Soaring Chapter 1

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This is my first time writing on Literotica. I would like to thank you for reading this in advance. Also, if you want hardcore sex, I’m sorry to say it will not be in this chapter. There’s more story in here than sex but stay tuned, for the next chapter gets hot!

INFO/DISCLAIMER: No characters in the story that engage in sexual activities is under the age of 18.


The world is run by rich industrialists and businessmen. It would seem like the world had dropped back to the 1900s where the rich controls everything while everyone bows down to their dominion. It is the year 2021 and the world was at peace, even if it was a strained one. The rich and powerful had many vices: drugs, alcohol, sex to name the main three. While they do maintain the law and order, they also satisfied themselves to the extreme.

It wasn’t uncommon to see in the news about a rich man overtaxing his body with beers and woman and was hospitalized because his kidneys were failing. You might have been wondering, where are they getting all this women from? No, it is not slavery. Rather, the world’s countries each supply a percentage of 18 year old girls and boys (even rich women need some pleasure) to attend a 3 year long course in a private island school on the arts of sexual pleasure and obedience. Every year, this school will produce hundreds of thousands of experts that will be employed by the rich. It is in this world that Anabelle Tan Shun Xi (pronounced Shoon Si), an 18 year old Asian, lives in.

Anabelle was the third generation in her family to be born in America. Her great-grandparents had moved there when they were able to run away to the US during the revolutions in China. They lived in California just like every other Chinese immigrants had during that time and thus established their business there. They were modest inn keepers during their time but by Anabelle’s parents time, it was a booming business with chains of inns all over the Pacific coast and even one branch in Hawaii. The family was however very conservative and despite three generations exposed to Western culture and liberalism, they still had a very traditional mindset. They still had preference to having a baby boy than a baby girl. When Anabelle was born in 2003, her father was displeased but was consoled at the point that he had a chance to enter his daughter into the “school” when she was of age and become rich from that. So he named her Anabelle, Latin for loving, and Shun Xi which sounds harmless but it means to suck. Thus in combination, her name becomes love to suck. He was a particularly major male chauvinist and believe that women were just for running the household and for sex. Her mother, who’s grandmother was an American, was more liberal and did her best for her daughter. Anabelle also had a brother, who was born in 1996.

Thus at her high school graduation, she was sitting in her chair in the auditorium with a stunned expression. She had been sitting there for hours, even after the ceremony was over and everyone was long gone because she had hoped against being drafted into the School that she had heard so much bad things about. Being brought up in güvenilir bahis a conservative environment at home, she was quite the innocent and prudish girl. Her exposure to sex came from accidentally seeing her father fuck her mother in the kitchen when she was 8. She only knew how to masturbate because her friends had taught her. She only left the auditorium when it was beginning to get dark. As she left the place, she threw her graduation robes into the laundry bins placed outside the girl’s changing room. She had changed back into her jeans and t-shirt though for most of the day, she wore a black dress that had fitted her curves well. She didn’t have a bubble butt but it still drew many guys attention whenever she wore shorts or tight jeans (though it wasn’t often due to her father’s supervision). Her breasts were large contrary to popular believes that Asians had small breast. She had a 28C breast, though her mother’s American genes might have been the contributing factor. She also had a sharper nose as compared to most Asian girls in her school though she looked mostly Asian with jet black hair and dark brown eyes thus giving her a very exotic look.

As she walked the lonely dark streets in the cold, she regretted not having a jacket as the night only brought chilly wind. Once she reached home, her father welcomed her at the front door though he was furious she was late. He told her to eat up her dinner before he sent her to the airport that very night. This was too much for Anabelle and she started crying. This man was supposed to be her protector but instead, she was being thrown off far away like garbage. He withheld his screaming rage and slowly walked back into the house. Anabelle ate her last dinner without much enthusiasm while her mom had no appetite for anything as she looked at Ana with sad eyes. Once their dinner was done, her father led them out to the car and drove them to the airport. No one was sending her off as all her friends were busy having a party for graduation, so she was surprised when she saw one of her best friends at the airport.

“Liz, what are you doing here?”

“Well Ana, I’ve been wanting to tell you but I couldn’t bring myself to tell you that I was enlisted to the School. What are you doing here?” said Elizabeth Lee, a short, hot Asian American cheerleader as she noticed the luggage behind Ana. “Oh my, not you too?”

“Yes, me too,” said Ana as she hung her head in sadness.

“Ana, come back here and say goodbye to your family!” heard Ana from far off as her father beckoned her.

Ana slowly said her farewell to everyone, especially her mother as she was sad and scared of being away from her mom. Her grandfather told her that she will make the family proud, a rare thing to hear from him to any of the family. Her brother promised to excel at his work in running the inns now that she wasn’t there to cover for him. Lastly, her father pulled her to a corner when she said her farewells to him.

“Ana, I know I have been harsh for this many years. And now, I am regretting that rash decision I had made in the past for signing you up for this. No parents should be doing this and I am sorry. I have failed canlı bahis you as a father and as a man,” said her father as a lone tear ran down from his left eye to his cheeks.

