Seth’s New Lease On Life Ch. 01

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My name is Seth. I am 45 years old, Emily, my wife of 21 years and my 12-year-old son Allen were killed a little over 4 years ago. My wife and son were traveling home from a football game when they were hit by an 18 wheeler and killed. It was determined that the driver of the truck was high on pain pills and later during the court proceedings found out that the company knew and willing let the driver drive that day stating that time was money and that the customer comes first. This did not sit well with the judge who threw the book at the company and the driver and awarded me 350 million dollars for my loss plus 35 percent of the company’s profits for the next 10 years. With that said I was not hurting for money, but I kept my job and worked because I loved what I did.

With a lot of pushing from my 21 year old daughter Zoe, I have reconnected with my half-sister and biological mother who I have not seen in 25 years. I was given the opportunity for a promotion working for the county I live in. With my new job traveling was now an option. For fall break my daughter was going out of the country on a mission trip with her best friend and her church to Costa Rica. Zoe and my sister Emma had been bugging me to go and visit Emma and my mom Jennifer. I had decided that I was going to visit so I made arrangements to stay with my half-sister for a few days until my mother’s husband left for his annual hunting trip in Canada. It was a Tuesday in late October when I was able to go. I worked to get everything packed; I washed my truck and filled the tank on my way home from work on Monday. I made all my last minute preparations before heading to shower and take a much needed nap.

I was both excited and nervous about going. 18 months after my wife died Zoe started to try and get me to go out and meet new people. I had dated a few times and even hooked up a few times, but I kept feeling like I was somehow cheating on my wife. One night while Zoe was away, I was sitting on my back deck when her friend Kaitlyn came over and before long we were in my bed. The next morning I awoke alone and empty. After starting the coffee pot I went into the shower and was soon crying, wondering what had I done. After a long hot shower I went into the kitchen and got a cup of coffee. I was sitting at the table wondering what to do next. When I got this urge to go through my late wife’s things that were still in the garage, I found a journal I had never seen. I put the things back except for the journal and went back to the table.

I was sitting at the table reading this book when I realized that this was Emily’s plan for me if anything was to happen to her. Reading this, I started realizing that I was 6 months behind her plan and that what I was doing was ok by her and I was not cheating on her or letting her down. Feeling better I was in a better mood and even felt like a different or possibly a new person. It was at this point that I realized that I was going to go take this trip and enjoy myself and whatever it might hold.

After being on the road for nearly seventeen hours, it was close to three in the afternoon when I pulled my truck up to the Salon where Emma and her roommate Nicole worked. I walked into the Salon and was greeted by Nicole, who was wearing a tight black button up shirt and black pants that showed off her very nice ass. She is 36 years old and about 5 feet 8 inches tall with black hair that comes down to her shoulders. To guess she has 36C breasts and is more attractive than Emma had described her. I said hello and asked her if Emma was available, she replied that she was with someone and did I want to wait. I told her that I did. When Emma walked her customer to the front I noticed her right away. Emma dressed in the same outfit as Nicole was about 5 feet 10 inches with 40DD boobs with hips that flared out to a very nice large ass that appeared firm. She is 37 years old. Nicole said to Emma that there was someone here to see her.

Emma walked her client to the front and finished cashing him out. She turned to Nicole, who pointed in my direction, when she saw me she screamed and came running up to me with open arms. I embraced her with a hug that almost seemed to last too long but I just blew it off. Emma said let me look at you. I am about the same height as Emma. I have on blue jeans and a gray t-shirt that shows off my broad shoulders and fits tight to my body. I don’t have a six pack but I do have a flat stomach. My job requires me to be in good shape so I work out 4 to 6 days a week and run at least 5 miles a day. Emma said she still had about 2 hours at work before she could leave. We chatted for a few minutes while she gave me a haircut. I asked what they wanted for dinner and the girls jumped back and forth about different places. I told them that I would like to cook for them and they replied we eat anything. I asked if there was a market or organic food market nearby, they said that there was an open air market just up the street. I walk to the local market and get some tipobet365 yeni giriş things to fix dinner. I arrived back at the Salon with several bags as the girls were walking out. Emma got into my truck because she had ridden in with Nicole. Nicole said that she had to make a stop before coming home. Emma directed me to their apartment and helped me carry everything inside.

