Road Trip Strangers

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The trip had become absolutely necessary. The combination of a failed relationship and the additional stress of getting a major financial institutions databases in a much more secure state after a major hacking event had taken its toll.

It was time to take a trip, something I’d been wanting to do since I’d bought my first motorcycle. My mother thought I was out of my mind, a woman traveling alone across the country on a bike. My dad, a long time biker and was the reason I rode bikes in the first place, was behind me all the way.

I work in San Francisco for a private computer security firm. I specialize in making certain brands of database hard to hack. Once I’d finished this last big job for the investment company, I hopped the plane to fly to Washington D.C. and pick up the new bike, a Ducati Monster 821 in matte black. A couple of new small panniers for travel luggage, albeit very little travel luggage, and I was off, across the U.S., back to San Fran.

I took three days to make Memphis, running two lane blacktop roads mostly, enjoying the new bike, stopping whenever I wanted to just check out scenery and local restaurants and shops. There, in Memphis, It had been recommended to me to stay a night at a big casino on the Oklahoma/Texas border. I’m not a big gambler type, but the guy who recommended it said it was a great hotel at fairly reasonable rates, a theater, a stage where big names played often and several good restaurants. I thought I’d give it a shot.

The day had been hot and I rolled into the casino around 4pm, and since riding all day, I was ready to be off the bike. The Monster is classified as a naked bike, that is it has a fairly aggressive position, low and forward, but no fairing. I loved the looks and the handling, but to be honest, I mostly love the looks I get when I’m riding it.

The bike fits me well, I’m 5’8″ and pretty fit. I’m 31, my hair is dead black and I wear it long, just past the middle of my back, with a narrow bright blue streak dyed down the left side. I braid it down tight when I ride to keep from blowing around my face. I love the way the blue dye wraps through the braid. My bright red jacket and tight black riding pants do make something of a fashion statement.

As I pulled into the casino lot, I noticed it was two large buildings joined with a crosswalk several floors up and an adjoining walkway between them. I pulled up in front of the northern lobby and threw the Monsters kickstand down and lifted my leg over the side. I got a room, unloaded the panniers from the bike and went up to just crash, rest and check out what the complex had to offer for the night.

After getting cleaned up and taking a nap, I threw on one of my three changes of clothes, it’s all my panniers let me take, and made my way down to catch a drink, some dinner, maybe a movie. I loved traveling by myself, on my motorcycle. I had complete freedom, no one telling me what I would, could or should do.

I made my way to one of the big bars in the casino area, mostly just to do some people watching, and ordered up a Irish beer and a water. After riding all day in the heat, the water was a necessary item.

I’d only gotten to sit at the bar 10 minutes or so when this very nicely dressed guy walked up and leaned on the bar beside me.

“Hello, I noticed you here at the bar alone and wondered if I could buy you a drink?” The guy, likely in his 30’s as well, was tall, about 6′ and nice looking. I just didn’t know if I wanted company.

“You know, I’m meeting some friends shortly, so I don’t think I need another drink.” I lied, but added..

“You’re welcome sit for a little while if you like.” I committed at least that much.

He ordered up a beer and started gabbing on about a huge financial deal he’d just closed with the casino. I worked hard to not roll my eyes, this was just what I did not want, trying to be impressed by some dude in a suit. Then, when he moved onto the new BMW car he’d just bought, not forgetting to mention the price, I knew I had to get out.

Why did he feel the need to babble about what he had when he could’ve just talked to me? I was initially attracted to this guy, but he totally ruined it.

I finished my beer just to not be rude and told him I had to meet my friends. Luckily he didn’t pursue. As I walked off, heading back to my room just to get some distance and time between us. Walking away I had time to think about this encounter…

This escort sincan guy had so much going for him. Good looking, probably very successful, but so insecure he had to try to impress me with material objects. Sad, I thought, but don’t let this ruin your evening. I went to my room and just vegged for a half an hour or so before heading back down to dinner.

I found a Mexican restaurant that also had a bar and ordered up dinner from a small table back in a corner. Even though the casino was huge, I was a little afraid I be found again by the financial tycoon. Dinner went good and after I was done, I made my way to the bar and ordered up a good single malt scotch. My mother and father where both Scots and I learned to appreciate a good whisky shortly after getting old enough to drink.

I had just about finished my whisky when a voice from behind said…

“Not the normal drink for a young woman around here.” The man stepped alongside me on the other side of the next bar stool, not pressuring my space at all.

Wearing glasses, about 5’6″, and very bald, probably 50 years old, this guy was not attractive, but I can only explain the energy I felt as magnetic.

“Hi, my name is Alex.” He held out his hand. I introduced myself.

“Hello, I’m Sinead.”

“Sinead? Now I know you’re not from here!” Alex smiled. “Also, the fact that you smile a lot and look people straight in the eye. Most girls from here aren’t like that. Where are you from?”

I told him that I was born in the U.S., grew up here, but both parents were from Scotland. It was kind of my second home.

Alex let me talk. He commented that he’d been to Scotland and gave some definite familiarity with it.

