Seducing Your Sister

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A lot of people struggle with how to make the initial moves in sibling relationships. For those seeking an actual RELATIONSHIP with their brother or sister as adults, I think there has to be a stepping back an reappraisal of themselves and their relationship, and some active moves to be made to increase the possibility of a real romantic relationship coming from the situation. I thought I’d write this contribute. This is written specifically for men, and maybe someone can re-write it for women.

The truth is that 99% of sisters will NEVER be attracted to their brothers. The biological systems that make this a reality are too hard-wired to make it any different. For the 1%, perhaps raised separately or that have shown any interest, this might be helpful.

The most important thing about this is that your sister is a woman. She will not find a man attractive unless he has the qualities that make her attracted. Your job is to do the hard, tough, patient work to make that happen. And if it doesn’t, you get a great side benefit. Will discuss that later.

Bottom line, this post is about kicking so much ass at life that if she has a HINT of attraction for you, it develops into something real.

**So You Want a Romantic Relationship With Your Sister? What to Do.**

**Self Development**

1. Get a job. Be able to provide well, for the expectations given your age. Save money, don’t blow it on stupid shit. Does your job suck? Make moves. The degree, the cert, whatever you need to do. Make the plan and execute, fast. Why would any girl want to be with a scrub? She wouldn’t – same rules apply to your sister.

2. Do well in school or at work. Be on top of your game so that you are impressive, for your own sake and impressive to her at how easily you bear and deliver on your responsibility.

3. Be interesting by learning. Like legitimately interesting. You don’t know wtf is going on the world? Learn – you live here. You don’t know anything about at least three topics that you can address at an intelligent level? Stocks? History? Philosophy? Science? Pick a few things and be interesting to talk to. If you can possibly share one of her interests, get into it. Get really into it so that you’re matching her in conversation. Read the books, watch the videos. Do the work. This isn’t just about engaging her – it’s about being an interesting person to talk to.

4. Be interesting by doing. Do stuff that makes you interesting. Volunteer. Take a trip somewhere. If you can afford it, take her with you just for fun. (Don’t seduce her if you don’t have any hint from her about her not having the incest avoidance hardwired yalova escort into her brain – it’ll backfire). Learn how to build a house from H4H, learn another language (is there one she likes?).

5. Be healthy. For God’s sake workout, eat healthy. Be healthy. You’re not just seducing a girl who will jump into bed with you because of your kink. You’re trying to attract the attention of a woman. So do it the same way you would with any other woman – be healthy. You need to be in the shape that if she were to see the shape of your body without looking at your face, she should start feeling aroused. Everything below your neck, should be good enough to make her a little wet. Lift, run, lose weight, eat well.

6. Stop Being an Asshole/Jerk, If you are one. If you have jerk/asshole tendencies, work on it. Go to therapy if you can, or just read books or use whatever spiritual/ethical/philosophical system you have to be better. Ask your friends for honest advice on what makes you a difficult person to be around. BE BETTER. She should see you and think that you are not only smart, funny, strong, and good looking, but that you are kind, good, cool. Working on your dark shit so that she never sees at your worst, passed out on the couch or something. Carry yourself around her the way you would with someone you’re trying to really impress. It is a lot easier if you actually ARE better as a person.

7. It is easy for us to put our guard down around siblings. Maybe you are OK laying things down/around or just being messy. Stop doing it around her – and at all if possible. Be neat, clean. Smell good. Look good. Get haircuts etc. Don’t be comfortable with just being a mess because she’s your sister. She’s not just your sister in this game now – she’s an awesome girl you’re trying to pursue.


1. Be amazing to your parents. Help them with their needs. Clean their cars for them. Be there when they call you for help.

2. If you live with your sister and parents, as adults – start taking over stuff at home if you haven’t already. Vacuum – her room too. Fix broken shit. Be Johnny on the spot.

3. Work on being good to your family in general. Remember birthdays and special occasions. Put in the effort to help them, support them, and celebrate with them. Don’t be dead weight. Let her see you as a MAN. A strong, intelligent, capable, handles-his-shit, kind, man.


1. Stop acting like a jerk to her even when she pulls sibling jerk stuff on you. She doesn’t know that you’re changing the way you see her. Be kind to her. Treat her like she’s the woman of your dreams.

