Sperm Sample Pt. 02

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The exam door opened, and Dr. Coppersmith walked in. I was standing, buck naked, with my barrel chest and muscled upper arms, heavy legs, and a big thick dick.

“Can you try again?” he asked.

“Doc,” I answered, “I can’t remember this ever happening. Usually I’d be shriveled up and ready for a nap by now, but look at this boner! I feel like doing it again.”

“Excellent, second emissions are rare. Only a few of my patients have done it, but the sample will be much more accurate if you can bring up another emission.”

“I’ll try, doc,” I said, as my cock waved from side to side. Only this time I had a plan.

In a few minutes, Fran came back into the room and asked me if I was ready. “Oh, yes,” I answered, “But I just don’t know if it will work.”

“It’s only happened a couple of times before, but we’ll see what we can do,” she said. Please relax again on the exam table, lay back, feet up.

I did as she told me, and once again nurse Fran oiled my dick and rolled in around in the palms of her hands as I watched. I looked at her face and dreamed about fucking her. My erection returned, but the sensations were slightly diminished. Probably too much stimulation had taken a toll. But I let her continue to futilely try to make me cum again. Once again, we engaged in small talk, but I was having fantasies that kept me in the game, so to speak.

“It’s not fair,” I told her.

“What’s not fair?” she answered.

“Women can have lots of orgasms in a row, but not us guys,” I explained.

Nurse Fran said, “Well, let’s see if we can get two for you today.”

The exam room door was partly open, and another patient walked by using a walker for support. Behind him was his wife, a nice looking older woman. She looked in and saw the nurse holding my cock. I smiled back at her and waved, and she nodded and smiled. Fran looked up and closed the door, “Excuse me,” she said.

After allowing nurse Fran to try her best to make me cum again, I took a chance and said, “I’m still hard but I hardly feel the touch of your hands. But I think I know how to for sure cum again.”

Fran took her eye off her business and looked up at me, “I’m not surprised that you don’t feel as sensitive. What’s your idea?”

“I’m doing it now,” I told her, “and it’s working.” Then I told her, “I’m thinking about your pussy.” Fran’s eyebrows raised up. “And I’m pretending my cock is just about to go into your pussy.”

“If it helps you,” said Fran, “I guess there’s no harm done.”

Just then, the doctor came into the room. He asked is I felt okay, and I told him, “I was just saying to nurse Fran that bursa escort the only way I think I’ll cum again is if I imagine that my cock is in her pussy.”

The doc raised his eyebrows.

“She seems to think I’m kidding, but doctor I’m serious. Would you please let me fuck your wife?”

Fran looked at her doctor husband, and he looked at her. She said, “He did say the magic word.” Both of them laughed, and Fran added, “What do you think?”

Dr. Coopersmith nodded, and his nurse let go of my cock and stood up while he took a seat on the stool and continued pumping my cock while I watched his wife undress. His compliance surprised me. All I had to do was ask?

Nurse Fran was on in her bra and panties now. My eyes were glued to her, and feeling returned to my cock as her husband kept me hard.

“Take off your bra,” I said to her.

She reached back to unclasp it, revealing well-rounded tits with tiny little nipples. With my dick in her husband’s hand, I said, “Let’s see your pussy now.”

She pulled down her little panties and let me see her patch of brown curlies. A vague slit was visible if you look carefully, and I did look very carefully.

“Doc, she’s just what I need.” I sat up and stepped down from the exam table and gently took Nurse Fran by the hand to walk her to get into position. Her tits bounced as she walked to match the bounce in my cock.

Fran took my place on the exam table, and her husband helped her put her legs up. “Does she need lubricant?” I asked.

Her hubby rubbed his finger along her slit. “I don’t think so, and you’re already oiled. I’ll get another collection dish.”

The doctor left us alone in the exam room. I stepped up to Fran and feasted my eyes on her, from her not-unattractive face down to her breasts with their tiny nipples and to her pussy that was now spread and inviting. Her pussy hair was uncut, a natural tangle of soft curls with wide lips at the center. My finger traced her cleft, and nurse Fran wiggled her bum from side to side, as if trying to resist, while I played with her lips. I brought my cockhead up to calibrate the entry angle, and it was perfect. I was more than ready to plunge into this delightful pussy, and let my dick graze her entrance.

Doc Coppersmith returned with a dish just in time to watch my fat erection press into his wife’s pussy. It took patience, but slowly and steadily the first few inches disappeared into nurse Fran, dragging her clit into position so the top of my cock rubbed it with each slide inside and withdrawal.

