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Seamus Serves

Seamus Serves Part Five

� Van T Z Boi 2019.

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From Part Four

Jerome stepped back which only meant that the grasping hand yanked his full length out through his open fly. Stunned he recognised the pleasure as well as the terror of exposure as the cries of the nearby youths came closer. The thrills of young Seamus”s expert hand stroking and squeezing his dick sent tremblings within his body, his tipsified brain reacted more to the pleasure than the fears of being discovered. Jerome shook with trepidation and expected delight; the sensual shocks reverberating inside his twitching body and mind recalled his day with his altar server in clear unsullied imagery and his dick swelled to its longest and largest width and thickness yet.

“So nice and big Father,” Seamus purred and Jerome sensed the hot warm breath emanating from the so close enticing mouth. He jolted as the moist warmth encased him and then jolted again as several figures broke through the waving grasses. His eyes caught the sight of naked skins and he shuddered in fright and terror.

Part Five

Terror-struck Father Jerome twitched and shuddered as the group of totally naked youths stepped out of the bushes and hedges. His eyes drunkenly scanned the sun lathered forms, his whirling brain recognising familiar faces but his sodden brain was unable to put names to faces as his eyes constantly strayed to the swaying and waving boydicklets that seemed to be welcoming his gaze.

“Hey lads” Seamus grinned at the gathering circle, his mouth no longer around Father Jerome”s dick, “Look lads here”s Father Jerome come to join us,” Seamus”s hands slid up to the priests waistband and began undoing Father Jerome”s fly. “Give us a hand mates,” Seamus called out and to Father Jerome”s horror and delight young hands swarmed and roamed over his trembling body, his clothes quickly sliding away from him, until he too stood naked under the warm sun. “Hello father,” Glad to see yer,” “Ye”re more than welcome Father,” were some of the welcoming sounds that his ears heard as he was quickly undressed and then herded through the hedge.

“Pass the Father”s clothes here,” young Mickie Nolan called out, “I”ll fold them and put them under the hedge with ours,” a quickly expanding line of garments were passed to the eight year old who calmly folded the worn clothes and placed them tidily under the hedge where similar perhaps not so tidy piles and bundles of clothes were stashed. Mickie as class book monitor took pride in his work and standing naked with his hands on his hips, his young three inch boydicklet pointing forwards he nodded at his efforts. `Sister Ignatius would be pleased at that,” he congratulated himself.

Father Jerome held by numerous hands was propelled towards the bank, the sparkling water did look most inviting was his whiskified thought as he balanced precariously on the puddles that splattered the bank where the boys had obviously been splashing about.

“Its deepest here Father,” a tall figure pushed him gently on the shoulder, “if you want to dive in,” as he again patted the priest he leaned forward, threw his hands straight out in front of him and launched himself into a sliding dive into the slow moving water.

“That”s it Conner, you show the Father,” a smaller similar figure bleated as he watched his older brother surface and swim further into the depths, treading water as he waved and beckoned at those on the riverbank.

“Come on yerself Father,” Conner encouraged the ancient figure who teetered tottering on the edge of the grassy bank.

“Yes, Yes, go on Father,” Jerome heard the youthful encouraging shouts, his head spun even more and unbalanced he fell forwards, only an instinctive safeguarding memory made him throw his own hands forward to the break the surface as he entered the pool. He surfaced spluttering and bobbing back under the surface several times before he managed to regain his balance.

`The water is so cool after that heat,” he said to himself as some of the effects of his Paddy whisky drinking session with the Widow Farrell were cold water shocked out of him. As he floated on his back, his scraggy pubic nest glinting in the water the rest of the boys jumped or dived in. Father Jerome trod water as he attempted to keep his balance whilst young naked bodies swarmed towards him.

