Soccer Girls Ch. 04

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The first game of the season was here, and it had been a defensive struggle. Neither team had many scoring chances and both teams’ defenses were working hard. When someone was able to get off a shot, both goaltenders were like brick walls. Nothing seemed as if it was going to be able to get through. Katie had spent more time helping back in the defensive end and was not able to mount anything on the offensive end.

With over ninety minutes gone and the teams playing in stoppage time, Katie finally caught a break. A quick switchback with the ball suddenly found her with enough room to get off a long kick toward the left side flag.

As soon as Melanie had seen Katie create the space with the switchback, she had taken off. The defender, realizing the ball was going behind her turned and took off after it. Melanie was by her in a flash and got to the ball in space. She immediately crashed in toward the goal. She continued to move toward the center, her eyes on the goalie, not the ball. After all these hours of practice she knew exactly where the ball was. She just needed the goalie to move toward the center.

Bearing in on the goalie, it seemed as if she wasn’t going to move. Melanie was getting ready to see if she could put the ball to the far post. It was not a high percentage shot, and it was not the shot she wanted. However, she finally saw what she needed to see. The goalie began to lean a little and started shuffling her feet to move over to cut off that far post shot. Melanie immediately drove the ball low and to the near post. Caught with her momentum moving toward the far post, the goalie could not recover, and the ball nestled into the left corner of the goal.

Melanie’s teammates mobbed her. The goalie retrieved the ball and threw it out to midfield so play could be restarted. Her frustration at allowing the goal that close to the end of the game very evident in her actions and on her face. As soon as the ball was put back in play, the whistle sounded, and the game was over.

Both teams went to their respective benches and got final words from their coaches. As everyone was walking back to the field house for showers people went at different paces. Some people were already inside when Jo heard the scream. It sounded like an angry scream and when she looked back at first all she saw was Melanie standing by herself at midfield. The field being on a slight elevation, Melanie was there standing her lone watch.

Then Jo followed in the direction of where Melanie was looking. To her horror, she saw the other team’s goaltender. Jo now realized where the scream had come. It had been the other team’s goaltender and she was charging toward Melanie. Jo saw Katie about halfway between her and Melanie and she called out to her and pointed toward Melanie as she began sprinting back to the field.

Katie turned and took in the scene and began walking toward Melanie. Jo was incensed that Katie was not reacting quickly to Melanie being in danger. This deranged goaltender, obviously so angry at Melanie for scoring that late goal was about to attack her.

As she was sprinting Jo yelled out “KATIE!” Katie turned and saw Jo sprinting with a quizzical look on her face as Jo went pelting past her. Jo was desperate as she realized that the goaltender was going to get to Melanie first. Jo couldn’t understand why Melanie didn’t use that amazing speed to flee this oncoming maniac.

Although exhausted from the game Jo was moving as fast as she could since the goalie was almost right on top of Melanie. However, at that moment the goalie slowed down and opened up her arms. And Melanie jumped into them.

When Jo finally got up to the two of them, Melanie noticed her and said “Oh Liz, this is Jo. Josephine Napoli, but everyone calls her Jo. She used to play in some of the same tournaments we did. We even played against her in at least one game.”

“Nice to meet you, Jo.”

Melanie realized her social faux pau and said “Sorry Jo, this is Elizabeth Stanz, although everyone calls her Liz. She was the goalie for our Blue Lightning team.”

Jo now was realizing what had all just happened and as the adrenaline rush ebbed from her, she now just tried to catch her breath as she said “Nice to meet you, Liz.”

Liz turned to Melanie and said “I can’t believe I let you get me off the near post. As soon as I saw that ball going to the corner, I knew what was happening and I knew you loved to go near post.”

“Well you did an excellent job staying on it. Any other goalie would have started moving to cover the far post much sooner. I was actually thinking I was going to have to try for the far post. Even though we won you and your team played an excellent game.”

“Thanks Melanie. I…GO-GO!” Katie had finally gotten to the group when her friend and former teammate saw her. Katie stepped up and gave Liz a big hug. “Hi Liz.”

Liz suddenly looked between Katie and Melanie as if she just remembered something. “Oh hey. Congratulations bahis siteleri on the future nuptials. You know when I saw the post, I almost wasn’t surprised. You two always had this sort of jedi mind-meld kind of thing going since that very first practice.”