The sensation brought me back to life. My dick was re-enlivened by the pressure and görükle escort slickness of her pussy. I entered her as far as I could and began to piston in and out when the doctor’s assistant, Dolly, entered the room. The doctor quickly explained that his patient needed something extra to give a second sample. The young assistant’s surprise turned to curiosity, and soon both nurse Fran’s husband and Dolly stood on each side of me, watching a really big one in action.

“When you feel like your about to cum, don’t forget to pull back so we can collect the sample,” the doctor said. The he asked Dolly to be ready.

Heck, ever since the nurse undressed, my cock was ready to drop another load, but I held back to enjoy fucking her. Fran’s tits bounced with each thrust, adding a delightful visual to go with her moans as my cock entered and withdrew. Why had I waited so long to visit the urologist, I thought as the fuck continued.

From my groaning sounds, the doctor knew it was time to take the sample. He told the assistant to get ready. “Remember to pull back when your emission starts so we can collect it.”

In a few moments, I stopped trying to withhold and began to enjoy the oncoming feeling of involuntary cumming. I eased my dick out of Fran’s pussy and angled it for the collection. Without being touched, waves of satisfaction came over me as my jism flowed into the cup.

As the throbbing subsided, I steadied myself by holding on to nurse Fran’s knee and looking between her open legs. Her lips were swollen, and her entry hole was still stretched open.

Dolly was quickly labeling the sample and saving it for examination as I finally stepped away and, like a gentleman, offered my hand to help nurse Fran down from the exam table.

The doctor said, “We haven’t had a double donor for quite a long time.”

I smiled, my cock was still puffy and long, bending over just slightly as I watched nurse Fran step back into her panties and pull them up, “Well, all credit to Fran. It wouldn’t have happened without her.” She blushed.

The doctor asked, “And how do you feel?”

“I feel great,” I told him. “In fact, can I try for three?”

“What!” he said. “No one has ever gone that far for us.”

I leered at pretty assistant Dolly. “But I’m getting older, and it would take something different to make it work. My cock felt buzzed before, and now I can’t feel a thing, but still it won’t go down.”

The doctor was excited to think that he could witness a third cumming from his new patient. “Do you need a rest to regain sensation?”

“No, doc,” I’m ready. Then I whispered escort bayan into his ear. The doctor said, “I don’t know, but I will ask.” Then he took Dolly aside and whispered to her.

Dolly said, “I was afraid he would get away and I wouldn’t have a chance.” Like a trooper, she undressed and assumed the position on the exam table. She lifted her hips to allow the doctor to take off her panties. My dick was still thick and firm.

Dolly’s pussy was well tended, showing signs of bikini trimming and shaping of her pussy hair. Her jet black hair was complimented by her neatly arrange pubes that did nothing to hide the main event. I stepped up to the plate and took a few practice swings with my bat, brushing my cockhead along her slit.

Entry was difficult. She was tight, and apparently had never had a cock this thick. I contented myself with a shallow entry and, with much of my pole exposed to the eyes of the doctor and Fran, rotated and made short thrusts to keep Dolly on this side of any pain but to let her know what a big cock felt like.

It didn’t take long at all to work up to my third emission. As I withdrew, Nurse Fran held the sample cup in one hand and stroked me with her other hand. As expected, this one didn’t produce the volume of the earlier ones, but it wasn’t a dry hole either.

This time, they insisted that I lie down, and I was covered with a warm blanket. “Rest yourself, you’ve done an amazing thing today,” said Fran. Dolly touched my shoulder, “Wow, that was an experience that I won’t tell my boyfriend about.”

I smiled, “Tell him I’d be glad to show him how it’s done,” and they all laughed.

After a short rest, I dressed and walked to the front desk where nurse Fran took my co-pay and made my next appointment. I looked into the waiting room, and there was the wife who had walked by earlier and saw my cock. She was reading a magazine and waiting for her husband, I guess.

Fran spoke in a voice that others could hear, “We don’t take samples at each appointment,” then in a quieter voice, “but we can if you wish.” And she winked at me. I thanked her and walked out through the waiting room.

As I waited for the elevator, I noticed that the pretty mature wife from the waiting room was standing behind me. “Oh, hi,” I said.

She nodded, and we both entered the elevator car going down. We were the only two people in the car. As soon as the doors closed, she said, “Here’s my card,” and handed me a card that said, “Ladies Who Lunch Club,” with a phone and email. Her hand found my still elongated and swollen cock and gripped it through my trousers, and said, “You’re just the kind of man we would enjoy visiting our club.”

The elevator door opened, and we exited. She walked quickly into a going-up elevator, and I ambled out into the parking lot, pondering the delights of a day at he doctor’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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