The sodden priest was much like a duck with a family of ducklings as the splashing youths swam round and about him. Naked soft forms caught or slid against him as the group of young boys showed of their prowess in swimming circles around him, several more forward boys sliding under the surface to swim through his water treading legs. Father Jerome caught sight of their naked beauty and revelled in the pleasure as sometimes soft spongy protuberances were stroked or rubbed against his skin. Jerome flailed his arms to keep himself afloat but the boys proved too fast for him to grab and touch as they continued to show-off their swimming abilities. He twisted and turned as the more adventurous swam right up behind him and rubbed their bodies over his naked backside, his priestly hole twitching as though it recognised the closeness of boydick. The overhead sun beat down making the boys bodies glow and shimmer when they broke surface, their beaming sniggering smiles boasting of their naughty actions. Father Jerome valiantly attempted to keep pace with his young congregation but there were too many and the youths were too fast for him. He sighed and returned to serenely floating on his back; a sudden surprising but insistent touch between his legs made him splutter and tread water again.

“Can you swim Father?” it was Seamus who it was who was right up close beside him asking the question. Father Jerome felt the searching fingers under the water, he twitched as Seamus”s fingers caught hold of his prick, the sensation as it swelled sent a happy surge of delight rising inside him and his head spun, the whisky still fluting his thoughts.

“Yes, ümitköy escort Er!, yes I can swim boy,” Father Jerome found his voice.

“Race you to the other bank,” shouted Seamus and Father Jerome was startled by the sight of Seamus”s pink water strewn backside gleaming in the sun”s rays as he set of and away, his arms flailing in a fast crawl towards the distant bank.

Father Jerome was stunned into action, despite his aged years the supporting water allowed him to move faster than he expected; like Seamus and the other boys he had grown up in a village much like Ballykissbhoy, swimming had been one of the ways in which he and his fellow schoolmates got rid of their excess boyish energies plus during his years of priesthood training Father Jerome had swum in many a Gala representing his seminary, winning several rosettes and cups with his swimming prowess. He bucked his head, slewed under the water and struck out after Seamus”s swiftly disappearing figure. Other boys followed, shouting encouragements; the race was on. Father Jerome reacted to the shouts and calls, his pace increased and his old arms and legs somehow found their old form and he surged competently through the flowing water. Six arm lengths and he came right up beside Seamus, two more took him past his server; then with his head down he raced through the last few feet, his wrinkled hand touching the other bank where he trod water until Seamus came up. The cheers from the boys reminded Jerome of his previous victories and he smiled broadly as he accepted their praise.

“You swim fast Father,” Seamus gasped spluttering as he reached the bank, touched it and swam closer to Jerome”s side.

“Thank you Seamus,” Father Jerome was proudly gracious with his praise.

“You”re surely fast through the water Father,” one of the youth cried out. The other boys came up and began swimming and racing around, Father Jerome grinned as the slashing figures whirled around him.

“Well I was quite the swimmer when I was a lad,” he boasted, the euphoria of winning influenced by the muddling whisky allowed him to be sinfully boastful about his youthful exploits. “I used to race for my seminary, won lots of races,” Jerome basked in the admiration.

“Can you teach us some then Father?” the tall angular youth who had spoken before asked hopefully.

Father Jerome blinked and focused his river water strewn eyes, he considered the question and nodded his head, “Well Jimmy Griffton,” he had at last put a name to the face, “I”d be happy to offer any advice,” he spoke grandly.

“Me too,” “and me”, “and me” came the voluminous cries from the gaggle of boys.

“Okay, Okay” Father Jerome raised his hands, he had found purchase with his feet on the riverbed, standing waist height he got the boys to quieten down and asked them one by one to swim a few strokes for him. The vocational aspect of teaching something of worth to the admiring boys caught his imagination and played to his lofty priestly ideals. Assessing quickly he sorted the boys out into sets of ability and began to give advice. Jerome happily explained how to hold their hands, how to breathe underwater, how to position their bodies properly; naturally he had to be hands on and as the lesson progressed his hands explored more and more of the naked bodies. As he clasped one young cocklet between his fingers when he held the boy up to practice his strokes Jerome was aware his own dick was swelling and bloating, the boy he was `helping” did not seem to mind the gentle squeezing taking place between his legs. Stimulated and excited Father Jerome became more adventurous and naughtily touched several more of the youths; not a one reprimanding him. It was only when his excited and bloated dick pulsed up against one of his young charges and the resultant surge of pleasure caused Father Jerome to call a halt to his teaching session. `I can”t let these boys see their priest with a stonking hardon,” his shocked brain reminded him of his priestly vows and responsibilities.