Emma had a very spacious open floor plan apartment that had two bedrooms. She told me that I could put my bags in her room and that she had made me room in her closet. While I did this she unpacked the stuff I had bought at the market. She was looking at the stuff I had bought and was trying to figure out what I was making. I asked her if she wanted to help and she hesitantly said yes. I told her to get out two glasses she brought out a wine glass and a tumbler after pouring her a glass of wine I made myself a whiskey and cola. Emma said what are we making I told her it was a surprise. I was making lasagna rolls with fresh pasta and homemade sauce. When I put it in the oven to finish Emma went to get into the shower. As I set my computer on the counter plugging it in. Nicole came home with her hands full of bags I rushed to help her and shut the door behind her. She said it smells wonderful in here. I asked her if she wanted a drink and she asked what have we got I said beer, wine or Jim Beam and cola. She said a glass of wine, I asked her white or red. She said red for now, so I poured her a glass.

Dinner was almost ready so I put the bread into the oven. Emma returned wearing a spaghetti strap camisole purple in color and black yoga pants with no bra. We all sat at the bar and ate while talking about anything and nothing. After dinner the girls cleaned the kitchen while I went to take a shower. When I came out, I was wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt. Emma was standing on a chair getting me blankets and pillows out of the closet for my bed on the couch, I reached up to help and I must have scared her because she jumped and almost fell into the floor. Catching her and letting the linens fall to the floor her right breast was caught in my hand. I was not sure but I thought that her right hand brushed across my crotch. We picked up the linens and went to the couch again I made sure that she was alright and she said she was. Nicole’s bathroom was on the other side of the wall from the closet and came out of her room and asked what had happened because it sounded like someone was coming through the wall. She was wearing a gray V-neck men’s t-shirt that barely covered her ass. I explained to her what had happened. We sat in the living room and talked for a little while longer before Emma went to the kitchen to call our mom and tell her that I had made it.

Nicole said that she was going to bed and I was pretty sure that she was showing me her ass intentionally and looking back over her shoulder at me and winked. She made sure that she was in her room and out of site before Emma returned. Emma and I talked for a few more minutes before she said she had to work in the morning but Nicole would be here if I needed anything. With that she gave me a hug, thanked me for coming to visit and for dinner.

I was slightly awakened by Emma when she kissed me on the cheek as she was leaving. I fell back asleep and was awakened by this warm wet feeling in my groin as I brushed the sleep out of my eyes. I started making out a dark haired naked woman’s head bobbing up and down on my rock hard cock. As my eyes cleared I could tell that it was Nicole. I gasped, causing her to look up at me and say I thought that she would never leave. I’ve been waiting to do this since I first saw you walk into the Salon yesterday. She got up off the floor before I could object that she was straddling my lap, she used her left hand on my chest to hold me down and her right hand to line my cock up with her opening and slam down on it and start riding my steel rod of a cock. Her pussy was so tight I did not think that she was going to get it in all the way but after a few minutes her pelvic bone was rubbing mine.

She must have been masturbating while she was blowing me because she was soon screaming OH GOD, OH FUCK as her pussy walls started clamping down on my cock. As her body started violently shaking this was all I could take my balls convulsing and erupting several long bursts of cum into her still quivering pussy. She collapsed on my chest still trying to catch our breath. After several minutes she looked into my soul with her big blue/green eyes. She was the first one to speak and said that was to thank me for dinner and the wonderful night. We got up, put some coffee going, and went to take a shower. I was barely in the shower when Nicole came to get in with me. We soaped each other’s bodies. This was the first time I got a good look at her beautiful tits, as I soaped them I caressed her nipples which were the size of a pencil eraser and hardened. Soaping down her back I was surprised at how firm and toner her tipobet365 giriş ass really was, soaping her amazingly toned her legs. As I started washing her mound I could tell she was clean shaven. As we got out and dried each other off.

