her asshole with everything I had while her brother fucked her tight pussy. We developed a rhythm and moved back and forth, following each other’s speed and excitement, knowing when we were both about to cum. I held her arms behind her back, crisscrossed at the wrists, controlling her ability to thrust or get away from the cock in her mouth.

Her older brother exploded first, filling her mouth, which she then spit onto her younger asyabahis güvenilirmi brother’s face, causing us both to stop thrusting.

Her mother screamed at her to clean it up and I slapped her ass hard with the swatter multiple times as she cried out. She leaned down and licked the cum off his face while he pinched and twisted her nipples and grinned.

“Just for that little stunt princess, now you get two cocks in your ass!”

“No daddy!” she cried, “My ass is just for you! I can’t take TWO!” Her brother pulled out of her pussy and guided his cock up to her asshole, sliding it along mine until he hit her rim, then started pushing slowly.

“TOO bad! You should’ve thought about that!” I helped guide him as he stretched her tight ass more, eventually breaking through and sliding in against me as her mother filmed it all. I pushed her hips down to let him in and finally, we were both fully inside her as she cried about how much she loved her daddy. We fucked her in unison until we both came inside her. When we pulled out, her asshole was gaping wide.

“You keep all that cum inside you little bitch, you hear me?” I grabbed the ponytail and shoved it back inside her as she closed up. “Now you clean all of our dicks off then finish cleaning the floors, got it?” She neighed as her asshole began gripping the butt plug.

My wife and I smiled huge grins at each other as she turned towards me, sniffling but hiding a sly grin, and said, “Yes daddy…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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