Six Months in the Making

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Ok folks, this is my first effort, maybe too much set up, maybe not, I truly don’t know. It’s a fantasy based on a real person. I’ve brought it to the point of no return & need to know if you think I should continue. Comments please!

“Hey Carrie, it’s Paul, you have a minute?”

“Sure, Paul, what can I do for you?”

“I have that employee policy manual you’d asked about when I was last in to see you. I was wondering if I could drop by with it Friday afternoon.”

“I don’t EVEN want to know how you managed that one but Friday’d be great Paul. You know Missy’s still making my life miserable with all her BS excuses to be anywhere but here. I just don’t know how I’m supposed to keep this place running. I still have no idea when she’s leaving or how long she expects this Maternity Leave to last. How’s 1:30 sound?”

“Works for me, are you sure the staff will be gone by then?”

“Why, you afraid to be seen coming into the office when we’re closing?”

“I don’t know if ‘afraid’ is the best word, but you know how stuff gets going around here. I don’t think either of us wants it on the street that I keep showing up at closing time, do we? Do you realize how hard I work finding excuses to visit you on Friday’s?”

“Funny you should say that ’cause I kinda thought there might be some of that going on. Do you realize how hard I have to work to finish all my charts after you leave?”

“Actually I do Carrie, which is why I want to be sure you’re OK with it.”

“Paul, you’ve been handling my Insurance for what, 5 or 6 months now? You’ve found 8…10… 12 “reasons” to spend Friday afternoons with me & haven’t realized that I’d have booted you out by now if I didn’t enjoy the time? Come on, who you trying kid?”

“In that case, how long can you give me Friday?”

“I don’t really think that’s the question, Paul. We both know who has somewhere to be at the end of the day. My house is empty no matter what time I get there so maybe I should be asking you that question.”

“Hmmm, could we be skating onto thin ice here?”

“You know I hate the cold so it’s not ice we need to be worrying about.”

“Carrie, if I don’t get going, I’ll be worthless the rest of the day.”

I could hear the smile on her face when she said: “Poor boy, have I distracted you? I hope you stay that way for the next two days. See ya Friday.”

“Count on it” was all I could come up with.

Thoughts of Carrie left me unable to leave my desk for most of the day Wednesday. Thursday wasn’t much better. I couldn’t clear my mind of visions of my 5’6″ 125 pound fantasy Doc.

I met her after receiving a frantic call early one Friday afternoon. She explained that she had purchased her practice, including her staff, from their former employer. I’d known her staff through that employer longer than she did and one illegal bahis of them had suggested I might be able to fix the mess created by a goofball “Consultant” she’d been working with. Who can resist an unsolicited call from a damsel in distress? I dropped what I was doing & showed up in her office 20 minutes later, to be greeted by what appeared to be an extremely conservative, stone cold professional. She wore flat shoes, loose slacks & a tailored earth tone sport jacket over a dark green lightweight knit top. Her face was firm but pleasant, her hair brunette, straight & shoulder length.

It took the better part of 10 hours of meetings spread over the next month to straighten out her mess… and for me to realize that a lovely, lonely woman was hidden under that professional veneer. Eventually, I found it challenging to keep my eyes on hers. I realized that I rarely missed a chance to steal a peek at the gentle rise & fall of her 38 D’s, especially once she started opening the jacket during our conversations. I know she caught me more than once as I swept my eyes up her long lean legs, across her board flat abs or up the curve of her ribs to the soft swells of her sweater

It was during one of those wandering eye moments that she reached across me for something on an adjacent table and gave me a clear look at her right breast, pressing her left onto my hand as it rested on the corner of her desk. Despite her 42 years, it looked firm, full & very much in need of a caress. Our “business” discussions had revealed much of her personal life. After 12 years in computers & a bitter divorce, she’d decided to become a Doc in her thirties & finished her residency at about 40. She often talked of how badly she wanted a “life outside of work” & how she always went home to an empty house just a few minutes from the office. A shopping trip Lancaster with a friend was big deal to her.

For the 48 hours leading up to 1:30 Friday, I couldn’t purge my mind of an endless stream of images, all of which started with a breast cupped gently in my hand. Since my wife of 20 years has been unable to fuck for the last 15 and I’ve been far better behaved than I should have been, my 50 year old prick just wouldn’t stop throbbing at the thoughts coursing through my brain.

I arrived at 1:30 to find the office locked tight. A knock on the private entrance door was answered before I could get the hand back in my pocket to hide my oh so obvious hard-on. Carrie stood there with no jacket (a first), a flowered mid-calf skirt (another first), and a pastel blue button down blouse with three open buttons (yet another first).

My expression must have been priceless, ’cause she gave the brightest smile I’d ever seen on her. “I take it you approve?” she asked, stepping back form the door, raising her arms to the sides & giving me a slow twirl.

