Seduction of Mrs. Clarke Ch. 03

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Jane: Hey sis, how did it go.

Gosh you couldn’t wait, could you?

Jane: Of course not. It was all I could think about last weekend. The only reason I hadn’t called before now and I knew this would take some time and I wanted to wait until I was sure I had enough time.

Well, I want to thank you again for covering for me. I hope it wasn’t too much of an imposition.

Jane: You know I would do anything for you, and I know you would do the same. Now tell me what happened.

I arrived at the hotel at 7:45, I was told to be there at 8:00 and I wanted to be sure to not be late. It was a hotel in the next town over, and I was scared it might be some flea bag, but it was not. It was quite nice. It was out of the way and not very busy, so it looked like he must have spent some time planning this out. I searched for the room number and was shocked when I realized it was the hotel’s honeymoon suite. I wondered how does he have money for this but it was almost 8:00 so I knocked on the door. I could already feel myself starting to get wet in anticipation. Matt opened the door and looked me up and down and said,

“Wow my MILF looks extremely sexy tonight. Good girl for wearing something sexy like I told you.” He ushered me into the room.

I glanced around the room, it was nice I noticed something different about the bed, and some items laying on the floor but couldn’t make it what anything was, then Matt came in close, I was anticipating a passionate kiss, so I began to part my lips but instead he placed a finger over my lips, leaned in.

With a low and calm voice, he said, “do not speak, show me with your body what you want to say.”

“But I don’t understan….” he reached around and slapped my ass and asserted…

“I said do not speak. Start by stripping.” he said.

He then sat down in a chair and watched intently. I started taking my clothes off.

He said, “No, don’t just take off your clothes, strip for me.”

I realized what he meant so I began sexily stripping for him. I really hammed it up trying to do it like what I had seen strippers in movies do it. I wanted to excite him, to please him, but I couldn’t get a reaction from his look. Once I was completely nude I said “now what?”

He said “I told you, don’t say anything, just do what I tell you. Now turn around, no slowly.”

I did. Then he asked,

“Are you happy to see me?”

“Yes,” I said.

Then he said sternly this time. “I told you not to speak. Don’t tell me, show me” and slapped my ass again.

I stood there puzzled for a moment and then he said, “you could start by playing with your tits.”

So I began massaging my breast.

“Show me how glad you are to see me,” he said and I knew he meant to do it more sexily. “Your nipples, don’t forget your nipples.”

I began playing with my nipples. I noticed him begin to smile slightly and it sent a charge through me.

“What about your pussy? Is it glad to see me?” he said, now smiling more broadly.

Obediently, I began rubbing my pussy.

“I thought you were glad to see me.”

I tried to be sexier. I guess he could see I was struggling to do what he wanted so he said.

“Close your eyes Joanne and pretend those are my hands on you.”

Damn how did he know that would work so well. As I closed my eyes and pretended it was his hands I loosened up and I’m sure it was much sexier.

He assisted by saying, “Mrs. Clarke you are so sexy.”

I began to feel aroused. I was now pinching my nipples with one hand and rubbing my clit with the other. I was starting to get really aroused now and felt my knees getting weak.

“Can I sit down?” I said fearing I was going to fall.

He chastised me more sternly this time and said “how many times do I have to tell you not to speak, continue” and slapped my ass hard…

I began again. I had lost some of my arousal and was struggling to get it back. Again, he must have sensed this and so he says…

“Show me how you do it when you are masturbating thinking of me.”

Well, that sent me back to full arousal, knowing I had been doing that and now him indicating he knew it as well. I became very aroused now standing there naked in front of him, acting out how I masturbated to thoughts of him. It became very erotic. I wanted him to see how excited he made me. It never ceases to amaze me how he can push the right buttons at that right time. I could feel his pleasure when he said…

“Good girl that’s it.”

This sent me into full orgasm. My knees felt like rubber and I didn’t know how I kept from falling. My legs were wobbling and my juices began to flow down my legs. As my body began to convulse, I could no longer keep my feet and as I began to fall, he caught me in his strong arms and held me tightly and passionately kissed me. I tried to devour him with my mouth. It felt so good that he caught me at my weakest point and showed me his passion and bonus veren siteler pleasure. When we stopped kissing, he said …

“You were a good girl; you can now speak.”