Nicole led me to her room as I lay her down on the bed. I started to lightly kiss her. This soon turned into a passionate kiss as we broke and while trying to suck in air, I started kissing down her cheek to her chin and neck, pausing to nibble on her earlobe. Kissing my way down to her collarbone, I start running my hand lightly up and down her sides and around the base and sides of her breasts. I could tell as her breathing changed that she was becoming more excited. I slowly started kissing the top of her right breast then moving to the left kissing around her 50 cent piece sized areola staying away from her nipples. She starts screaming for me to please suck on them, after teasing her a little longer I suck her right nipple into my mouth, squeezing it between my lips and flicking the tip of it with my tongue. This caused her body to break out in goosebumps. Taking her left nipple between my left thumb and forefinger slowly rolling it. Softly nibbling on it. Soon after switching to her left breast she grabbed the sides of my head pulling me to her chest not wanting me to stop.

After she had several mini orgasms I started kissing down her stomach, bypassing her groin I started kissing and licking the inside of her right knee. Moving my way towards her bare honey hole stopping just short, I liked the crease of her hip. I repeated this process on her left side, slowly I started kissing, sucking and lightly biting her outer lips. She was arching her back and trying to put her dripping gash in my face. I sucked her protruding labia and flicked them with my tongue. I flattened out my tongue and slowly slid it up her slit stopping just before her clit that was swollen and sticking out from behind its protective hood. I pointed my tongue and slid it into her love canal to really taste her juices. By this time she was writhing, moaning loudly and moving all around the bed. I knew that she was now ready so I went in for the kill and attacked her clit, I sucked it into my mouth and bit down on it and flicked it with my tongue she was now screaming OH GOD, OH FUCK YES, RIGHT THERE, RIGHT FUCKING THERE DON’T STOP and then all I heard was AAAARRRRRWWWWWWWWWWWWWW as she sprayed my face, chest and stomach with her juices, she had clamped her thighs around my head and I thought she was going to drowned me.

I started slapping her ass and she released my head so I could breathe. She pulled me up to kiss her but I had to stop and suck her nipples one more time first. She licked my neck and chest before passionately attacking my lips and mouth with her tongue. During this very passionate make out session my titanium rod of a cock slid into her pussy causing her to start moaning as I bottomed out. She started rocking her hips humping herself on my shaft. This time the love we made was slow and steady, when our climaxes hit they were strong and when I say strong I mean I have never had a climax this strong. Our screams were so loud I just knew the neighbors had called the police.

As we lay there recovering, she says, she can have you now. I replied, wait what. She replied Emma wants you too and I told her only if I get you first. Wait, this is what last night and this morning was about and she said yes. Then my stomach growled and she said let’s shower and get some food and then you can take me to work. We showered but this time there was no fooling around. We dried off and got dressed before heading out, she asked what I was in the mood for. I thought about it for a while and said how about a great burger place. She said I know just the place, she took me to Stone Balloon Ale House, and we ate and talked. I asked her what Emma’s favorite restaurant was and what she liked to do and this and that and she told me Emma loves to dress up and go to the Churrascaria Saudades. We ordered Emma’s favorite burger and fries and took them to her when I dropped Nicole off. On the way Nicole said that she had plans to go out tonight with friends and would not be home till late so Emma and I would be on our own. Emma and I sat outside on their back patio while she ate and chatted. When we were done I kissed them both and told Emma not to be late getting home, she looked at me questioningly and I just nodded. I went back to the apartment leaving the girls. I pulled up the restaurant on my computer, called and made 8PM reservations and pulled out my dark jeans, gray and black button up shirt and boots. I ironed my shirt and laid it on Nicole’s bed.

