Self-Confidence Hypno Scam Pt. 02

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Like yesterday, I woke up feeling energized and horny as hell. A peek in my underwear revealed that I was already dripping precum from my dick.

What kind of dream could have caused this? As a virgin, the closest I’ve ever been to fuck was in my dream. I always imagined what a warm and wet pussy could feel like around my dick. Would it be tight on my cock? How would it be to squeeze her soft tits with my hands instead of gripping my rod? How would it smell to have my face stuffed in her neck as I kissed her?

With just those thoughts, I could feel myself getting close to the edge. I grabbed a tissue and started to jerk myself. As my fingers went up on my shaft, I almost felt electroshocked when they touched the head. I loosen my grip to only two fingers. I didn’t want to cum so fast this time. I could feel my cock throbbing between my fingers. Even though my movements were slow and gentle, the familiar pulsing of my dick indicated I was already past my point of no return.

I could feel it again. Each contraction of my dick pumped a spurt of cum. I contained it as well as I could with my tissue, but there was more cum than usual. What the hell is up with me? I’ve been so horny lately…

After that, I hopped in the shower and got ready for the day. Fast enough, I was already outside waiting for miss Stevens.

“Get in, Alex,” Leah gestured to me when she arrived at the intersection with her sports car.

“Hey, good morning,” I said, still embarrassed by yesterday’s event. Why did I have to pop such a huge boner in her car yesterday? I’m not a teen anymore. I shouldn’t be so sensitive.

“Are you alright? You look a bit..stiff?” She asked me with a smirk.

My face went completely red with shame.

“Hahaha, don’t worry about it. It’s not like you could control this,” she laughed, putting her hand on my thigh to comfort me.

“I’m sorry. It’s still just so embarrassing. It’s not something I wanted you to see Ms. Stevens.”

The warmth of her hand on my thigh was a bit too much for a virgin like me. I could already feel my blood pumping in my dick. I did my best and placed my arms over my lap in a not-too-suspicious way that hid my boner. It was so hard to contain it. Her magnificent tits bounced up and down with each bump on the road.

“Hey, I thought you were over this. Call me Leah already! Stop treating me like some fifty-year-old lady,” she said, pouting in frustration.

“Sorry, Leah. You’re right, I forgot that you’re a young twenty-nine-plus-one year old,” I responded, laughing at her overreaction.

“Ah, much better,” she winked at me.

I guess the hypno-files were really having a great effect on me. Never before would I have been able to joke around with my boss like that. This time, when I got out of the car, I made an effort to keep my hardon hidden.

Another uneventful day passed on. The only thing that stood out was that I got my car towed to my mechanic, only for him to call me back with bad news.

“What…Ten days to get the parts? You can’t have them faster? Alright then.” I told my mechanic over the phone as I hung up the phone.

“Hey. Sorry, Alex. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop on your call, but if you still need rides for the following days, I don’t mind helping you.” Leah told me after she heard me talking on the phone.

“Oh, escort izmir that’s too much. I don’t want to bother you.”

“Will you stop being like that? Just say: Yes, boss! Thank you, Boss!” she replied, bothered by my shyness.

“Alright…Yes, boss! Thank you, Leah.”

“See? Isn’t that easier? I’ll see you at the end of the day.”

She was right. I got to stop being so stubbornly shy. Still, I believed that I had made some progress since I had started this hypnosis program. Thinking about this got me to check my phone to see if I had received my third file. Indeed, I had received it this morning with the same instruction as the day before.

The next 2 days passed without any notable incidents. I got to know Leah a bit better during our car rides. She told me how she had gotten pregnant pretty young. How she moved to our big city because of her ex’s job. And also how she, one day, found her ex with a side piece at home when she came back early. I couldn’t believe someone could cheat on such an awesome girl.