And then he carried me to the bed and set me on the side. He turned on the tv and a porn movie was playing but no sound.

“Now it’s time for you to strip me.” he said.

I hungrily began to undress him. I didn’t know if it was what he wanted but I did it sexily thinking the same rules would apply here. This seemed to please him as he stroked my hair as I did. When I removed his pants, he was at full attention. From this position I assumed what the next step must be, and the porn movie was women giving head, so I started to suck his dick. But he pushed me off and said…

“I didn’t tell you to do that. Do only what I tell you to do.”

Jane: “Oh Jo, I was afraid……”

“No, wait let me get through this part so you will understand.”

He then laid me across the bed with my head hanging over the side. And then he approached me and placed his dick on my lips. I was starting to figure out the rules of how he expected things so I didn’t part my lips or open my mouth. He rubbed his dick over my lips and across my face.

“Very good, that’s a very good girl, now open your mouth.” he said.

I did and he inserted his dick.

“Show me how glad you are to see me.”

I began sucking him the best I could. He was moaning slightly so I felt I must be doing pretty good which pleased me. From this position he was determining the speed and depth. He was hitting the back of my throat occasionally but I had learned for the last weekend to control my gag reflexes at least somewhat

“Very nice, now it’s time to try a little something more…stick out your tongue Joanne.”

With his dick still in my mouth I mumbled, “now?”

“Yes, now Joanne, do it.”

So, I did, and he slid his dick down into my throat. I gagged and threw up a little bit, and was amazed how easily it had gone in from this position. He pulled out completely and let me catch my breath. I glanced over at the porn movie and realized it was women doing deep throat. They seemed to be doing it with ease and enjoying it. I guess that is why he had that playing. And then he re-entered. He placed his hand on the back of my neck to support it at the right angle and slid back in my mouth

“Let’s try that again Joanne, stick out your tongue and try to relax.”

This time I tried desperately to relax and control my gag reflex and he entered my throat with some ease, and I was able to control my gag reflex for several seconds. And he let out the most delightful moan. I felt a sense of accomplishment.

He said, “that’s it, you’re such a good cocksucker Mrs. Clarke.” This jolted me a little, one side of me bristled at the term, but you helped me realize when he used the name Mrs. Clarke, it made me consider how naughty I was being and tempted me to be naughtier, but he had never called me a cocksucker before.

He stopped, removed his dick and said “suck my balls.” He leaned forward and I sucked his balls into my mouth. This was the first time I had ever done this, for him or anyone else. But apparently, I was doing ok because he was moaning.

He then confirmed this by saying, “my MILF is doing very good.”

This was the second time he had used the term “my MILF” and I could only decide this was his way of indicating to me that he owned me now. And maybe he wasn’t wrong.

He then was done with me sucking his balls and returned to fucking my mouth. I could tell he was getting close. I began working my tongue on the underside of his dick as it entered and retracted from my mouth.

This pleased him greatly, because he moaned, “oh Joanne.”

It filled me with such pleasure because I have never heard that this way before. I could feel his dick swelling. He grunted as he removed his dick and began to shoot his sperm all over my face and tits. It was such an amount, I thought he either was glad to see me or it had been some time since he relieved himself. This was the most powerful orgasm I had seen him have. It filled me with such delight, as he slumped over me breathing heavily, to know I had pleased him so.

He then regained his composure and said, “damn Mrs. Clarke, that was awesome.” I guess he had to put me back in my place. “You can go clean yourself if you like,” as he pointed toward the bathroom.

As I was cleaning up, he brought me a stiff drink. “Here drink this, finish it before you return.” he said.

It is the first time I realized that we had not consumed any alcohol in our sex filled weekend earlier. Which is so odd because I would have thought it would have taken a lot of alcohol to get me to do all we did. I looked around the bathroom as I sipped my drink. It had a jacuzzi tub big enough for two and was looking forward to using that and wondered what he may have in mind when we did. I quickly chugged the rest of my drink so bedava bahis as to not keep him waiting. He had pulled a chair to the foot of the bed and was still sipping his drink. I noticed the porn was now a woman pleasing herself with a vibrator.