Embarrassed he swam into a deeper part of the river hoping the cooler water would reduce his swelling cock. He did not realise the boys had followed him until he halted and found himself once more surrounded by naked splashing bodies. He gazed at them with pride and not a little bit of lust, his unpriestly cock bloating heavily once again.

“You”re `it” Father,” one of the boys, Jerome recognised, Patsy Riordan, he felt the slight slap on his arm and the gang of chortling boys surged away from him.

Laughing Jerome slipped under the water and swam vigorously chasing one of the slower shapes. The time immortal game of `It” was played out for some vigorous splashing minutes as whomever was `it” raced to pass `it” on. Jerome joined in, his long years slipping away from him buoyed up by the buoyancy the water provided and the accolades of his young brood. He was heavily aware of the naked sliding figures that stroked up against him and slid over and under and around him but this time his head was focussed on the game. As is usual the game reached a conclusion when the boys tired; Father Jerome treading water at the far reaches of the game circle watched as the game concluded and the splashing boys swam to straddle the grassy bank, allowing the late afternoon sun”s rays to dry them. Jerome joined them sitting amidst the group, Seamus sitting beside him with a proprietorial air. `Life can be good! Thank the Lord!” Jerome gazed upwards and sent a silent prayer for his state of happiness, still infused by the effects of the alcohol in his system, rising towards the heavens.

The sun was still very warm and Jerome flopped back on the grassy bank allowing his head to puddle, the invasive Paddy whisky was still at work within him and he closed his eyes, blinked a couple of times as he slipped into a doze. As he dozed in the warmth of the sun Father Jerome mentally ran over the momentous events of the day. `Monday”s will never seem the same,” he drowsily thought. The moist wetness that swallowed his cock made him start and he lifted his head to look down where Seamus was leaning over and sucking his dick.

“Seamus,” his shocked choked whisper sounded overloud to his shocked ears and quaking with terror he gazed hurriedly around to see if any of the other boys had heard him; to his scandalized surprise he was not alone in having his dick sucked; the other boys appeared to have teamed up, several lay on their backs like himself whilst the row of bobbing heads looked like a row of daffodils dipping in the breeze as they ducked up and down, little mouths sucking heartily on pencil like boycocklets. Father Jerome”s mouth open and closed as he sought the right words to speak, `I ought to say something, stop this…this?” his head whirled, `What is this?” Jerome asked himself as he looked back and forth along the line of cocksucking and sucked boys, `Is this wrong? No one appears to be unhappy, not one single boy is objecting, in fact….” his eyes observed the writhing and wriggling, such movements he could only associate with approaching ecstasy, simultaneously he felt his own dick bloat and swell as Seamus”s mouth and lips and tongue swirled around his seeping cockslit, swallowing heavily the manly juices which dribbled forth.

He watched as Seamus sucked hard at his plump cockhead and Jerome sighed as the tingling delight warmed through his body. He could feel his old teats on his chest peak with desire, the sun”s warmth playing over his pigeon avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort chest. The warmth rose and he felt his dick pulse and throb and swell, the breeze like brushings of Seamus”s featherlike tongue made him swoon and writhe as the joys pulsed and surged throughout his body. Jerome”s breath quickened, he drew in deeper and deeper lungful”s of oxygenated energy as his pleasure heightened and the tingles expanded. Father Jerome sighed, his own body wriggled and writhed as the others lying beside him squirmed; quickly he closed his eyes, blanking out the accusing heavens above as the searing delights soared and took flight within him.

