Spring Break

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I pressed my forehead against my best friend’s, both sweaty and warm. We were both panting and breathing hard, constant grunting and clenched teeth. We were facing each other on all fours, our jacked triceps flexing with our muscular weight forcing them to hold us up.

“Fuck! Fucking hot daddies,” hissed a sexy growl from behind me. The voice belonged to a tall musclebound kid, deep voice, jet black hair covered by a backwards ball cap.

“No shit, bro. Muscle daddy ass… so tight,” said the voice from the other kid with his dick up my buddy, John’s ass. The jock boy was beautiful, blonde, muscular but not too much, more lean compared to muscle boy behind me. He looked a typical jock, maybe a baseball jock.

“What the fuck were these boy’s names again?” I asked myself. They all start to blend together.

“Fuck…,” John moaned in a low whisper.

“Kiss your buddy,” my muscle boy fucker commanded with a slap to my ass.

I opened my eyes and John and I clashed in an aggressive lip-lock, wet kissing sounds, his tongue in my mouth, muffled moans escaping through the gaps.

“Dude! Look at that,” John’s jock boy said excitedly. “Fucking hot, bro!”

“God damn it! Fucking muscle daddies kissing while getting fucked,” my muscle boy said.

John broke the kiss and looked at me with a grin that was half pleasure and half pain, but the good kind. I grinned back and gave him a firm slap on the jaw.

“You good, buddy?” I asked him between grunts.

John nodded his head that was already flopping up and down from the brutal fuck he was receiving. “Oh, fuck yeah, dude. I’m fucking great.”

“Right on,” I responded. I could feel the warm hands of the kid fucking me, gripping my traps, and pulling back as he pounded forward.

“Bro, I’m getting close, dude,” John’s jock boy said with a hurried tone to his buddy who was plowing into my butt in full force.

“Yeah? Cum with me, dude!” my guy said as he sped up, jackrabbit fucking me. I looked over John’s shoulder and watched jock boy doing the same.

“Here it comes, bitch!” he said to John. And then the kid seized up and the loudest roar came from his throat, he pulled back hard on John’s muscular traps and let loose a torrent of frat boy jizz into my buddy’s slutty muscle ass. John threw his head back, his eyes closed, and a high-pitched squeal escaped from his throat as cum shot forth from his big hard cock. It was pointed straight ahead and spurted cum out onto the bed and onto my face.

The muscle boy fucking me was long dicking me with forceful thrusts, then he fell down on my back, reached around in a bear hug, took my cock with one hand, and jacked it as he tensed up and shot off inside me. kaçak iddaa His warm sweaty hand jacked my cock for only a few seconds before I exploded cum all over his hand and the sheets under me.

My cock turned super sensitive, and the kid’s sloppy hand was grasping hard, making me lose my breath and tense up from the overstimulation.

“Oh shit, oh shit,” I said loudly, clasping his jacking hand in mine. “Stop. Too sensitive.”

He laughed and let go. I fell forward with him still on top of me and still inside of me. John’s jock boy slapped him on the ass, hard and loud before John fell down beside me and rolled over on his back.

“Damn, daddy!” my muscle boy exclaimed, panting, and wiping sweat from his brow.

“No shit, bro,” his cohort commented. “I told you there’d be hot daddies here this week!”

“No shit,” responded muscle boy, still on top of my heaving body. “Fucking thick!” He reached up and pulled my head to the side and attacked my mouth with his own. When he was done, he let go and ran a hand through my thick, sweaty hair. “You guys are fucking thick. Fucking hard muscle.”

“Thick fucking muscle ass, boys,” the other said.

John, on his back, rested his forearm on his forehead and said, “You two boys…Jesus! Where the hell did you learn to fuck like that?”

The two boys laughed and gave each other a fist bump, clearly proud of themselves, before one said, “Dude, we’re in college. All we do is fuck.”

“Right. I forgot how slutty I was back in college,” John said with a chuckle.

“When was that? 1980?” muscle boy said with a snicker, making the other snicker too.

“1990, shit head,” I said correcting him with a condescending tone.

“Dude, you’re like the same age as our dads,” said muscle boy, flexing his still erect cock in my ass. “That’s hot!”

“Fuck yeah, it’s hot,” jock boy agreed. “Only, you two do NOT look like our dads do.”

“Or any dads for that matter,” muscle boy added.

I began to roll on my side, the boy on top of me sliding his cock out and rolling off me. I shifted until I was facing him. I bit my lower lip with a cocky smirk, and then said, “That’s the idea. How do you think we can land hot little punks like you two?”

John laughed at my question, and he rolled over on his side and added, “After all those hours in the gym and working out all our lives, you better believe we’re pulling in hot frat boy dick like yours.”

“And you both have always been bottoms?” my cute muscle boy asked. “That’s pretty awesome for us.”

“Pretty much,” John answered. “We prefer younger tops.”

“ONLY younger tops,” I said quickly.

“HOT!” John’s frat boy said. “God, I love spring break.”