“Did you bring your vibrator like I told you?” he asked.

I nodded yes.

“Get it.”

I went to my bag and pulled it out. I wondered if the other porn movie had just ended and this was the next one up or had he choreographed this.

“Now lie down on the bed on your back and spread your legs.”

Even though he had seen every part of me, it was a little uncomfortable with him sitting there staring straight into my exposed crotch. After what seemed like minutes, he said…

“Now you are not to speak again, and you must do everything I say immediately and without hesitation, do you understand?”

I responded by saying “yes.”

He jumped up, rolled me on my side and slapped my ass hard. “You do not understand. Do not speak, now do you understand?”

I hesitated for a moment trying to decipher why his slap, while somewhat painful, had a pleasing aspect as well. He slapped my ass again harder this time.

“I also said do everything I say immediately without hesitation. Do-you-understand?” he demanded.

I immediately nodded profusely.

Jane: Oh Joanne, I was afraid of this.

Jane, wait till I get through all of this. You will understand later. You said you wanted me to share everything and I’m trying to describe everything along my journey. It’s not as bad as it sounds now. I was a little worried at this point myself, but as I said you will understand later as I did.

Jane: Alright go ahead, I’ll try to keep quiet.

I was then directed to turn on my vibrator and begin running it over my breast.

“Do your nipples too.” I was told.

My nipples were hard as rocks due not only from what was happening but to being a little chilly from being naked for so long. When the vibrator touched them it sent more chills through my body. He must have sensed this.

“It feels good, doesn’t it?”

I started to say, but then realized and nodded. He leaned forward and slapped my inner thigh.

“Faster next time.”

I was beginning to realize not only did I want to please him but I also didn’t want to disappoint him.

“Now your pussy – do not put it in yet.” he said. And then, “focus on your clit.”

I immediately, as told, moved it to my clit and soon electricity was flowing through my body again.

“You’re doing good Mrs. Clarke, keep it up.”

As he said this, I became more excited, with the naughty Mrs. Clarke thing again. I began to rotate my hips and he rubbed my ankle.

“Good girl.”

His praise started to push me toward the edge.

“STOP” he almost shouted.

I stopped rotating my hips and moving the vibrator but did not remove it. SLAP on my inner thigh.

“Remove it from you.”

I immediately put it to the side. I won’t take up more time with details, but this repeated a few times, being brought to the edge of orgasm but being made to stop each time. Sometimes he would use the vibrator. The last time he brought me very close but stopped again.

He said, “lay there very still” and went and poured us two more stiff drinks.

My body would quiver ever so often apparently signaling it needed to orgasm and I agree with it. But I would try to control it because he said lay still. Which only intensified the frustration.

He returned and sat me up on the side bed, put his arm around me and cuddled me ever so tenderly.

“You were a good girl Joanne and you can now speak.”

I was understanding that things were different this time. Last time he came to my house almost uninvited although I’m sure he felt invited, but this time I was on his turf and came to him on his terms. I was not sure I was going to like this.

Jane: That’s what I thought. See I told you….

Wait, wait. We’re almost there just a little more.

So I said, “Matt why…,” but before I could finish he shushed me, took my face in his hand ever so gently, gave me such a loving kiss. My body was already so on fire I thought I might cum then.

“Joanne, I am not trying to be mean or hurt you. Do you trust me?”

“Well, I want to.”

“Have I ever forced you to do something you are unwilling to do?”


“And I never will.”

As with everything he says so confidently I take it as truth and immediately felt reassured.

“This weekend I want to explore all of your desires,” he says, “the ones you know and the ones you don’t know. The ones you don’t know we are going to have to discover, and we may have to use certain tactics to uncover them. It is quicker and more understandable to teach these tactics than to describe them. For instance, have you ever been hornier than you are right now?”