“Well, illegal bahis siteleri I was starting to think maybe you slept in slacks & a jacket. It’s fair to say I’m stunned. What did the girls have to say when they saw you this morning?”

“Seems it’s good you showed up after they left ’cause they wanted to know who my date was today” she replied with a slightly embarrassed grin. “Emily even threatened to hang in the parking lot to see if you showed up!”

“Told you stuff starts & moves fast around here, didn’t I?” I asked with raised eyebrows & a slightly cocked head.

The big smile continued as she said: “They can talk all they want, you’re here to talk about that personnel manual you ‘found’, right?”

“Yea, yea, yea…let’s get down to business Madame… your office or the break room table?”

“Office is a little cozier, isn’t it?”

“I suppose… if it’s cozy you’re after rather than a discussion of the manual”.

As she led me to her office, I noticed a new bounce and sway to her walk. Seems those loose slacks were just as effective as her jackets at hiding her physical attributes. Her ass was every bit as spectacular as her tits. She’s perfectly proportioned, with a eye-popping curves from her hips to a 23 inch waist & an identical set of curves up into her ribs & back. I had everything I could do to refrain from wrapping my arms around that waist & pulling her tightly to me.

Her desk was surprisingly cleared and two bottles of water were already sitting there. “My chair”, the one with a broken caster & armrests that’s normally tucked into the corner beside her desk, was out in the hall. Instead, I found a cushioned but armless and narrower secretary’s chair, placed to the right of hers on the working side of the desk.

“I like your new office arrangement”, I smiled at her.

“I hoped you would”, she replied, “now let’s see how this thing helps me gain control of my Practice”.

We got right to work poring over the specific policies addressing trouble spots in the operation of her office. As she reached into her lower left desk drawer, her right leg brushed against mine & stayed there. When she came up, the leg stayed put & I responded with some gentle pressure of my own. Within 30 minutes, I found myself unable to resist a touch of her knee as I emphasized a particular provision of the manual. We were almost done when she put her hand on my shoulder and gave me warm squeeze in excitement over how much easier this policy manual would make it to improve the efficiency of her office. As she did, her tit pressed into my bicep, it’s softness taking my breath.

Forty minutes after we started, she was satisfied with the process of re-implementing the old policies, rose to place the manual on a shelf & turned back to me. We were both standing in the middle canlı bahis siteleri of her office.

“So Paul, you never did tell me how much of your time I can have today”, she said with a beautifully impish smile as she placed her hand on my chest & ran it down to the paunch where by abs used to be.

“Not enough for what I’d like to do with you” was my grinning reply, “but I guess it really depends on what you have in mind.” My hands went to her waist & gently slid down her hips to the sides of her upper thighs. She sighed and wrapped her arms around me, outside my arms, as I slid my hands back up to her waist, along the sides of her ribs and onto the middle of her back. I hugged her to me & placed my cheek to hers, whispering “Carrie, I want you to know that I’m out of mind attracted to you. I’d love to spend the next couple of hours kissing, caressing and nibbling on every inch of you from the tip of your nose to the tips of your toes. Does that sound like a way you’d like to spend your Friday afternoon?”

She spoke nothing but her soft moan and the slight pressure of her pelvis against me said all I needed to hear.

Her hands were moving softly all over my back as she moved her head just far enough away to turn her mouth to mine for a tender kiss. I sighed, brought my left hand up to the back of her neck & my right hand to the small of her back, where I pulled her lower body closer to mine. Carrie’s hands slid down to my ass, where she too pulled me tighter to herself.

Our kisses remained soft & gentle as we began exploring each other through our clothing. She broke our kiss and nibbled her way to my ear, a real hot spot for me, but something I haven’t felt in 20 years. “You can touch me anywhere you want” she whispered, ” but I won’t go down on you & won’t make love with you until I’m sure your clean. Are you ok with that?”

“I’m fine with that, in fact I expected it. I’m in no hurry, Carrie, but whether or not you want to admit it, we’re already making love. The touches we’re sharing & path we’re on can only be described a loving.”

Another moan, another smile and look in the eye followed by: “Are you telling me you’d be ok with getting naked, trading another 90 minutes of what we’ve been doing here and NOT fucking?”

“Carrie, I think we’ve both around long enough to know that hours of foreplay can bring the most toe curling, breath-taking, eyeball rolling orgasms possible…, right?” I smiled back at her.

With that, she pulled me closer, pushed me back onto the secretary’s chair I’d been using, hiked up her skirt & straddled me. She held my face in her hands and planted a series of tender kisses on me while lightly pressing her pussy onto my hard dick. When I cupped her right tit with my left hand and started opening her blouse with my right, she pulled away from me with wide eyes, a wider smile and hands firmly grasping my face. She looked at me for moment & said: “If that’s what you have in mind, let’s go to my house where we can get more comfortable, OK?”

What’s the verdict folks, should I give it up or keep it going?

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