I sat and watched TV until it was time to get ready. I was almost ready when I heard the front door open and Emma walked in when she saw me and looked me up and down. I told her to get showered and dressed. I was taking out for dinner. She said nice, and so nice dress then, I replied lady like and she said ok tipobet365 güvenilirmi and left the room for hers. As she was walking away I said we need to be there for 8PM and she just waved her hand. About an hour later Emma emerged from her room what could only be described as a little black dress and black 4 inch stiletto heels. I whistled and said damn you look hot. I looped my arm and we walked out to the truck where I helped her in. I did not tell her where we were going, as we made our way onto the interstate she asked me, exactly where are we going. I said it is a special place and I think you will like it. When I took the exit she punched me in the arm and said how, did you know about this place and I responded a little birdie told me. She just turned to me and smiled.

We arrived at the restaurant I helped her out and again we walked arm in arm into the restaurant. Once inside the hostess took us to our table which was as I requested a small one in the dark back corner of the place. We ordered our drinks and appetizers and started talking about this and that and we talked about my mom Jennifer and she said that Jennifer was looking forward to our long weekend at her house. Emma had several glassed of wine during our conversation it was almost as if she was trying to build up the courage to tell me something or maybe do something. We ordered dinner and she surprised me with meal that she ordered a 16oz porterhouse medium rare with baked potatoes and salad with ranch. I ordered the same and after we were finished she said I have dessert at home and we need to go. I asked for the check and paid the bill and we headed home.

Once we were in the truck Emma was a different person she was all over me and was kissing my neck and earlobe when we got back to the apartment she was almost dragging me to her bed room in our haste we forgot to close the door but we didn’t care she was stripping out of her clothes and she was standing there in her bra and panties. I went to undress and she stopped me. She removed her bra and panties and walked up to me and said I know Nicole told you about me and wanting you and that is why you took me out to night. I said Nicole did tell me that you wanted me but I took you out tonight because I wanted to see the real you and get to know you. I asked her if this was what she thought that she needed all that wine for, she said I wasn’t sure how you would respond to this. I grabbed her and pulled her to me and kissed her square on the lips and soon she was expecting my tongue and we were tongue wrestling, when she broke the kiss I threw her onto the bed pulled my shirt over my head and removed my pants, boxer’s boots and socks she was looking up at me with a look of lust and shock until I said to her suck my cock.

She was quick to devour it and was sucking me like she was never going to get another chance again soon her expert mouth and throat had me on the brink. Watching her eyes that were locked on mine she just nodded and I grabbed the back of her head with handfuls of her thick black main and shoved my cock into the back of her throat and let loose with the most powerful orgasm I had ever had in my life. If I had thought the orgasm was powerful, this one was stronger. I was not sure if it was the whole incest part of this or what it was but as my first two ropes went straight into her stomach and I pulled back just enough to let the next two go into her mouth and she swallowed them as fast as she could. My load proved to be too much and my next two spirits she was not able to keep up with and it started running out the corners of her mouth. My last few spirits were not as powerful and she was able to swallow them all. My knees buckled and if I had not been holding onto Emma’s head I would have been on the floor. She pulled me to the bed and laid me down while she cleaned, the rest of my cum from her face.

It was very erotic watching her do this. When I was recovered I kissed her and said now it’s my turn I started kissing my way down her neck to the collarbones then to her left breast avoiding her nipple and then down into her valley and back up to her right breast then I slowly rolled my tongue around her right areola before licking just the tip of her pierced nipple she shuttered under me and when I bit down on her nipple and she moaned I kept her nipple between my teeth and pulled my head back while flicking it with my tongue. She was screaming out in pleasure. I moved over to her left one doing the same until she was screaming and convulsing uncontrollably. I started kissing and dragging my tongue across her stomach until I reached her mound then I went to her right knee and kissed and licked my way to the crease of her leg and I then repeated this on her left leg she was bouncing and writhing all over the bed I looked up at her and her eyes were glassed over but locked on mine. I said we will take care of this later as I grabbed a handful of her full bush and she smiled and nodded yes. I went back to my slow manipulation of her pussy. I started with her outer lips and then made my way to her inner lips and then attacked her clit causing her to scream YES, YES, PLEASE DON’T STOP. I shoved one then two fingers into her and started sawing them in and out of her being sure and hit her g-spot on the in and out strokes.

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