Also, in those 2 days, even though I felt more at ease around Leah and the girls at the job, there was something that was starting to bother me. I just felt like a horny teenager. Before, I was shy, but now I get those raging hardons whenever I get to see a bit of cleavage. The worst time was when Leah helped me with a document I was about to send to a customer. To read it, she stood behind me and leaned over my shoulder. I could feel her warmth and smell her perfume. Her breast accidentally rubbed against my shoulder when she leaned in to get closer to my computer monitor.

“Just there, could you add the specs about our product? Alex? Are you listening?”

“Oh…Yes sorry. Yes, I’ll add it, no problem,” I responded, coming out of my breast-induced daze. I could feel my cock straining against my pants. Precum was starting to ooze out my dick.

“Also, there was something else I wanted to ask you. I was supposed to go see a movie at the theatre with a friend tonight…But she bailed on me, and now I’m left with two tickets,” she told me. Her tone seemed a bit hesitant, which wasn’t like her.

“I was wondering if you’d want to go see it with me? It’s okay if you don’t want to. I know it’s a Friday night, and you probably already got something planned for tonight…” she said, avoiding my eyes.

“Ah no. I mean, I don’t have anything planned. I’d be happy to go with you.”

“Oh great then! We’ll stop by a pizza place after work and go to the movies after!” she responded with sparkles in her eyes, before returning to her office.

I was just left dumbfounded with a leaky cock. Surely, she only asked me that because she was already stuck giving me car rides, it was convenient for her. I’d have to try to control those pesky erections of mine. I don’t want to look like a creep.

The car ride to the pizza shop was more silent than usual. Somehow, I felt like there was some kind of tension. Moreover, I didn’t notice it earlier, but looking at her, it looked like she had put on a bit of makeup. That small touch of black eyeliner gave her a more sensual look. If only I could find myself a girlfriend with such appetizing red plump lips.

“Do I have something stuck in my teeth?” Leah asked when she noticed me staring at her mouth.

“Ah, no-no. I escort izmir was just lost in my thoughts. That’s all.”

“Oh, I’m this boring?”

“I..Euh no. I’d say it’s quite the opposite,” I fumbled to answer her.

“Haha, look at you. All embarrassed. Don’t worry, I’m teasing you. You’re so cute when you have this helpless look on your face. I just can’t help it,” she replied, laughing at me with a smirk on her face.

We quickly ate before going to the theatre. Once there, she insisted on getting a place at the rear. She must have been pretty tired of her week because once the movie started, she leaned on me to get more comfortable.

Even though it was dark, I had a good view of her cleavage. She had opened a few buttons of her shirt. I just couldn’t ignore the soft curves of her chest. In my pants, I could feel my undies getting tighter as my excitement grew. Her head was so close to my face that I was drenched in the sweet scent of her hair. All those feelings were just too overwhelming for a virgin like me.

All of a sudden, I felt her hand. It was softly stroking my thigh. What was she doing!? Her eyes still stared at the screen while her finger ran from my knee to my inner thigh. I could feel my cock throb.

Maybe I’m imagining things, but I’m sure I saw her glance at my growing bulge. Yet, she didn’t stop. My dick was drooling precum at this point. I don’t think she realized what she was doing, but I was already on the verge of cuming. I was tensing up in my seat, trying to ignore the feeling. But alas, I just couldn’t do it. The familiar pulsing of my cock made itself present. I was just too close. I had to stop her.

“Leah… I’m sensitive there.. could you not… Mmmmh!”

Fuck! Too late. I closed my eyes and felt my hard cock pump jets of cum in my pants. The orgasm was so strong that my hips shook. With my common sense returning to myself, I understood just how much I fucked up.

“Alex, are you alright?” Leah whispered to me.

“Yeah, I just got to go to the bathrooms,” I lied.