I kaçak bahis was getting tired of not remembering these young hunk’s names. “Ok. What the fuck are your names? I’ve been calling you jock boy and muscle boy in my head.”

“That’s ok, we don’t remember yours either,” jock boy said. “Justin,” he introduced himself.

“Cass,” my muscle boy said fist bumping me.

“Cass?” I asked curiously.

“Short for Cassidy,” he said sheepishly, obvious he didn’t like his full name. “I fucking hate it.”

“Nah, it’s cool. Cass is hot, fits you.”

Cass scooted closer, face to face, he wrapped a leg up over mine. “So, daddy. What’s yours?”

“Clint,” I answered, inching my lips closer to his and kissing his pouty lips.

“I know your name is John,” Justin said to John, “I heard Clint say it earlier.”

“Dude, that’s your dad’s name,” Cass said, breaking up into laughter.

“So what? This John puts out,” he answered with a smack to John’s thigh.

“Can’t tell you how hard it is to find hot older dudes that will bottom for younger guys like us,” Cass remarked. “Older dudes always want to fuck us. We’d much rather top.”

John chuckled. “You think it’s easy to find young studs like you willing to fuck older dudes? We have the same problem as you but opposite.”

“Spring break always delivers though,” I piped in. “Tons of horny gay dudes and closeted frat boys looking for DILF ass.”

“Yeah? You guys been getting a lot of dick?” Justin asked.

I scoffed, “You kidding me? You two are the second fuck TODAY and we’ve only been here two days.”

“Slutty, bro,” Cass said with wink. “That’s hot.”

“What about your boys? Any luck? Besides us, of course,” asked John with a grin.

The two boys looked at each other with grins as well then back to us. “Ohhh yeah,” Justin said with a cocky tone. “We got here three days ago. We’ve been busy.”

“We each scored a few times separately and a few times together. We like fucking together,” Cass said.

“Talk about slutty,” I teased.

“It’s spring break. That’s what it’s for,” Cass said with a shrug.

All in all, the four of us were a pretty good match up. I preferred more muscled up boys and John liked the more streamlined jocks. I think they each felt the same way about us. I was more muscular than John, taller but he was more ripped and leaner. John and Justin both had blonde hair, similar features even with the age difference. Cass and I both have dark hair, dark features and very similar builds. Could be a subconscious decision on all four of us that we could pass for two fathers and two sons.

John stood up and stretched his muscular body, working out the kinks for two hours of fucking. illegal bahis “Well, I’m sure you boys want to get back out there and prowl for more ass,” he told them.

Cass looked at Justin like they had a telepathic link before Cass shrugged and said, “No, we’re good. We can all go out together or we can stay here and fuck, if you want?”

I laughed and looked at John. “Dude, I’m not turning down more sex with two beautiful boys like them,” I said.

“We would be pretty fucking stupid, huh,” he agreed.

“Would you guys mind if we paired off and went to separate rooms, a little alone time?” Justin asked.

That’s exactly what I was thinking, I’m glad we were all on the same page. I would love some one on one with Cass.

“Yeah?” I said with a naughty gleam in my eye, “Muscle boy want me all to himself tonight?”

He put his arms around me and kissed me passionately before saying, “Yeah, all to myself. Slow and easy for a change. Make love to my hot dad.”

An electric charge shot up my spine. He said the magic words. I could tell he was not new to the smooth talk. “That’s what I like to hear from my muscle boy.”

Justin stood up and kissed John. “How about you, dad? Want some love makin tonight?”

Don’t think John and I didn’t notice they both used the word dad, and not daddy.

John was in seventh heaven as he took the boy’s hand and pulled him to the adjoining room. “Yeah. I’d like that son,” he answered before disappearing into the next room.

Cass and I watched them leave and then continued our kissing. We felt up every part of each other’s athletic muscular body.

“You don’t mind me calling you dad, do you?” Cass asked after releasing me from the kiss. “It’s no creepy?”

That just made my dick harder. “Hell, no. Are you kidding me? You want to make love to your dad, Cass?”

“You have no idea. I want you to wrap those big legs around me while I make love to you, inside you all night,” he replied with a surprisingly believable way about him.

“Fuck, I would love that. You’re the boss. You’re the one in control,” I told him.

I think that made his head explode. “God, you’re fucking perfect.” He kissed me again and ran a finger down center of my ass and played with my hole. Inserting his finger slowly.

“No, son. You are.”

He kissed me again while he fingered me. He pulled away and looked into my eyes. “I wish you were my real dad.”

Wow! I didn’t expect this at all.

“Oh, boy,” I said before taking a deep breath. This kid was really getting into me. “Why don’t we just be father and son this week. Would you like that?”

“Fuck, yeah!” He said, pulling his finger from my ass, pushing me onto my back, lifting my legs and placing them on his shoulders. “I love you, dad,” he said quietly as he pushed his cock into my upturned muscular ass.

“Fuck!” I growled at the intense pleasure. “I love you too, son.”

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