Melanie smiled and said “Yeah well, it took her almost two years before she realized that she couldn’t live without me.”

“Well I know it now.” Katie pulled Melanie into her and leaned down and gave her a big kiss on the lips.

Liz said “Oh. You two are just too cute. Okay, look I have to get back in and unfortunately since we’re traveling, I can’t just hang out. But are you guys going to be home for Christmas?”

“Yeah sure. We’ll definitely be putting in an appearance at our parents’ houses.” said Katie.

“Okay great. Call me once you’re in town. Great to see you guys again. And nice to me you Jo. Take care Go-Go; Melanie.” And with that Liz Stanz turned and ran into the fieldhouse.

Katie, Melanie and Jo watched until she was inside and then they started walking that way themselves. Katie asked Jo “So what were you yelling about?”

“I thought that Liz was actually going to attack Melanie for scoring the goal on her. I had no idea you knew each other.”

Melanie said “I didn’t think she was going to do that, but I wasn’t one hundred percent sure myself until she slowed down and opened her arms.”

The three girls laughed and then walked a bit more in silence until Jo said “So…Go-Go?”

Katie stopped and looked right at Jo. “Okay first off you can never tell anyone else about that nickname or I swear I will never have sex with you again.”

Jo knew this was an idle threat, but it was Katie’s way of making her point that she was very serious about Jo not telling anyone else about her old nickname. And so she wouldn’t do it solely because Katie did not want her to. “And second…?”

“Second is I will tell you the whole story about it if you come to our room tonight.”

“Oh I see, you’re just trying to get me into bed.”


“Well, it worked.”

Although Jo was a transfer student, she was a Junior at the school and so she got one of the single rooms at the dorm. And while she was fine with not having a roommate, she spent many nights over at Katie and Melanie’s room if she was in the dorm. Some nights Jo would not come back to the dorm until very late or even the next morning. And sometimes she had company over her room. But if she was there and unaccompanied, she usually spent most of her time with Katie and Melanie.

The night wound down and Katie, Melanie and Jo were all sitting on the bed talking about the game and the upcoming season. Jo said “So your goalie friend knew you liked to put that shot in near post. I know she has seen a lot more of you playing, but you might want to start shooting for the far post sooner if they are going to be favoring the near post on you.”

Melanie said “I’ve never really looked; we should make sure we have our forwards crashing the far post from now on. I’m wondering if they’ve gotten used to seeing me go near post and quit on the play figuring I will either score or the rebound will come back to me.”

Katie added “I know I tend to watch once I see you’ve got the ball. I’ll start making a point of moving toward the far post after I put it over to you.”

It was quiet for a minute and then Jo said “Okay, enough soccer. I was promised the “Go-Go” story.

Katie looked exasperated and didn’t seem to want to tell the story. Melanie said “Hey, you had that when I got there. So you have to tell the story.”

Katie relented. “Okay, but again, this was when I was a little kid and while I put up with it with the Blue Lightning, I don’t want it following me.”

Jo sat up and smiled, excited to hear this but she did promise not to tell the rest of the team.

Katie told the story of how when she was little, she would be dragged to all of her older sisters’ games. And she would usually be sitting on the ground so basically at field level at the feet of the parents. And whenever someone on her sisters’ teams got the ball, the parents would yell “Go! Go!” Well somehow she must have connected the two because one day she was with her family at a sporting goods store that had a whole wall display of soccer balls. And Katie pointed to the wall and said “Go-Go.”

“Oh that’s adorable.” cut in Jo.

Katie continued “Well my mom thought so because at the next practice she told all the parents about it. And they all thought it was adorable too. And so my nickname was Go-Go after that.”

“Okay, I promise I won’t tell anyone about it, but I won’t promise that I won’t use it if it’s just the three of us because it is adorable. I can just see little, tiny Katie pointing at the balls and saying “Go. Go.” It would have broken the internet if you had recorded it.”

Melanie added “I can vouch for how cute it must have looked because I’ve seen the pictures of little Katie.”

“Oh I’d love to see those. canlı bahis siteleri Do you have any?” Jo asked.

“No.” Katie boomed. “And she has only seen them. I refused to give her any.”

“You forget, you have sisters and they like me.” Melanie said with a devilish grin. Her and Jo laughed and Katie fumed.