The conversation went on for some time and that excited feeling in my stomach kept increasing. He was interesting, confident and had that comfortable way about him that intrigued me greatly. When I like a guy I tend to get nervous and trip over my words and ramble on. Lucky for me, though, guys seem to like that.

I took a second to think about it. What was it about this short, bald guy in glasses who seems to have no style whatsoever? I realized it was his character I was attracted to. Light-hearted, but confident, he let me talk a lot, but he didn’t agree with everything I said. He didn’t approach me with some cheesy line. He looked me straight in the eye and went after me, without any doubt I may reject him.

This made me nervous, now I was afraid of being rejected! Totally new for me, but I liked it, being on the other side of the coin.

We talked for an hour and a half about Scotland and the difference between the U.S. and U.K. We talked about travel and motorcycling, something he’d never done. Talking with Alex was easy, fun.

Finally, he went for it.

“Sinead, I like you. You are absolutely gorgeous. I’m not looking for a relationship, but I would like some company tonight and would love it to be you. Would you like to come up to my room?” Alex went right to the point, again looking me straight in the eyes.

I was hoping he’d ask me. I, too went right to the point.

“Yes, I’d like that.” I said simply. We got up, leaving what was left of our drinks on the bar, and walked to the elevators.

Once in his room, I immediately threw my shoes off so I didn’t stand over him. I took off his glasses and leaned in to kiss him. He kissed me back, soft and easy at first, but soon it was a passionate open mouth, full of desire. I felt it, he wanted me, even needed me tonight. I was going to make it happen for him, because I wanted him too.

I reached down and unbuckled his pants and reached in. Slipping one hand down the front of his trousers, he was larger than I’d expected. Not huge mind you, but certainly not a small cock. I put my other hand under his crotch and cradled his balls. He gave a low groan of pleasure as I began to jack him slowly while gently massaging his sac.

I dropped to my knees and put the now very hard shaft in front of my face. Still cradling his balls, I opened my mouth and slowly guided the head of his penis inside. With the head in my mouth, I pursed my lips around the shaft just behind it, my tongue pressing the bottom of the head.

Alex put his hands on my head and slowly thrust into my mouth. The cock slid in, deep in my mouth to the back of my throat so that I had to breathe through my mouth.

“Oh Jesus!” Alex gave a quiet exclamation. “Girl, ankara escort you know what you’re doing.” Sliding my mouth down and back on his shaft, I began to massage the bottom of his balls, but quickly he, pulled back from me.

I looked up at him, confused. I’ve not had blow job complaints before.

“I can’t take that! You’re going to bring me too quickly!” He confessed. He lifted me to my feet. Immediately though, my jeans were being taken off me in a quick, clumsy fashion.

“Here, let me.” I told him. So instead, me moved up and started unbuttoning my blouse. It and my jeans fell to the floor, leaving just the black panties and bra. He led me over to the bed, standing, he kissed me again, deeply, tongue probing me, his hands reaching inside my panties, pulling them down over my hips, thighs. I stepped out of them.

Still standing, Alex turned me around and pushed me over the edge of the bed, my elbows buried in the mattress, bent over in front of him. He moved in tight behind me, a hand came between my legs, holding my crotch, fingers running the length of the crease of my pussy. I felt his rock hard cock on my ass as a finger pressed inside me, probing, punching deeper up inside me. Then it began to thrust, his open hand covering the space between my legs as the finger buried itself as deeply as it could. I spread my legs further for him.

I closed my eyes, leaning into the bed, my hair draped over my face. I was now very wet, his finger punching me hard, deep. A hand came over my back, reaching, covering a breast, squeezing gently. The hand between my legs disappeared and a hot, hard, shaft took its place. The knob ran up and down the length of my pussy several times. It was wet, lathering me with his thick, slick fluid.

It pushed in, the head spreading me. It was hot and big and touching my clit. I rocked against it. He, in turn, thrust me in short movements, sliding the shaft along my G-spot. Soon though, he was thrusting me deeper and faster, his cock filled my canal as his abdomen smacked against my ass, rocking my body forward. Alex gripped my waist with his hands and started fucking me hard, now loudly smacking against my ass, driving my body prone onto the bed. I felt him climb on the bed over my back, still inside me, still pumping me.

I laid on the bed, face down, hands gripping the blanket as his cock split me. In this position, I was completely under his control. His weight pinned me as he thrust me over and over. It felt good. But, then he stopped. He undid my bra and pulled it over my shoulders and then he ever so slowly extracted himself from me, and gently turned me over on my back.

“Move on the bed lengthwise.” he commanded. Initially, he had pushed me crosswise onto the bed when he first took me. I obeyed and he crawled between my legs, putting his head to my crotch, his tongue licking the length of my pussy.

I gripped his head as I groaned. I tried to stay quiet but am not sure that I did at all. Alex’s tongue probing in, I bent my knees up high then threw my legs further apart, pushing my crotch up to him, wanting him deeper. He drove his tongue as deep into me as he could. I laid there, letting him go down on me, not wanting this to stop. But he did. He had other things in mind.

