Simone Ch. 02

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After their fifth child was born, Simone stayed at home for the next year while Ricky ran the company. He ran major decisions past Simone, since she had owned and run the company for years. But when their youngest child was a year old, Ricky, who was 26, was ready to step up the sexual activities with his older wife. And in Simone, he found a willing partner.

During her year watching the kids, Simone exercised at every opportunity and quickly returned to her voluptuous shape. At 5’9″ tall, she towered almost a foot-and-a-half over her short black husband. She also weighed almost 50 pounds more than her skinny little runt of a husband. Ricky wasn’t the only one who couldn’t figure out how this white 44-year-old tall shapely beauty ended up with a short ugly homeless black kid. But Simone had almost lost Ricky once, and now would do anything to keep him happy. And Ricky knew it.

Simone rolled over in bed and said, “I’m ready to get back to work, Honey. I think I’m going to hire a housekeeper/babysitter. She can live in the apartment over the garage if she wants to. What do you think?”

Ricky thought about it for a few seconds. “Good idea, Babe.” He reached over and began tweaking one of her nipples. “How about if I hire someone and you can focus on the company?” She nodded her head and he grinned at her and continued, “And then I can start showing off my hot wife in the local hotspots.”

He noticed Simone starting to squirm under his machinations of her nipple. He reached over and began tweaking her other nipple. As her upper body moved back and forth under his hands, he smiled when he saw her hips begin to move up and down. Her eyes were closed and she moaned, “Mmm. Ohh Ricky.”

Although her body was bigger, the small black man knew just how to take control of her in seconds. “Tell me what you want, Baby,” Ricky whispered.

“Ohhhh, Ricky. I w-w-want y-you. Ahhh. Ohh B-baby. Please, Honey. F-fuck your wife. I l-love you, Ricky.”

As Ricky continued to tease his gorgeous wife’s big breasts, he thought back ten years when he was just 16-years-old when he tried to break into Simone’s house. She caught him and put him to work mowing her lawn and doing odd jobs around her house until he was 18. During those two years, he worked hard for the big woman, but he also dreamed of being a handsome six-foot-tall man that could be her lover. He fell asleep every night fantasizing of Simone. And shortly after his 18th birthday, his fantasy became a reality.

In the beginning, she quickly became addicted to his big black cock. But through the years, he learned how to manipulate and use her perfect body to take control her sexual pleasure. He knew that Simone couldn’t deny him once he began manipulating her body. He knew that he could easily turn his beautiful older wife into a begging wanton whore, and had done so many times. Although he technically worked for Simone during the day, he knew that she was his at night.

His memories were interrupted when he heard, “Uuuunnnnggh! Ohhhh, Rick-eee-eeee!” He grinned as he realized that, once again, he had made his wife cum by just tweaking her sensitive nipples.

“Well, I suppose you’re done now, huh?” He asked.

“No, I’m not done! I want to feel that beautiful cock inside me.”

“Well, I’d like a beer first. Maybe you could carry me to get a beer,” Ricky said.

She grinned at him, knowing what he wanted. She stood beside the bed and put her arms between Ricky’s legs and grabbed his ass. Ricky grabbed her hair and she stood up with him sitting on her shoulders and his cock resting on her forehead. She leaned her head back and Ricky dropped his cock into her mouth and said, “Giddy-upp!” Simone sucked his cock all the way to the kitchen, grabbed a beer from the refrigerator and handed it to Ricky, and then sucked his cock all the way back to the bed.

Simone sat him gently on the bed and stood back and stared at her husband’s big cock. Ricky surveyed his kaçak iddaa wife’s body as he took a drink. “I’m just about finished, Babe. Maybe you could suck a little more,” Ricky said as he leaned back on the bed.

Simone smirked at him and dropped to her knees and crawled to him. She slid her arms under his legs and then licked and sucked his cock like a lollypop, and then moved to his big balls. She sucked the balls into her mouth, one at a time as his cock rested on her head. As she licked his balls, she slowly began lifting his legs. Her tongue began to slowly move towards his ass. She kissed his ass cheeks and licked around his ass.

“Ah shit!” Ricky yelled as she drove her tongue deep into his bowels. She licked and tongue-fucked his ass until she felt him pull her hair. She lifted her head and looked lovingly at her husband. “Yes, dear? Did you want something?” She asked innocently.

“Climb up here and fuck me you old white slut.”

Simone quickly laid on her back and lifted the small black man onto her. She reached down and shoved the head of his cock into her pussy. “Oo-hh-hhh!” She moaned. Ricky grinned as he pounded his wife’s pussy with his cock making her scream and moan over and over. When he finally dumped his cum into her, he fell beside her on the bed and looked over at his sexually ecstatic wife. Within two minutes, she was sound asleep.

