Ryan’s Story Pt. 13

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Being a young male in a college with a large Futanari co-ed contingent, I had no problem getting dates. However, most were not interested in going out and having fun or trying to get a relationship going, they were only after sex. And with all the great sex I was having with my family and Dean Carter, I was looking for something more.

Sister Julie’s ball team played every weekend with every other one being either home or road game. This weekend it was a tournament in another city, so she left Friday afternoon and was not due back until Sunday evening. But they had weather problems that delayed their return and they didn’t get back to our town until Monday morning, just in time for classes.

Over the weekend Julie and I exchanged some texts, asking about how the games were going and such. And of course, we each talked about how much we missed having sex together. Julie was quite busy and apparently was not getting any and sounded really horny. She kept telling me how much she missed my ass and couldn’t wait to get back home to see me. I really loved sex with her and was really hot to see her too. It looked like we wouldn’t see each other until Monday evening since she had to work at the coffee house after classes on Monday.

After my last class on Monday, I headed home but decided to detour to see how Julie was doing and I decided to stop by the coffee house.

As I walked into the coffee house and Julie saw me, she hiltonbet yeni giriş gave me a really big smile. The place was empty except for Julie and a fellow worker, a red-haired girl almost as big as her and probably another futanari.

“Hey little brother, what brings you this way,” she said as I walked up to her.

“On my way home and wanted to see how you were doing. I’ve missed you,” I smiled back at her.

“It’s been a few days brother, I am so horny I feel like I will explode,” she said, “I don’t know if I can stand it much longer.”

I looked around and the red-haired co-worker was the only other person in the place. So I said to Julie, “Me too sis, I need you too. Is there anywhere we can go?”

“Cover for me,” Julie said to her coworker with a wink. Then taking me by the hand, led me down a short hall and into the small office and closed the door.

I took off my backpack and fished out the tube of lube I always carried and handed it to Julie.

“Get your pants off,” she ordered me, “I want that ass.”

I quickly took my jeans and underwear off and stepped out of them as Julie dropped her pants and squirted lube on her rock-hard cock.

“Bend over the desk,” she told me. Following her order, I bent over and spread my legs wide.

She squeezed my ass and then gave it a hard slap, causing me to squeal.

“Damn, I’ve missed your ass bro,” Julie said giving me another hiltonbet giriş hard slap.

I felt the head of her cock press into my sphincter as she moaned loudly. Then with one thrust, she rammed completely into me causing me to cry out. Then pulling back, she again slammed into me. Holding my hips, she started fucking me hard and deep. I was moaning and crying out with each thrust.

“Oh damn,” I cried out, “I can’t hold it, I’m cumming,” as I shot my load onto the side of the desk.

Just then the door opened and Julie’s coworker stuck her head in and staring at me said: “Try to hold down the noise in case we get any customers,”.

After a long look and a big smile, she left with Julie never missing a beat, keeping on slamming her cock into me. Finally, with a loud grunt, she held in me and I felt her cock spasm and shoot the huge warm load deep into me.

Giving my ass another hard slap, she slowly pulled her cock out of me. “Damn bro, I really needed that,” Julie said to me, “Thanks for stopping by.”

“No problem sis,” I replied as we stood, “You’d better get back to work, I’ll clean up in here.”

After she pulled her pants back on, she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and left. I grabbed a rag and cleaned off the side of the desk and cleaned myself up a bit, then put my jeans back on. As I started to leave, I took a piece of paper and wrote my phone number on it. Back in the coffee house, hiltonbet güvenilirmi Julie was waiting on a customer and her coworker was standing by the register. As I walked past, I gave her a smile and handed her the piece of paper.

That evening I was lying on my bed trying to get some study done for class when my phone rang. “Hello,” I answered.

“Hi. This is Gina,” I heard her say, “From the coffee house.”

“Oh, hi,” I answered, surprised. “Glad you called.”

“It was nice seeing you today,” she said. “I thought we might get together sometime soon.”

“Sounds good to me,” I replied, “What do you have in mind?”.

“Well I sing at the coffee house tomorrow night,” she said, “Any chance you can stop by?”

“Wow, yes,” I said “I didn’t know you did. I’d love to see you. Do you play too?”

“Yes, guitar,” she said, “Just a few songs around seven.”

“Cool,” I smiled into the phone, “I’ll be there for sure,”.

“Great,” she said “I look forward to seeing you again.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow night,” I said as I hung up, excited.

Later that night as I snuggled against mother after our nightly fuck session, I told her about having a date tomorrow night.

“That’s wonderful baby,” she said hugging me, “I can drop you off on my way to my staff meeting.”

As I snuggled against her, she took my hand and placed it on her hardening cock. “How about another baby,” she said, “Mommy is in a mood tonight.” As she pushed me over onto my stomach and rolled over between my legs, sliding her hard cock back into me.

As mother left my room, I curled up and went to sleep, thinking about the red-haired Gina and our date tomorrow night.

(To be continued)

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