Lying there, I was letting Alex run the show. He obviously was thoroughly enjoying it. He now had his head over my boobs, his cock poised over my pussy. He sucked my nipples, making me that much more aroused, his cock teasing my pussy, touching it, sometimes barely probing it, always drooling on it. I was thoroughly wet between my legs now. Then, in one quick, hard motion, he positioned his waist directly over mine with his cock pointing straight down and he drove in me, smacking my stomach loudly, pushing my ass into the bed. He pounded me, full penetrations, hard and fast. The bed rocked so loud! My breath came loud with each thrust. No longer was he the short, bald guy. He had become the breeding stud banging the hell out of me. I’m loving it.

I would have rocked my crotch up to him and fucked him back in this position, but I physically couldn’t. His power was too much and just pressed me down, taking his penetrations. I had to wait until he came or came off me. He did the latter. Alex rolled off me onto his back, taking a deep breath.

I turned to him, throwing my leg over his waist, pushing his cock flat down along his stomach, I straddled it, my black hair falling down etimesgut escort bayan over his head, I pressed my pussy onto the bottom half of his shaft and started rocking him. Slowly pressing my crotch down, his shaft spread me open and I drug myself up and down his shaft. He held my ribs and pressed up to me.

“You think you can take this?” I asked him, leaning in close to his face.

“Oh yeah, but it is great.”

At some point, he went back inside me, the long shaft entering my body again, but I controlled the movement now, slowly jacking him with my body, squeezing him on the upstroke and relaxing as I pushed back down onto him.

“How about this?” I gave him a sly smile and leaned in and gave him a deep, long french kiss. This, along with the slow cowboy position, had brought every man I’d ever fucked to coming. Several times I’d felt a hard cock jerk and shoot inside me while I had my tongue down the guys mouth, but Alex still did not climax. His staying power was impressive.

“Get back on your stomach”. Alex gripped my waist and pushed me aside. But I just kneeled to the side and he got behind me. With both of us kneeling upright on the bed, one of Alex’s hands went to my breast and the other guided his cock to my ass. It pressed my anus and he drew it back and forth across it, lubing it, probing it. I spread my legs and relaxed, and the cock entered my ass. Tight, thick and hard, I felt a lot of pressure as he gripped my chest and thrust up in me. My mouth fell open as I groaned with his thrusts. I leaned back on his body. A hand went between my legs, probing my pussy as that cock slowly drove in my ass. He found my clit. The stimulation was fantastic.

“That’s it, rub me there, don’t stop. Oh God, stay on me there!” I told him, but he didn’t need any instruction.

Heat flooded my crotch as the double penetration brought me to climax. I cried out as he fucked me from behind, his hand working my pussy the whole time.

The sensation subsided and I leaned there, my weight against his body, he still fully penetrated in me. He sat back onto the bottom of the bed, pulling himself from me.

Sinead, get on all fours, it’s my turn.” Alex commanded me. Now, extremely relaxed, I was in no position or argue nor did I want to. I did exactly as I was told.

Poised on the bed on all fours, Alex mounted my ass again from behind. His hands held my hips hard as his cock plunged into my backside. I spread my knees wider, trying to give him more room.

Pump! Pump! Pump! Alex’s shaft split me open over and over, smacking against my ass with his thrusts. He had to be on Viagra or something. This guy, probably 20 years older than me, was wearing me out! I loved fucking him, but now, I needed this to be over.

“Alex, come on baby!” I told him.

Alex pulled back from me and pushed me roughly around and onto my back. Kneeling between my legs, he spread my legs apart wide and laid his cock on my hair between his legs.

“Okay, now, I’m going to come in you.” Alex stated. He wasn’t asking. His dick went inside me, sliding up deeply, his torso pressed onto mine, pinning me to the bed.

The thick probe now thrusting deep in me, I rocked with him, squeezing his cock as it drove in, doing everything I could to milk him.

His breath hot in my face, his cock plunging in and back, in and back, pushing down in the bed. Once again, he pumped me several times, but finally his breath quickened, along with the thrusts.

“Ohhh, here it comes, Here … it… comes!” Alex whispered, then thrust me hard, his crotch pressed against mine, his balls on the skin between my legs, I felt the rod jerk deep inside me, once, twice, three times. When this happens, I always have a little panic and think…

“Okay pill, do your thing!”

He pulled back halfway, another couple jerks, this time I felt the warm fluid in my canal. It extracted more to just where the head was between my pussy’s lips and it blew again and again. He jacked his cock as he finished coming just barely inside me. I felt a stream of come running from me. He stopped, pulled back and fell on the bed beside me.

I laid there for a few minutes, resting. But now, thoroughly satisfied by this stranger I’d just met, I wanted to be alone. I leaned over, and gave Alex a kiss. He responded with tenderness, but didn’t say anything. I got out of bed, pulled on my jeans and blouse and left his room…

The next morning I left early. I threw my leg over the Ducati and felt the engine vibrate between my legs. A completely different kind of power I totally controlled. It felt really good. I stepped the bike into gear and rolled the throttle on heading west.

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