Over breakfast the next morning, Ricky said, “You know you didn’t clean my cock last night, right?”

She smirked at him and said, “Mmm. Hmm. And what’s the penalty for that, Ricky?”

“I’m taking you out this weekend for dinner, dancing and drinks and I’m going to select your clothes. Do you have a problem with that?”

“Of course not, Honey. But please remember that I have to live and work here.” As Ricky smiled an evil smile and stood up, Simone began to get worried.

Ricky and Simone didn’t see much of each other during the week. Simone was trying to work out a delivery problem at a couple of her restaurants, and Ricky was busy trying to find the live-in housekeeper/babysitter. Both were successful, and were in very good moods Saturday evening. Ricky arranged for the kids to sleep over at a neighbor’s house until Monday morning. The young girl had babysat for them several times and the kids loved her.

Ricky wore a pair of jeans and big tee shirt and was waiting for Simone in the living room. When she walked into the room, Ricky saw that she was even hotter than he thought she would be. Her skirt was a tight black leather mid-thigh wrap around that had one button at the waist. It gapped open from her waist to the hem on her right leg, meaning she couldn’t wear underwear. Her top was a black six-inch-wide piece of fabric that tied behind her neck, crossed her breasts and then around her back. She smirked at Ricky and said, “Don’t you think I’m showing a little too much skin for a big 44-year-old woman?”

Ricky felt his cock growing in his jeans as he looked at Simone. “Damn,” he thought. “She’s still as hot as she was when I first met her.” He smiled at her and took her hand and led her outside.

Ricky got an Uber and took her to a larger town about 25 miles away and to his favorite steak house for dinner. Everyone in the place stared at the tall older white woman with her arm around the shoulders of the young homely black man while his hand rested on her big ass. Ricky had a 16-ounce steak, potato and a couple beers. Simone had a salad and a couple margheritas. Over dinner, Simone told Ricky how she had had to rent a panel truck and drive back-and-forth between the distributor and her restaurants to get the food there on time. She made arrangements for next week with a new trucking company.

Ricky told her that he had interviewed several potential housekeeper/babysitters and, after checking references, had decided on one. Her name is Vera Ramirez. She’s a second-generation immigrant and she’s 55years old. She’s a widow, her kids are grown kaçak bahis and she can start next week. ” I even called her kids, and they were happy that their mother was going to be our housekeeper and babysitter.”

Simone smiled at Ricky and said, “I’ll give you a reward when we get home.”

Next, Ricky took her to a bar in one of the more rundown sections of town. It was actually the area where Ricky had survived on the streets for several years while growing up. Every head in the place watched the homely young black man with his hand on the beautiful older white woman’s ass walk to their booth in the dark corner.

“Why are there so many chairs at our table, Honey?” She asked.

He smiled and said, “A few of my old friends are joining us tonight.”

Ricky and Simone spent the next hour-and-a-half drinking and dancing. Ricky’s head was always rested on Simone’s breasts and his hand was on her ass. And every man in the place was jealous of him. Ricky had nursed one beer, but he kept the margaritas coming for Simone until she was on a pretty good buzz. As the evening wore on, Ricky slid his hand inside the slit of Simone’s skirt when they danced.

Around 11:00, Simone looked up and saw six tattered and smelly black men standing at their table. Ricky jumped up and greeted all of them by name as he shook their hands. The men appeared to be all ages, from 25 to 75 and they were almost drooling as they stared at the hot drunk white woman’s breasts. The fabric covering her breasts made it obvious that her nipples were as hard as bullets.

Ricky turned and said, “Simone, these are my friends from the old days. We all kind of stuck together on the streets and helped each other out sometimes. Since I was one of the youngest on the streets, they made sure that I got food and stayed out of trouble. After we got married, I began taking some of our restaurant’s unused food to them to try to repay them for helping me.”

Simone sat there stunned, as Ricky looked at the six men and then back at her and said, “Guys, this is my wife, Simone.”

One of the men said, “You is beautiful Simone.” Then he grinned and asked, “What you see in this little runt Ricky?” All the men laughed as Ricky pointed to the other seats in the booth.

As the men were catching up with each other, their eyes kept moving to Simone’s breasts. The man sitting next to her looked down at her slit skirt at her fully exposed and perfectly shaped leg. Ricky had more drinks delivered to the table, and as the men continued to talk, one of them asked Simone to dance. Not wanting to offend Ricky’s friends, she accepted, and for the next hour, she danced with the six smelly black men. On the dance floor, most of them took liberties with Simone’s body and they squeezed her big ass and breasts. Whenever Ricky finally got to dance with his wife, he continued to slide his hand inside the dress’ slit and squeeze her bare ass.

