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Chapter 5

Now having had several mixed drinks together, Patti and I sat beside each other she truly hugged up to me, as we freely and openly began discussing all this out in the open.

And her having just told me that yes she enjoyed it and liked it and wanted it, just not the way Toro forced her as he had last night.

Getting actually deeper than that we began talking outright about his cock.

She having just told me how it was so hot and big and long and how it stretched her out so much when he fucked her.

Having finished the pitcher of mixed drinks we were indeed both feeling the affects of it and our minds in the free will now to talk about all this out in the open to each other as we had been doing.

Now at this point and time of my life I had never had the thoughts nor will to want anything sexual with another woman. And even now it wasn’t a desire as I sat right there next to her all snuggled up to me, but hearing her telling me how hot and long and big his cock was and the fact of how she expressed that he stretched her out so much with it indeed along with the drinks working on my mind I have to admit I was getting horny and hot.

And how she was squirming and twisting sitting right there herself, I knew that as she told me of all this, she indeed herself was just as turned on as I was.

I asked her now; “So Patti do you want him tonight?”

She just stayed there thinking long and hard about it truly still withdrawn into herself about expressing out in the open her desires and needs about it.

Then slowly she still snuggled up to me nodded her head no, and then told me he hurt her to much last night to want him tonight.

Now Toro seemed to sense or smelled that both of us were in wanton need, and once again he stood up and I immediately sensed and saw his change of behavior just as he reached out and had grabbed her pj’s leg up into his mouth, growling and snarling as he tried to pull at it to get it free of her.

I jumped right up with that belt and swatted his ass hard as I could, and told him no Toro no!

He let go of her pj’s leg and yelped loudly out and ran over to his bed and lay right down then and there.

Poor Patti was shaking all over and scared to death from it happening, as I sat right back down snuggled her right up to me and told her it’s alright, he’s not going to do that anymore to you.

I pulled her head up and showed her where he was, and seeing him on his bed curled all up shaking from fear of me, she was relieved from all the fear.

And I lifted her head up to look me right into the eyes and told her that when she wanted it, and desired it, I would help her with it all.

But for him to outright act like he just had, I’d beat his ass with my belt and stop it immediately as I had just done.

Now she just snuggled up to me ever tighter and began to cry and thanked me for being here as I was and stopping all this.

I guess in a sense of thought about that moment, I was in some way as a Mother would be with one of her children.

Patti was to vulnerable a young woman, and far to feeble minded to have done anything herself about all this, in essence she was indeed subservient to that Bastard of a Brother of mine, and my thoughts were just wait till he comes home and I tear into his ass about all this!

Now the thing Toro had done was to pull her pj’s off her waist to where her mound of that thick blonde hair showed as I must admit that seeing it truly shot a lustful tingling through me.

She didn’t care one bit escort izmit that she was almost showing everything she had down there right to me as she was snuggled up to me as tight as she could wiping the tears from her eyes.

I have to admit that what shot through my mind at that point and moment was just how tasty that pussy of hers would be. Really thinking more in the lines of just how good it tasted to a man in my thoughts.

Oh I was having thoughts about her and I together oh yes I indeed was at that moment thinking of that. What would it be like to kiss another woman? To feel her in a sexual way? To make love to, and be loved to by another woman?

My mind instantly closed that matter out completely as I guiltingly thought this is my own Sister In Law right here, how can I even dare think such things!

Thinking back on it now, I truly do believe that she was thinking the same thing I was, recalling how she looked up to me and I saw that gleaming lust in those big blue eyes of hers.

But one thing for certain we both hugged up each other and I would look down and see that mound of hers and it would make me shiver all over at the lustful thoughts I had each time.

Finally the ice broke free of that and she looked up at me and there and then asked; “Jackie have you ever been with another woman sexually?”

I told her outright I had never ever even had a thought one about such a thing, but being right here with her as we were, my mind having some bad ugly thoughts about it.

She confessed as well that she’d never had thoughts about it and somehow tonight right here with me her own mind had such thoughts.

I just told her that just could not happen between us, and why was first she was my Sister In Law and secondly she was to vulnerable and if that happened I’d feel so horribly guilty of doing anything like that with her, because she’d had enough of that already in her life.

Oh she looked up at me and asked if she pretty enough, and good enough, to be wanted like that by me, and I told her she was far more than good enough for any man or woman for that matter and she damn sure was pretty enough.

Now all these years later I realize I had the perfect storm, the perfect moment, and should have taken her to that bedroom of hers and made wild love to her all night long, but I was still at that time of my life barely even sexually mindful of anything.

I wouldn’t have known even known how to start or begin with another woman at that time, my meager thoughts were just thinking how do two women kiss each other and all the other things of two women together.

You know like the innocent thoughts about such things as that, not the unbridled outright lust thoughts of such things.

Knowing things were getting far to weird between she and I now, I decided it was time to end this and we get ourselves to bed.

I told her as much as we both parted ourselves from each other and stood up as she then at last pulled her pj’s back up over her waist and we both went to bed.

Now throughout that night I had wild vivid dreams of her and I being a field of daisies together, Toro right there with us all of us freely running about and naked as could be she and I was. Then we laid down into this field of the daisies as the pedals of the flowers of them seemed to come to life and began manipulating each of our pussies, as we both were moaning out and Toro going back and forth between our legs licking and tasting our pussies.

Strange how all these many years later my mind recalls that dream so vivid and real.

That izmit escort next morning I woke up so damn wet and horny I had to rub and finger myself to rid my hot horny level that was through the roof before I could engage and begin the day around her, and secretly in my mind Toro as well.