“Father! Father! Wake up Father!” Jerome struggled to open his eyes, the sun had moved somewhat and he rapidly blinked his eyelids, the gradual initial watering and subsequent tearing dissipated until he could focus properly. He was still lying on the bank, he was still naked and it was Seamus kneeling beside him who it was that was shaking him so vigorously. Shaking his head to help clear his thoughts Father Jerome struggled to sit up, glancing around him he saw the line of sunbathing naked boys their bare bodies glowing all shades of blushing pink in the sun”s rays. He also noticed that some of them were staring at him, staring right at him, `staring at…” horrified Jerome looked down to where his prick stood up proud and gleaming, the tip shimmering where a globule of his precum was spilling out from his gaping slit.

“Father we need to take that elsewhere,” Seamus hissed in his ear, “the lads are looking at it,” he tugged heavily at the priests” shoulder.

Embarrassed Jerome awoke to the fact he had undergone a naughty daydream, `a very naughty daydream,” he judged from the state of his throbbing dick. He glanced in shocked horror at the line of enquiring glances coming from the line of naked boys, the line of exposed boydicks quivering in the sun; memories of his furtive touching during the swimming lesson invaded his thoughts and his cock sent a throb of wanton desire punching up into his quaking stomach, his dick jerked spasmodically. `The boys were just lying there sunbathing, drying off after swimming, they didn”t…” more dreamy images of his daymere flooded into his head, his cock ached with a heavy demanding need and he felt the jerk as another drool of precum spurted from the end of his dick. `No! No! it was all a dream, a fantasy of his drunken disturbed state of mind!..” Father Jerome rubbed his head shaking it fiercely and attempted to cover his jerking fleshy priest meat with his free hand. Seamus nodded his head towards the hedge and Jerome struggled to deal with his throbbing embarrassment. Clutching his cock, doing his best to hide the stout fleshy pole that desperately attempted to evade his trembling fingers Father Jerome crawled doglike away from the bank across the worn foot-trodden tow path to the hedging alongside the adjacent field.

“In here Father,” Seamus his angelic faced saviour held up a leafy branch, thankfully Jerome staggered under the branch to collapse on the heavy blades of grass that grew in abundance at the edge of the field. Panting he lay there, his hand automatically cradling and caressing his pulsing manrod which was still stiff and hard and demanding.

“Seamus make sure the Father doesn”t widdle on our clothes,” he heard Jimmy Griffton call, Jerome relaxed a bit, `They think I need to piss,” he told himself. `Of course how often was I told as a boy that was why my own mickie was stiff, until I knew better,” his head meandered through his childhood memories.

“This way Father,” Seamus stood to the side and beckoned him.

“Yes, yes,” Jerome got back on all fours, he could feel for the first time in years his proud and erect dick pulse against his stomach, for a moment he savoured the sensation, one that reminded him of his younger self, as his bulbous drippy head jerked softy against his palpitating stomach. He attempted to stand up but his old man knees ached and pained, so groaning sadly he stuck to crawling on hands and knees on the lush grass to where Seamus waited.

“Just a little more Father,” Seamus”s voice was low, `he doesn”t want the others to hear;” Jerome realised as he carefully inched forward, the cool grass was comfortable under his aged and ancient hands and knees as he padded on all fours after Seamus”s naked backside.

Seamus stopped by a leafy clump of bushes and grass, Father Jerome discovered it was in fact a large, clearly deeply embedded rock, the furrowed plough signs wove sideways before the outcrop.

“Lie here Father, the moss will be soft on your back.” Seamus directed him and assisted the old priest to a more comfortable position.