Simone had no idea how many drinks she had consumed, but they seemed to help her deal with the odor of the homeless men. They continued to stare and compliment her all night, and most of their comments were actually blunt. “You got nice titties, girlie.” “I’ll bet you’re a terror in the sack.” “Damn, your nipples is hard.” “If you ever git tired of this little bastard, gimme a call. I’ll even share with my friends.”

Simone grinned at their comments and thanked them. Eventually she passed out in the booth. The men continued to talk about her and tell Ricky how much they’d like to play with her. As she lightly snored, two of the men asked Ricky if they could untie her top and see her titties. Ricky thought about it for a few seconds, and realized how fortunate he was to have such a hot white woman for his wife. And although Ricky wouldn’t ever let them fuck her, he saw no harm in letting them check out her body. So, without comment, he untied the thin strip of fabric that was her top and pulled it off. Then he reached down and unbuttoned illegal bahis her skirt and opened it, leaving his beautiful wife naked in a booth with her husband and six homeless men.

Ricky knew that Simone would be out for a while so he saw no harm in letting the men gently touch and fondle her. The men pulled the table a couple feet away from the unconscious drunk white woman. Ricky pulled over a couple chairs and lifted her feet and put them on the chairs spreading her legs for the men as he did. As the men looked at the unconscious woman sitting in the booth with her legs spread and resting on the chairs, they all began rubbing their crotches. Ricky grinned at them as they approached Simone and began fondling her body. They felt her breasts and her flat stomach. One of the men moved his hand up and down her leg and another began rubbing her shaved pussy.

“Ummm. Mmmmm,” she moaned, as her body began humping the hand that was on her pussy. Ricky let his friends play with his wife for almost 15 minutes. Two of them gently fingered her pussy and several kissed and sucked on her breasts. One of them slid his filthy finger into her mouth and rubbed her cheek with his other hand. Finally, Ricky moved in and buttoned her skirt and tried to put on her top. One of his friends had to help him with the top, and took the opportunity to squeeze her breasts.

Ricky settled the bill and his friends helped carry his unconscious wife to a cab. The men used the opportunity to roam their hands unimpeded over Simone’s body. Her breasts were exposed and her pussy and ass were penetrated by their fingers. As they put her into the cab, she began to come around. As she looked at the smiling black faces outside the cab, she realized that her legs were apart and her pussy was on display for them. Then she saw her top had slid up exposing her breasts. She quickly closed her legs and pulled her top back down as the men all smiled. Some of them even thanked her, and she figured that it must be for the drinks.

She fell asleep on the way back home and Ricky tipped the cab driver to help him get Simone in the house and in their bed. The cabbie also explored Simone’s body with his hands while carrying her to her bed. Ricky stripped her and put the covers over her and climbed in bed.

The next morning, Simone apologized to Ricky for getting drunk. She asked if she embarrassed him in front of his friends but he assured her that she hadn’t. She looked at Ricky and said, “I’m so sorry for getting that drunk last night, Honey. I love you.”

He smiled and said, “I love you too, Babe. And my friends enjoyed dancing with such a beautiful woman”

They had a quiet day at home and by the time they went to bed, Simone was feeling much better. She said, “I had a good time last night Ricky meeting your friends. Take as much food as you need for them.” As she dropped her negligee onto the floor, she stood naked in front of her 4’5″ homely black husband and said, “Now, if you take off your pants, I’d like to thank you properly.” And she did.

The next morning, Simone was having breakfast in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. “It’s probably the new babysitter. I’ll get it,” Ricky yelled. Simone continued to eat, and a couple minutes later, she heard someone come into the kitchen.

“Hey Babe, this is Vera our new housekeeper and sitter.”

Simone spent the next two hours showing her around and explaining the job, her compensation and her apartment above the garage. When she finished, Vera left to begin moving her possessions into her new home.

“What did you think, Babe?”

“I think she’ll be perfect, Ricky. Thank you for finding her so quickly.”

Ricky leered at his sexy older wife and said, “The incentive you agreed to was the perfect motivator for me.”

She raised an eyebrow and looked at her small husband. “And what incentive is that Mister?”

“You agreed that it’s time for me to show off my hot wife’s hot body. And I plan on doing that.”

“Do you mean the other night wasn’t enough?” She asked nervously.

He laughed at her and said, “Simone, the other night was nothing compared to what I have planned for you.”

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