Sheryl 3

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Sheryl traveled for work a lot so the amount of time we spent together we wanted it to be memorable and always have good memories, sexual memories so that we could look back at them while we were away.

Although we always joked about having a threesome, we never did, we never really found that ‘special person’. I’m sure she would’ve loved it, in fact we still joke about it when we talk from time to time.

We were both pretty open to bringing toys into bed; we felt it gave us more repertoire to have fun with. I had gone out to a sex shop to buy a few toys, she didn’t know what I had purchased since she was a away on trip, but I wanted to give her a good home coming. I dropped by to her apartment while she was showering, she had left the door unlocked so I could come in, I brought the toys with me so she did see what I had bought. I set them on the floor besides the bed, next to a full sized mirror she had in the bedroom.

She dressed up with a nice mini skirt (she had great legs, at least I liked them a lot) and was wearing a tied up shirt. At this point she didn’t have a belly ring yet. We had dinner and had a bottle of wine, we both knew we were going to have sex but she thought it was going to be a routine play session.

After dinner we started making out in the living room, we hadn’t been with each other in about 3 weeks so we definitely had a lot to get out of our systems. In few minutes after we started kissing Sheryl started touching my dick, massaging it from outside my jeans. I was already hard so she continued to rub on it. I had been massaging her legs for a while and knew izmit escort bayan she must be already wet with anticipation as she was moaning constantly and also started to breathe deeply, from time to time as we kissed and touched each other she would whisper ‘hmm I’ve missed this a lot, this feels good’.

We moved into the bedroom and started to undress each other as we walked towards the bed. I wanted to pleasure her and make her cum, don’t get me wrong I like to cum and be pleasured, but I like to feel how a woman is satisfied. She laid on the bed, stomach down so I could see her perfectly rounded ass protruding from the bed, she spread her legs wide open. As soon as I saw that I climb to bed and started kissing her back from the shoulders down, and fingering her pussy. She was really wet; I could smell her pussy from where I was sitting ‘hmm that feels good sweetie, fuck you really know what makes me go wild’. I started to lick her back instead of kissing, she started pressing her legs together which I knew meant she was playing with herself and wanted more contact in her pussy. Instead of licking her back, I started going further down, and started licking her butt cheeks, that drove her crazy ‘holy shit that’s what I like’ she exclaimed, I slight bit one of cheeks ‘ ohhh yeah baby ‘ Sheryl quickly exclaimed. Right while she was still facing down in bed I embedded my face between the butt cheeks and started striking her pussy with my tongue, it drove her insane. From time to time I would tease her and lick part of her ass which she said she had never experienced. While I was eating her out, I would slap izmit eve gelen escort her but which made the moan and cuss “fuck… oh fuck… of fuck me” she begged, but I wanted her to keep her in the edge until I decided to bring the toy out…. My dick was certainly ready; it was hard and very red, and I could feel it pulsating. I decided it was time to fuck her, so I stopped playing with her pussy, stood up. She watched me and my dick at attention as I said ‘I bought a toy that I think you will enjoy, but I need to blind fold you first. Will you trust me?’, I asked. I can still see her face in my mind, her blond her was all tangled from the way she had been moving her head on the bed in pleasure, her deep blue eyes were very clearly saying she couldn’t take no more, her white face pink from constant moaning…’ Do with me what you want, but you better make me come hard or I will kick your ass’ Sheryl replied, as she panted to get some air.

I grabbed a pair of stocking she had left on the floor, climbed into bed and sat of top of her lower back. She could feel my balls on top of her back I leaned forward so I could blind folder her ‘you have no idea how much I want to suck your balls and make you cum without me even touching your shaft’ Sheryl said. I guided her down from the bed to the floor and left her on all four while I setup the toy. I positioned her in front of the full sized mirror so she would be facing it, she was dying of anxiety and was breathing really fast. While she was on all fours, I positioned myself below her and sucked her tits until they were hard and fingered izmit otele gelen escort her. I knew she was close to cumming so I stopped and moved behind her.

I could see her face in the mirror, still blind folded, on all four and I could also see the dildo I had purchased that I had attached to the mirror. I was a hot site to have my girlfriend between my dick and a plastic dildo she would suck. She was inches away from the dildo as I quickly removed the blind fold and penetrated her pussy with a single push; I had a tight hold of her waist as I did this for her not to lean too forward. As soon as my dick went all the way in she open her eyes, I could see them through the mirror “hhheeeeee YESSSSSSSS” and as soon as she regained her sense she said the dildo in front of her, grabbed it and started taking it in her mouth. Her eyes were fixed in mine ‘fuck sheryl you look delicious’ I exclaimed as I continued to fuck her pussy while slapping her butt. ‘fuck me, fuck me’ she kept saying as she took the dildo out from her mouth from time to time ‘do not dare stop pounding me’.

It didn’t take long; I remember it probably was about 2 minutes after that I started feeling Sheryl’s pussy pulsating and start to tighten, I knew I couldn’t hold my cum too long either. Sheryl stopped sucking on the dildo, tilted her head down and about 5 seconds later she looked me right into my eyes through the mirror, I felt her pussy gripping my dick tight, her throat and mouth were clearly becoming tight as she was reaching climax, her face turning red… and then she yelled “Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitt I am fucking cuuuuuuuuming haaaarrddd..heeeeeeeeeeeeeee” her eyes rolled back… looking at all this I came right away inside her.

We spent the next 15 minutes or so recovering on the floor next to the mirror, with the dildo hanging from it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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