Finally Jo got up and said “Ladies I would love to stay and talk old memories and maybe create some new ones, but I am tired so I am going to go to bed. Please wake me up when it’s time for breakfast tomorrow. Great goal today Melanie and great pass Katie.”

“Thanks Jo. Have a good night.”

“Good night Melanie. Good night…” Jo paused for effect “…Go-Go.” Then she closed the door just before Katie’s soccer cleat hit the door right where her head had just been.

Everyone was pretty tired after the game the day before and breakfast became an early lunch. Afterwards, they went back to Katie and Melanie’s room. Katie and Melanie had some school work to do and sat at their desks working. Jo just hung out on the bed. There was music playing from Katie’s phone. It was just background noise for Katie and Melanie and Jo just listened. Every so often Jo would sing along with the song. She actually had a very pretty singing voice.

The first time Katie asked her a little grumpily “Don’t you have any schoolwork to do?”

Jo responded “I’m a Poli Sci major. I’ll have work to do if I go to law school but for now, No.”

When Jo started singing along to the third song Melanie finally commented “Jo, you have a lovely singing voice.”

“How about that huh. I am a Renaissance Woman. Athlete. Scholar. Songtress. I am very multi-talented. Especially with my mouth.”

Katie replied “No argument from me.”

Katie and Melanie set back to their schoolwork unaware that Jo was stripping on their bed. Once she was naked, she lay back on the pillows and said “Katie, you know how you said that if I told anyone about your nickname you would not have sex with me.”

“Yes, Jo I remember.” Katie turned from her book and looked over at Jo. She saw Jo’s naked body on her bed and felt the first pang of arousal.

“Well, since I haven’t told anyone about it, doesn’t that mean you have to have sex with me?”

Katie was not entirely sure of the logic, but she liked the idea anyway so she said “I guess it does.” With that Katie stood up and disrobed and got into bed with Jo.

The room was situated with the bed in the middle and the desks on either side. This meant that everything that was now happening was behind Melanie, whose concentration was still more on her schoolwork. She had not been paying attention to Katie and Jo’s banter. So she was continuing her work at first unaware that her fiancée and her next best friend were on her bed naked and making out.

However, in the silence between songs she thought she heard a moan. She turned from her desk and saw Jo’s back with Katie arm around it, Katie’s hand rubbing Jo’s ass cheek.

“What the hell is this?” Melanie asked.

“I had to…” Katie explained. “…She had an airtight argument.”

“Oh really, what was that?”

“Well since I said if she told anyone my nickname I wouldn’t have sex with her and she hasn’t told anyone, I have to have sex with her.”

Melanie said “I am not sure that really makes sense. Besides, I haven’t told anyone about your old nickname either.”

Katie said “Well then come in here with us.”

Jo added “Yeah, come on Melanie. All work and no play makes Melanie a dull girl. Besides, I have a cheerleader coming over tonight so I won’t be bothering you and you can get your work done then.”

“I am almost done with this part. So why don’t you two get started and I’ll join you when I can.”

Katie started moving down Jo’s body planting little kisses as she went. She had reached the top of Jo’s breast when she picked her head up and said “So, a cheerleader?” She immediately went right back to her little kisses as Jo responded.

“Yeah. She’s a real cutey too. Kind of like Melanie here. Petite, blond, blue eyes. She’s coming over to “study” in case anyone asks. OOOOWWWWW!” Right at the moment Katie had gotten down to Jo’s nipple and she had taken it between her lips and given it a hard suck.

Katie released it and said “It seems like you have a number of people “studying” with you in your room. I going to start calling it “The Sin Bin.” How many people have you had over there already?”

Katie began to move over to Jo’s other breast as Jo answered the question. “Well I’ve had two different members of the jazz dance team, individually and together and in a show of solidarity with our other sports colleagues, I’ve OOOWWWW!” Again, Katie chose that moment to suck on Jo’s other nipple interrupting her litany of conquests. “I’ve brought over someone from the cross-country team and someone from the volleyball team to ‘study.'”

Now kissing at Jo’s sternum, Katie lifted her head to ask “So why do you spend all this time with us? canlı bahis It sounds like you could be having all sorts of wild and kinky sex. Aren’t we a little more tame?” And with that Katie began kissing her way lower.

