Sizing Up (Anal Toy)

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Balls Massage

Phil and Ricks’ is located behind an unmarked door above a bank. A listing in the lobby directory is the only signage alerting the public to the shop. Customer service is by appointment only and there is a two-month waiting list, depending on the business to be negotiated. The customer today, Kindra, is buying a standard item that Phil and Rick make but she wants to find the proper size and fit.

Phil answers the door promptly when she rings the bell. He was sitting in a chair next to the door waiting. Customers typically don’t like to be seen entering and exiting the shop. The other tenants above the bank are tax attorneys and stock brokers. A person wearing professional attire can be assumed to be visiting one of them.

The business that Phil and Rick are in is custom BDSM costumes and toys. Kindra wants a vibrating string of anal beads. It is a common item that Phil makes to order and usually sells by mail order. Kindra insists on a custom fitting.

Phil leads her to a small room with a padded adjustable table. Kindra has been in this room for other items so she knows what to do. She lifts her black skirt to reveal a garter, stockings, and no panties. She leans over on the table which happens to be the exact right height for her.

Phil and Rick pride themselves on remembering customer details. The table height from Kindra’s last visit was recorded in code in a discreet leather book.

Phil stands in front of Kindra’s eyes and he shows her the pieces that he will insert into her anus to judge size and comfort. The diagnostic toys are thin plastic that are made in the shop and disposed of after use. One toy is a long cone to measure sphincter circumference. The other is a string of two dozen beads of ever increasing diameter. Phil explains that one the circumference is measures, he will snip off the smaller beads and start the bead string with something that should feel arousing.

Phil walks around to Kindra’s ass. Her round hips and smooth creamy skin catch Phil’s eye. He is a professional so he quickly turns his gaze to the floor. In front of Kindra is a large mirror so that she can see what Phil is doing and he can read her facial expressions as he measures her.

Kinda giggles.

Phil knows he has been caught staring. He looks at Kindra in the mirror and smiles.

“Are you going to play with my ass or not?”

Phil nods to Kindra erotik film izle and puts on his latex gloves. He lubes the circumference wand with a proprietary blend of coconut oil that is mixed in house and sold by the jar. The lube can be customized with perfumes per customer preference.

The wand has a narrow rounded tip and gets wider quickly. Before inserting, Phil wipes some excess lube on Kindra’s anus. Kindra reaches back and spreads her cheeks with her hands. Phil inserts a middle finger to make sure Kindra’s ass is slippery.

“That feels good.”

Phil says the wand is coming next.

“I might be cumming too!”

Phil laughs and steps away from Kindra. “If you keep making jokes, I’ll never get you sized up.”

“Ok, ok, I’ll be a good girl.”

Phil slowly and firmly inserts the wand. When a third of the length is inside Kindra he slows down. The is the typical circumference of an anus of a person that is not quite relaxed or is new to butt play. Phil feels little resistance so he pushes further.

Half way and still feels like it could go in further. The wand’s diameter is quite wide at the midpoint. This would correspond to an standard size of XL.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes I am. Is there more? I feel like I can take more.”

Phil complies. Soon the entire wand is in Kindra’s ass. He hears soft moans coming from the other side of the table. He looks at Kindra in the mirror. Her eyes are closed, her mouth is open, her breathing is soft but fast.

Phil backs out the wand and says he has the information he needs. Kindra’s legs shutter as the pressure is released from the inside of her asshole. Phil suspects but does not investigate how wet Kindra’s vagina is.

“I’m a professional,” he thinks. Even if she is dripping on the floor, I will not look. She is her for anal beads.”

Phil wraps a brown paper towel around the wand as it exits Kindra and drops it straight into the garbage. He wipes her butthole with a soft tissue to remove anything embarrassing. Then, with fresh gloves on, he relubes the outside of Kindra’s hole.

The beaded toy has 24 bulbs that go from XS to XXL in size size. Phil has never needed to make an anal toy larger than XXL. He may need to if Kindra comes back for more.

“Will you be using your toy by itself or will you have something in the vagina at the same time?”

“Oh, film izle yes, I will. I want to feel like in being double penetrated. But I like the feel of beads better than a straight dildo in my ass.”

“I see,” Phil said with relief. The beads won’t have to be oversized if there needs to be room in the front canal.