“That does feels good,” sighed Father Jerome as relaxing at last he leaned back against the moss covered rock, the sun played gently over his body, the warmth reaching deep inside. Father Jerome stretched out, his toes curling in the long grasses that bordered the ploughed area. Seamus sat down beside him, Father Jerome felt the warmth of the young body seeping inside him, `this is so nice,” he thought and then the warm soft delicate touch of Seamus”s fingers slowly rubbed up and down his dick. Jerome jerked, his old bones complained painfully but a surge of desire swamped his head. “Seamus!” he croaked, just managing to quieten his tone, conscious of the gaggle of nearby sunbathing boys.

“Sure it need to go down Father, can”t have you flashing all the lads now can I,” Seamus giggled as his sure grip of the priest”s vibrating cock swelled and bloated fully under his expert touch.

Lust overcame Father Jerome”s sensible protesting part of his head. `the boy is right, I can”t face the swimmers with a hardon and it won”t go down of its own accord,” as if to acknowledge his thoughts his cock jerked, the head almost nodding its approval, `and to be sure Seamus has placed me, us here, safely, where we can”t be seen,” his thoughts beguiled by lust overcame any resistance. His eyes did glance around to see the heavy leafy hedging through which not a ripple of sparkling water from the river could be seen, `Yes this is safe and secure,” he nodded his head approvingly.

Seamus stroked the slim length of gnarled meat, he relished playing with his new toy, `everyone ese just wants me to get them off,” he sighed, `its great to be able to experiment and play with a willing cock,” Seamus slowly ran his fingers up and down the veined shaft, pushing gently at the blue lines as the spongy hardness twitched and trembled under his ministrations. Father Jerome sighed heavily as a wonderful swelling surge of pleasure rushed through him and he closed his eyes in contentment as the sexy tinglings rose and fell, always moving higher and higher towards the ultimate goal. Seamus grasped Father Jerome”s foreskin between his fingers, he worked the stickily loose flap up and down the hard ridge of Jerome”s thick crown, the bulbous head, shimmering with its coating of precum glittered and changed colour subtly as Jerome”s passion heightened and expanded. Gently he squeezed the soft head, making the slit gape and close again, a dribble of the precious clear liquid gushed forth, its shiny substance oozing down over his fingers and onto the priest”s glans. Seamus smoothed the glinting liquid over the dark mauve-pink cockhead.

Seamus rubbed hard for a few moments. Jerome shuddered and juddered as the surges urfa escort became quite intense and then Seamus slowed, `He”s playing me,” moaned Jerome, `and by God it does feel good,” his aberrant use of the Heavenly Father”s name was ignominiously ignored by his priestly thinking, it was said in praise not devilishly intended although Jerome admitted, `it does feel devilishly good,” he half chuckled at the thought but his body twitched and trembled as further flushes of delight and tingling expectation bounced up from his caressed and worshipped dick. Seamus”s free hand cuddled the heavy orbs in their scrubby enclosure, he could feel the slight vibrations as the aged man eggs strived to work hard to produce the useless seeds of life, seeds that nevertheless provided the extreme joys and ecstasy that went with ejaculative orgasm. Mentally Seamus compared Father Jerome”s cock with the others he came into contact with, he dealt mostly with the ever rampant teenage dicks of his brothers but there were others, certain adults within his family and the community that availed themselves of Seamus”s particular abilities. Slowly Seamus stroked the priestly meat, sniffing the opulent aroma that arose from Jerome”s cockslit, his mouth salivated as it recalled the sweet nectar of Father Jerome”s precum, his removed his hand from the spongy ballsac and ran a finger across the throbbing glans, smearing a heavy gloop of the liquid onto his finger, as he continued to caress the jerking pole he sucked his sticky finger, swallowing with obvious delight the heady dew and smacking his lips in satisfaction. Father Jerome could only mewl happily as Seamus”s fingers stroked and pressed and caressed, the glorious delights growing and soaring inside him as he stared at his inner eyelids which sparkled and glittered with cosmic starlights as his manly and unpriestly joys foamed and lathered inside him. Seamus stared intently at the man pole, he watched with studied interest the way the satiny veined fleshy spongy length jerked, trembled, dribbled, shuddered and swelled and bloated, changing colour the harder Father Jerome”s orgasmic ardour heightened and grew in lusty strength. Father Jerome never demanded or urged, merely accepted what was offered; Seamus was left in complete control, nobody demanding him to rub harder, or faster or stronger, no appeals to suck or a hand on the back of his neck forcing him down on the glistening cockhead. Determinedly he continued to stroke the juddering pole, Father Jerome, eyes closed, his chest heaving with the exertion of manual pleasure was approaching the `seventh heaven” of his climax. He clenched and unclenched his sweaty hands, his toes curled and uncurled as his thin body relentlessly quivered and shivered; the tingles of rampaging delight coursed through every fibre of his being, his balls bounced at the end of his rubbed shaft and more and more of his precious precum dribbled, oozed and puddled forth as the flaring joys heightened and overtook his whirling mind.