At least, I thought about a good escape plan. Once out of the theatre, I wrapped my jacket around my waist to hide my wet spot, and I took the bus to go home. I have never been this embarrassed in my life. Soon enough, I started to receive calls from her. She probably wanted to scream at me for being such a creep. Fuck, I’ll have to look for a job elsewhere. I quickly sent her a text telling her I got really sick in the bathroom and went home. After that, I just stopped looking at my SMS.

Once home, I just felt like shit. What the fuck happened over there? Why did I cum from such a light touch? Is this because of my self-confidence problems? At this point, I just wanted to stop thinking about this, and a sure way to be able to do this was to play my last hypno-file of the program. This was the fifth and last file to play. I lay on my bed, headphones on, and press play.

Like all these other times, I heard the music and soft voice. The familiar instructions brought me to the brink of sleep. Finally, the last word my conscious mind heard was the :

“At the count of three, you will fall asleep. One. Two. Three. Sleep.” and a snap of a finger…

I felt as light as a feather before I began to fall into the void. For a moment, I thought it would never end until I hit my mattress. My room was enveloped in light. I looked around a bit, only to find a woman sitting with her back facing me. Slowly she turned around. She was stunning. She had perky tits, mouthwatering thighs, and a devilish smile.

“Oh, you’re back,” the lady said, talking to me.

“You don’t remember me? We met every night those last five days, though. That’s okay. I’m sure your cock remembers me”

At those words, my dick got up so fast, that it was almost as if it had a spring inside of it.

“You see, those last few days I trained you. I trained you to have a cock so sensitive it may never be able to penetrate a woman.”

“What? It was supposed to help my self-confidence! Why would you do something like this?” I pleaded.

“Oh, you’re so cute. I do it ’cause it’s fun. All those men think they own the world. With this little program, I make sure another man stays as pathetic as possible. Right now, what you see is a figment of your subconscious created by this hypnosis.” She said approaching me.

I could feel my dick tensing up as she came closer.

“You’ll see, as this is the last session, I’ll let you remember this one. Still, I placed a mental block on you that’ll prevent you from speaking about this hypnosis with anyone else. At least you’ll remember me.”

“That can’t possible! I even saw a bit of improvement in my self-confidence. You’re lying. I’m just having a nightmare!”

“I guess your improvements were all thanks to a placebo effect. Now, let’s test your true change.”

She pinned me down on the bed. Her perfect body was right over me. From her neck, her perfect tits down her flat stomach to her pink flower, all her being was made to bring excitement out of me. My cock stood proud in the air. It throbbed violently. Precum oozing out the tip.

“Oh, it’s leaking. Are you gonna cum? Will you be able to get inside me before bursting? What if I were Leah? Could you hold it?”

“How? How do you know about her?” I replied, shocked.

“Oh, you silly boy. The hypnosis created me in your subconscious. Of course, I know everything about you. Now let’s see, I’ll squat down on you. How is it? Such a wet warm cunt, almost touching your dick. I would love it if you could pound me for hours. But what about you? Can you at least bare the thought of my moist pussy, gripping your hard cock, let alone just touch it?”

My cock was pulsating. It could almost touch her wet lower lips.

“But you know, like me, that’s not gonna happen. Feel it! Let the orgasm win over you. That’s it. Let it come.” She said, giggling as my balls contracted.

“Uhhh!!” I moaned. I pumped ropes after ropes of cum. She didn’t even have to touch me.

“That’s your life now. You’re gonna be stuck as a poor premature ejaculator. If you’re lucky, one day you’ll be able to get the tip of your cock in a pussy before cuming. I hope you have fun and farewell. We might never meet again.”

As she vanished, I woke up. My briefs were drenched in cum for a second time in the last 24 hours. I immediately looked at my phone to see if I had received another email from the program. There was nothing. Worse, the old emails disappeared. I was panicking. As I tried to text a friend for help about this, I just froze. I was unable to write about the hypnosis. I had a mental block… As I stared at my phone, an SMS came in.

“Are you alright? Please, pick up the phone… I’m sorry for yesterday – Leah.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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