I hid my sexual desires in the closet through those years, and not until dawg came into my life did I even ever attempt or act to free my mind and seek to have my desires fulfilled!

The sad thing about all that was that poor Patti was exactly as I was.

As I was in the kitchen making coffee and thinking of what to cook for breakfast, in trotted Toro who came right up to me as I was filling the coffee decanter with water to go back over and pour it into the coffee maker and get the basket filled and get to making coffee, and I about dropped that glass decanter right off into the sink as he plowed that big huge nose of his right up between my legs and was trying to sniff and did in fact even tried to lick me right at my pussy!

No doubt why he did that after having just fingered and rubbed myself to a relaxed pleasure point from it all.

I kicked back at him and knocked his ass flying across the floor, because my mental thought was he was going to try and get vicious with me and I had to stop it then and there with the response I gave him about it.

Oh he yelped and ran back to his bed and lay right down still whimpering in fear and defeat from what I did to him.

I finally shaking like a leaf now got the coffee water poured into the coffee maker, and shaking as I put the coffee in the basket spilling coffee from the measuring thing for it, scared to death myself of what he had done, and secondly to stop him because another moment and I’d had let him have at it just like Jasper used to do to me.

Soon the coffee brewing smell filled the kitchen and rest of the house I guess as well because in came Patti and she wasn’t in her pj’s anymore but what she had on was nothing more than absolute see through lace panties.

I guess she’d heard Toro’s yelping and running back to his bed in defeated whimpering as she rubbed her eyes, and ask me what happened to him?

I lied to her and told her I stepped on his foot not wanting to admit to her that he’d come right up and shoved his snout right up into my nightie shorts and tried to lick my pussy.

I couldn’t help but stand there and stare at her bushy blonde haired pussy that itself glistened with wetness, making me shiver at the thoughts I was having in my mind about it.

I wanted to outright kick myself at of the thoughts of that, and go yelping and whimpering off to my room for such a thing.

Somehow in some strange way that morning started out with an aura of lust I have no doubt was brewing up inside the two us and for damn sure Toro as he done what he’d done to me already that morning.

No doubt Patti had just as strong a sexual need and desire as I did because it was clearly evident as hell the way her pussy glistened with wetness and little dew drops of it glistened in her bush of hair all around it as well.

There wasn’t any detectable sexual smell though the smell of the coffee brewing more than likely covered it up.

No doubt Toro had smelled it first from me, and then her as he came romping right back into the kitchen and right up to and then immediately shot that snout of his right up between her legs and sniffed and licked that tongue of his right out over her whole pussy mound then and there!

At first it startled the hell izmit kendi evi olan escort out of her, but then and there I saw her outright open her legs, more in instinct reaction as much as outright lustful need and want.

She did indeed grunt and moan out as he did that, her whole body shuddered and shivered with the outright pleasure of it.

I jumped right in and stopped him before he got another lick in, and really by how she reacted I should have let him continue.

When I scolded him and was about to kick his ass across the floor again he ran back into the living room and went and lay down on his bed.

She on the other hand let out a moan of displeasure at him having even stopped.

The coffee finally done and thankfully it was to break up yet again another tense sexual thoughts and almost actions between us all.

As we went right to the table and sat down and sipped our coffee down becoming more awake from our sexual intensity we had each had, as I finished mine and got up to go pour me another cup, but sat it down and got Toro his food and water in his bowls as he heard that food sack rattle and came running in and stood there awaiting his breakfast.

I poured myself another cup after putting the sack of dog food away, and went and sat down noticing how Patti was squirming in her chair, no doubt having thoughts about Toro and that Tongue of his.

She was scooted back away from the table a bit and sitting there across from me I could see her bushy haired mound through those damn lacey panties, and just could not stop staring and looking at it. My hands shaking as I raised my cup to drink more coffee and hopefully flush my mind free of the nasty thoughts I was having.

Neither she nor I cared one damn little bit about any breakfast, but what my mind was thinking was horrible nasty thoughts of Patti’s pussy!

If it had been any later in the day I swear I would have gotten up and made her and I alike a strong drink or two, and release our deep down hidden in the closet desires for what she and I alike were really thinking.

Toro had finished eating and lapping up his water from his bowl and I swear both Patti and I alike both shuddered and shivered hearing that exact noise our minds thinking of it in far nastier ways than it was.

He then went to the door and Patti got right up and went and let him out, as I stared and watched that big bubble butt of hers twitch and jiggle about as she walked over and did that and then turned to come back to the table and I saw her whole entire bushy pussy area the light just right in the kitchen to make all that dew throughout her bush glisten like a rainbow the wetness filled her swollen lips even.

Now neither of us said a word as we drank our coffee down and she got up and went to pour herself another cup and yet again I couldn’t help but stare at that bush of hers again, in fact she noticed it and looked down her body and back up to me and smiled.

That was it I had to get up and absolutely go and and do it. I went right over and grabbed that bottle of whiskey and got our glasses and made us both a good stiff drink and came back to the table and sat hers down for her and mine for me and it was as if we both needed exactly what I had made.

She drank hers down about as fast as I drank mine down. The sexual tension was about to explode between she and I alike.

Then Toro scratched at the door wanting back in and Patti jumped up before I did and again as she went over to the door I stared at that pussy and ass of hers.

Toro came back into the house himself standing there feet away from either of us and she and I both stared and watched as he first sniffed her direction then turned his head and sniffed in my direction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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