Jo said “Yeah, it’s not just because you’re teammates. There is definitely a different vibe with you guys. Your goalie friend was right. There is something about you two. It is very unique and very special. And I get to tap into that when I am with you guys. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure I am going to have a whole lot of fun with the cheerleader tonight. But that’s it, fun with the cheerleader. I can’t even tell you her name off the top of my head. And again, I’m fine with that. But as long as you guys will let me, I want to have the chance to be with you guys as well.”

At this point, Katie was now down between Jo’s thighs. She picked herself up a bit so she could look at Jo and said “Well since you didn’t tell anyone about my nickname and because what you just said was so sweet, let me see if I can’t make you rethink your cheerleader tonight.”

Katie took her first lick all the way up Jo’s slit. Over the last month since the first night Jo had joined her and Melanie in their bed, Katie had become totally relaxed with the idea of having sex with Jo. And the more relaxed she had become, the more fluid she was in her motions. And that translated to better sex. And while nothing could top her sex with Melanie, Katie enjoyed it when she was with Jo because Jo was so much more vocal.

“Oh Katie that feels so good. Hhhhmmmm. Keep licking me Katie, now deeper with your tongue. Oh yeah, that’s it. You are getting so good at that. You always hit all the right spots. Yeah!”

“UUURRRGGGHHH!” Melanie’s groan was followed by what sounded like a pen being thrown onto a notebook. “How can I work with you both making that racket?”

Jo smiled and said, if you think I’m making too much noise come sit on my face and cover my mouth.”

Realizing that they weren’t going to stop and knowing that she had not remembered anything she had read over the last five minutes because the sounds of sex coming from her bed and being too distracted and aroused, Melanie said “Oh, what the hell.” And got out of her chair and took her clothes off.

Melanie got on the bed and was about to get over top of Jo’s face facing the wall when Jo said “No turn the other way so you can watch Katie work her magic.” Melanie turned around and placed her knees on either side of Jo’s head. She lowered her butt down and Jo reached up with her hands and Melanie clasped them to help with balance. Then she looked down and watched as Katie lapped at Jo’s dripping sex while she felt Jo’s tongue snake out and begin to wiggle around her labia.

The room was still not quiet, but with Jo’s mouth covered and otherwise engaged, it was more just indistinct sounds. Thus far, Katie had only been using her mouth on Jo, but she decided it was time to move things along. She took two fingers on her right hand and inserted them into Jo while she moved her mouth up to Jo’s clit.

This change had an immediate impact. Jo began to call out as the pleasure mounted within her. While the sound was still muffled, she was no longer able to control her mouth and tongue, leaving Melanie once again being deprived a bit. With her hands held tightly in a grip with Jo which had actually gotten tighter as Katie had begun to really get Jo off, Melanie just stayed where she was and watched Katie bring Jo to an exquisite orgasm.

With Jo right on the edge, Katie pulled her fingers out of Jo completely. This was not what Jo wanted, thinking that maybe Katie was trying to tease her so close to the big orgasm she felt was right before her. She thrust her hips up trying to find them again. But this actually served to help Katie with her own plan.

Katie had her hand turned palm up as she was fingering Jo. When she took them out, it was just so she could turn her wrist over so that when she put her fingers back in, her thumb would be down. With Jo on the bed, all Katie had been hoping for was a little contact between her thumb and one of Jo’s butt cheeks. But with Jo’s thrust of her hips, her ass came off the bed. So as Katie put her fingers back in, her thumb actually pressed into Jo’s crack. With a little bit of wiggling, Katie had it right on her back entrance.

With no real lubricant Katie did not try to push it in, but just having it pressed against her back door sent Jo over that edge from which she thought Katie was trying to back her away. As she screamed out her pleasure, the vibrations were a nice treat for Melanie. It was not going to make her cum, but it was very pleasurable. And since she had watched Katie create the vibrations through Jo, that made it even more special for her.

As Jo finished riding out the tidal wave of an orgasm that Katie had given her, Melanie climbed off her face and Katie removed her fingers from inside Jo. Melanie scurried over to Katie and took her hand, then proceeded to suck Katie fingers into her mouth, cleaning off all of Jo’s wetness.

Both Katie and Jo stared dumbfounded at Melanie who said “What? You’ve never seen someone lick their best friends’ cum off their fiancée’s finger before?”

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