Seamus too was totally engrossed as he played his man, little stroking sallies up and down the shaft, then working the loose foreskin up and over the sodden cockhead, now and then just his own fingers rasping over the puddling slit as Jerome panted and grunted and growled his pleasure. He cuddled and squeezed the stubbly ballsac, feeling the heat from the hidden eggs as they worked away producing almost teenage requirements, galvanised into youthful action after being left to moulder for so many long years whilst Father Jerome coped and managed his solemn vow of chastity. Seamus nibbled at the pointed teats, sucking the hard flesh between his teeth, nipping gently at the raised flesh and sending more shivers of painful delight washing through Father Jerome”s twisting body. Seamus continued to experiment and explore the priest”s organ, forcing down the foreskin so that Father Jerome gasped but not so much in anguish more in ecstasy as the pain pleasure jolted inside him. Seamus wrapped both hands around the slim prickle, squeezing and rubbing, he feather flickered his fingertips over the sticky tip, observing the subsequent mewling reaction. `I wonder how long I can make it last?..” Seamus wondered, `by this time most of my brothers would have cum twice, this, this is so much fun,” he thought as he played and toyed, making the priest tremble and sigh and moan as his fingers and hands manipulated the shuddering cock.

Lost in his approaching unique expected ecstatic outcome, Father Jerome never heard the rustle in the grass but Seamus slowing his hand turned his head towards the noise. Jimmy Griffton”s head appeared around the rocky clump, he smiled and showed his bright row of white teeth.

“You going to toss him off?” his soft whisper was unheard by the writhing priest as he continued to be devoted to the heavenly need to spurt his spunk. Seamus nodded as he quickly drummed his fingers along the veiny shaft, Father Jerome”s cock was now a full five and a half inches long now, the bulbous head spitting precum as his manjoy approached. “I knew ye were taking too long for a widdle, and the Father”s mickie was just too fat and weepy for piddling with,” Jimmy crawled silently closer to the totally unaware figure that trembled and juddered, “Can I watch?” he asked softly, his head bending forward, his nose twitching as it caught at the heady aroma that emanated from the engorged priestly mandick. Jimmy”s head swam as he inhaled the musky odour and his eyes locked on Father Jerome”s slim but glittering prick. `I never saw a priest spunk up,” he thought, `I always thought they could not do that and it was why they became priest”s,” he recalled caught by his mother playing with himself in church one time. `Stop that,” his mother had hissed in his ear, `or the priest will pick up the big knife he keeps under the altar and cut it off and then all that will be left to you is to become a priest too,” shuddering he had removed his hand from his shorts and stared at the altar watching in case the priest called him out. `It was also why I never became an altar server,” Jimmy”s hand reached down to caress his three inch mickie as he watched Seamus wank Father Jerome. `Will Father Jerome shoot out as much spunk as Declan?” he wondered recalling how much his cousin could shoot and he stared hungrily at Father Jerome”s twitching and throbbing cock.

End of Part Five

To Be Continued…????????????????????????

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