2. Take care of her needs without yalova escort bayan you asking. Fill up her gas. Clean her car. Clean her room if you live together and can do so without it being a problem. Do the things a husband would do for his wife. Ask how you can help. If you eat together and your plates are both empty or your containers are both empty from take out – take it from and go wash the dishes. You need to turn into the kind of man she’s so impressed with, proud of, and admires – so that she’d trust her closest most beloved friend with you. You should start looking like the ideal man to her.

3. Can you do her laundry without it being a problem? Do it if you can. When she asks why, say: “I was already going there so I thought I’d grab your stuff. Might make your weekend easier. Do you mind?”

4. Help her with her life. Does she struggle with anything in school? Need a study buddy for a final? Need help at work? Be there. Help her if you can, tutor her if you have the skill. Help her out at work. Is she staying late one evening at work? Show up with her favorite food as take-out. Drop it off and leave. Be selfless, and loving, and kind.

5. Take her out for stuff you guys enjoy and make sure you pay. Open doors for her. Smile at her. Laugh. If you need to hold a door open touch the small of her back gently as she goes in but don’t look at her when you do it so it seems like it happened naturally. If you followed the advice in the beginning, you should be interesting. Her out her ideas. Get to know her – too many times siblings lose the ability to really know what their brother or sister is about because they caught up with their own lives.

6. Does she have values/activities/hobbies that you like, and wish you had or that you at least appreciate? If you can, join them. Does she like another language? Wouldn’t it be cool if you learned it and spoke to her in it? Told her a joke in it? And she asks you why you learned and you say: “I’ve heard you say some stuff in it and I don’t know if you make it sound beautiful or if it’s the language, but I just really got into it after hearing you.” Connect with her.

7. If she asks you why you aren’t dating anyone, gauge a careful answer that is safe enough not to be creepy. This is highly dependent on your relationship – so don’t use it as a template. You might say: “I’m basically looking for the non-related version of you.” or “You’re kinda the standard to me on what a girl should be like and so far I feel like no one matches up.” If she suggests one of her friends, tell her an imperfection about the friend and compare it to how your sister is better. escort yalova “Jen seems nice but she doesn’t have that…interest in building herself that you have. You know how you try to stay away of what’s happening in the world? It’s nice because it makes you aware and intelligent so people like talking to you a lot because you aren’t pretentious about it either. Jen is ignorant on purpose sometimes. I can’t do that.”

Bottom line, you need to be the kind of man that she thinks: “If he weren’t my brother, I’d totally date him.”


1. Create situations where she sees your upper body. Perhaps out of the shower, etc.

2. Create situations where she might see your dick, preferably at it’s largest. If you know she will walk by your room or into your room at a certain time, take a shower, and be absolutely naked with the towel perhaps covering your eyes as you dry your hair. You want to create a situation where she sees your naked body (which should be chiseled if you followed the advice above), and isn’t afraid and doesn’t look away because your own eyes are covered so it doesn’t give away that she was looking. Show her yourself at all your glory. That image will never leave her mind.

3. Please do not treat the bathroom like you share it with a sister, but with a girl you are trying to seduce. That means no leaving behind: anything in the toilet, hairs, boogers, nasty anything. Be clean as a whistle.

4. Smell good. Ask her what cologne smells attractive to her, and buy that.

5. You want her friends to find you attractive so that they tell her that you are attractive. That is ideal – because her trusted circle all finds her brother to be hot. Combined with everything above, it should be a great way to get her start thinking this in her mind.

If you can get her to a point where she sees you as: a successful man, financially and academically, kind, well earning, strong, healthy, sweet, attractive. After that, there are a bunch of scenarios people suggest.

The most important thing is that the above is not just about seducing your sister. It is about being a better person, a better human being, perhaps even more wise. How? Because if this works out and your sister reciprocates, you’re in luck. If on the other hand she doesn’t respond to your subtle advances – guess what?

1. Your strong, smart, intelligent.

2. You’ve fulfilled in family relationships and are a better son, sister, and whatever else you are.

3. You are kind and good to others.

4. You treat her better and developed a strong relationship with her. Whether she remains your sister, or your sister-wife, she’s still your sister and a friend throughout your life. If she doesn’t respond to subtle advances, you’ve still got this best friend for life.

You are basically kicking ass at life. There’s no way you can lose over all.

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