“I brought a dildo from home. Just in case you needed to see it.”

Kindra reaches into her blazer and pulls out an 18 inch black penis with circumcised head and veins. Its girth is easily in the XXL range.

“I had my boyfriend molded. This is his dick.”

Phil’s eyes get wide.

“Ha ha, just kidding! He’s not this dark skinned. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Ha ha. And it’s the look of his dick. The veins, the head. I had it sized up. He’s big but not extreme,”

Phil is somehow relieved. He clears his throat.

“So, you intend to use that with the anal beads?”

Kindra laughs again. “Fuck no! I’m fucking with you, Phil. I don’t want to get too stretched out. This is my ‘rainy day’ dildo. I’m going to use this one with the beads.”

Kindra takes a purple dildo of L size from her other blazer pocket.

Phil sighs with relief. Kindra laughs at him. She offers to insert the purple dildo while Phil sizes the beads. He agrees.

On the bead toy, Phil snips it in half to make the L bead the first bulb that will enter Kindra’s asshole. Kindra has the dildo in her pussy and she is leaning over the table again. Just as Phil expected, the dildo slid right up without any extra lubrication. WIth the right hand, Phil holds the dildo in Kindra’s vagina while she spreads her butt cheeks again. Phil positions his right palm to block the view of her pussy. He’s already erect and he feels his pressing on the fabric of his pants.

“Time to go back to work!” Phil tells himself. He dips the beads into the lube for a liberal covering. Kindra’s sphincter is open a little already from the wand. The L bulb slips through quickly. Kindra lets out a moan.

Two more bulbs and Kindra has the XL size inside of her. Her moans grow deeper and louder.

“How does that feel?”

Kindra gasps out a reply. “Can you move around? Like it’s vibrating?”

Phil complies by moving the string of beads a half inch back and forth. Kindra’s hip imitate the rhythm so the beads go in deeper and pull out more than Phil intended. seks filmi izle He notices the dildo that his right hand is holding in place has a rubber bottom and a switch inside.

“Do you want me to turn on your dildo?”

Kindra can only respond with quick bursts of words. “Fuck! I forgot! Yes, yes yes!”

With his left hand on the beads, Phil turns his right hand over to punch the dildo button with his thumb. Kindra’s wet pussy lips come into his line of sight. Drops of juice surround the opening. As soon as the dildo vibrates, more liquid shoots out from Kindra and lands on Phil’s bare arm. It is warm and thin and runs down the side of his arm.

Phil looks in the mirror. Kindra has her mouth wide open in a scream but she is holding her breath in. Her eyes are clenched shut. He looks down and her fingers are digging into her ass cheeks making scarlet red marks. This is not how the appointment was supposed to go.

The vibrating dildo is slowly pushing out of Kindra’s pussy. Phil tries to put it back but he feels great resistance so he lets it go. He is about to wrap the wet purple dildo in a paper towel when Kindra says, “Give it to me!”

Phil put is in her hand and she brings it to her mouth. She licks the wetness off of the sides and sucks on the tip.

“I love the taste of my cum.”

Phil backs out the beads. With the dildo removed, the beads slip out easily. It gets wrapped in paper towel and dropped into the garbage. “XL-2,” Phil thinks. “I nice string of five vibrating bulbs at XL-2.”

After a courtesy wipe with soft tissue, Kindra stands. Phil offers her the box and she wipes herself from the front.

“Did I squirt on you? I’m so sorry, I should’ve warned you!”

“It’s okay. All in a day’s work. I think we found your anal size!”

They both laugh. Phil makes an entry in his leather book. Kindra stands at the door and waits for Phil to look up.

“Can I tell you something? When you turned on the vibrator, I was imagining your dick inside of my pussy. That’s what made me squirt. I normally don’t do that unless I’m really turned on.”

“Oh,” Phil is at a loss. “Good. I’m glad . . .”

Kindra smiles and sees her way out.

Phil puts his hands on the table where Kindra just was. He unzips his pants, reaches in for his cock, and starts massaging the shaft. In less than ten strokes he cums into the garbage can. His hot semen lands on the beads and wand that were inside of Kindra minutes before.

Phil remembers Kindra’s last words. “I normally don’t do that unless I’m really turned on.”

“That goes for me, too!”

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