After being brought to the brink of orgasm so many times, he was right, if he just touched deneme bonus me in an erogenous zone right now, I was sure I would cum immediately. “No, your right, I want you so badly right now.”

“If you will trust me, I will show you more than you can imagine, but you will have to trust me completely.”

Emotions began flowing through me, how dedicated this man was to my desires, it was overwhelming. I thought at first tonight this was going to be all about his desires and now he turns the tables on me. He always keeps me off balance, and then he lays me down and makes tender love to me.

Jane, I tell you, I thought I had already had the most explosive and massive orgasms a woman could have, but after being brought close so many times and then to finally release it was unreal. I cam over and over again. It was like my body was catching up from before. I was in a state of euphoria.

We lay there in each other’s embrace. And then tenderly he says…

“Joanne, do you want to trust me completely and go on this journey?”

It was not lost on me that the way he phrased the question I had to respond with I do.

So, I said – “I do.” – and I was his.

Jane: OMG Jo, where did this guy come from. And where can I get one. But I’m still not sure.

I know right. It blows me away how he comes up with this stuff. But wait you will see it is true.

Jane: Dang you are so lucky girl. I have to admit when you told me you were going to meet him, I was scared and thought you were making a mistake, but now I see why. Oh, and did you realize that you now called him a man not a boy any more.

How could you call him a boy, hell I think he is more mature than me.

Jane: Well, tell me the rest. I can’t wait to hear this.

There is so much to tell I doubt I will be able to cover it all tonight and I will try to abbreviate and hit just the highlights. Tell me if you want more detail on anything. As opposed to the other weekend there was a lot of drinking this weekend. I was pretty much in a state of slight drunkenness and high arousal all weekend. He even had us to do shots occasionally. I guess some of the things we were going to try were right on the edge so he wanted to dull my inhibitions. And there was a lot of porn. Sometimes it seemed orchestrated with what we were doing and other times not, it was on almost all of the time. I wondered if this was where he was getting all his ideas.

So, the first day he had us watch porn together I asked him,” why are we watching this?”

“Joanne some of the things we may do will be foreign to you but you will see on here that it is not abnormal, other people do it.”

I wondered how much time had he spent planning all of this. Anyway, he began explaining things and laying out some rules.

“If some of the things are too scary, we can role-play them first.” he said.

When he described role-playing, he said we will need a safe word. A safe word is used if things seem to be going too far, all I have to do is say the safe word and then things will stop right then and there. I can use the safe word anytime anywhere if I need to. Even if I wanted the weekend to stop all I had to do was say it two times back-to-back. This was very reassuring and thoughtful I felt. And get what he suggested the safe word to be.

Jane: I have no idea, what?

He said let’s use Tommy as the safe word. I know how much you love him, and you would not be using his name in any other circumstance this weekend. Omg how sweet and thoughtful. I was melting.

Jane: You’re right this boy, excuse me man is such a dichotomy. On one hand he is rough, forceful, confident and even demanding, but then there is this softer side.

Exactly that is what I love about him.

Then he says, “Let’s start with something simple, have you ever been bound?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“Great, we will start there.”

He laid me on the bed and then bound my hands and feet with scarves that had already been tied to the bedposts.

“It is better if you don’t talk for this one either, but you can moan, scream and make any other noises you want.” he said.

I will abbreviate here but he tickled, prodded, and explored my body in various ways for quite some time. It was frustrating at times to be bound, but overall, it was very erotic. And sure enough, he found erogenous areas I didn’t know were there.

Jane: Like where?

Well, the craziest one to me is there is an area on the outside back of my arm when touched just the right way stimulates me. Who knew?

Anyway, he says “let’s practice role play.”

I forgot before I move on those things lying on the floor I noticed when I came in were various types of items to tie you in different positions and we tried them all I guess along with various toys and items used in these adventures. Again, I thought, where does he get the money for all of this? When we have more time, I will have to tell you about some of those interesting positions but let me try to hit all the highpoints right now.

I was saying, he says, “let’s practice role play so you can see what it’s like. We will start with an easy one, I will be your student and you will be my teacher. You will need to stay in character throughout.”

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