Ana was stunned at her father’s confession. She never saw him as a being capable of saying he was wrong. Shocked, she replied with tears, “It is okay, dad. What is done is done. There’s no turning back and we have to just move onward. I will do my best there.”

“That is what I am afraid.”


The flight was uneventful though Ana heard an African American guy had fucking one of the air stewardess in the toilet. When tshe had landed, the airport was filled with people from all across the world. They were transported to campus on buses. Everything seemed quite normal to Ana and her hopes that it was normal rised. She was assigned to a room that was quite spacious with two bunk beds. Ana got the bottom bed and it was situated next to the window. She had three roommates from different countries. They were from various countries. They were from Japan, France and Vietnam. They were all freshmen and had no idea what was installed for them the next day. As Ana was a virgin, she had to go see a doctor on the next day for a rigorous check-up while her friends attended classes. This all seemed like a normal university to her and as she fell asleep in her bed, she thought it wasn’t so bad.

Her hopes were dashed as she woke up to the sound of moaning and grunting. When she looked out the window, she saw many people out on the lawn having sex. Some were nude, some just dropped their pants only but they were all doing the same thing. Hard, rough fucking. Ana became afraid of leaving her room but the supervisor for their corridor, a blonde senior named Mary turned them out. She told them not to be afraid and this was common practice in here. She explained that everyone was given supplements to take that increased their metabolism and also contained chemicals similar to morning-after pills. The increased metabolism and aphrodisiacs inside makes people horny and energetic. The people outside were just having sex because they had to contain their libido when they were back at home for the month long holiday. Now, they were free to release she said as she slowly masturbated through her skirt.

Ana rushed to the campus clinic and tried to ignore the debauchery happening around her. As she approached it, she noticed a bunch of guys having a circle jerk on a girl. The blonde girl wasn’t small but the guys towered over her, possibly football jocks. Ana watched in fascination as they sprayed her with ropes after ropes of cum, splashing all over her tits and face and getting stuck in her hair. As she had stopped to watch, a guy approached her from the back and tried to take off her tight jeans. His cock was erect and rubbing all over her jeans’ backside, leaving trails of cum. She struggled against him, trying to prevent herself from being fucked in front of all this people. Luckily, two of the jocks came over and pulled him off. The blonde girl, still covered in cum, came over to Ana. “I can see you’re new. I’m Olivia and under other circumstances, I would shake your bahis siteleri hand,” said Olivia as she gestured at her cum stained hand. “You can thank Rodrigue and Peter for saving you,” she drawled in her French accent as both guys did an over dramatic bow.

Ana giggled like an elementary school girl as she noticed their cocks swinging around when they made the bow before flushing red when she realized what she had just seen and did. She ran into the clinic after that.


“So Anabelle, you never had sex before?”

“Yes, sir, I’m still a virgin,” replied Ana meekly as she sat naked in front of the young doctor before her.

“Never masturbated?”

“No, sir, I do it once in awhile.”

“Let me check on this,” said the doc as he pulled on some gloves. Doctor Connor then attached some equipment to Ana to monitor her heart rate and pulse as well as to see how horny and close she was to orgasm. He then dipped his gloves in some sort oil containing aphrodisiac. He put his left hand on top of her pubes as she had held her legs tightly shut. He let the liquid drip and seep in between her legs while his right hand tried to pry her arms away from her chest. When she was distracted and her legs loosened a bit, Dr. Connor immediately tried to rub her clit but was pushed away by Ana. In resignation, Dr. Connor called Cathy the redheaded nurse in. Together, they managed to subdue the feisty Asian girl and strap her to the chair (something like the one’s you’ll see in a gynae’s clinic) with her young pussy exposed. It was slightly moist as the liquid was doing its job of arousing her. Dr. Connor slowly rubbed both her nipples till they were both hard. She was squirming and squealing at this new sensation, becoming more and more aroused. Dr. Connor teased her clit now exposed clit as her pussy continue getting wetter and wetter.

When she was practically dripping, he inserted his fingers one by one till she was accustomed to having two of his fingers inside her wet pussy. He slowly fingered her while licking and sucking her clit. Despite being extremely aroused, Ana was horrified and ashamed a man she did not know was touching her privates and even licking them! She tried to protest against his treatment but her protests fell to deaf ears. She was also feeling something she had never felt before: being pleasured by someone else. She was starting to enjoy Dr. Connor’s fingers as they deftly worked their way inside her pussy and his mouth that was bringing her to heaven as its tongue flicked across her clit. She started feeling lightheaded, as if she was soaring through the cloud when her whole body convulsed and shaked. Her pussy exploded in pleasure as she orgasmed into Dr. Connor’s face. She was on cloud nine, ignorant of what was happening as she squirted all over Dr. Connor. When her orgasm subsided and she was back to earth, she heard him say, “Yes, yes. Very healthy female. Powerful orgasms too. And very, very fuckable. Nurse Cathy, please come in.”

Nurse Cathy wondered why did the doc sounded angry as she reentered the room. “You gave me an incomplete file. She was a squirter and the file said nothing about it. For that, I’ll extend your punishment by another week. I’ll punish you right here!”


I will leave the story at this point and I hoped you enjoyed it. Come back next time for part 2

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